Review of Cathay Pacific flight Taipei Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 475
Class Economy
Seat 64A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 18 Nov 13, 11:20
Arrival at 18 Nov 13, 13:30
CX 465 reviews
By 7792
Published on 28th November 2013
Visited Jianguo Weekend Flower market.

photo 11027406164_37562a77e3_o

Chanced upon a protest assembly. Seemed more like a family day with kids and grandmas involved in it again!

photo 11027407524_250f1f5eac_o

Buffet lunch at a restaurant offering Taiwanese delicacies at a rather new cafes/art gallery/restaurants hangout place, Huashan Park.

photo 11027401024_47b546cfd8_o

More Taiwanese food!

photo 11027345936_7ed58fb906_o

More night markets. I will really miss them…

photo 11027246755_010221134f_o

photo 11027348766_ee8e164c22_o

On the day of departure, I received an email from CX that my original TPE-HKG sector on CX421 had been delayed for 2hrs. CX would rebook me on either the earlier CX475, departing 45min before, or a later flight at 1pm. However, as I only checked my email quite late, we still proceeded to the airport as our scheduled timing and see what the CX agents could do.

Reaching Taoyuan Terminal One, CX check-in desks were seeing a long queue. We proceeded to the bag-drop queue having done online check-in earlier. While queuing, a CX ground supervisor was asking around if anyone was booked on CX421. We immediately signalled that we were flying on the flight and was connecting to SIN. The supervisor immediately pulled us and one other passenger aside to an available counter and told the check-in agent to process us for the earlier CX475. Apparently they were trying as far as possible to shift passengers with connections to the earlier flight. At this time, it was only less than 40min before the departure of CX475, but the agents still managed to put us on the flight, even though we had to be separated. Well, better than waiting for the later flight and missing our connection in HKG. Also, I would have no idea what plane was operating the flight.

CX Desks

photo 11027405004_91b7f37660_o

Terminal One was renovated, and it actually looked quite nice!

photo 11027398864_c5b4854150_o

Boarding passes for both sectors.

photo 11027208545_47012de708_o

Cleared immigration and security with no hassles and proceeded to the gate B6, which was the first gate just after passing through the duty free shops. Boarding was already in progress.

18 November 2013
Cathay Pacific
CX 475
Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) - Hong Kong (HKG)
Economy Class

Boarding in progress when we reached the gate.

photo 11027342006_786c01e33c_o

Curious as to what plane would be operating this flight. Turned out to be an almost brand new B773ER! I would have thought that CX would probably send a higher capacity 744 or 773 instead.

photo 11027460833_93413350d7_o

Straight down the aerobridge, with newspapers available at the door, Don't remembering them available at SIN, nor at HKG.

photo 11027341946_1de0aefa38_o

This plane would be a 4-class fitted B77W. Upon entering the plane, we first passed through Business class, which occupied the entire cabin between Doors 2 and 3.

photo 11027238055_78212ab33a_o

How I wished I was seated in one of these seats, which are one of the nest Business Class seats out there.

photo 11027458373_85568bf28d_o

Passing through the mini Premium Economy, which did not seemed too spectacular other than wider seat pitch.

photo 11027236685_150a68e57f_o

Reached by seat, 64A, at the mid section of the rear economy cabin. CX only has slightly more than 180 Y seats on this premium-configured aircraft, and it appeared that it was totally full in Premium Economy and Economy. Apparently quite a number of frequent flyers were upgraded to Premium Economy. Never mind, I am perfectly comfortable in the new Economy seat.

photo 11027336626_5dbc47297f_o

CX 773 beside, preparing for a flight to KIX. CX has a huge operation out of TPE, with 5th freedom flights from TPE to various cities in Japan, as well as Seoul.

photo 11027388934_462fee78c0_o

Flight map.

photo 11027393704_4670fa4412_o

Fiddling with th IFE again, I discovered that this plane was fitted with underbelly camera! Here, it was showing the pushback tug at the nose gear!

photo 11027457343_2188a72e7b_o

Last stages of boarding in progress. The crew were also handing out blankets to passengers who needed them.

photo 11027455513_48c0aa414f_o

And another CX plane arrived.

photo 11027333726_389dcba037_o

Pushback was delayed as we were still waiting for a few missing/late passengers, probably the ones who were transferred from the later delayed flight. In the end, we only started our pushback almost 30min after STD.

Safety video shown during pushback. Apart from the introduction, it was exactly the same animation as the one shown on KA.

photo 11027390244_50e28eb9bb_o

TransAsia A320 parked at the remote stands.

photo 11027334446_03a00c60c2_o

Another CX plane, a B744, parked at the remote stands too. Wondering what is it doing there with its flaps fully extended.

photo 11027389034_e597c1fc87_o

Taxi to Rwy 05L for departure.

photo 11027389734_82e42b36f3_o

photo 11027331596_b9542169ff_o

Finally took off from TPE, more than 40min behind schedule! Luckily the flight was only a short 1hr20m and CX has padded the flight at 1h55m.

Climbing out of TPE and making a left turn back.

photo 11027450473_54b44481c5_o

Seat belt signs switched off and a service announcement was made.

