Review of Japan Airlines flight Tokyo Los Angeles in Business

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL 62
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 09:55
Take-off 21 Nov 13, 17:05
Arrival at 22 Nov 13, 10:00
JL   #5 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 152 reviews
By 12093
Published on 29th December 2013
As simple as the Narita Rest House Hotel was, the sleep we had was sooo nice ! After waking up we had a nice shower and got ready to get to the airport. We went downstairs, checked out and jumped on the bus.
photo P1080256_zps3c9e76db

After reaching the terminal building, we took the many escalators up and went to check-in to see if we could change seats and get further up the front, to no avail and we would keep our seats 12H and 12K.
photo P1080257_zps6e74fc42

We then went to through security followed by immigration formalities. It all went smoothly and quickly. Just after passing immigration we went directly to the lounge which was opposite the police counters. It is rather convenient to have the Sakura lounge right there !
photo P1080275_zps9a36ce74

We were greeted by the japanese lounge attendants and were directed to the right downstairs where the main part of the lounge was located.
photo P1080258_zpsf62cb465
photo P1080259_zpsa0e458a2

The lounge is of a good size, with loads of seating area and huge windows !
photo P1080260_zpsc0a2e515

Huge windows overlooking JA732J in the oneworld livery which is going to operate flight… JL 62 to LAX ! YAY !!!
photo P1080261_zps20fc6a02

After settling down in two lovely and comfortable armchairs, I go to the restaurant area of the lounge, upstairs. There is a salad bar and an area where you can dish yourself some hot food or soup. Here are the different dishes available.
photo P1080262_zpse2899bdaphoto P1080263_zps7195f8aa
photo P1080264_zps41c50f6bphoto P1080265_zpsa5481d60

Not a lot and not really worthy of a Business Class lounge.

I didn't get anything as I was saving for the meal on board. I walked back downstairs and went to visit the bar and drinks area.
photo P1080266_zpse192ea33
photo P1080268_zps63af3767photo P1080269_zps400e13d4
photo P1080270_zps17e75ef6photo P1080271_zpsf3918e38

Here is the rather quiet selection I made ! The cookies were excellent, very buttery !
photo 27a14f9e-464e-43ec-a2f9-176cd7e9957c_zps10e384f8

In the mean time another Boeing 777-300ER parks in front of the lounge and our oneworld liveried chariot disappears.
photo P1080273_zps06cebfbb

As I was chatting with my sister on Facebook thanks to the free wifi in the lounge, she asked that I go and check if they had dried strawberries covered with white chocolate. So off we went to see if I could find her beloved delicacies.
photo P1080276_zps6a534871

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that even looked remotely like a strawberry, but that is normal as it is a seasonal thing and strawberries are most definitely not in season !

Anyway, I'll just snap a couple more pictures of our 777 and go queue to board the plane.
photo P1080277_zpsee34bf19
photo P1080278_zps6f0c5d76
photo P1080279_zps93d5e16c
photo P1080280_zpsa6a817c8
photo P1080281_zps554441cd
photo P1080282_zpsdf0e9da1

A few minutes after boarding time, and profuse apologies, the ground agents launch the boarding and they start by boarding passengers needing wheelchair assistance and then First Class customers and Business Class !

In the jetway leading to the airplane there are signs indicating which way you have to go to board the aircraft and a picture of the Aircraft maintenance manager for our flight !
photo P1080283_zps98e0135c
photo P1080284_zps842c78fb
photo P1080285_zpsf357cb5c

We are greeted by 2 very kind JAL cabin attendants who show us the way towards our seats which are at the end of the Business Class cabin.
photo P1080286_zps9fae70bc
photo P1080384_zps9eab3c96
photo P1080385_zps1b1c6aac

My seat, 12K, for the next 10 hours to LAX.
photo P1080287_zps22099cc4

The huge screen. Shame they are all Off and not showing at least the Tsuru when we board the aircraft.
photo P1080290_zps903d7277
photo P1080294_zps580189ae

