Review of Thai Airways flight Tokyo Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 677
Class Economy
Seat 66A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 04 Nov 13, 16:55
Arrival at 04 Nov 13, 21:25
TG   #23 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 381 reviews
By 6905
Published on 14th November 2013
This is the second flight of my trip to Thailand. I will post the PPT-NRT as I had to use my partner's camera and I can't download the pictures from his camera.

So ! after we landed in Narita we picked up our bags and rushed to Thai Airways in the other terminal. The bus dropped us off in the mid part of the terminal building and we had walk to the far left area where Thai Airways was checking in its Economy Class customers.
After a quick check-in the agent gave us our boarding cards with seats 55F and 55G.

We made our way to the gate area and I had time to snap this picture of our Airbus 380-800 HS-TUD Phayuha Khiri.
photo P1050753_zps320ec748

When we got to the gate a queue was already in place and we joined it as boarding was about to start.
photo P1050754_zpsb07dedab
photo P1050755_zps2f7e504e

Our cards are scanned and we are in the jetway walking towards the massive Airbus.
photo P1050756_zps2670789c

At the door we are greeted with a wai by 2 cabin attendants in their full silk attire from Thai Airways. Those uniforms are so beautiful and colorful ! The crew directs us across the galley, turn right.
photo P1050757_zps1712d881photo P1050758_zps7592036a

The cabins are in hues of pinks and purples to recall the stunning orchids of Thailand.
photo P1050759_zpsc537524d

We seat down and get comfortable.
photo P1050763_zps1a4ae5ee

The legroom at 55G.
photo P1050764_zpsaae742cc

After a couple of minutes a cabin attendant approaches us and ask if we wouldn't mind changing seats to allow the family with their baby who's seated next to us to have more room. I am a little scared to see what other seats she'll have for us but she is very reassuring and tells us that we'll have 3 seats near the door 4 Left. Of course we accept and move to our new seats 66A/B/C.
photo P1050770_zps67545146

The massive legroom in front of me !
photo P1050771_zps1969b677

We have an excellent view of the galley !
photo P1050772_zps478d1999

After everyone is on board, the Chief Purser makes his welcome announcement and then starts to play the safety demonstration on all screens.
photo P1050773_zps51b93754

The plane pushed back and we make our way to the runway.
photo P1050774_zpsb24f911f

After a smooth and very quiet take-off we get more comfortable and pull out the videos and start to play with the entertainment system.
photo P1050779_zps7b292f2f

The remote control.
photo P1050777_zpsbf68a390

The crew is getting the drink service ready.
photo P1050780_zpsf8b40d5b

The menus are usually available on the screens but it wasn't working on this flight.
photo P1050781_zpsbff00f6c

Let's see where we are and the flight's stats and maps.
photo P1050782_zps91c1b298photo P1050783_zps3033a51cphoto P1050784_zpsd12d3f44photo P1050785_zpsca9e33cephoto P1050786_zps2b6db55e

Now let's see which movie will entertain me on this flight ! I'll go for Man of Steel !
photo P1050787_zps6f64a55aphoto P1050788_zps8fba26b2

The crew reaches our row, I order a Gin and Tonic and my partner will go for an apple juice. I add a little bit of ginger syrup from my own supply. The drinks are served with thai crackers and dried fish !
photo P1050789_zps8814b6a4
photo P1050790_zps5e14a28f

I look at the inflight duty-free catalog
photo P1050791_zps9a22e832

Here is the safety card in details.
photo P1050792_zps3d586a9ephoto P1050793_zpseb593cb5photo P1050794_zpsb1e54b9c

While I'm enjoying my movie the crew finally reaches our row and they start to apologize as they don't have any more hot meal choices and can only offer the pork curry… Well as we didn't have any menus we'll be OK ! Not knowing what the other choice was makes it easier !photo P1050795_zps271b8f92photo P1050796_zps4aa355db

The pork curry was excellent ! I really loved it !!! Don't know what the other option was but I was rather happy with this one !

After the trays were collected I fell asleep, woke up a little as it was rather cold near the door, made use of the spare blanket in the free seat between us and went back to sleep until the crew switched the mood-lights back on.

The crew started the pre-arrival snack which was Mangosteen Sorbet ! Excellent ! Thai Airways and the Norther Thailand farmers went into partnership and are offering mangosteen products on flights to Japan and maybe another destination in Asia.
photo P1050798_zpsea72fa99photo P1050800_zps5aa32ce5

The Sorbet was excellent and I enjoyed it ! After they collected the empty tubs I went to the restrooms to freshen-up before we P1050802_zps9df6ba04photo P1050803_zps2a818fe8

The toilets contain a Thai Airways branded eau de toilette and fresh orchids.
photo P1050804_zpse27072a0

The stairs to the upped deck economy class, Business and First Classes.
photo P1050805_zps5c50b20e

The cabin where we're seated between doors 4 and 5.
photo P1050806_zps9ca0a05a

Let's have a look at the map and see where we are !
photo P1050807_zpscf9956e1photo P1050808_zps8e33a53fphoto P1050809_zps9f0e0bcc

After 6 hours and 25 minutes in the air we were in Thailand !
photo P1050811_zpsa672398d

Everyone is up, waiting to get out of the aircraft.
photo P1050812_zpse85d3762

The galley where the crew did their magic !
photo P1050813_zps177d5b11

Their we are ! Welcome to Thailand !
photo P1050814_zpsb3699e09

Now on to the immigration and customs !
photo P1050815_zpsa61bc63a

Our bags were delivered 15 minutes after we arrived at the baggage belt N°23.
photo P1050816_zpsdaca6d3f

After we collected our bags we went through customs and then jumped in the Novotel shuttle to go to the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Hotel for the night as we were in transit to our next destination the next morning.

Here are a few pictures of our room.
photo P1050817_zps0c57e74d
photo P1050818_zpsc461be49photo P1050819_zps2eff1e14
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew10.0

Tokyo - NRT


Bangkok - BKK



Excellent flight with Thai Airways as always !

Crew was really attentive and nice, they were looking after everyone and always with a smile !

Seats were comfortable, only problem was the really cold area near the door.

Food was amazingly good !!!

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