Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Osaka in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 52
Class Economy
Seat 12K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:50
Take-off 02 Aug 13, 23:45
Arrival at 03 Aug 13, 08:35
MH   #10 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 199 reviews
By 14980
Published on 10th November 2013
There was a 1.5hrs transit timing and thus I decided to visit the newly-renovated Plaza Premium Lounge. It was rather crowded at the time with premium passengers of Air France, KLM and JAL (and maybe more airlines?) as well as various credit-card holders (including yours-truly). However the seating was still sufficient as the airline passengers cleared after a while.

photo 9531346962_c2a8a74429_b

The bar was already closed at the time but the buffet area was still open. Nothing much on offer that interest me though, and most of the hot dishes were already emptied. There was also a salad bar and some canapes on offer.

A shot of part of the buffet.

photo 9531346654_8ccd76eb10_c

I just grabbed a minestrone soup, canapes and a drink.

photo 9528567285_ca17eb08af_c

AF and KLM aircrafts can also be seen from the lounge.

photo 9531346146_82c299fb31_c

After half hour in the lounge, I proceeded to gate C25 for the onward flight. Judging by the faces in the gatehold room, this flight would be predominantly Japanese passengers, with only a few foreign faces.

photo 9532125114_09c34ae979_c

02 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Osaka Kansai (KIX)
Economy Class

It would be my first flight on Malaysia Airlines' new A330-300 aircraft. This particular plane I would be flying on was delivered less an a year ago. Unlike SQ's A330s with Rolls-Royce engines, MH's were equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines. This would be also one of the few reports on MH's new A330-300 fleet.

photo 9532124814_ae7466a540_c

Boarding has just started.

photo 9529344933_0b8203bf44_c

Boarding in progress. Was welcomed at the door and directed to the correct aisle.

photo 9529344643_88ab534128_c

I would be sitting at 12K, the 2nd row of economy. On each seat were a pillow, blanket and headsets.

photo 9532123996_17591c2724_c

Seat-back with touchscreen IFE monitor, handset and USB port. There was also a power outlet under the seat to be shared between every 2 seats.

photo 9532123738_b7bb01ea27_c

Seat pitch at 32, is not overly generous, but sufficient. No legrest to restrict my legroom though. However I found the seat base a bit too short for my comfort.

photo 9529343799_aedfd1b905_c

Other than the inflight magazine, there was also the inflight shopping catalogue. Cabin crew also offered Japanese newspapers.

photo 9529343605_80fc837386_c

At the gate with Garuda and China Southern beside.

photo 9532122990_79dc69399e_c

Select IFE was already switched on for use while on the ground.

photo 9529343103_c7cc00712e_b

At STD of 2345hrs when it appeared that all pax had boarded, the plane still appeared quite empty for a supposedly full flight. Then the pilot came on and announced that we were still waiting for 56 connecting passengers from another MH flight from Jakarta which was delayed. Thus we would have to wait for them, which could take up to an hour for the flight arrival and transfer of bags. I was still hoping that my seat beside would remain empty, but I guess this would not be the case later. With the delay in sight, the MH crew decided to serve us our after take-off snack while on the ground. And with the IFE switched on, we could entertain ourselves. Guess this beats waiting in the gatehold room.

MH crew preparing the refreshment service while on ground.

photo 9529342877_b101d37f77_b

A huge tuna sandwich was served to us.

photo 9532122358_34f4771fdf_b

Orange or apple juices were also offered with the sandwich. The sandwich was delicious and filling! Unlike SQ which did away with post-takeoff refreshments on similar SIN-KIX flight, MH still retained their refreshment service. However, MH has removed other frills in economy, such as menus, hot towels and amenity kits.

photo 9529342391_1597fc238e_c

Starting with a HK comedy during the refreshment service.

photo 9529342203_4546c246bd_b

Also made a visit to the lavatory while on ground. The lotions and colognes were still available though. Not sure if toothbrushes were available from the crew.

