Review of Austrian Airlines flight Copenhagen Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS 304
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 19 Nov 13, 17:40
Arrival at 19 Nov 13, 19:25
OS   #79 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 353 reviews
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Published on 29th November 2013
Hello and welcome to this second part of report following my latest trip to Copenhagen. This part is about to cover my returning flight from Copenhagen back to Vienna.

You can find the first part here

Let´s start with few shots taken in the city itself and some taken during spotting at Kastrup airport.

I spent only about two hours in the city, walking around known places and as it was really cold and there was no-one who I could share city exploring with, I decided to go back to airport for the main purpose of my trip - being with planes.

Copenhagen airport is connected with city center by Metro so you can get there easily and fast. There is no driver inside metro, which makes nice views of rails if you get a seat in front. I´m not used to it as in Czech republic where I live there are always people driving metros.

I went from Kongens Nytorv to Lufthavnen

photo DSC_0169_01photo DSC_0177_01

Arriving the airport. RWY 22L was in use that day, so I headed somewhere close to its threshold. It was about a 15 minutes walk from Terminal area.

photo DSC_0178_01

This A340 was the first plane, that appeared on scene

photo DSC_0179_01

No surprise SAS being the major player here

photo DSC_0183_01

Pegasus B738 - they just started operating PRG-SAW flights. Thinking of trying that one day

photo DSC_0188_01

Danish Air Transport ATR 72

photo DSC_0190_01photo DSC_0191_01

One of the best low-cost carriers in Europe? Norwegian B738

photo DSC_0193_01photo DSC_0201_01

Love this birds. On February LH A346 is going to be my first ever flown widebody plane.
Happy to see this one here. I´ve never seen A340 flying so close to me

photo DSC_0202_01

KL Fokker

photo DSC_0220_01

A Swiss

photo DSC_0225_01

Estonian ERJ170. New airline to see for me

photo DSC_0228_01

SAS A320 moments away from touchdown

photo DSC_0234_01

I spent maybe 1,5 or 2 hours by spotting but it was so cold there I needed to go back to terminal. Staying in one place when the sun is not heating is usually difficult, but doing that at Kastrup in November was a complete madness. Still, I´m happy for doing that. I even did not catch a cold so where´s the problem then?

After returning to my Terminal 2 I had some 3 hours ahead of my departure.
I was looking forward to this flight mainly due to the aircraft that operated this flight. After flying only Beoing and Airbus planes it was finally time to get a new one to my log. That´s one of few reasons I booked this flight. Fokker 100 was scheduled for flying me back to Vienna.

When I arrived CPH some 6 hours ago, I tried to check-in at the check-in machine as I was unable to complete it home. When trying to do so at home there were all emergency exits occupied, but to my surprise when checking-in at the airport there were two seats available. I grabbed it and printed my boarding pass assigning me 14A.

So double new experience to me - Fokker 100 and emergency exit - place I haven´t seated in before

photo DSC_0236_01

T2 check-in area

photo DSC_0238_01photo DSC_0240_01

I got myself this ham and cheese sandwich. It was quite tasty

photo DSC_0241_01

X-mas decoration already in place

photo DSC_0242_01photo DSC_0243_01

This corridor leads to security.
I went there with my camera turned off, but being held in hand. When approaching I was strictly told not to take any pictures in that area at which I replied Off course not. Security was super-quick and trouble free however.

photo DSC_0244_01

One of SAS CRJs at the gate

photo DSC_0247_01¨

There were some of these Icelandair advertisments around

photo DSC_0248_01

View of SAS planes.

photo DSC_0251_01

About an hour prior to our departure all flights around my flight had gates assigned except of mine. That seemed a bit strange to me, but I did not care very much.
Few minutes later I checked FlightRadar24 on my phone to get confirmed my aircraft is going to be Fokker and that was the case. Bad news were that inbound flight had just departed Vienna with a delay of 1 hour. That made me concerned. I usually don´t have to care about delays when flying, but this time I did. By the original schedule I had only two hours in Vienna to change plane for my bus to Brno. Next bus was scheduled to go at 6 a.m. and missing my planned bus would mean 8 hours waiting at VIE airport which sounded really horrible to me.

photo DSC_0250_01

Our A17 gate area

photo DSC_0252_01

Fortunately there was no more delay for my plane and some 10 minutes after our scheduled departure time OE-LVD showed up.

