Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Amsterdam in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1953
Class Business
Seat 2K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 30 Mar 22, 14:40
Arrival at 30 Mar 22, 17:10
TK   #13 out of 70 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 651 reviews
By 741
Published on 18th April 2022

Hello folks,
This is part of the following itinerary:

AMS/IST on march 23rd B787-9 TK Business
IST/ADB on march 23rd B777 TK Business
ADB/IST on march 30th B777 TK Business 
IST/AMS on march 30th B787-9 TK Business; only this one is reported

AMS/CDG on march 30th A321 Economy

Living in northern France I can choose to fly from/to CDG, BRU, AMS, LHR/LGW all within easy reach from home, I select either, depending on fares, carrier, schedule, aircraft. To and from IST, TK offers best value for price from AMS.

 French version at :
It is usual to start a report with preflight pictures and comments. As I was on board another flight I give you a few hints 

photo e0b78a6e-8e11-4aeb-8ccb-8e844719f618

Breakfast in domestic business class, fresh bread will be offered with hot drinks

photo bae18b1f-1b9a-4066-a43d-c477930d4221

And that enjoyable full stretch which I do appreciate

photo dddcc08c-5f85-4109-b2b9-6707bd1c826fphoto c6940edf-0c5c-42d0-8cd5-d845bfbf343c

At IST we parked at gate, but were not allowed to use the gangway for direct acces to terminal building; I can imagine this is because our B777  was then operating an international flight to Houston. So we had a transfer by bus, from which I could take a few, poor quality, pictures. But an opportunity to see an aircraft from Iranian company ATA Airlines and the cheetah painted on their A320 to celebrate their partnership with the iranian football team

photo b1b89ec5-dca1-412e-ac2e-5a206dfa06a4

and now you can see they were taken from the special business pax bus; it makes them more valuable, don’t you think?

photo 6f387c73-4a49-4202-9fea-ba0eee0574ff

So let’s follow the guide

photo 0b9e1eed-0b2d-4bc8-a06d-42c9493f387e

My turkish is rather poor, but so far so good, I could manage without english

photo ce94d8fa-4e5c-4e6f-98ec-f767b09a08d4

So let’s go upstairs

photo bbd56630-8ce4-4ff8-9195-522dac21de8c

Footprint to remind you that « it » is not over yet

photo 925ca3db-dc0c-4b21-b012-aa7ffc5b2e61

because of covid,  some exit and transfer zones are closed, so you have to walk back most of the way you drove on the bus, helped by moving walkways

photo c9efc4a3-d426-43c6-bfb7-7df161b20abf

This one is open

photo 4ee06b78-2102-45e7-9740-62b7d655ffb7photo 367aab2d-08d8-4368-88a6-5209ca8b890a

Last time I almost missed my connection because of long queue at immigration and closed fast track. This time i chose flights with a 3 hour layover and …. fast track is open and … nobody in line. So it’s pretty quick.

photo 2abca057-7509-4dd3-a8df-1900ad747a34photo 59555ad0-56b9-4c29-949b-0049997abfd0

let’s walk our way to the lounge.

photo 432ee7f6-5666-49dc-9526-2ed80315afaephoto 3730e307-e5a5-4693-a8d2-86f6de6f372e

Because of covid, all shops in some parts of the terminal are closed, 
 You can see part of the lounge upstairs, from this closed area downstairs

photo 936a70e4-17fc-45dd-862d-147636864a27

Downstairs it’s a bit dull

photo da899cef-1862-4fa8-aa5a-8071851ee636

The lounge is so long that it hangs over the busy parts of the main hall as well; a warmer area


photo fef12ecb-51d0-44e5-90ea-4ed9de9e6275

I had never noticed this access by lift

photo 6cfcc05b-6dd7-4ebe-9a24-d5a5e6527e17photo d0480db9-029f-4ca0-a315-2c2efdb05402

I was downthere, now upstairs

photo 321155df-b66f-4782-bbe8-2c6af2736ac6photo f40a5c77-1faa-401d-85f8-cc115f15bc39

Very tranquil chair/desks for passengers who wish to work or make a flight report

photo cbb5c5d7-dc2c-43e9-82fc-8e4cb6a7c6d8photo c814a0a7-5eaf-469f-bd0a-958853e31d4aphoto ac4eeb56-84d4-4b1c-930c-f5c7f0c26c73

After a nice welcome by a piano, you can choose to dine "al fresco" or pamper yourself in one of those large and soft armchairs.

