Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Singapore Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 610
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 02 Aug 13, 21:15
Arrival at 02 Aug 13, 22:15
MH 203 reviews
By 4642
Published on 9th November 2013
Malaysia Airlines has been a carrier of choice for me this year due to the greatly discounted fares out of Singapore. A few months back, they ran a promotion offering fantastic fares to some Asian destinations and without much hesitation, I booked myself a ticket to Osaka for only around S$550 all-in. A fantastic deal considering MH also allows 30kg baggage allowance in economy! Recently, they ran another promotion offering tickets for an even cheaper fare of S$497 to Osaka! Sorry SQ, but with MH charging less than half of your ridiculous S$1.2+k fare to Osaka on similar departure dates and timings (albeit MH flights will have to transit via KL), I simply could not resist her! In fact for S$1.2K, I could have scored myself a KUL-KIX return in Business Class on MH, but I decided to save the money instead.

MH allows online check-in 48hrs before flight, which I was able to perform without much problems. On the day of departure, I rushed to the airport after reaching home from work and picking up my bags, to make it for the 2115hrs departure. MH departs from Terminal 2 and even though the flight this evening was supposed to be full, the check-in counters were almost totally empty 1hr prior to departure.

photo 9528576389_b52ebe2c7e_b

Boarding passes for both sectors were issued and I was off through immigration.

photo 9531355186_f7445a4a00_b

Departures were mainly to South and South-east Asia at this hour.

photo 9528575849_cac44b4d75_b

Some plane-spotting. Scoot B772 preparing for flight to Gold Coast. Silkair is totally dwarfed by it!

photo 9528575527_9fbe4523f5_b

Silkair A320, Swiss A340 and Etihad A330.

photo 9531354430_db98b6562e_b

From the sunflower garden: A range of SQ and MI aircraft plus the Scoot B772.

photo 9531354172_98d0a2abfc_b

photo 9531353892_b30a897cb8_c

02 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines
MH 610
Singapore (SIN) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class

Departure tonight for the short flight to KUL would be at F33. The gatehold room was already half-filled when I arrived. The incoming flight had just arrived and was a bit late.

photo 9531353614_0abf81a10e_c

An older 9M-MLH in old MH colours would be operating the flight today. Guess they needed the additional 6 seats on this leased aircraft for this full flight.

photo 9531353286_454e5a627c_c

photo 9528573897_cb0e44e27e_c

Boarding was called by Business Class, pax with status, followed by row number from the rear of the plane. It was all very orderly. Soon, I was entering the plane of the newest Oneworld member.

photo 9531352830_2cff68079b_b

Passing the recliner Business Class seats, with pillows and blankets in every seat.

photo 9528573533_b84f35eb2e_b

However, nothing on the seats for us seated at the rear. Some pillows were available in the overhead bins though.

photo 9528573303_967672c4af_c

Cabin crew assisting with bags during boarding. With MH's generous luggage allowance, not many passengers were bringing onboard cabin-sized bags. Thus the overhead bins did not fill up even though the flight was totally full.

photo 9528573039_f94de75d42_b

At the gate.

photo 9528572797_48267915c5_c

Nothing fanciful with the economy seats on this leased plane. Legroom was sufficient though for this very short flight, and felt slightly more than the new BSI planes.

photo 9528572529_168973b84d_c

photo 9531351388_a03eb97155_c

Inflight mag, safety card and airsick bag.

photo 9528572009_ca96c27a3c_c

Boarding was completed very quickly and doors were closed. As luck would have it, the seat beside me remained empty even though the rest of the plane filled up to the brim! Safety demo was shown on the drop-down LCD screens and we pushed back slight late.

photo 9528571665_b5d7cca98c_b

Tiger at the E gates.

photo 9531350624_3fc04cd944_c

Swiss A340, which will depart for Zurich later at night.

photo 9528571215_9620b9f844_c

Lufthansa's whale in front of the Changi Tower.

photo 9528570999_5874285dc1_c

We departed from Rwy20C for the 40min flight to Kuala Lumpur. Nice views of the waters off Singapore can be shortly seen after takeoff.

Making a 270 degrees left turn after takeoff and overflying Changi. Nice view of ships and the night lights of Singapore.

photo 9528570757_7cf3cd1d06_c

photo 9528570581_05ce22a0b0_c

Seat belt signs were switched off very early and we were still overflying Changi! Service announcement was made.

View of Singapore. We would be climbing to a cruising altitude of around 27K feet.

photo 9531349500_5ec7749374_c

As the usual MH short-haul service, peanuts were quickly distributed by a stewardess. This was followed by juices distributed from trays. There were a choice of orange/apple juices and plain water. It seemed that coffee/tea, and even soft drinks (I saw someone requesting a Coke and got the whole can) are available on request. I just had an apple juice with the peanuts.

photo 9528570059_fcb624c5fb_b

photo 9531348970_bd97e5469c_c

photo 9528569551_dbec1e4c25_c

Surprisingly, the crew came around offering seconds of peanuts after drinks are distributed! Great service!

photo 9528569267_37a45c0ddd_c

Very quickly, the cabin was cleared and we descended into KUL. It was almost totally pitch black outside till we landed on Rwy32L.

Unfortunately, as our gate was still occupied, we needed to hold on the taxiway for about 10min while waiting for the aircraft to pushback.

photo 9528568939_3f187b6c55_c

Arrived at the gate at the Main terminal.

photo 9531347794_81b6a5ebc0_c

As the connecting flight would be departing from the Satellite terminal, I would need to take the Aerotrain over.

photo 9528568347_0c33b3124f_c
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



It was yet another smooth MH SIN-KUL flight.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


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