Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG922
Class Economy
Seat 46K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 11:35
Take-off 01 Jul 14, 12:25
Arrival at 01 Jul 14, 19:00
TG   #27 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 380 reviews
By 7002
Published on 20th July 2014
This series consists of 4 flight reports.
1. TG402: SIN-BKK
2. TG922: BKK-FRA
3. TG921: FRA-BKK
4. TG403: BKK-SIN

The arrival area at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport
photo 10354166_10152141573561315_6406508502968500740_n

Having arrived from Singapore, we quickly made our way through transfer security, which was surprisingly painless given the time of day. We logged onto the free wifi (which was irritatingly hard to connect to) and bummed around in several seating areas on the upper floor of the departure area where there were shops and cafes, which was clean enough compared to the pit that is the level below where the gates are. We had a quick meal in a café serving thai food which was the least extortionate of the bunch, and bought some bottled water to bring on the flight with us.

By then, we had mostly exhausted our 2 hour free wifi allowance, and decided to head to Gate E7 where our aircraft awaited. We knew from various forums that Thai Airways had been experiencing extremely low load factors on many routes in the aftermath of the unrest that had rocked Thailand earlier this year, and had hoped that our flight was going to have a light load. The sight that greeted us at the gate was certainly a positive one, as the gate area was practically empty 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Boarding was carried out at a leisurely pace, as us passengers took our own sweet time to board the plane.

Our A340 to Frankfurt
photo 10449456_10152141573576315_8963235569682216511_n

We were again warmly welcomed onboard with the traditional sawadee by the female cabin crew members manning Door 2L dressed in the traditional thai uniform. The aircraft that operated the flight was HS-TNC, a 9 year old A340-600 named Chon Buri. We had specifically chosen to take this flight over the other TG flight to FRA operated by the A380 as I had not flown on an A340 since June 2001 (on a SQ A343 to Beijing), and had never flown on a -600 series before.

It was a long walk to our seats in the rear economy cabin, which was expected considering that prior to the introduction of the Boeing 747-8i, the A340-600 was the longest passenger aircraft in the world. As with most A330s and A340s, the seats were arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration, with our seats having a very generous 34 inch pitch. Take note, the seats on the left side of the cabin had only 32 inch pitch due to the layout. The aircraft was fitted with a Panasonic S3000i AVOD IFE system with touchscreens, which were not very sensitive, and I once again resorted to using the controller as it got the job done a lot faster.

My friends and I kept a close watch on the aisle to see whether there were any more passengers boarding the aircraft. I switched my IFE screen to the nose camera whilst setting the airshow channel on the screen of the seat next to mine. Soon, the purser announced over the PA that doors were closed, and my friends changed their seats so quickly you would’ve missed it if you blinked. We now had the 16 seats in rows 46 and 47 between the 3 of us. I remained in 46K, one friend shifted to 46G across the aisle, and the other to 47G, preparing to enjoy the lie flat comfort only offered in First, Business, and in this case, the middle 4 seats in Economy with their armrests up. The rear cabin had an extremely light load, probably no more than 15 people, whilst the forward economy cabin had a slightly higher load.

The view from seat 46K on the ground in Bangkok
photo 10492415_10152141573571315_8303503741624955483_n

Contents of the seat pocket
photo 10517588_10152141573651315_3103028200400262175_n

Leg room
photo 10487502_10152141573686315_2366319901705689355_n

The view across row 46
photo 10527823_10152141573706315_2924777979866787224_n

Pushback was carried out on schedule due to the early completion of boarding and the aircraft taxied out to runway 19L for departure, passing numerous Thai Airways aircraft at their gates. Thai Airways has to have one of the most diverse aircraft fleets of any major flag carrier out there, operating the Airbus A300, A320 (Thai Smile), A330 (with both RR and PW engines), A340 and A380, along with Boeing 737s, 747s, 777s (every variant except the 777F, which they did operate via lease from Southern Air a few years ago) and soon the 787. The safety video played on the screens as the cabin crew secured the cabin for takeoff. The taxi route was short and there was no queue of aircraft so we turned straight onto the runway and the A340 lumbered into the air.

Pushing back from Gate E7
photo 10491987_10152141573746315_1182259104907585848_n

HS-TGX at Gate E9, preparing for departure to Munich as TG924
photo 10525813_10152141573776315_5130022425164811102_n

Turning onto runway 19L
photo 10570415_10152141573791315_6465231560355380336_n

And takeoff! 11 hours to Frankfurt!
photo 10400024_10152141573821315_1161323972459740651_n

Climbing turn towards the Northwest over the Chao Phraya River
photo 10500539_10152141573861315_2219217178831390659_n

If you’re familiar with the long running joke that the only reason the A340 gets off the ground is because of the curvature of the earth, I’d have to say that there is some truth to that joke. This was the most gentle ascent I’ve ever had in a large commercial aircraft. Even with this flight being on the -600 model, which are powered by RR T500s as opposed to the CFM56-5C4 hairdryers on the -300s, the aircraft still felt very underpowered from a passenger perspective.