My first ever Fokker experience

photo DSC_0254_01

Gate prior to boarding

photo DSC_0255_01

Boarding was called about 30 minutes late. It was announced as fully loaded flight and that everyone is allowed to board aircraft with only one cabin bag. Also rows 14-22 were called to board the aircraft first.

photo DSC_0257_01

My seat 14A

photo DSC_0259_01

I maybe expected a bit more room in emergency exit row, but that is maybe due to my inexperience with these seats. I still enjoyed sitting there and also the seat was comfortable.
The whole cabin didn´t feel like 19,5 years old aircraft. It felt refurbished instead. Interior really surprised me.

photo DSC_0263_01

Wing was completely covered with water. At one time I spotted our first officer going to the wing and he wiped water away with his hand.
Captain came on the radio saying flight time is expected to be 1h30mins. He also apologized for delay which was caused by some technical issue which had to be fixed at Vienna.

photo DSC_0264_01

Old school looking overhead and Exit sign during taxi. We taxied about 7 minutes, but to be honest, I don´t know which runway we took off.

photo DSC_0269_01

Shot taken during our take off run. I expected Fokker to be a bit more quiet with tail-mounted engines. Insted of that it was actually very noisy. Take off itself was powerful, almost violent. It was an interesting experience.

photo DSC_0270_01

Climbing away

photo DSC_0272_01photo DSC_0274_01

Between the cloud layers. There was a lot of light thanks to the Moon, which was fine as it was possible to see outside

photo DSC_0275_01

10 minutes into flight FAs distributed some sweet or salt snack and drinks. I took orange juice with salt option. 25 minutes later they came through the aisle again providing same options for those who wanted again, that was nice.

photo DSC_0279_01

Seatbelt sign stayed on throughout the whole flight. And the captain was right. Since take off to landing it was one looong turbulence. There were no 10 seconds without aircraft vibrating. 4 FAs were although very nice and walking through the cabin bravely all the time. It was actually not any kind of serious turbulence but really bothersome.

But watching the wingflex was great

Captain came on the radio again providing some information about connecting flights as we were delayed for about an hour. He mentioned 6 flights that were going to leave with no waiting for our arrival. Captain advised passengers of these ongoing flights to contact Austrian desk at the airport.

photo DSC_0280_01

Descending through clouds to Vienna.

photo DSC_0285_01

On our approach we flew over OMV refinery to land on RWY 11

photo DSC_0292_01

Touchdown was smooth followed by some heavy braking. We exited runway and taxied around airport to reach Austrian terminal from north

photo DSC_0295_01

Parking next to company Airbus

photo DSC_0298_01

Almost everyone has left the aircraft so one last pic and I have to say good bye to planes for next few months.. or maybe until I find some really awesome January/February fare

photo DSC_0299_01

When I left the aircraft I still had something over an hour of time before my bus to Brno leaves, which was a relieve. I got myself something to eat and browsed internet through my mobile which made waiting time run quickly.

Journey home by bus was comfortable and quick but I felt really tired. Being awake over 22 hours made me sleep imediately after reaching home.

I was happy for taking this trip and I´m looking forward to next one of this kind. As much as to any of your comments guys!

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Copenhagen - CPH


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It was another enjoyable flight with Austrian. Except of delay they did everything well. Although being old, their Fokker felt great and was interesting to fly.

Copenhagen airport felt similar to Vienna for me. It was not very crowded, but also with not very much things to do there.



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