Review of Asiana Airlines flight Seoul Shanghai in Business

Airline Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ365
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 13 Apr 19, 14:00
Arrival at 13 Apr 19, 15:00
OZ 105 reviews
By GOLD 758
Published on 10th December 2022


This report is a continuation of this nearly month long journey combining work and leisure that will take me >24,000 miles.

After 2 weeks in Veneto for work, it was time to move onto the next stop on this journey. I needed to get to Shanghai to join up with Mrs. NGO85 for a week in China for vacation. So instead of heading back to LAX, I needed to find a way to get from northern Italy to Shanghai. There was a direct MXP-PVG flight on CA at that time operated by their A359, but I did not feel like driving 3 hours back to Milan and preferred to look for something ex-VCE. There of course is the obvious LH/OS/LX options, but I preferred to take the road less traveled and book with my FFP carrier OZ on their summer service VCE-ICN. The only issue is that this is only 4x weekly service so I had to leave on Friday instead of Saturday, which posed some issues to ensure a timely arrival at the airport. The VCE-ICN-PVG routing was booked as a one-way ticket with a very competitive fare.

The routing thus far will be as follows:

This report will be on OZ's A321 used on international regional flights.


After spending 30 minutes clearing security, I quickly made my way over to the OZ Business Class Lounge where I was welcomed by the flagship OZ A380 model.

photo 60

The lounge is the standard affair with a modest buffet and fairly dense seating areas.

photo 61

The chef station still had breakfast out, so I took a simple offering to hold myself over until dinner.

photo 1-64299

15 minutes before boarding I made my way down to our gate to see our little A321 ready to go.

photo 2

They apparently haven't repainted in awhile. Can't imagine the last time a passenger aircraft of a DC10/MD11 was in ICN…

photo 3


Asiana Airlines, OZ 365
Equipment: Airbus A321 [HL8004, delivered October 2014]
Departure: 14:00 (ATD: 14:39)
Arrival: 15:00 (ATA: 15:14)
Flight Time: 1:35 

Boarding started on-time and was orderly with priorities being respected. Making my way down the jetbridge, the literature cart had newspapers and magazines, which I did not partake in. The welcome on-board was warm and I was directed to my seat. The international A321s have a 2-2 J cabin with 3 rows. The domestic A321s are in an all Y configuration, but really only used to Busan and Jeju.

photo 43

My recliner for this segment. The seat next to me would remain empty with a load of 8/12 on this flight.

photo 4

These recliners have the newer version of IFE, but you can see where a USB port should be is blocked off.

photo 5

Seat pitch is good. You could probably get out without forcing your seatmate up. Since the seat next to me was empty, I didn't have to worry about this.

photo 6

On the left side, we have the IFE controls, headphone jacks, and a USB charging port.

photo 7

On the right side is the seat controls.

photo 10b

Seatback contents in a plastic sleeve.

photo 8b

Pre-departure drinks were offered by a tray, I just took an orange juice. Menus and slippers were then handed out.

photo 9

Our neighbor 2 gates down seems to have a serious issue with its front landing gear…

photo 12

We boarded quickly and had the long taxi out from Terminal 1. We went past the pair of ZE B737 MAXs that were grounded at the time. Both have been sold off as ZE struggled to make it through the pandemic.

photo 13

We turn on to Runway 16L to align.

photo 14

And away we go…

We take off to the east before making our turn south towards Shanghai.

photo 15

Drum roll please, will it be bibimbap or ssambap? No surprise, it will be bibimbap again. Only one choice of western main, which does not sound appetizing, so I will default to the trusty bibimbap for the 2nd time in <16 hours.

photo 18

Service starts with an oshibori.

photo 16

Followed by the linens.

photo 17

My tray as received. It contains the bibimbap with condiments, a fruit cup for dessert, and a dried pollock soup. I took a cup of tea and water to drink. Bibimbap is good, but when forced to eat it on almost every flight, it can get tiresome due to lack of diversity. Korean carriers should be able to find some other food from their cuisine to offer.

photo 19photo 20

After eating, I stopped by the lavatory, which was fully stocked with L'Occitane products and tooth brushes. Strangely, no mouth wash.

photo 42

Back at my seat, the FA offered more drinks so I took a glass of water to sip as we finished off the flight.

photo 41

We were soon descending into a grey Shanghai along the G40.

photo 21

The mouth of the Yangtze River filled with cargo container ships.

photo 22

Final descent into ICN.

