Review of Air India flight Hyderabad Mumbai in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI 51
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 05 Dec 19, 22:00
Arrival at 05 Dec 19, 23:25
AI   #59 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 101 reviews
Published on 17th February 2023


Hola amigos!
This FR follows on to my India trip, most exactly my flight from Hampi…this has been the route so far:

and so, this FR picks up just after I picked my bag at the domestic baggage claim at HYD.

photo 20191205_201059

Checking in for my flight to mumbai

So after I exit the domestic terminal, with enough time to check in for my next flight in spite of the delay on the earlier flight, I was a bit baffled when the policeman at the entrance of the terminal tells me that this flight does not check in at that terminal…It turns out there (was) a international departures building a few metres away from the terminal…

photo 20191205_201755-18355photo 20191205_201904

The place was packed, but I managed to get in, and finally could check in for my flight without a problem.  But then it was a massive queue to pass through the security and "migration" formalities…

Hanging around HYD

Once done with the checks, one passes to the normal terminal back again. (I remember reading somewhere they expanded the terminal so now everything is done under the same roof…but I don't know if that is the case now).

HYD struck me as a very modern airport, with your usual shops and restaurants that you can find nowadays wherever you fly to… 

photo 20191205_204614

While lurking at the bookstore, I found this batch of Gabriel García Márquez's books…
So odd (and satisfying) to see this on the other side of the world from my country, One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of my favourite books.

photo 20191205_204725

I found a copy of Herman Hesse's Siddhartha , a book I read back in high school, but just after this trip made a bit more sense to me. 
Done with the shopping, I went to the lounge. 

Waiting for my flight at the plaza premium lounge

As it had happened with my previous flights in India, this one, was also delayed. No probs. The Plaza Premium Lounge was here to take care of me.

It had spacious and comfortable seating (my food and drinks choices pictured too): 

photo 20191205_205413

Views to the tarmac for entretainment:

photo 20191205_205409

With our little stalion getting ready for our hop to BOM

photo 20191205_222134

And a SilkAir plane, my first and only chance to see one.  I don't know why this airline reminds me of my dad, guess he was the first one who told me about it.

photo 20191205_224550

Fairly decent toilets…

photo 20191205_213131

It was a good stay. I had calls with my friends and family, checked out the planes, ate…and the barman was nice enough to give me some Jack Daniels (apparently he was not supposed to give us liquour (¿?))

My chill time at the Lounge came to a halt when we were called to board our flight.

Boarding AI's 319

Our flight was, as told before, delayed.

And while we were called to board, and the plane was clearly there, we were not called in (wtf)
But eventually we made it. 

The Biz class seats were just like the seats you'd find in America (back then).  

photo 20191205_224751

Y class seats also looked decent enough

photo 20191205_224847

Legroom was more than decent for our short hop to Mumbai

photo 20191205_224950

And…what's this?

photo 20191205_231110

I wonder why AI did this….
Anyway, this was the view while boarding: 

photo 20191205_231300

Seat pocket contents also included government propaganda:

photo 20191205_231605

Flying to Mumbai

I rested my eyes while we taxied and took off…but we got some cool night views of Hyderabad

photo 20191205_232546

As on the 747, no IFE was provided…

photo 20191205_232706

So I tried to focus on sleeping…three nights of hardcore partying were next!

But then we were handed our meal (say what?) It was all veg. Not my favourite, but it was appreciated. It had a good flavour and I gladly ate most of it (I still was full from the meal I had at the Lounge)

By the time the crew picked up what was left of the food, we were advised about the imminent landing. The flight felt so short this time (well it was 90 mins, duh) 

photo 20191206_002902

By then I was totally battered. It was a long day of going to ancient temples, taking a tuk tuk for a couple of hours to the airport, waiting for my delayed flight, then the flight, then transit at Hyderabad…and now this.

I basically passed all controls and picked my bag by autopilot. I met with my friends and then we were picked up to go to downtown. Boy Mumbai is HUGE.

By the time we made it to the hotel it was so late. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip! 

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Air India

Cabin crew7.5

Plaza Premium Lounge - International Departure


Hyderabad - HYD


Mumbai - BOM



AI did the job, if it werent delayed, I would say they did it more than well. But the delay marred my score.
The seat was confortable, with more than enough room for the short flight. Catering was more than appreciated.

HYD did also a fine job, the PP lounge also excelled, compared to the crappy lounges I had experienced before @BOM.

BOM was okay for arrival. I arrived at midnight and getting downtown was hectic, I cannot fathom how it must be during daytime!


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  • Comment 621485 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 1012 Comments

    Me estaba preguntando si te habías perdido en India. Jajaaj

    Qué emocionante encontrar los libros de García Márquez por esas latitudes! Confieso que de él solamente he leído El Amor en los Tiempos del Cólera, pero ya no recuerdo mucho. Fue hace tiempo.

    Taparon los monitores!! Bueno, me imagino que si no los tapan la gente reclama porque no funcionan.

    Ese señor Modi no es santo de mi devoción en absoluto. Interesante la expresión "130 crore Indians."

    Pura comida vegetariana? También me gusta, pero traigo los caninos de fábrica y están ahí por algo. Lo lamento, India. Con todo, me parece una excelente comida para clase Y y un vuelo tan corto! Lo encuentro magnífico.

    Qué era esa pelotita del postre?

    Me gusta cómo las cabinas de AI han mantenido ese look "vintage" con su tapiz textil y tan colorido. Y qué bueno que no han convertido su librea en puras cintitas flotantes, como lo han hecho casi todos los demás.

    Tres noches de "hardcore party"? Cuidado con el carrete y el copete, eh? lol Queremos que este reportero nos dure! :D

    Excelente vuelo y excelente informe.

    Gracias por compartir!
    • Comment 621492 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 595 Comments
      Hola. No estaba muerto, estaba de parranda..(ya quisiera)
      Qué era esa pelotita del postre?

      No se pero estaba rico. Tenia creo que miel.

      Me gusta cómo las cabinas de AI han mantenido ese look "vintage" con su tapiz textil y tan colorido. Y qué bueno que no han convertido su librea en puras cintitas flotantes, como lo han hecho casi todos los demás

      Los interiores de AI a mi me parecen horribles. Aunque en persona no son tan graves.

      La librea exterior en cambio me parece hermosa. Ojalá no la cambien.

      La fiesta fue importante. Se consumieron cantidades importantes de alcohol y comida, le llevé aguardiente colombiano a los indios y el resultado fue peculiar. Mucha diversión.

      Gracias por pasar, saludos!

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