Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Mumbai in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ424
Class Economy
Seat 73A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 05:40
Take-off 21 May 22, 19:00
Arrival at 21 May 22, 22:10
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By SILVER 1485
Published on 14th July 2022

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ424 Singapore to Mumbai

Flight details:
Airlines: : Singapore Airlines [SQ]
Flight: SQ424 SIN-BOM
Reg: 9V-SKT
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Departure Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3- Gate B2 : 19:00
Arrival Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl Terminal 2: 22:10
Total time: 5 hours 40 mins

VIDEO: Singapore Airlines SQ424 Singapore to Mumbai


This trip report is from May 2022. I had 4 hours transit in Singapore after arriving from Sydney. Read here -> Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ212 Sydney to Singapore

Booking Information

Flight details

photo img_58

Flight seat selected, ,meal and bag allowance.

photo img_57

I had selected seat for this flight at time of booking.

photo img_59


I sat for most of the flight from Sydney. So, I decided to stretch my legs and walked.

Video: Singapore Changi Airport Transit Experience

 After walking for almost an hour, I had food again. Kaya toast with kopi.

photo img_2


After food, continued exploring Terminal 1 and then some planespotting. Afternoon thunderstorms swept over the airport and visibility was reduced.

photo img_3

Thunderstorm passed and sky was clear. Air India Express to Madurai, India delayed due to weather.

photo img_4

Video: Delayed Air India Express to Madurai due to thunderstorm

Terminal Arrives area

photo img_5

Terminal 1 arrivals immigration was not busy.

photo img_1

Towards Terminal 3 and Security

Times passed and departure time was close. I headed back to Terminal 3. Boarding gate for this flight was B2. I cleared security without issues.

photo img_6

I thought of charging my phone but then decided to wait till airborne.

photo img_51

Found a spot to organise self away from the crowd.

photo img_7

Flight information displayed on screen.

photo img_8

As passenger number started to build, moved to another corner.

photo img_9

Still had plenty of time for boarding. I had Wifi access in departure area. But the network didn't work well near boarding gate.

photo img_10

Took at photo of my passport, boarding card and visa before boarding was called as I would have to fill the Indian immigration form.

photo img_11

B3 for Singapore Airlines flight to Kochi.

photo img_12


Boarding call was made to Krisflyer Gold and other members followed by others. Crowd gathered around boarding area.

photo img_13

I waited for seat row to be called before joining the queue.

photo img_14

I joined to queue, had passport checked and boarding card scanned.

photo img_52

Walking towards aircraft.

photo img_15

Singapore Airlines 9V-SKT operating flight SQ424 to Mumbai.

photo img_16

Aerobridge to board. Earphones were available for Economy passengers at entrance.

photo img_17

Seat View

On reaching the seat, noticed all the overhead lockers were full. Found space in front row and placed handbag.

photo img_21

While waiting for pushback, plugged phone to charge.

photo img_18

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced on time.

photo img_19

Window view while aircraft pushback. Safety demonstration was displayed on personal screen.

photo img_20

Aircraft location

photo img_22

Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-8Max arrives.

photo img_23

Pushback completed, a long taxi followed.

photo img_24

Local time information

photo img_25

While aircraft taxied.

photo img_26

Simulated route information

photo img_27

Local time, distance at destination - Mumbai.

photo img_28

After a long taxi, departed Singapore, it was dark outside at takeoff time. Check trip video to experience flight.

photo img_29

CAbin Service

Cabin service started 2 hours are departure. No water or drinks provided during the time.

Singapore - Mumbai digital menu. I had downloaded pdf file at time of booking.

photo img_53


photo img_55

Dinner options

photo img_54

Onboard amenities

photo img_56


Everything as going clinical as expected on Singapore Airlines. I chose the Indian non-veg option. Crew asked me what I would like, I asked to Singapore Sling. Crew informed that she would give me few minutes. which was ok. My neighbour asked for white wine, which was provided.

photo img_30

Indian non-veg - Chicken tikka masala. No water was provided with the meal. To compare the meal offering to see the difference between 2007 and 2022 for same flight, check here -> Trip Report : Singapore - Mumbai on Singapore Airlines.

photo img_31

I finished the food, while still waiting for the drink. While the crew served second round of wine to my neighbour. I was getting agitated but decided to wait and see how long it was going to take.

photo img_32

Crew remembered me after clearing the trays and I got the drink after 20 minutes. I was just few seconds away from asking for customer feedback form.

photo img_33

All I can say is the service was disorganised. I don't fuss but this was cost cutting at ridiculous scale. Can see the time on the clock.

photo img_34

Cabin light darkened after meal.

photo img_35

Pilots view

photo img_36

Flying over the Indian coast over state of Tamil Naidu and heading West.

photo img_37

Experimenting with camera setting.

photo img_38

Time passed

photo img_39

Curtians closed between cabins. No water or drinks round.

photo img_40

Flight route

photo img_41

Over flying state of Maharashtra.

photo img_42

Arriving in Mumbai

Pilot announced descend would commence in 15 minutes. Cabin light was switched on. Crew prepared cabin for arrival.

photo img_43

Landing was on runway 27 and taxi to International Terminal 2.

photo img_44

View of terminal through fogged window as it was very humid outside being summer.

photo img_45

Passengers stood up to gather bags on reaching gate.

photo img_46

Window view from parked aircraft.

photo img_47


I disembarked as the rows in front cleared.

photo img_48

SQ Airbus A380-800 Economy cabin view 3-4-3

photo img_49

Immigration and Custom

I walked off the aircraft and then through long corridor to arrive at the health check counter. Showed the filled Air Suvidha form and vaccination certificate.

Next Immigration, didn't have to wait long as there was hardly anyone. I got some alcohol from duty free shop for gifting.

Reached baggage to collect bag which took some time, maybe 20 mins.

Bag was x-rayed at Custom. As I was not carrying any customable items, passed through Green channel without issue.

photo img_50-31931

Exiting Airport

Exited airport within an hour of arrival.  Got picked by family and was the way home. Being late night, traffic on road was light.

Hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip


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Cabin crew4.0

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This Singapore Airlines flight was not of usual standard associated with the brand. I felt the crew was disorganised. Meal service was cut due to cost -cutting. But water should be supplied with all meals. This experience was the first time, I felt Srilankan Airlines was better as I travelled earlier this year.
Singapore Changi Airport was still recovering from closure, shops were closed. Terminal 2 was renovating. Still a pleasant transit airport.

Mumbai Airport was not busy, I was able to exit in an hour landing.

My first downvote for SQ, not a satisfactory flight.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Mumbai (BOM)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 5 heures et 19 minutes.

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  • Comment 607584 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Hi Koresh, thanks for a great report as always--very beautifully photographed!

    It's so nice to see reports from SIN again, and especially on the A380 after 2 years of being so rare! It is such a shame; however, to see yet another review of SQ's disappointing service performance. It seems they are really struggling to provide the same standard of service for which they have been so reputed for years in this pandemic/post-pandemic era. I really hope they figure it out soon or their reputation as Asia's leading premium carrier will suffer! When SriLankan is performing better service than Singapore, there's some work to do on the SQ side! Good for UL though!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 607684 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      I was disappointed with the SQ service. I looked at the customer feedback form while onboard but that feature was not available. I have read the report of another SQ flight and noticed similarity in service.
      I hope they return to their pre-covid level soon.
      Thanks for your comment.

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