Review of Cathay Pacific flight Sydney Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX162
Class Economy
Seat 57K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 09:25
Take-off 28 Nov 18, 10:55
Arrival at 28 Nov 18, 17:20
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 523 reviews
By SILVER 2346
Published on 23rd April 2022

Trip Report Cathay Pacific B-KQT CX162 Sydney to Hong Kong

Flight details:
Airlines: Cathay Pacific Airways
Flight: CX162 SYD-HKG
Reg: B-KQT
Aircraft: Boeing 777-367ER
Departure Sydney Terminal 1 : 10:55 AM AEDST
Arrival Hong Kong Terminal 1 : 5.20PM HKT
Flight time: 9 hours 25 minutes

Video: Cathay Pacific B-KQT CX162 Sydney to Hong Kong


This is trip report is from Nov 2018. I was travelling to Mumbai via Hong Kong. I found a reasonable priced ticket during peak season and hence selected Cathay Pacific


A friend dropped me at the airport in very bad weather.  Reached airport on time for check-in. I had checked on time. Check-in counter was Aisle B.

photo img_13

I had selected seat while booking flight and completed the online check-n.

photo img_88

ImMigration AND Security

Airport was at peak departure, queue formed at immigration to use Smartgate.  Cleared without issue. Security queue was formed too but moved faster. Got full body scan and then allowed to continue.

Duty Free Area

Walked in the duty free area and did some shopping.

photo img_2

After shopping was done.

photo img_17

Went to food court to have something before boarding.

photo img_3

Gate was close to the food court.

photo img_4

Waiting Area

Passengers had gathered for flight close to waiting area.

photo img_5

Japan Airlines was boarding from gate 26.

photo img_6

Window view - very heavy rain outside

photo img_7


View from close to gate

photo img_86photo img_14photo img_15

Saw Cathay Pacific B-KQT arrive from Hong Kong

photo img_87

Rain slowed after some time.

photo img_16


Boarding was delayed due to late arrival of aircraft.

photo img_8

Long queue formed as it was a full flight.

photo img_18

Passport and boarding pass was checked.

photo img_19

Cathay Pacific B-KQT  while boarding

photo img_20

Front view of aircraft

photo img_21

Crew was at door greeting and directing passengers.

photo img_22

Newspaper rack was places near the door for those wishing to read news.

photo img_23-95683


Passed the business class and premium economy after boarding.

photo img_24

Blue seats in economy.

photo img_9

Reached seat and organised self for departure. Blanket was placed on seat along with pillow.

photo img_10

Window view

photo img_11

Cathay Pacific Boeing  777-300ER

photo img_12

Pushback and Taxi

Pushback commenced  shortly after passengers had boarded.  Doors were locked. Crew distributed menu and headphones.

photo img_25

Taxing towards the West.

photo img_26

View of the International Terminal

photo img_27

United Airlines Boeing 787-9

photo img_28

Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER

photo img_29

Air New Zealand in All black livery as a United Airlines Boeing 787-9 waits for Cathay Pacific to pass.

photo img_30

Aircraft would be departing from runway 07 towards East. Interestingly this is my second departure from runway 07, previously it was on Qantas Boeing 747 also to Hong Kong in 2005  Runway 07 is rarely used for departure as aircraft flies over East Sydney. Watch the trip video to enjoy departure in bad weather.

photo img_31

View from break in cloud. Those seated on the port side would had good view of Sydney city if not cloud covered.

photo img_32

Flight Information

Interactive personal screen.

photo img_33

Flight information with latest arrival time.

photo img_34

Distance information

photo img_35

Turning west and then north towards Hong Kong.

photo img_36

Time difference between Sydney and Hong Kong.

photo img_37

There was turbulence after takeoff upon reaching cruising altitude it was smooth.

photo img_38

Economy class menu

photo img_39

In chinese

photo img_40-10112

Seat Pocket Material

Seat pocket contained the inflight, duty free shop magazine and safety card. Headphone was provided by crew.

photo img_41

Discovery - Cathay Pacific inflight magazine

photo img_42

Shop -duty free magazine

photo img_43

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER safety card

photo img_45

Full view

photo img_44photo img_46

Drinsk Service

Drinks service started somewhere over Northern NSW, probably an hour after departure. I chose beer for drinks.

photo img_47

Flight map

photo img_48

Flight information

photo img_49

Lunch Service

Lunch service was started after drinks.

photo img_50

Option was pork or fish. I chose fish. Fish meal was pan fried fish, green beans, parsley potato and chive sauce

photo img_51

Flight map

photo img_52

I had beer along with red wine to sleep. Ice cream was served to everyone except those with special meal.

photo img_53

Food was good as seen below. Tray was cleared after the lunch.

photo img_54

Flying over Queensland

photo img_55

Cabin view

Windows shades pulled down for resting.

photo img_56

Tea and coffee was available. I was having beer, none for me.

photo img_57

Cloud bulid over north Queensland

photo img_58

Windows down message.

photo img_81

Got up to use toilet. which was clean. View of economy cabin. 3-3-3.

photo img_59

Water and orange juice was served at regular intervals.

photo img_60

Flight Information

Flying close to Philippines

photo img_61

Heading towards Hong Kong

photo img_62

Over the South China Sea.

photo img_63

Distance information

photo img_64

in kms

photo img_65

Refreshment Service

Refreshment service commenced 1 hour and 30 minutes before landing. Refreshment option was stir fried noodles and minced beef or Tuckey panini. I chose the turkey Panini. Got banana cake and had beer.

photo img_66

Captain came on mic and announced descend would commence in 3o minutes.  Personal screen displaying arrival information.

photo img_67

Crew cleared the tray.

photo img_68

Connecting flight information but gate information was not available.

photo img_70

Approaching HOng Kong

Cloudy on descend

photo img_72

Islands in South China sea closer to Hong Kong.

photo img_74

Window view of island below.

photo img_75

Few turns to line with runway.

photo img_76

Switched to front camera to view approach

photo img_77

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge connecting the territories with main land.

photo img_78


Landed smoothly and then a short taxi to gate. Watch video to enjoy the trip.

photo img_79

Arrived at gate

photo img_80


I had plenty of time after landing. I waited for the rush to subside to de board.

photo img_82

Cabin view while disembarking.

photo img_83

Walking towards the security check area.

photo img_84

Long walk to security check.

photo img_85

As I was transiting, completed security check and found a spot to charge phone.

photo img_69

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Sydney - SYD


Hong Kong - HKG



Cathay Pacific service on board was good. Flight departed late due to weather. It did not affect me as I had plenty of time before next flight. Aircraft had wi-ifi available which i didn't use. Plenty of options to watch on personal entertainment . Overall a satisfactory flight.

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