Review of Cathay Pacific flight Singapore Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 690
Class Economy
Seat 72K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 03:55
Take-off 14 Nov 13, 12:55
Arrival at 14 Nov 13, 16:50
CX 459 reviews
By 10294
Published on 21st November 2013
In mid November, me and my partner went on a short 5D/4N trip to Taipei over the weekend for some shopping and feasting at the Taiwan famous night markets. About a month before the trip, I was checking for reasonably priced tickets but all airlines with nonstop SIN-TPE flights were offering fares at quite high prices, ranging from almost S$500 on Scoot and flying at ungodly hours, around S$600 on Jetstar or Tiger with no frills included, S$700 on Eva or CI, to almost a ridiculous S$1000 on SQ! Thus it was a surprise when searching for one-stop flights, I discovered that CX was offering flights for less than S$500 to TPE via HKG with various flight timings! VN was also offering rather low fares of less than S$450 via SGN/HAN but their return timings are not too good. Thus, I booked ourselves on CX (including a sector on KA) with the flights below. Departure from Singapore was rather late at noon as it was one of the flights offering low fares, other than the very early 0650am and late evening departures.

photo 10946270894_89818dd9da_c

The flights would have allowed me to try all the 3 generations of CX economy seats (old economy on B772, non-reclinable economy on B744 and new economy on B773ER). However due to some flight changes because of delays, I missed out the chance to try the infamous uncomfortable seats on the B744.

Check-in was done online 48hrs prior to departure and our departure flight was very full! It ended up being over-booked on the departure day. On the departure day, we dropped our bags at Changi Terminal 1 at the CX counters. There was a rather long queue for check-in even for bag drops as check-in was being performed for our flight as well as the flight to BKK. However the queue moved rather fast and we were very soon issued boarding passes for the flight as well as the connecting KA flight by a friendly agent. He also commented that almost all CX flights out of SIN today was full or overbooked! Guess CX has really garnered a large chunk of SIN-HKG/via HKG traffic!

photo 10946114545_dc0c3facb6_o

Boarding passes issued.

photo 10946357973_62a5e76e88_o

Through immigration without any frills and I went to get some light bites. Our plane has just arrived and parked beside an EVA Air B773ER.

photo 10946270904_e93fa93f88_o

14 November 2013
Cathay Pacific
CX 690
Singapore (SIN) - Hong Kong (HKG)
Economy Class

Proceeded to the gate D32 25min prior to departure and there was still a rather long queue of pax undergoing security screening. The gatehold room was totally full!

photo 10946268614_c4c238137d_o

B-HND, a B777-200 delivered to CX in 1996 (more than 17yrs of age), would be operating the flight today.

photo 10946112535_4e8eef0f18_b

photo 10946268844_af733195e3_o

Boarding soon started, first by pax needing assistance, followed by premium/status/Marco Polo Club passengers. Judging by the number of pax boarding during the initial call, almost 1/3 of the pax were with some status on CX or Oneworld! This was followed by economy by rows from the rear. We were seated right at the back at one of the 2-seaters section, we boarded soon after.

photo 10946111705_32ea8c07c5_b

photo 10946159576_cd4ef9a60e_o

photo 10946110835_fb2777c275_o

Went through economy cabin right to the rear of the aircraft. Crew were greeting pax and assisting with luggage.

photo 10946108645_0c1de96050_o

photo 10946352633_96c79d1efe_b

There were no pillows nor blankets pre-set on the seats. However these were available upon request, even though we helped ourselves to the pillows and blankets which were stored in the overhead bins above us and the space behind our seats at the last row. However, the crew did came down the aisle offering blankets after most pax were settled in.

photo 10946352903_a888c09244_o

View out of the window.

photo 10946349593_e74ac812e2_o

Welcome aboard!

photo 10946156006_33b7d06ee0_o

First generation 6-inch PTVs with no AVOD and not so fantastic seat pitch.

photo 10946262244_262fc0e287_b

Seatback (from later in flight).

photo 10946523594_6644a97c0b_b

Seat recline was quite good though, so much so that if the passenger in front fully reclines, there would be a bit of problem watching the PTV (which is un-adjustable) unless one also reclines fully.

photo 10946329053_628fbe022a_o

Boarding in progress. However I must admit that the cabin of this antiqued B772 is kept very clean and well-maintained. There is no way one would realize that this is a 17yrs old plane!

photo 10946157426_90269791d9_o

Boarding almost done while waiting for the last few pax to trickle in. Flight time was announced to be 3h15m.

photo 10946261384_0ce1ef1766_b

Doors closed about 10min behind STD. A rather boring animated safety video was played.

photo 10946104885_7e1641b001_o

Taxi to the runway. A SQ B772 was also parked right at the end of T1.

photo 10946244174_f0bbce5a60_o

Scoot B772, SQ A345 and 2x AK A320s at the remote stands.

photo 10946243434_957c0e0c69_o

Another SQ B772 beside while we were holding for takeoff.

photo 10946329373_0dc9626024_o

Taxi onto Rwy20C and held for a while.

And then we were gone, about 20min behind schedule.

Climbing away from Changi.

photo 10946154176_4ba7df2c62_o

Made a left turn towards the north over Peninsular Malaysia.

photo 10946259344_40d4c3d291_o

Seatbelt signs switched off and service announcement was made.