photo 9529341945_11f2a302de_b

photo 9532121332_a129bf966e_b

Also I noticed that there were well-stocked magazine racks at the mid and aft of economy cabin. I don't remember any other airline which stocked such a huge variety of magazines in economy class (don't think SQ have such a huge selection as well). The variety is more suited for Business Class!

photo 9532121122_1ddedc6030_z

photo 9529341225_2a1d0ac150_b

Grabbed 3 magazines for the flight.

photo 9532120608_92801e9d98_b

The cabin was dimmed to allow passengers to rest.

photo 9532120310_63ea0104a3_z

After about less than an hour's wait, our connecting passengers from Jakarta arrived and boarded the plane. Again, all were Japanese passengers and the plane ended up totally full in economy. Doors armed, safety video played, and we pushed back after slightly more than an hour of delay. Flight time would be 6h30m.

photo 9532120060_5a9d67d107_b

Taxi to runway.

photo 9529340203_640cd203dc_b

We took off from Rwy32R. Note that ATC allowed us to depart ahead of the A380! There were nice views of Putrajaya after takeoff as well.


photo 9529339991_318cf370bc_c

Bound for Osaka. The crew came round again with more tuna sandwiches, offering to those who were late connecting from Jakarta. Drinks were also offered where I had a cup of water.

photo 9529339777_b570f38b76_b

By the time I had finished my movie, we were an hour into flight. Time to sleep!

photo 9529339643_7a197b36b4_b

After about slightly less than 3hrs of not-so-restful sleep (it is an economy seat after all), the sun was beginning to appear round the horizon.

photo 9532119128_2a74b15d0a_c

photo 9532118896_26d2dc6efd_c

photo 9532118640_12b16c6c60_c

Cabin lights were switched on and we were somewhere between Philippines and Taiwan.

photo 9532118416_587ce4ae9a_c

I felt that the cabin lights were switched on a tad too early as we had 2.5hrs of flying still. Also, breakfast was only served almost half hour after cabin lights were turned on.

photo 9529338441_37621f0691_c

Sun is out.

photo 9529338129_4d9d58bdf9_c

Breakfast service started from the rear of the plane, thus it was a while before I got my meal. Being one of the last to be served, I was afraid that there would not be any more choices, but fortunately both choices of main courses were still available. On offer this morning were Omelette with sausage, hashbrowns and peas or Chicken noodles with vegetables. Sadly, the famed MH nasi lemak breakfast was not offered on this sector, but guess with the passenger profile of mainly Japanese, it would not be a very popular option. I selected the chicken noodles for my choice.

New serviceware was used on this flight, unlike my previous flights on MH where disposable wares were used. This made the meal presentation much more pleasant.

photo 9532117220_68e7ae1af2_c

On the tray were also some cut fruits, a strawberry yoghurt, a warm roll with jam and butter, a small muesli bar and packed orange juice. I also had a coffee to go with the meal. It was all very substantial, and I daresay better than what SQ serves on their overnight red-eyes to Japan.

photo 9532116836_759b5bd3ed_c

Fruits (honeydew, rock melon, pineapple and grape) and strawberry yoghurt.

photo 9529336881_51e365a224_b

Muesli bar, butter and strawberry jam for bread roll.

photo 9529336501_9736c6d80c_c

Chicken in black pepper sauce, noodles and vegetables. Not too creative but still of acceptable taste. A rather large portion too I must say.

photo 9529336161_33486282ea_c

Service by the MH crew so far on this flight were still acceptable. I observed that call bells were answered and requests were attended to promptly, similar to what you would expect for crew from a premium carrier. Nothing too outstanding about them though, but guess with this being a red-eye flight, there is not much of service that can be performed. I am not a difficult passenger, and as long as the crew serving me is not rude and does not pull long faces or roll eyes at my requests, I will be more than satisfied. Also observed that there is a Japanese stewardess serving in Business Class, and probably another one at the rear of economy.

