Review of Austrian Airlines flight Tel Aviv Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS858
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 04 Nov 22, 15:35
Arrival at 04 Nov 22, 18:20
OS   #59 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 304 reviews
By 872
Published on 15th November 2022

After more than 3 years on the ground, It's time to get back to buisness with my trip to Prague on OS and LH.
 I booked the flight on Austrian website with the Economy basic plus fare with OS flight on the first 2 legs and going back with LX, then I had to change to another LX flights and finally to LH. After all the changes it cost me 352$ including checked baggage.

So on the day of the flight my family drove me to the airport, And as I got there more than 3 hours before departure there was already a long endless line for check in. Even though I did online check-in 47 hours before, I had to send my baggage.

photo img_20221104_123842

Maybe 3 check-in desks for a 100% full A320

photo img_20221104_123843

Luckily, Security and Passport control went really quick so I had a lot of time for errands and shopping for my vacation, And of course for taking pictures. 

That used to be a fountain…

photo img_20221104_135140

Today's flights, no LY flights today (friday) as they don't fly on Shabbat, starts from Friday evening.

D concourse, which was completely empty today, as it's used mainly by LY.

photo img_20221104_134024

Some Planespotting: (It's hard in TLV because of the black dots)

As the flight was completely full, the gate was crowded a long time before actual boarding, so meanwhile I waited on the remote gate stand below

photo img_20221104_143807

That's our ride for this 3:30h flight, A 2003 Austrian Airbus A320 registered OE-LBL. 

photo img_20221104_150218

 when I saw everyone at the gate i couldn't realize they all waiting to board our tiny A320, it looked an A380 boarding! So of course  it was long and chaotic.

photo img_20221104_153951

My seat was 21A so I got this really nice wing view. The seat wasn't the best but enough for such flight and definitely better than what newer planes have. Not suprisingly, B and C were occupied.

About 30-35 minutes after schedule, we finally started pushback.

After 45 minutes delay, It's time for takeoff.

View of Tel Aviv/somwhere nearby coast after depature:

photo img_20221104_162339

The ''entertainment'' available for this flight is Austrian website including flight map and WI-FI for purchase.

Some sunset wing views over Greece and Turkey:

Now for the part we all waited for: the food.
Unfortunately, the service  flight is only sandwich and drinks.
Although I contacted the airline before that and they informed me we will get a full meal. I asked one of the crew members and she didn't have a proper answer. I was expecting much more than a high quality full service carrier.

Cheese&Tomato Toast

photo t

At least there is tomato juice. Took 2 cups. And the crew also served a small chocolate which is a nice gesture.

photo img_20221104_174022

The flight was smooth without any special events, The cabin crew were nice and did their job. After more than 3 hours it was time to land in Vienna, although many passengers had connecting flights to many destinations in Europe. 

photo img_20221104_192943

We landed on a short 15 minutes delay and taxied to our gate on the F concourse. Next to us is a Lot E190 going to Warsaw.

Now it's tome to get off he plane and head to my connecting flight to Prague. That will be in the next part…

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Tel Aviv - TLV


Vienna - VIE



All in all, that was a pleaseant flight with Austrian. However I'm definitely disappointed about the overall product that Austrian offers for mid-range flights, especially from the meal. It was still much better than the exprience I would probably get on Low Cost carrier, but the differences getting smaller and smaller. Although all I enjoyed my flight and I'll see you on my next flights!

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The airline with the best average rating is Austrian Airlines with 7.2/10.

The average flight time is 3 hours and 42 minutes.

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  • Comment 615731 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6103 Comments

    Welcome back to the skies! It's been a rough few years for those of us who like to fly and conditions for flying to/from Israel have been particulatly strict in the Covid-era so I can only imagine how freeing it felt to get out and back in the air after 3 years!

    The ''entertainment'' available for this flight is Austrian website including flight map and WI-FI for purchase.

    I like that they at least have the map feature, though it would be really nice to see OS add streaming entertainment to mobile devices on the narrowbody fleet.

    Wow, it's really a stretch that OS call that sandwich a full meal. It's fine for a 3.5h flight, but they shouldn't call it a full meal when purchasing the ticket (that is indeed how it appears).

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 615845 by
      nadavkr3 AUTHOR 6 Comments

      Thank you for your comment! Yeah it felt amazing I missed it so much. About the meal, I later contacted the airline about that and they replied they changed the catering ''concept'' which is a common excuse for airlines nowdays, but never mind it wasn't that bad.

  • Comment 615734 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR with us! Looks like Lufthansa Group has uniformly decimated the Y service post-COVID across all their brands. TLV should be catered better given the distance from the continent, and did have full meals pre-COVID . A sandwich may still be more than what LH offers (we’ll see soon!), but is far behind AF that offers full meal.

    The limited entertainment options are tough on such a long daytime flight, but as Kevin said, at least they have a moving map to help you track progress. Great aerials cross the Mediterranean!

    • Comment 615846 by
      nadavkr3 AUTHOR 6 Comments

      Thank you for your comment! You're right about LH catering it was really bad (soon). I actually really wanted to book this trip on AF A350 and I even found a decent price but unfortunately I missed the opportunity. Next time I won't compromise about flights.

  • Comment 616208 by
    Dor 100 Comments

    I flew on the same route (TLV-VIE) twice in 2018,
    In both flights, I received a full meal (you can see the photos in my relevant flight reports).
    Sandwich is acceptable for such flight distance, but it's sad that OS replaced the full meal with this sandwich.

  • Comment 616327 by
    KL651 TEAM 4526 Comments

    Thanks for this review.
    LH's group offering to TLV has really diminished.
    No more real meals, almost no widebodies anymore.
    Even IB offers a meal on flights to Israel.
    Still guess OS or LX are overall nicer than LH.

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