My screen and by partner's screen in 12H.
photo P1080295_zpsff555819

The seat's controls.
photo P1080293_zps041bf1ed

Quick check of our position on the airshow
photo P1080296_zps0a5d3c76

Already ?! But we haven't even started !!!
photo P1080297_zps4b0c5def

Boarding is completed and the Chief Purser arms the doors, introduce herself and the crew operating the flight today. She then launches the safety video demonstrations.
photo P1080299_zps6efb8972
photo P1080301_zpsb02c9958
photo P1080302_zps9867f128
photo P1080306_zps38a8b222
photo P1080309_zps2b6a0ca0
photo P1080311_zps1b1362d6
photo P1080313_zpsa29dcc22

JAL and oneworld, proudly flying us to California.
photo P1080315_zpsc36a966b

Night has set on Japan and we are preparing for take off.
photo P1080317_zpsac23af5e

View across from my seat to the window of 12A
photo P1080319_zps0d564595

After take off as soon as we are freed, I go check the restrooms. Toto is there !
photo P1080320_zpsf7220d66
photo P1080321_zpsce74800b

Shortly after I get back to my seat the crew is offering oshibori.
photo P1080323_zps6821da92

The service starts with the crew offering drinks and amuse-bouche. I request what I call a Japanese Kir with Champagne and Umeshu. The stewardess serving me is surprised by the cocktail and tells all her colleagues about it… If you see it appear on the JAL menus, you know who started it !
The drinks are served with two small dishes, one containing some Marinated duck Saikyo Miso Flavor and another one containing Pickled mushrooms.
photo P1080325_zpsb2eb0615
photo P1080327_zps2119218f
photo P1080328_zps0f3407a1

On the ground the cabin crew took the orders and I had selected the Japanese meal and my partner chose the western meal.

Here are the nine seasonal colorful delicacies in Kobachi bowls. From top to bottom from left to right :

Smoked Pacific Saury with Buckwheat Seeds and Spinach
Raw Ham, Persimmon and Eggplant with Sesame Sauce
Pumpkin Jelly and Minced Meat with Japanese Sauce

Scallop and Eringi Mushroom with Persimmon Vinegar
Sea-Bream Sashimi and Irizake Jelly Sweet-vinegared Papaya
Simmered Prawn, Taro and Yuba with Green Sauce.

Grilled Flounder Yuzu Miso Flavor Sweet-simmered Ayu Fish
Simmered Small Abalone Steamed, Fish Mousse with Bulbil
Barracuda Sushi, Octopus Dressed with Soy Vinegar Jelly
photo P1080329_zps402ceb9a
photo P1080332_zpsaaa6acdc

The western starter is a Tuna Tartare with Salad. This flight is one of the lucky flights that will have the opportunity to sample a special bread made by Maison Kayser where the bread dough is knead with Beaujolais Nouveau instead of water. Pierre Ferraud Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 is also available for tasting on board.
photo P1080330_zps0c8a0293

My selection of seasonal delicacies was excellent, only one I didn't eat was the octopus one as I do not like it.

After I was one with my starters, I was cleared of the black lacquered box and my main course was served.
Grilled Japanese Beef Sirloin Sukiyaki style, Simmered Shimeji Mushroom and Grilled Tofu
Steamed Rice
Miso Soup
Japanese Pickles
photo P1080333_zps7e721ae7photo P1080334_zpsabeed307

My partner's dish, Simmered Salmon Sausage in Tomato Sauce.
photo P1080335_zps4005ba80

When the Chief Purser came around to serve dessert, I made the request to have the Japanese cheese plate available from the Order Anytime Menu. She oblidged and gave us both a Japanese cheese plate and the AMAZING dessert Maccha Mousse and Jean Paul Hévin's Macaron Amer.
The Japanese cheese selection includes Oishii Camembert, Gouda and Hayakita Blue.
photo P1080341_zpsee47338f
photo P1080340_zpsa498c72d

I must admit that this was one of my best and most eye pleasing meal experience onboard an aircraft ! And I was full ! So full that I couldn't sleep !

