Review of SWISS flight Dubai Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX243
Class Business
Seat 06A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 31 Jan 22, 02:10
Arrival at 31 Jan 22, 06:10
LX   #22 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 902 reviews
By GOLD 1091
Published on 3rd July 2022


Back in late 2021, my friend and fellow Flight-Report contributor, MichelG told me he found a great deal to go to Dubai for 990€ in Business ex - CDG. I couldn't resist and decided to join him on this trip.
I added connecting flights to CDG from BSL and as the return was to ZRH, will simply drop the last leg and get back home by train (1H30 from ZRH)

This was then the final routing :

the michelg failure, dubai terminal 3

Again, we booked a taxi for 100AED, leaving 11PM for our flight at 02AM. Michel tells the driver to drop us off at T3. After 40 minutes we arrived there:

photo img_2145_resultatphoto img_2147_resultat


photo img_2151_resultat

OK Michel, have a quick look at the FIDS, do you see LX flights? Or do you see the same as me, only EK?

I asked an employee that smiles and tells us that our flight is leaving from Terminal 1 but at that time the only way to go is the taxi. Since taxies at the airport have a surcharge of AED25, that will be an expensive ride, thanks Michel :)

We had luck since another passenger was dropped of at the wrong terminal and we decided to share a ride for AED40 (around 10€).

terminal 1 at least

Here we are :)

photo img_2152_resultatphoto img_2154_resultat

Yes, confirmed :)

photo img_2155_resultat

With a SEN card you are allowed to check in at First class counters, so did we :)

photo img_2157_resultat

We then went to the manual police control to get an exit stamp :)

photo img_2162_resultat

Train to the terminal:

photo img_2167_resultat

The lounges are all upstairs:

photo img_2173_resultat

Marhaba wasn't an option for us, although you can access it with Priority Pass but it has been reported a lot here.

photo img_2175_resultat

Gulf Air Lounge, no access here but anyway, was closed :)

photo img_2176_resultat

We should have been going to the LH lounge:

photo img_2178_resultat

business / senator lounge lufthansa

And we gave it a try, but it was so crowded!

photo img_2180_resultat

Plus it is small, hot and the food offer was absolutely not to our taste ;(

photo img_2181_resultatphoto img_2182_resultatphoto img_2183_resultat

Thank you but no thank you :)

photo img_2184_resultat

After 2 or 3 minutes we left :)

photo img_2185_resultat

ahlan lounge

Priority Pass holders are welcomed, then let's try it. We were warmly welcomed. The lounge is huge and almost empty, great!

photo img_2187_resultat

A wonderful bar:

photo img_2188_resultat

The Korean beef was to die for:

photo img_2191_resultat

Spiced rice:

photo img_2193_resultat

More traditionnal dishes:

photo img_2192_resultatphoto img_2194_resultat

Pumpkin soup:

photo img_2195_resultat

And delicious sweets :)

photo img_2196_resultatphoto img_2197_resultat

Indian and local dishes:

photo img_2198_resultatphoto img_2203_resultatphoto img_2199_resultat

Breads and sandwiches:

photo img_2201_resultatphoto img_2202_resultat

Slush machine:

photo img_2207_resultat

Salads and dates:

photo img_2219_resultatphoto img_2221_resultat

First selection:

photo img_2222_resultat

Second selection:

photo img_2223_resultat

I loved everything and really liked this lounge. Shortly before boarding I left to the gate while my friend Michel promised to wait for the "very very very last call" and eat more food :)

We could also have paid a visit via PP to the SkyTeam lounge but the detour via T3 cut that short :)

photo img_2225_resultat

This one also accepts PP, but we should have been at the airport 5H before to try them all :)

photo img_2226_resultat

the flight

I arrived as boarding just started:

photo img_2230_resultatphoto img_2232_resultat

The steward that was in charge of welcoming the guest was awesome and greeted everyone with a big "masked" smile. My throne seat:

photo img_2234_resultat

The cabin:

photo img_2235_resultat

The throne is really a great seat, free of charge for SEN and HON, available against a fee for others.

photo img_2238_resultatphoto img_2243_resultat

The tray table is huge:

photo img_2241_resultat

The only downside is the IFE that is really but really small :(

photo img_2242_resultatphoto img_2248_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_2244_resultatphoto img_2245_resultat

The pillow was really too small, I had to ask for another, but this wasn't a problem, was brought within a minute.

photo img_2246_resultatphoto img_2247_resultat

The welcome drink was either Champagne, Water or a drink with Elderberry. I took that one and loved it.

photo img_2249_resultat

FWD view:

photo img_2250_resultat

The purser desk:

photo img_2251_resultat

The lavs are huge:

photo img_2259_resultatphoto img_2260_resultat

Ok we can close the door, Michel arrived 12 minutes before departure :)

photo img_2262_resultat

The menu which was Bistro style. Perfectly adapted to the time.

photo img_2270_resultatphoto img_2269_resultat

And "à la carte" breakfast:

photo img_2261_resultatphoto img_2266_resultat-26413

The kits were in a box that I loved:

photo img_2271_resultatphoto img_2272_resultat

 777-300 KL:

photo img_2236_resultat

And changed for a 330KL that arrived shortly after the 773 left:

photo img_2274_resultat

Push back and take off on time:

photo img_2275_resultatphoto img_2276_resultatphoto img_2278_resultat

The WiFi was available but the prices ways to high. Michel decided to skip the service and I just had a salad that was served with hot bread and perfectly adequate:

photo img_2284_resultat

The IFE was really a pain: for a Swiss airline, with 4 national language including German, French and Italian, not a single movie in French!

photo img_2285_resultat

I took a decaf together with a "Biberli" a sweet delicacy to conclude the snack service:

photo img_2286_resultat

Eating just took a bit less than 30 minutes, time to sleep :)

photo img_2289_resultat

This was clearly the best business seat I experienced, I had a solid 4H sleep.

Unfortunately the breakfast service started 2H prior to arrival and since I am a light sleeper I was awaken when they started. I was still full from our lounge dinner, and skiped the hot option :)

photo img_2291_resultat

And was also really good and adequate. The remaining flight time was still 1H45 so I tried to rest a bit more.

photo img_2292_resultat

We docked at terminal E:

photo img_2293_resultat

And train to the main terminal:

photo img_2296_resultatphoto img_2297_resultat

Michel went to his connection flight while I skipped it to take my train back home.

photo img_2299_resultat

It took only a few minutes to clear immigration and made my way to the train station:

photo img_2300_resultatphoto img_2305_resultat

You can even check in for your flights next to the train station:

photo img_2307_resultat

train back home:

The train FIDS:

photo img_2309_resultat

The Swiss train system is perfect. Trains are always on time, and are quite cheap. The seats were available for 20CHF in coach and only 25CHF in First Class. The train was almost empty:

photo img_2312_resultat

Arrived at Basel, I took a regional train back to Saint Louis, the closest station to my home:

photo img_2315_resultat

Here's Basel SBB station:

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Cabin crew9.0

Ahlan Lounge - 1


Dubai - DXB


Zurich - ZRH



All in all this was one of the best flight I had. The crew was top and the food perfectly adequate.

The only downside was the IFE that is old and had no French movies.

DXB was super efficient, the only problem is that you can't transfert from one terminal to the other past a certain hour in the evening.

I was amazed by the lounge and the food, a great surprise!

ZRH is a wonderful airport, Swiss efficiency :)

A big, big thank you for reading this whole series, I usually never publish all in once, but thought it would make sence to be able to read the whole thing together :)

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