Review of Singapore Airlines flight Shanghai Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 833
Class Economy
Seat 55A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:40
Take-off 29 Dec 13, 16:20
Arrival at 29 Dec 13, 22:00
SQ   #4 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 5800
Published on 10th January 2014
Night @ Shanghai

photo 11854437584_6d2f93aeb3_b

Day trip to Hangzhou's West Lake.

photo 11854289513_5b0816d674_b

Meal at the famous Hangzhou chain restaurant, Grandma's Kitchen. Very affordable and delicious food!

photo 11854015905_01863159f1_o

It was a speedy taxi ride to Pudong T2 to catch our flight home. Check-in queues were not very long even though Economy was rather full. Premium cabins were almost empty though. Final load, 0F, 9J and about almost 100% full in Economy.

photo 11854014535_d7bea2e75f_b

Boarding pass.

photo 11854431464_c70943a424_o

Really huge and spacious check-in hall. Reminds me of HKG, PEK etc though. Design seems rather generic.

photo 11854436634_25f078acf2_o

Off through immigration and security, which were rather painless compared to PEK, and into the departure hall.

Spotted an Air NZ B772ER and an Etihad A330 in special livery parked at the remot stands.

photo 11854435584_74af6db58b_o

Firstly, we went to the lounge to grab some bites. Used our Priority Passes to access the 69 VIP Lounge (as name because it is beside Gate 69). The lounge is also used by a number of airlines.

photo 11854802926_1fc9c4c90d_o

There are 2 sections of the lounge, First and Business. However, both sections were exactly similar with same seating and food offering. Also, the lounge attendants did not dictate which section you had to go to and so one can move freely between the 2 sections. There were also toilets and showers available in the lounge. As the First Class section was almost empty, we went into that section. Lounge was not too busy at this hour.

photo 11854286823_b13a763862_o

photo 11854011115_483269f8ab_o

Buffet offering, which was a rather mediocre affair.

photo 11854807966_c12e30c351_b

photo 11854285023_3583982f6a_b

Some more of the buffet selection.

photo 11854433174_ba00c83ed7_o

Our spread.

photo 11854431564_b600e57b9a_o

View of the gate areas from the lounge.

photo 11854282733_39155b7013_b

Our plane arriving early from Singapore.

photo 11854008765_13a442e6eb_o

After we had our fill, we left the lounge and wandered around the terminal. Not too interesting shops in the terminal.

photo 11854007315_de68cb2ac6_o

photo 11854006765_ff1d26c9cd_o

They actually sell live hairy crabs for you to take home with!

photo 11854003115_00dbc3887e_o

AA in new livery.

photo 11854428944_b14e1aed01_b

FIDS display.

photo 11854005525_42dd426d1e_o

Emirates A380. They are everywhere!

photo 11854427154_b0ba126cd0_o

We will be departing from Gate D73 today.

photo 11854012585_fd06ce782a_o

photo 11854799786_667b9c9a34_o

29 December 2013
Singapore Airlines
SQ 833
Shanghai Pudong (PVG) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Will be flying 9V-SWP today. We missed the new B773ER by a day as SWV made an unscheduled guest appearance on this exact flight just the day before!

photo 11854004355_ef9ecb718f_o

Boarding was done orderly and we passed the empty premium cabins to our seats at row 55A/C right at the rear of the aircraft. Luckily, the middle seat remained empty, one of the few empty seats in Economy on this flight.

photo 11854798646_499b59bc4c_o

Emirates A380 beside.

photo 11854423814_89e2992766_o

With the headwinds along the way, it would be a lengthy 5+hrs to Singapore.

photo 11854275233_ac572dd4f2_o

Hot towels and menus distributed. Again, headsets were already at the seats and Krisworld could be fired up immediately.

Just a normal menu for the return flight.

photo 11854422154_5d19b153cb_o

photo 11854422204_7895ea17eb_o

photo 11854795796_80c8698791_o

Aircraft out on the tarmac.

photo 11854779546_7ab6548dfe_o

photo 11853998325_6cf863bb9d_o

After all passengers had boarded.

photo 11854794276_78ce97bf69_o

Doors were closed 10min before our STD of 1620hrs. However, there was no sign of pushback, and the pilots then came on to announce that due to airspace congestion, we were not given a specific timeslot for departure by ATC, and they would try to negotiate for a departure time. A while later, pilot came on again and announced that departure would be delayed by an hour to 1720hrs! Apologies were also offered even it was not the fault of the airline. Luckily Krisworld was available and most pax settled into their entertainment. Crew also came through with a round of water.