Out over the South China Sea, where we would remain while on course to Hong Kong.

photo 10946102965_547aeda6a3_o

A look at the stuff in the seat pocket. Inflight magazine, safety card, duty free magazine, airsick bag and a pair of headphones.

photo 10946105085_6c8309d37d_o

First service was the distribution of wet towelettes. Inflight entertainment controls were of the old school press-buttons type on the armrests.

photo 10946103125_4f147c7397_o

We started watching an animation film, Turbo. All films were run on loop istead of AVOD. Screen quality was not too clear and audio remained rather soft even though it was turned on to the max. Reminiscing flying in the '90s.

photo 10946101095_f7b6a98187_o

Shortly after, special meals were distributed and lunch service started. There was no bar service conducted prior to meal service, but I guess at this hour, passengers would rather be served lunch immediately. As the meal service was conducted from the rear of the aircraft towards the front, we were served first.

photo 10946151006_4070ca0a83_o

The very friendly and engaging purser serving us offered a choice of either chicken pasta or fish with rice. We selected one of each. The meal tray also came with a bowl of fruits, warm roll with butter and Haagen Daz ice-cream! I also had a white wine and apple juice to go with the meal.

photo 10946257914_1a7253bfa8_o

photo 10946342493_61772d7a66_o

Fruits and bread roll.

photo 10946343153_36c82325a8_o

Penne pasta with chicken and peas in tomato based sauce. Tasted alright even though not a too fanciful dish.

photo 10946099285_c068abbc1d_o

Stir-fried fish with egg fried rice. A rather tasty choice, though again a very simple dish. CX seemed to be rather conservative with their economy meals.

photo 10946149406_6f494d743f_o

Dessert of Haagen Daz strawberry ice-cream was distributed earlier together with the main course.

photo 10946151016_bd95c417bc_o

Enjoying my ice-cream.

photo 10946097095_a20d9ce40d_o

Cleared every single morsel of food!

photo 10946253884_086397e389_b

The purser then came round to clear our trays and offered additional drinks as well. As we wanted some tea, which would be served later, she removed the teacups from our trays and assured that hot tea would be served in a short while. We also had a short chat with her while trays were cleared and commented that this is a really old aircraft. Humorously, she corrected us by remarking that the aircraft is not old, but classic! She also mentioned that the flight is totally full in Business and Economy, and even spare crew seats were taken up by crew on staff travel! Now this is a crew with personality!

Shortly after, hot Chinese tea was served. Coffee was offered as well.

photo 10946339173_0788d802d6_o

Back to our movie after meal service, though it was quite difficult to enjoy the IFE on such a 90's system. After the movie has finished, we were somewhere near Vietnam. More than an hour to go, but too short to complete a second movie. Also encountered some turbulence as well, which prompted the seatbelt signs to be turned on for a while. Nothing too major though.

photo 10946340413_32fa67463a_b

photo 10946093655_6624be7efd_b

Experiencing turbulent weather.

photo 10946144576_8ece43d1bf_o

Flying into the sunset after across the turbulent zone..

photo 10946334453_7f0f49cbcc_o

Visit to the lavatory. Other than the necessities, hand lotion and face moisturizer were available.

photo 10946339083_996ba647d4_o

View of the classic (as in the words of the purser) cabin.

photo 10946145676_995b876a52_o

Towards the end of the flight, another crew member distributed comment forms and requested us to assist to fill up one of it. A nice CX/KA branded pen was offered as a momento for filling up the form, as well as inflight shopping discount vouchers. We also requested for some playing cards, which were also given to us! Of course, I gave high scores for the cabin crew service, above average for meals, but not so good scores for the cabin interior/seats/IFE, mainly due to the classic aircraft used for this flight.

photo 10946336883_10f3e0342f_o

Nice clouds.

photo 10946336593_5b7eb61118_o

Pilot came on to announce the start of descend into HKG about 30min prior to arrival. However, cabin crew only prepared the cabin for landing halfway through descent, about 20min before landing. Headsets were collected and cabin was secured.

photo 10946336313_7ba136d4da_o

IFE was switched off but the flight map and connection information was shown all the way till landing.

photo 10946248344_62f11c12b8_o

Descending. Due to heavy traffic, we were also put into a holding pattern.

photo 10946248384_ec0f72b4de_o

photo 10946247824_78e886eac5_o

Approaching Hong Kong.

photo 10946089195_cf59d14310_o

Flaps and gears down.

photo 10946329143_02e1280fb7_o

We landed on Rwy07L, right on schedule. Thank you for flying Cathay Pacific, a member of the Oneworld Alliance.

Taxi to the gate.

photo 10946246024_1e479d0f71_o

Parked at Gate 47. An Air India B787 was parked 2 gates away!

photo 10946327583_86f8276a88_o

Our reasonably comfortable and well-padded seats for the flight.

photo 10946244944_ba50953482_o

During disembarking.

photo 10946332733_713a07a292_o

The classic Business Class cabin. Sorry for the blurred image.

photo 10946332383_ace763e582_o

After disembarkation, we had to proceed to the transfer area flight information display to check on our connecting flight on Dragonair. However, a gate was not yet allocated for the flight.

photo 10946243924_d845c5ef91_o
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Hong Kong - HKG



Overall it was a rather good flight on CX. Cabin service was good with responsive and friendly crew, and meals are acceptable. The only downside was the classic aircraft used which put CX in the second position as compared to their direct competitor, SQ, on the route. However, with CX almost always offer lower fares than SQ, it is still considered value-for-money flying CX.

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