We landed on Runway 16R, which is pretty standard. We had a long taxi back to the terminal crossing a MU B77W as we exit the runway.

photo 23

At the gate, it was a quick deplane and a long walk to immigration. Immigration was not too bad at this time and by the time I was cleared, the bags were already circulating in the baggage claim. I got selected for the random customs checks at the exit of the baggage claim, so had to put my suitcases onto the scanner before being released.

photo 24

I had just missed the Maglev departure, so opted to take the metro since Line 2 also reaches Longyang Road for my required line transfer. The metro is significantly cheaper and just as fast if you are not able to show up right when a Maglev is ready to depart due to their lower frequency.

I'll leave off this series here as I start my week in Shanghai, thanks for stopping by!

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Asiana Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Asiana Airlines Business Lounge


Seoul - ICN


Shanghai - PVG



OZ's regional product is not spectacular, but certainly more than sufficient. Most of the ICN-PVG traffic is on A330s, but this mid-day A321 service is a nice break from the standard experience. OZ's pros/cons remain the same as long-haul, the crews and catering are good, but the hard product and IFE are dated. Both are forgivable on a <2 hour flight since they are still superior to the comparable experiences in other parts of the world.

- Clean and well organized for Terminal 1.
- The OZ Business Lounge is not large enough and the catering is just average.

- The cabin on the A321s has your typical recliner with good seat pitch and IFE. The colors are obviously drab, but more than comfortable enough for a short regional flight.
- The cabin crew was again excellent. Warm greetings and farewells, attentive service, and good English ability.
- The IFE is nice to have on a narrow body, it has the basic flight map and standard movie/TV selection you see on the long-haul flights. Plenty of charging options, but no WiFi.
- The options are limited, but the catering was excellent. My 2nd bibimbap in <16 hours so it is definitely not original in terms of options, but that said the food was excellent and it is a very substantial meal for a short flight.

- Immigration was not too busy in the late afternoon. PVG has decent access to the city, but it is a long metro ride to the city center.

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The airline with the best average rating is Korean Air with 8.0/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 6 minutes.

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  • Comment 617180 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for the next segment in this whildwind round-the-world routing!

    My recliner for this segment. The seat next to me would remain empty with a load of 8/12 on this flight.

    That seat looks straight out of the 70's...minus the IFE which is giving a 90s vibe (though I know it's late 00's haha).

    We went past the pair of ZE B737 MAXs that were grounded at the time. Both have been sold off as ZE struggled to make it through the pandemic.

    Rest in Peace...we hardly knew ye

    My tray as received. It contains the bibimbap with condiments, a fruit cup for dessert, and a dried pollock soup.

    Love it--it's a Bibimbapothon! Though I guess you didn't have a choice? How odd not to have any choice in J. I used to have a Korean cafe on the ground floor of my office building. I probably ate Bibimbap at least once a week for 4+ years haha. Never got tired of it! So I probably wouldn't have minded it on two flights in a row, lol. Ah I miss it...not going to the office...that part I don't miss!

    Overall a solid experience, save for the ugly seat fabric, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 617235 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1871 Comments

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the comments!

      That seat looks straight out of the 70's

      They still look better than the work out UA plastic seats^^

      Though I guess you didn't have a choice? How odd not to have any choice in J.

      There is a choice, there was a western option (salmon) as well, but it didn't sound appetizing at the time. OZ has a hodgepodge of catering for the regional network, but you always get at least 2 options (longer regional flights will have 3 options). Flights to Japan don't get bibimbap/ssambap, they get 2 choices (western vs. Korean), but the entrees are more exotic (bulgogi, wanja, etc.). I'll show the ssambap at some point, had it on an ICN-LAX.

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