photo be795d29-323a-4e2e-8ece-1fe7b0fe9101

I prefer this cosy area

photo 1be2aa4c-c222-45d3-85f0-ec19b9cd5adf

With a view on teagardens on one side

photo e8410faf-0a02-4b24-a968-0a110a3306e5

And a view on aircrafts on the other side with lots of TK and what seems a Mohan air in the distance

photo 243372b2-b3a5-4698-b4e2-1091dff4859e

I don't know why, in all TK lounges at IST, those two signs go together

photo ec72ad16-2b5d-468c-9af6-e4f97419cf57

Easy folks, there comes a place where everyone can choose its own way

photo img_1953

Mine was not prayer

photo ebf04bdb-4a7f-4070-ac32-05fb69bbc30c

Very clean and very well looked after

photo cd09a69f-38f2-4005-b89f-6787915e7414photo 8d52191d-ab7a-4d2f-9772-d2c068eb3a75

Exploring on my way back; i like the design of this terminal

photo img_1934

One of the various food bars; they seems obsessed by this sign, don't they?

photo 7793c1b6-3c5a-415d-8883-3f730249f440

My flight will be a codeshare flight with PK, at gate B17

photo 9a591367-c75d-49bc-ba0a-035680f16b79

which means I should go by now

photo f32d7218-7469-41a1-b2a1-7c5263accab8-17288photo dd145019-8a77-4c3e-931b-d6b33464e6bc-45873photo 82268e7c-afa6-496d-bfe2-c68d6421a6cc

Last views of the lounge, with very tranquil areas for rest

photo 3a814494-f60a-43d4-8cf3-38cf9a3e4912

I'll get my bag back from one of the 150 lockers

photo img_1945

Never too late to mention it: you scan your BP and you get a ticket with access codes to free wifi

photo 0a249b88-3da1-44b0-9619-091d9172861a-65483

Out of the lounge by the main entrance which I find quite elegant; 

photo 7e0e9d63-b0da-4dd2-af03-7d98903226be

It's on top of escalators with an amazing view of this area with no shops, and large windows on airside

photo 0f6bbb77-0a1e-467d-b819-cc6656824c6c

What's that

photo cbb6ba1f-134c-4f88-b960-1e578cb4a372

It's both a smoking area and an outside terrace

photo 438d878f-2bf9-45a6-9100-3cd43e4d444c

Shopping area from upstairs

photo d6838566-2334-46fd-be6d-4025702bf21b

It's not exactly what turkish people call "pazar" but it looks like it

photo e0782eac-064a-4445-9f85-9c633adb5f44

On my way to concourse B

photo 21f0fa87-f4cb-4462-be63-05a2df3eb2ee

You can spend a lot probably, large choice.

photo img_1975

To get to concourse A and B level, you must go down

photo 6cbfd122-eca5-4c34-90b7-e54d0328afde-16929photo 6fcf111d-57b5-42ae-96ad-3bf10b31e0dd

B17 is at the very end, so more walk, helped once again by moving walkways

Getting closer, I was right to leave lounge at that time.

photo 216b2577-dd68-498b-9c0f-fc6f0cf470a8photo 851bafed-8647-425e-a8c0-de6d3eefb8f5

None at gate, or in gangway, I must have been the last pax; well there has got to be one after all.

photo b65f354f-9dd0-469c-b652-8b4b190bd0fa-26710

On Anadolu and TK flights, a sanitary kit is available at the door of the plane; contains a mask and a sanitary towel; may be useful

photo 95670442-73c5-472e-a365-4039c6e528c6photo 28472698-bf6e-425a-ac47-9879f0cc20d1

There it is

photo da5c4753-6628-45ec-aca7-d6b7d129aeeb

24 seats, half full.

photo 829ae2ec-ff0c-435f-b1a0-af0b5031bd41

Today will be on 2K

photo 9265d679-4a59-4c56-96c5-f40385cb8033

I am not fan of this seat with a very narrow space for my feet; not fan either of the window hidden behind the surrounding seat, though privacy may be an interesting point

photo 487faa3b-d7e8-4322-85af-794467425f49photo img_2018

Lots of TK of course when taxiing, and a libyan friend

photo img_2024

and a turkish freight carrier

photo 4c921ebb-8048-41c7-a6a7-34991b91ed5f

and off we go, bye bye IST

photo img_2032

We will soon be over the Black Sea coast heading towards Bulgaria

Let us explore the seat

photo 64d305ea-463d-4f0f-908b-81fed0485bb0photo 8dc3f0df-8343-4db0-bf74-b4b6f3b7a18cphoto 793dd90e-c527-4ee6-9013-4068df868c65

From blue to dark

photo 988eeff3-3817-44fa-bf0e-98f8a88b8ba2

IFE remote control, and all commands for lights and seat; only snag is that when not in use, lights and seat commands are off and you do not see them, so I spent some time searching, until, my hand touched the surface and the icons went on

photo 7c2fb411-0f15-4605-9b2a-81004ccfb7f9

on seat side, three lighs, depending on what you need

photo 8d78f719-c34f-4510-bbb6-0db94241ee75

Safety belt reminds me of the shoulder belt of a policeman outfit Father Christmas brought me many years ago

photo 3f07304e-afb1-470d-9fdb-c049a4a93375

While I was so fussy on details, crew had got busy serving drinks and I chose the wonderful lemonade, so refreshing. But no more salted nuts, either on domestic or international; covid restriction? budget restriction?