Flying along the coast of Taiwan with some nice scenery.

photo 11027316446_1161137653_o

photo 11027229555_822d8c9d95_o

photo 11027450433_d651febb80_o

Studio CX was switched on shortly after departure. With headset available in the seat pockets, we were able to enjoy AVOD IFE even on this very short flight. Similar to KA, movies were unavailable on this sector.

photo 11027227885_eba6527970_o

I chose to watch a Taiwanese music award concert.

photo 11027324406_887885562b_o

photo 11027444093_4b851c1137_o

Wasting no time, the CX crew sprung into action and started the meal service. My aisle was served by a very friendly and smiley Taiwanese crew who provided exceptional service to passengers.

photo 11027222685_02efcdb5c1_o

Apparently, CX has also changed its meal service on the HKG-TPE sector. Gone are the sandwiches and similar to KA, boxed meals are now served. Crew also handed out a pack of oolong tea and a cutlery pack.

photo 11027444573_32d01999f7_o

Fearing that the piping hot meal box might contain the same fried rice as on KA, I was pleasantly surprised when I lifted the lid to find that it contained a Taiwanese traditional dish of braised minced pork with rice, along with half a hard-boiled egg and some pickles. It was truely delicious!! I don't mind getting a second serving!

photo 11027441783_a4e3649bd6_o

Great meal!

photo 11027321976_5472865756_o

An exemplary moment of the great service on CX, the pax seated beside me had obviously not pre-booked a vegetarian meal. When she asked the crew serving us whether the meal contained meat, which the meal did, she initially refused to have the meal, just requesting for the oolong tea. However, the stewardess then offered to prepare vegetarian cup noodles for her after the distribution of meals and informed the purser about it. After distribution of meals, she came back and ask the pax if she would like fruits or instant noodles as they have both, and miraculously present a fruit platter after the pax preferred to have the fruits. Wonderful service by CX!

Flying across the straits between Taiwan and China.

photo 11027220635_e8a439812d_o

CX crew in action, serving hot beverages while clearing the meal boxes.

photo 11027221055_c57916ce1c_o

Nice scattered clouds below.

photo 11027375884_a215b989e9_o

Connecting flight information was shown. My next flight, CX635, would be departing from gate 69. Lots of connecting pax on this flight.

photo 11027438493_a7a0021e0b_o

73 miles to go.

photo 11027374704_4a4460f1fe_o

Almost there, but we were put in a holding pattern for about 10min due to heavy traffic in HKG. This resulted in a slightly late arrival.

photo 11027437993_33c15fc0e4_o

View from underbelly camera while flying circles.

photo 11027317196_46004bd705_o

Headphones were collected and IFE was switched to flightmap and camera view mode. Descending past some outlying islands.

photo 11027437003_089ff87d24_o

photo 11027371664_95f78ec6c1_o

Final approach from the west, with some construction (a bridge?) going on in the sea.

photo 11027434373_5c266b8710_o

photo 11027214095_4b8979a20e_o

And landed on Rwy07L, about 15min late.

Following the centreline on the belly cam.

photo 11027434783_da0e2f9d63_o

JinAir B738 taxi behind us.

photo 11027370434_a6528dcb51_o

Shanghai Airlines and Dragonair.

photo 11027212255_c04aed99a4_o

Parked at Gate 48 beside a B773.

photo 11027313776_0c1b87a7b8_o

photo 11027313426_45db9a9dc9_o

Up comes the catering truck.

photo 11027210805_4ca77a5292_o

Disembarking with crew bading farewell along the aisle.

photo 11027312246_827aaf763d_o

A shot of the new Economy seats. I would rank it as one of the best and most comfortable Economy class seats currently in the market.

photo 11027431343_4e45be1e14_o

Premium economy

photo 11027210665_25a4778705_o

Business Class. Nice for CX to have orchid decorations at the seats!

photo 11027208845_71da70db50_o

photo 11027366374_61831333ee_o

The neighbouring B773 aircraft. Would be having a 1h40m wait for the connecting flight back to SIN.

photo 11027430043_95ac7c1dfe_o

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

Taipei - TPE


Hong Kong - HKG



Again, even with the heavy load, it was a rather pleasant short flight on CX.

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  • Comment 93915 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Very good report Terry thanks for sharing. Is this the shortest scheduled route operated by a 77w? Unbelievable that you get a hot meal on such a short flight! CX still at the top of its game, really hope I can try them one day.

    • Comment 284669 by
      Travip 108 Comments

      Thanks Jerry for sharing such a nice FR. The business class seems to be very great. I heard that Cathay's premium eco is good also.

      @AirCanada881: Vietnam Airlines serves better meal on international short-haul flight. Such as SGN-BKK, 1:10 flight, they can serve you hotmeal, dessert, bread, soft drink, tea/coffee. For longer route less than 2 hrs, we have extra salad. In this case, I guess it depends on market, route and competition.

    • Comment 284715 by
      marathon GOLD 9856 Comments

      I always had a hot meal in Y on the TPE-HKG route, be it operated CX, BR or CI, on that typically 1h40 scheduled, 1h18 actual duration flight. There seems to be a kind of cartel on this route : the flights are all priced the same and pretty high, and they can afford to have enough FAs to handle that... and deliver top quality customer service too.

  • Comment 93990 by
    marathon GOLD 9856 Comments

    CX is always excellent at handling connections in case of delayed flights, and this is another example.
    In the first picture over the straits, the larger island is Qimei (or Chimei), that I mentioned in my FR to MZG. It is worth visiting if you have a chance, reachable by boat from MZG, or flying a Do-228 from KHH.
    Thanks for the description of the flight and the tourist bonus !

  • Comment 94268 by
    A380B77W 4299 Comments

    Thanks for this great report !

    The CX 77W's cabine looks really great with this huge IFE :D !! I would love to take CX 77W :)

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