After the crew cleared our tables, they gave us a bottle of water each and I reclined my seat and installed the futon mattress and I was ready for my movie. I elected to watch the latest Star Trek.
photo P1080343_zps260e54e1

I then fell asleep and woke up 2h30 before we arrived, right on time for the last call for the Order Anytime Menu ! I took my remote and ordered a Coke and the Fumiko's Western Set Plate. Autumn Steak Salad with Walnut Dressing Kuroge Wagyu Beef with Sautéed Shallot Red Wine Flavor.

While I was waiting, I had a glance at the engine and wing… still there !
photo P1080346_zps74347640photo P1080344_zpsf0f96302
photo P1080345_zps859e5364

Then my meal arrived !
photo P1080347_zps6975b26c
photo P1080349_zps30977be9

The beef was excellent and I really enjoyed the sweet taste of the red wine shallot sauce.

After I had finished my meal, I requested some Dean and Deluca Vanilla Madagascar Ice Cream which was promptly brought to me.
photo P1080350_zpsb2ca8a21

We have some more time before we land in LAX so I take some time to take pictures of the reading material in the seat pocket.
photo P1080351_zps464c8eee

The safety card, back and front.
photo P1080352_zpsd57467de
photo P1080353_zps8ad6b03e

JAL's network, a shadow of itself !
photo P1080354_zpsab6120cc

We have 1h30 minutes left and I start to use the inflight wifi to send messages, book a car rental etc… It is also time to fill out the customs forms.
photo P1080355_zpseed48f1e

We're nearly there !!!
photo P1080356_zps07e885e4
photo P1080357_zpsf5c17ca6
photo P1080358_zps2f08baf9
photo P1080359_zpsea3b59fb
photo P1080360_zpse89e87fa

The sun is high above now !
photo P1080362_zps65866c04

We start to make a few turns to line up for landing.
photo P1080363_zps2d694a47
photo P1080364_zps8f25f9ad
photo P1080366_zpsa5ca4732

A few more minutes before we land !
photo P1080367_zps040a6c52

Cabin view.
photo P1080368_zps6154f7c4

Weather is a little overcast in Los Angeles…
photo P1080369_zps1ecbbd21
photo P1080371_zpsec586ba2

We are lined up now ! after so many turns !
photo P1080372_zps0cda8f56

Closer to the runway
photo P1080373_zps34fa7ae9
photo P1080374_zps5666b508
photo P1080375_zps44afeda2
photo P1080376_zpsa8eab784

Reverse !
photo P1080378_zpseb7168c5

And we exit the runway to get to our parking stand.
photo P1080379_zpsb289ea1c

We taxi by Air Tahiti Nui's resting Airbus 340.
photo P1080380_zps4a8677e0
photo P1080381_zps946e85fe

Nearly at our parking stand.
photo P1080382_zpse605925f

We park at the very far end of the Tom Bradley International Terminal's new concourse and we have a really long trek to the immigration area.
photo P1080386_zpsc09df73a
photo P1080387_zps9cdb6a5cphoto P1080388_zpsd91ec7e4

I was dreading immigration as I heard horror stories but it went quickly and we were on the other side in no time !

I was impressed by this amazing screen that goes from the top of the building to the bottom !
photo P1080389_zps1948bf92photo P1080390_zps5afc231a
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I LOVED this flight, it was the flight I was most looking for out of this whole trip ! I was so thrilled when they announced that they would put the Sky Suite on flights to LAX !
Everything was flawless, the seat, the crew, the food, the entertainment !

The only thing that needs some work is the lounge food offerings, particularly when you see how amazing the food is onboard.

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