photo 518039c9-07ea-467e-8a2e-96ac118467d2

here comes the menu

photo aef20d90-bdde-45a7-9a03-27188ddf5f27

I am not into drinks, but you might be

photo faeef983-805b-4200-ae7a-bedd53b7227a

A tray is served, with covers on each item; under cover, salad was freh and nice and not too cold so it was tasty. Fresh bread is proposed

photo 1a51806c-8780-4ec6-b87f-a637a803d736photo 663ebc37-16ea-4dd3-8976-bf0ac3b54641

Hot dish is served covered. I selected pasta, and they were wonderful; cheese and dessert were fine, especially rice pudding which is one of my favorite. All with still water and I finished with a hot tea.

photo 9428b05c-d05b-4d38-be99-7858381f3596

Now you have seen most of it between IST and AMS

I'll try the last James Bond on the IFE, but got bored after 10 minutes and chose a little nap.

photo ce4cad03-2fd1-429f-9e8b-3f83f2acdcf2photo 7af21e6f-ce6c-4e79-ac19-848229f5b5d6

which takes us to borders of Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Romania

photo 7c985568-0d9f-40df-bfe5-5416a51415c2

On we go

photo c35fa704-f9cc-4bd3-a359-4dc8757aa3e6

Just in case you miss it

Time for a walk

photo dc79c9bd-2f25-4aab-8900-3be01cea6625photo 71051757-f7df-4e56-803a-ff06fee8ca80photo 22339660-49dc-4812-ac18-73a7797a9922

Difficult to show, but I found this toilet rather large

photo 318af407-bc16-4a17-a601-b3d7dfc0b908

and plenty of hot water, towels and anything you may need

photo f61726ac-2737-4bee-8f11-a8e3c6c29480

might be useful too

photo img_2060

this dashboard reminds me of a japanese loo

photo img_2057

changing baby?

photo img_2054

but baby must not be too big

photo 6276d688-0492-4209-9407-c5aaa78d1a87

Just over one hour left

photo img_2068

A view from the onboard camera, just entering Netherlands

photo img_2069photo img_2073

water everywhere, no doubt it is NL

photo img_2076

And we land at Schipol

photo img_2077

Lot of walking, up and down, at Schipol; a bit dull atmosphere

photo img_2078

in spite of the bright orange signs; why orange? anything to do with the dutch dynasty?

photo img_2079

I feared queues at NL/Schengen immigration; automatic gates are out of order, but I do not have to wait, and like last time, immigration officer does not ask any of the certificates you are supposed to show when you land from a non EU country …

photo img_2080

On my way to departure C, to get my flight to Paris

photo img_2087

Aircraft is already there

photo img_2089

By the time we leave, night has come, bye bye Amsterdam

photo img_2088

Just to compare with picture at beginning of this report; but what do you expect for 50€, except crammed legs and a flabby cheese sandwich served out of a delivery cardboard box, how elegant ! Anyway I would never pay the business rate on such a short flight, I guess AF thinks biz customers are all oil barons !

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Turkish Airlines

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Istanbul - IST


Amsterdam - AMS



Well, thanks for reading this report to the end. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you will like to share your comments on TK or IST. As my profile name may help you guess, I am an old well travelled man, and to be precise it started even before British Caledonian to which you might think from my profile name.That means I am not very skilful using this site, so any suggestion to improve will be welcome.
I'll be back to Turkey in june, flights are scheduled with A321neo which I loved last time, and A350 which I never used. So there might be some new reports in june. See you then !

Information on the route Istanbul (IST) Amsterdam (AMS)


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  • Comment 600704 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5799 Comments

    Always nice to be able to fly a long-haul J cabin on short-haul!

    Living in northern France I can choose to fly from/to CDG, BRU, AMS, LHR/LGW all within easy reach from home,

    That's convenient for sure, and BRU/AMS do tend to offer better prices than PAR airports in general.

    The combination of the new IST airport, the fantastic lounge, and the superior J product on the TK 789 vs their A330/777 makes for an exceedingly good experience for a 3h flight.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 600707 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 164 Comments

      Yes it does ! It s just disappointing that Thalys has stopped direct service from Lille to Ams serving Schipol; have to change in BRU midi station which I find is a mess but worth it if you consider value for price from Ams. Next time I ll fly back from Ist to Paris paying with my miles because TK had an offer with 50% miles only on this route, an opportunity to try their A350 on this european route.

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