Review of Jetstar Airways flight Gold Coast Melbourne in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ447
Class Economy
Seat 31A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 03 Dec 13, 17:15
Arrival at 03 Dec 13, 20:30
JQ 44 reviews
By 3998
Published on 6th December 2013
I was requested by KevinDC to separate this part of my previous report in order to make it easier for people to search for and locate an economy class review on Jetstar's new 787, so it's just a copy and paste of the second part from my earlier report in Business Class.

Here are some additional photos from my return leg OOL-MEL which I flew in Economy. The seats were comfortable for the short flight, and would probably be just nice for flights to Singapore and Bali, though Honolulu and Osaka would probably be pushing it in terms of passenger comfort. Legroom was sufficient, and recline was adequate. Seat width was not an issue either.

Legroom was sufficient for the flight - I'm 1.76m (5 ft 10 inches)
photo 993734_10151728457551315_1883634245_n

Panasonic eX2 Eco 9i Integrated Smart Monitor - very responsive to the touch, quite like an iPad in terms of responsiveness
photo 999789_10151728457496315_1125597210_n

Orange mood lighting during boarding
photo 1466050_10151728457691315_1862271692_n

Would have preferred a folding tray table, but it would probably fit a 14 inch laptop
photo 1451458_10151728458611315_256967364_n

Airshow channel was available, other IFE options were chargeable
photo 1452480_10151728458751315_935010707_n
photo 936014_10151728461026315_1264809926_n
photo 1461895_10151728461246315_723234524_n
photo 971466_10151728461341315_1360029571_n
photo 1379904_10151728462541315_860998386_n
photo 1457762_10151728463661315_1740235274_n
photo 993736_10151728464836315_1270949378_n
photo 1460141_10151728466576315_1244188207_n

Attendant Call and Reading Light controls embedded within the IFE - would hate to see what would happen if the IFE system fails
photo 1470133_10151728467461315_117823590_n
photo 1470209_10151728468061315_2059408461_n

Pale yellow mood lighting
photo 1461237_10151728468351315_1035492414_n
photo 1472985_10151728469356315_577279110_n
photo 994978_10151728481626315_2122257531_n

The aircraft, Jetstar’s sole example to date, was already displaying signs of use, with the No Smoking sticker in front of my seat ripped off, as well as missing seat number placards on the overhead bins over Row 29.
photo 1450257_10151728459426315_402827096_n
photo 1450307_10151728467581315_304808731_n

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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Gold Coast - OOL


Melbourne - MEL



As I said in my previous report, the 787 is an absolutely wonderful aircraft to fly as a passenger, regardless of its issues. The cabin interior is far beyond anything Airbus has developed, the cabin pressure and humidity are much improved from the 777, and particularly the cabin noise is much less than any other aircraft except probably the A380. The mood lighting is very pleasant, and adds an additional element to the already beautiful cabin. Whilst the Jetstar configuration is extremely dense, the aircraft still felt very spacious. My only complaint was that the ceiling was very low at the window seat, with the PSU forcing me to bend down every time I stood to leave the seat.



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