Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Sydney in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH141
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 08:25
Take-off 03 Jul 17, 09:10
Arrival at 03 Jul 17, 19:35
MH 207 reviews
By GOLD 1216
Published on 13th March 2022

Trip Report: Malaysia Airlines MH141 Kuala Lumpur to Sydney

Flight details:
Airlines: Malaysia Airlines (MH)
Flight: MH141 KUL-SYD
Reg: 9M-MTO "OneWorld Livery"
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Departure (KUL Satellite Terminal A ): 09.10AM [ Delayed departure]
Arrival (SYD Terminal 1): 7.35PM [Actual time: 9 pm]
Total time: 8 hours 50 mins
Distance: 6579 km (4088 miles)

VIDEO: Malaysia Airlines 9M-MTO MH141 Kuala Lumpur to Sydney


This return trip report to Sydney from 2017. Having arrived from Mumbai, Read the trip report: Malaysia Airlines MH195 Mumbai To Kuala Lumpur

Transfer to Satellite Terminal

I was transiting after de-boarding the aircraft, I walked towards the AirTrain as the next flight would be departing from Satellite terminal Gate C37.

photo img_1

Heading towards AirTrain

photo img_2

Bus Gates  to Satellite terminal.

photo img_3

Train arrived in few minutes, watch video to enjoy train journey.

photo img_4

As I still had time, Checked the Jungle walk in Satellite terminal. It was humid even though it was morning. Returned inside the Air-conditioned terminal within few minutes to avoid sweating.

photo img_77

Waiting Area

Passengers queued for security check around the boarding gate. Gate security had opened for the flight.

photo img_5

I waited sometime for the queue to shorten.

photo img_6

Waiting area

photo img_80


Boarding call was made on time, passport was checked, boarding pass was scanned.

photo img_7

View of the aircraft- 9M-MTO in Oneworld Livery.

photo img_8

Queue formed to board aircraft. Crew member checked boarding pass and directed passengers.

photo img_9


Economy seating was 2-4-2, red as seen from photo below.

photo img_10

Occupied the assigned seat, I was the lucky one with not seat companion, rest of the flight was full.

photo img_11

Window view while waiting for boarding to complete.

photo img_78

Cabin view

photo img_79

Pushback and taxi

Pushback commenced on time.

photo img_12

Aircraft had towed back, when pilot informed of technical issue.

photo img_13

View of Malaysia Airlines

photo img_45

Waiting for pushback.

photo img_46

Aircraft returned back to gate.

photo img_14

Departure was delayed by an hour. Aircraft was pushed back again.

photo img_15

View of Satellite terminal. Safety video was displayed on personal screen.

photo img_16

As the aircraft was departing from runway on the opposite side. A long taxi for departure.

photo img_17

Heading towards the runway.

photo img_18

Saudi Airlines exits taxiway towards terminal.

photo img_19

A long taxi meant view many of departures and arrivals.

photo img_20

Joining taxiway

photo img_21

Towards runway

photo img_22

Royal Brunei A320 departure

photo img_23

Eva Airlines

photo img_24

Qatar Airways

photo img_25

Cathay Dragon

photo img_47

Mahan Airlines Airbus A340-600 landing

photo img_48

Batik Air departing ahead of MH141.

photo img_49

Emirates following

photo img_50

Queue to depart

photo img_51


Rolling on runway

photo img_52

Runway 32L for departure.

photo img_53

Window view

photo img_54

Flight map

photo img_55

Flying South

photo img_56

Flight information

photo img_57

Flying close Johar Bahru

photo img_26

Attaining altitude

photo img_27

Distance information

photo img_28

Altitude information

photo img_29

Day/night map

photo img_30

Lunch Service

Lunch was served after 1 hr of departure.

photo img_31

Chicken curry , egg and rice

photo img_32

Ground speed information

photo img_33

Cabin view

Cabin was darkened with windows shades down.

photo img_34

Window view

photo img_35

Rested for 5 hours.

photo img_58

View flying over Northern Territory.

photo img_59

Flight map

photo img_61

Flight information

photo img_60

2 hour 30 minutes to arrival.

photo img_62


photo img_63

Flight map

photo img_64

Close up

photo img_65

Close to Alice Spring

photo img_66

Overflying Ayers Rock

photo img_67

Another few hours to arrival.

photo img_68

View from the sky of Uluru, or Ayers Rock, a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid "Red Centre"

photo img_69

Close up view of Uluru, or Ayers Rock.

photo img_70

Sun setting as aircraft flies East.

photo img_71

Malaysia Airline Logo

photo img_72

Seat Pocket MAterial

Safety Card

photo img_73

Malaysia Airlines A330-300

photo img_74

Safety card, Temptations and Going places

photo img_75

Sun setting

photo img_36

Light Meal

Chick roll was served 2 hours before arrival along with drink.

photo img_37

Chicken roll with red wine.

photo img_38

Twilight view

photo img_76

Tray was cleared after meal.

photo img_39


photo img_40

Ground speed information. Watch trip video to enjoy the trip experience.

photo img_41

Arrival in Sydney

Pilot informed descent would commence soon. Crew cleared the cabin. Landing was on runway 34L from the south.

photo img_42

Crew announced arrival details - date , time and temp.

photo img_43

Arriving at gate about an hour late.

photo img_44

Pilot announced arrival and gate was opened.

photo img_81

Immigration and Quarantine

I had filled the immigration form after receiving it from crew on boarding while waiting for pushback.  After disembarking, completed immigration through self-service kiosk and passed through Smartgate. Baggage came in 20 mins. Passed quarantine check without issue as I want carrying any declarable items.

Exit Airport

Took a taxi home after exiting airport.
Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Sydney - SYD



Malaysia Airlines provided satisfactory service. Flight had a delayed departure. Onboard service was satisfactory. I did not watch any entertainment nor used the supplied headphone. Prefer to rest during flight. Kuala Lumpur airport connection was quick, can get hectic if incoming flight is delayed. Activitywise KL does not have much to offer except shopping and jungle in the satellite terminal. As the aircraft arrived late, evening peak at Sydney had passed. Overall I had a ok trip.

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