Overflying Okinawa during breakfast.

photo 9532115584_4864f5f80c_b

View towards the rear economy cabin.

photo 9532115310_98e2828bb9_b

Front economy cabin.

photo 9532114920_7dd14a95b8_b

Duty-free sales was conducted after breakfast.

photo 9532114560_6ccef385f9_b

Blue skies and blue sea.

photo 9529334319_cd3595eded_c

We were soon nearing Osaka. About an hour to go.

photo 9532113754_2f42dcc2f5_b

Before descend, a destination video was shown.

photo 9529333793_78ca4ddf79_b

Descend started slightly less than 30min to arrival. Headsets were collected but the IFE system was not switched off. Speaking of IFE, the selection for the month was sufficient probably for a couple of flights, but not as extensive as the other 5-star carriers. Something which MH could improve on.


photo 9532113206_0269c9a2dd_b

Nearly there.

photo 9529333243_57ebb3f13b_b

Land in sight.

photo 9532112708_e875999a63_b

On approach.

photo 9532112332_cf47bd39e5_c

photo 9532112010_5d83856df5_b

On finals into the Osaka Bay with traditional malaysian music in the background.

photo 9529332061_998951d5db_c

Landing in Osaka Kansai Rwy06R and taxi to the gate.

Parked at the gate beside an Asiana A321 and Lufthansa B744.

photo 9529331791_e6071fe12c_b

Thank you for flying Malaysia Airlines!

photo 9529331527_aa9f8497c2_b

My seat for the last 7.5hrs.

photo 9532110832_eaf02e38b6_b

Business Class, which appeared to be rather full as well.

photo 9532110596_3657f794ac_c


photo 9529330595_ea81847a2f_c

Kansai terminal. Think below is the domestic section, with all the ANA planes parked.

photo 9529330337_3bddcc08f5_b

Immigration queue for foreigners was almost non-existent and I was through within a couple of minutes. Instead, the queue for residents was much longer as almost the entire flight were Japanese. Then it was a short wait for luggage.

photo 9532109612_a61d81901d_b

International arrivals FIDS.

photo 9529329599_7c1480713c_b

Kansai's arrival hall.

photo 9529329253_0861d1642e_b

Caught the airport limousine to Namba OCAT, where my hotel is situated beside. It was 1,800yen return for the bus ride and took approx 45min.

Across the bridge to mainland.

photo 9529328919_c7e2cbff7a_b

Reached my hotel. As it was too early to check-in, my bags were deposited. The view from the hotel, Hotel Monterrey Grasmere Osaka, was magnificent as the lobby starts from the 22nd floor! Here the the view from the lobby.

photo 1146453_10151933847209017_1856639942_n

Sunset from my hotel room.

photo 1157725_10151933847474017_1087253752_n

Walked to Dotonburi and Shinsaibashi.

photo 525743_10151933847639017_955529044_n

photo 999602_10151933848289017_1536255863_n

photo 995497_10151933848169017_191527549_n

photo 1170878_10151933847874017_1341365086_n

photo 1173895_10151933847714017_1113861106_n

photo 1001221_10151933847809017_825519897_n

photo 1148845_10151933848339017_587440607_n

Nara park deers

photo 1176267_10151934015194017_488776638_n

photo 556808_10151934015269017_2074759128_n

photo 998090_10151934015669017_2030513511_n

photo 1174742_10151934015839017_1850002645_n

photo 998241_10151934017124017_1719779031_n

Todaiji Temple

photo 1003382_10151934016069017_265666246_n

photo 1005248_10151934016504017_1630445770_n
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Osaka - KIX



Overall, it was a rather pleasant flight on MH. No complaints here and with the fare paid, it was certainly worth every cent.



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    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for this report and nice bonus on Tokyo.

    Catering is great in Y and a good compromise for the lack of menus and amenity kits. Even though this is a nighttime flight and a kit would be handy, this is still an intra-Asian route and nowadays nobody provides this amenity for a regional flight, especially in the back.

    I find the colors of MH's seats in Y to be too vibrant and not soothing enough to relax and encourage rest.

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