Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 607
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 07 Aug 13, 19:25
Arrival at 07 Aug 13, 20:25
MH   #20 out of 88 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 197 reviews
By 3186
Published on 19th November 2013
During the transit in KL, I proceeded to Plaza Premium Lounge again to waste the hours away. This time round, the lounge was not that crowded.

photo 9581196059_1d56ef8078_b

Bar counter where both hot and alcoholic drinks are prepared. Desserts are available too!

photo 9581195691_a39991afe2_c

Pastries to choose from.

photo 9581195261_05e36edd9b_c

For my light dinner, I had a freshly prepared fish-cake noodles.

photo 9581194653_2e923f4931_b

Along with items from the hot buffet.

photo 9581194303_916f59761c_c

Desserts with teh tarik to end! I had 2 rounds of desserts!

photo 9581194985_f09f0d4d1a_b

Some plane-spotting from the lounge. KLM B772ER departing for Jakarta. Lionair B739ER pushing back soon as well, most probably also heading to Jakarta?

photo 9623323962_7f65e4be9d_c

Sri Lankan A343 taxiing for departure as well.

photo 9623323722_d5c8866a13_c

SQ, MI and MH at KLIA.

photo 9623323460_d343d1becc_c

Just completed one of the shortest (or probably the shortest) scheduled A330 flight in the world.

photo 9623323174_df53bd605a_c

Silkair A320 heading back to Changi.

photo 9620086243_0a46a5e510_c

Ethiopian B763 arriving from BKK.

photo 9620086007_1be5b638fe_c

After a couple of hours of lounging, I left the lounge, hopped onto the Skytrain and headed over to the Main Terminal for the final flight home.

photo 9623322500_27996872b2_c

SQ, MH and JL seen form the Airtrain.

photo 9623322164_a962016c72_b

MH's big bird in the distance.

photo 9620085123_ce447b18ee_c

Mostly MHs at the Main Terminal.

photo 9623321716_187290928a_c

The little bird that would be flying be back, 9M-MXD.

photo 9623321454_2024f5365d_c

Gatehold room was rather crowded. Looked like a full flight again!

photo 9623320926_e6e542b0de_c

07 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines MH607
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Plane being prepared for the flight.

photo 9623321186_2b792c3a64_c

Malindo taxiing pass.

photo 9623320578_babfc0d11f_c

Boarding started slightly late. Passed the Business Class cabin.

photo 9620083671_2e3d7c0377_c

And into economy to my seat at 17A again. The legroom on the BSI aircraft seemed slightly less than the leased ones.

photo 9623320098_8cfbe866f7_c

Welcome aboard! The only female stewardesses seen on this flight were on-screen as the flight had an all-male cabin crew!

photo 9620083079_a16daf4036_c

At the gate with another plane sharing the other arm of the aerobridge.

photo 9620082843_c47b3a9379_c

Boarding in progress.

photo 9620082593_2697f107b5_c

Boarding completed and we pushed back with engine startup. Leading crew made the welcome announcement.

Safety video playing during taxi.

Taxied along Rwy32R.

photo 9623318946_57111bf594_c

Holding for takeoff.

photo 9620082093_21762aa9f6_c

Pilot announcement prior to takeoff.

Takeoff from Rwy32R.

Climbing to our low cruising altitude.

photo 9623318530_2f189af7a7_c

Announcement after takeoff.

Flight map and inflight entertainment were switched on for this short flight. However you would need your own headphones if you needed sound. I stuck to the flightmap for this very short flight.

photo 9623318358_da5102c6d9_c

Again, peanuts and juices were served. I had an orange juice.

photo 9620081453_002298e3fe_c

A very short flight indeed! We were nearly there barely 10-15min after departure!

photo 9620081189_0d147c74ae_c

However, after nuts and juices were served, the crew came down again, offering these small boxes to passengers!

photo 9620080943_9ede20cfc0_c

The box contained a couple of dates. Guess this was a Hari Raya festive treat!

photo 9620080669_e6a7ec7cb8_c

We were nearing Changi, but the pilot came on and announced that due to congestion, we would have to slow down our approach. Thus we flew leisurely at 500km/h along the southern part of Singapore, offering some nice views as well! But this lengthened our flight time to 45min.

Passing Jurong Island.

photo 9623316990_98b2a322ab_c

CBD area.

photo 9623316814_717972e42c_c

Overflying Batam.

photo 9620079963_f53fa9f4a7_c

Our flight route. We flew up north again and approach from the north.

photo 9620079783_21b7eb0ace_c

Final approach over Tekong's military training camp.

photo 9620079621_263182a2cf_c

Landing on Changi's Rwy20C.

Taxi to the gate and passing KE B773.

photo 9620079509_a1364e5d20_c

Lots of Tigers and a single SQ.

photo 9620079309_a9c0993478_c

Parked at gate F40.

photo 9623315770_eaa0b97cc0_c


photo 9620078787_b06e5648a3_c
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Cabin crew8.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Singapore - SIN



Another short and pleasant flight on MH.

Information on the route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Singapore (SIN)


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