Started watching a Singapore-made movie Ilo, Ilo on Singapore Airlines.

photo 11854271483_607ffec84a_o

Finally we pushed back slightly after 1700hrs.

Had a very lengthy taxi to Rwy 35R.

photo 11854419044_69af4140c3_o

Takeoff from Pudong an hour late.

photo 11854269863_9e671532c2_o

We actually flew past The Bund during ascent!

photo 11854258363_e075287b5e_o

Flying past Shanghai Hongqiao Airport as well.

photo 11853985555_76e4d885fc_o

Shortly after seatbelt signs were switched off, bar service was started. I had a Campari 7-up cocktail with my pack of mixed nuts.

photo 11854269203_42d333bebb_o

Bar service in progress. Again, as the premium cabins were almost empty, a few crew came down to assist in economy. I counted 5 cabin crew working in the rear Economy section, making service rather fast and efficient on this flight.

photo 11854269513_beb033fee9_o

Just after I had finished with my first movie, we were somewhere between Shanghai and Hong Kong. It was also time for dinner to be served.

photo 11853995305_86958d674f_o

Again, International and Oriental choices were offered, and we had both to try.

My International selection tray with cheese and crackers. Bread roll was served warm this time round.

photo 11854417024_e7be49db57_o

The International tray consisted of an average smoked salmon pasta starter and rather delicious braised beef main.

photo 11854266993_9c5245093b_o

photo 11854788226_60ea3e4aba_o

While the Oriental tray consisted of great pork salad starter, but a less tasty salt-baked chicken main.

photo 11854416494_6aa912a65e_o

photo 11854413964_907a901e53_o

The not-so-Chinese Chinese snack on the Oriental tray.

photo 11853991715_e2ee6df923_o

No ice-cream for dessert, but we had an apple crumble instead. It was ok but I still preferred to have ice-cream!

photo 11854786636_9e551bd549_o

Again, Chinese tea to end the meal.

photo 11853989845_64c18949f4_o

Clearing up the cabin after dinner, before lights were dimmed.

photo 11854786596_1e2a1e6c5e_o

Visit to the rear lavatory, with amenities still available.

photo 11853990095_20f9afdb57_o

For the rest of the flight, I settled on the movie Monsters University,

photo 11853989825_564c3b0ef0_o

as well as browsing through some of the audio selection.

photo 11854783286_f573ff9280_o

All too soon, descent was announced. Headsets were collected as usual, and cabin secured for landing. Again, IFE was not switched off and you are free to use your own headsets. However, I stuck to the flightmap during the descent.

photo 11854261503_4225a2ea94_o

photo 11854409614_2e709f25d8_o

photo 11854407214_b3aec0fea2_o

Rather smooth landing on Rwy02L 37min late (not the fault of SQ though). It was also my first time aboard an SQ flight where cabin lights were not totally switched off for a night landing.

Taxied to and parked at Terminal 3 Gate A15.

photo 11854409754_00849092ae_o


photo 11853988075_609d65e1e2_o

photo 11854781616_969ca258db_o

And this ends my last trip for the year of 2013. Thanks all for reading! All comments welcomed.
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Shanghai - PVG


Singapore - SIN



Overall, another good flight on SQ with high service standards maintained. With the low fare paid for this flight, it was also very value-for-money as well!

Information on the route Shanghai (PVG) Singapore (SIN)


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  • Comment 96892 by
    wop SILVER 342 Comments

    Nice report, thank you!

    Are the wall decorations in the cabin for winter holidays?

  • Comment 96914 by
    A380B77W 4301 Comments

    Thank you for this very good report :)

    Again a great flight with SQ !

    Very good catering ;)

    Nice spotting at PVG !

  • Comment 96964 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5230 Comments

    Nice report again indeed, I would have love to see their new 77W cabin :(

    Catering is quite good, and I personaly prefer a real dessert than a rather basic ice-cream.

    Thank you

  • Comment 96974 by
    marathon GOLD 9854 Comments

    The check-in counters themselves are pretty generic no matter where you are in the world, but I disagree about the design overhead.
    What always striked me in recently built Chinese terminals is the amount of space airside. The corridors are twice as wide as anywhere else.
    Delays are the scourge of air travel in Mainland China... Great night view of Shanghai !
    An oversize IDE in Y, and it plays all the time while you are stuck on the ground: someday, other airlines will realize that this is actually possible.
    Good catering; I agree with Leadership with regards to the ice cream.
    Thanks for this FR !

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