Once the seatbelt sign was turned off, the cabin crew quickly went down the aisle closing every window, which made the cabin very dark even though it was broad daylight outside, following which a drinks service was quickly conducted, with salted peanuts given out. This was shortly followed by a lunch service, which on this sector consisted of a ham salad, bread roll with butter, thai chicken curry with rice and vegetables with a chocolate cake for dessert.

I queried the flight attendant serving lunch as to the load on the flight. She very sheepishly replied that there were only 51 passengers in Economy out of 199 seats. To put the load in context, the entire economy class load of 51 could have comfortably fit into the Business class cabin on the same aircraft, which has 60 seats. First and Business class had similar load factors, so there were probably less than 80 passengers on the plane, which had 267 seats.

Darkened economy cabin
photo 10489722_10152141573886315_4676486545699307352_n

Wing view over Myanmar at FL360
photo 10552527_10152141573931315_3143178593386288984_n

Lunch is served!
photo 10537117_10152141573971315_8339543555761600817_n

The meal portion was sufficient and the curry chicken and rice quite tasty for an airplane meal.

I don’t typically sleep well in economy class, even with the luxury of choosing any combination of seats in the cabin. I watched some episodes of Silicon Valley on the IFE, as well as the Need for Speed movie as the flight progressed over India and Pakistan. We were offered a small sandwich as a mid-flight snack about 5 hours into the flight.

Mid-flight sandwich
photo 10552640_10152141573991315_2637529961112603990_n

Flying over Central Asia
photo 10565162_10152141574011315_2373654543501057079_n

My friends and I passed the time by playing multiplayer Battleship and Poker on the IFE, which worked very well, even on the older IFE system. The crew were very proactive, regularly making drink runs through the cabin. There was always at least one cabin crew member in the mid-cabin galley who would always oblige any request for drinks and snacks. The cabin crew members alternated their duties, with some entering the lower deck crew rest to get some sleep. All of them were very friendly and chatty, and made the flight pass quite quickly.

We were served dinner about 2 hours prior to landing in Frankfurt. The dinner consisted of a plate of fruit, a bread roll, prawn Pad Thai (which was excellent) and a cake for dessert.

photo 10550907_10152141574066315_6316851027152787549_n

About 45 minutes out of Frankfurt, the captain announced that descent would commence shortly, and the cabin crew started to prepare the cabin for arrival. There was no air traffic congestion and we proceeded directly into Frankfurt Airport, landing about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Descending over Germany
photo 10408035_10152141574111315_8026840453198185682_n

On final approach into Frankfurt
photo 10346383_10152141574126315_8908822190411283807_n

It was a long taxi from runway 25L to the gate, but once the aerobridges were connected, all the passengers were able to disembark quickly due to the light load. Passport control was empty and we passed through quickly. By the time we got to the luggage belt, we did not have to wait long for our bags, and aside from a short queue at customs due to the passengers from an Air China flight who did not understand the instructions of the customs staff, it was relatively smooth sailing after disembarkation. We had a train to Stuttgart to catch in 2 hours, but first off, to find some food, drink and a TV screen showing the World Cup match between Argentina and Switzerland.

Chon Buri resting at the gate after the 11 hour flight
photo 1017525_10152141574181315_2578805973312994462_n

If you read the first report of this series, you would know that my first choice for this trip would’ve been Air India, in Business on the 787.
VT-AND at the gate preparing for departure back to New Delhi
photo 10380895_10152141574231315_7549857993641055568_n

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Frankfurt - FRA



Once again, the flight was what you would expect from Thai Airways. Friendly and efficient crew, comfortable seats with 34 inch pitch, made even better by the light load. Decent IFE and excellent food onboard.

Happy and safe flying!


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  • Comment 113335 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    You are lucky to fly on an empty flight. That is one rare luxury these days.

    Another solid catering in Y with TG. Pitch is pretty generous.

    Thanks for sharing this FR.

  • Comment 113412 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6037 Comments

    Another very nice Report! I really like TG and remember the pitch being pretty generous when I flew them last. The cabin is very pretty with all the colors. Very nice pictures throughout the report! Thanks for sharing,

  • Comment 113540 by
    Chibcha SILVER 501 Comments

    Lucky you, unlucky Thai I guess...

    The catering looked great, I wonder if there are alternatives ( I wouldn't have liked the breakfast you had on the SIN-BKK run).

    I beg to differ regarding the A346 takeoff performance, at least here at 2600m over sea level it doesn't feel with less power than a 332....maybe the pilot knew he didn't need the extra power?

    Thanks for the great read, hope to read about the return soon!

    • Comment 297846 by
      lammified AUTHOR 14 Comments

      There were 2 choices for each meal, but Thai don't provide menus and I can't remember what the other options were...

      The takeoff was actually quite powerful, it was the climb rate that was extremely gentle. Will probably write up the return legs over the weekend. Work is absolutely killing me right now - taking delivery of our first 787 in 4 months time.

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