Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Singapore in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 635
Class Economy
Seat 43A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 18 Nov 13, 15:15
Arrival at 18 Nov 13, 19:05
CX 465 reviews
By 6189
Published on 30th November 2013
And on to the final leg of my Taipei trip. Did not visit the lounge this time round, instead just spent the transit time shopping for some HK goodies. Also did some plane spotting.

One of the many CX A333s

photo 11117973585_ba6771bffd_o

SQ A380, which would be following just behind us all the way to SIN.

photo 11118150073_c7029b7e32_o

Countless CXs and a hidden Royal Brunei.

photo 11118007576_9d1a9b78f2_o

First live glimpse of a BA A380! Almost every other A380 operator (BA, SQ, MH, TG, EK, QF, KE, CZ) seemed to be sending their whalejets to HKG!

photo 11118149593_39d63c8601_o

18 November 2013
Cathay Pacific
CX 635
Hong Kong (HKG) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Again, a 4-class configured B773ER with the latest cabin products would be flying us back to SIN. Departure was from gate 69, which was a pretty long trek from the East Hall.

photo 11117972705_71aa1ba4b2_o

Boarding had already commenced and we boarded immediately. Again passed the lovely Business Class cabin.

photo 11118149403_b6ee214bba_o

photo 11118038974_29a2f92616_o

Through Premium Economy.

photo 11118148223_f15e2a206a_o

And to my seat at the front Economy cabin. Economy ended up being totally full again! Not sure about the premium cabins though.

photo 11118038234_ed94bff9ec_o

At the gate.

photo 11118148203_d94bafabb7_o

2566km to home.

photo 11118005676_e78fcf9fdf_o

Pushback was slightly delayed due to a group of late passengers.

photo 11118037344_b0657e5c38_o

Taxi to runway.

photo 11118037374_fe976a15ce_o

photo 11118037094_1e9714fe52_o

Takeoff from Rwy07R for the 3h15m flight to SIN.

Nice scenery of Kowloon and Hong Kong Islands during the ascent!

photo 11118003266_49d6db6468_o

photo 11117969145_5ed0de19bf_o

photo 11118145183_6f7077e240_o

photo 11117967525_1eb8f8fef1_o

photo 11117967555_85f2ded31f_o

photo 11118002576_8710168e7f_o

photo 11117966375_6b58438bf3_o

After the initial nice views during climbout, it was just clouds and sea for almost the rest of the flight.

photo 11118034274_f0916f2900_o

IFE turned on after departure.

photo 11118001096_07be30125f_o

On this flight, peanuts was first distributed by the crew.

photo 11118143213_eb4018a9e7_o

A choice of beverages were also offered from trays. I had a coke with ice.

photo 11118033604_68269a3fb8_o

Started on my entertainment for the flight, the movie Pacific Rim. CX's new IFE monitors in Economy offered very high resolution and is, till now, the best quality IFE monitor I have encountered so far.

photo 11117964605_95451b510a_o

High above the clouds.

photo 11118141833_16702b44e4_o

Meal was served soon after. No menus offered and choices were asked verbally. We had a choice of Fish with rice or Vegetarian penne pasta. Went for a choice each. I still think that even with no physical menus in economy, CX should at least invest in displaying menus on their IFE system.

photo 11118141883_4fe852db26_o

Meal tray. Comes with cut fruits, warm bread roll and butter, as well as the signature Haagen Daz ice cream.

photo 11118141243_85548edf27_o

Choice of Vegetarian penne pasta. It actually tasted better than it looks.

photo 11117963285_c4e972e69a_o

photo 11117997736_4f5ce7b64a_o

Fried fish with beancurd skin, vegetables and steamed rice. This tasted ok.

photo 11117963365_e6fd8bccae_o

photo 11117997036_ab273ef1ac_o

Enjoying vanilla Haagen Daz at 37,000 feet!

photo 11118138173_80f34bd3e2_o

And Chinese tea to end the meal.

photo 11118029154_08af5332c8_o

Along the Vietnam Coast.

photo 11117961125_63d3571b3c_o

Passengers occupied with their IFE choices.

photo 11118137353_0d212bb763_o

Flying into bad weather while nearing Singapore.

photo 11118138153_25f2601537_o

Starting descent into Singapore. Headsets collected, cabin prepared and Studio CX switched off around 20min before landing. With more airlines (including SQ currently on-trial) offering gate-to-gate IFE, I guess it will be soon that CX pax also demands similar treatment. Well at least CX does not switch off its IFE as early as SQ used to.

photo 11117994696_97c9bfb0c0_o

Left with flight map and belly camera. Nearing home.

photo 11117959115_0970ece273_o

Into Malaysia.

photo 11117993936_0d00c4cc91_o

Flaps out and over Batam.

photo 11118027064_2e905b31ef_o

Final approach, with the Singapore evening city skyline in the distance.

photo 11118135983_6495451fc1_o

photo 11118026654_372b8b6489_o

photo 11117992386_ac6f7bb119_o

Touchdown on Rwy02L slightly ahead of schedule.

Thank you again for flying CX!

photo 11118025884_1dbd9d2342_o

Taxied to Terminal One and parked beside a Air Niugini B767.

photo 11118134623_7b59000bd1_o


photo 11118133743_5e617f4e3a_o

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Singapore - SIN



Again, a pleasant regional flight on CX, though service is slightly more robotic on this flight, but comparable to a normal SQ flight. IFE is very user-friendly and selection is good enough. However the new Economy seats are definitely a winner, offering much more comfort than most of the other Economy seats I have tried till now. Overall a much recommended and value for money airline.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Singapore (SIN)


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