Review of Qantas flight Sydney Melbourne in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF427
Class Economy
Seat 49K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 10 Dec 22, 09:00
Arrival at 10 Dec 22, 10:35
QF   #29 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 176 reviews
By SILVER 1656
Published on 29th December 2022

Qantas QF427 Sydney to Melbourne

Flight Details:
Airlines: Qantas 
Flight: QF427 SYD - MEL
Reg: VH-EBJ "Margaret River"
Aircraft: Airbus A330-202
Class: Economy
Departure Sydney Domestic Terminal 3: 9.00am
Arrival Melbourne Terminal 1: 10:35am
Flight time: 1 hours 35 minutes
Distance: 713 km or 443 miles

VIDEO: Qantas QF427 Sydney to Melbourne


This report is from Dec 2022. I decided to book the holiday, which I call the "Great Aussie Fly". This trip would cover parts of Australia, I haven't travelled before.

photo 318595565_5792413860873144_3472448002660912614_n

Original plan was 22 days of drive, but it was dropped due to weather conditions. As reported in news, Darwin had storm and temperatures are very high in Alice Springs. I have driven almost all of South East Australia from Port Douglas in Far North Queensland to Port Augusta, South Australia. If you enjoy long drives, check channel -> @Roadcamz

photo screenshot-2022-12-29-at-21-45-28-google-maps


I had planned this trip for years but due to various reasons, kept getting deferred. As I saw an opportunity this year, decided to book the trip.
Had options to book between Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar.

I checked the multi-city flights and decided to fly with Qantas, which offered the best routing and aircraft variety.  I haven't flown with Qantas since 2015.


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I decided to book flights after checking car rentals and hotels after preparing itinerary. This flight was booked separately as I was unable to book a ticket with enough transit time.

I chose to fly on this flight as it was a Airbus A330-200, an aircraft type which had eluded me before. I chose the seat while booking the flight.

photo airbus-a330-200

Day before departure, I received an email with complimentary lounge access. I paid for the access and received an email with details.

photo tes

Arriving at Airport

I had originally planned to take train to airport. On the day of flight, I checked the train timetable and noticed there is trackwork on the Airport line and I would have to change to bus. I didn't want to drag the bag early morning and then change from train to bus, Not sure how crowded the bus would be and the traffic. I would have missed the flight if something went wrong.

Decided to ditch the idea and drive to airport as I didn't want uncertainty with taxi. I booked parking online and drove to airport.

I reached airport at 7.30am. Took a photo to remind myself, where I had parked as I would be returning after few days.

photo img_12

After parking car, reached the bus stop to catch bus to terminal 3.

photo img_14

Planespotting while waiting for bus.

photo img_13

I would be boarding from the 2nd last stop, bus was full. I squeezed in with my checked bag as it was almost 7.45a.m. Others waited for next bus.

photo img_15

Bus reached the terminal 3 around 8a.m.

photo img_16


After alighting the bus, crossed the road and entered the terminal. Took escalator to departure area.

photo img_17

I had taken screenshot of the boarding pass on the phone after online check-in.

photo img_157

Printed the boarding pass and baggage tags. Bags was scanned and the self loaded in the baggage drop area.

photo img_18


After completing the baggage drop. I went to security as seen below. Time was almost 8.10am.

photo img_19

Security check queue was moving, I joined the queue. Australian airports have new x-ray system, where electronic devices can be left in bag during security scanning. Full body scan was conducted during the security check.

photo img_110-65354

Flight schedule displayed above security, The flight with wireless signal are wifi enabled.

photo img_111

Line kept moving and security was completed by 8.15a.m

photo img_112


After security, I entered the departure area. Qantas Club lounge is located on the left after clearing security. Entered the lounge area and took escalator upstairs.

photo img_113

Qantas club lounge location.

photo img_114

Entered the lounge after scanning boarding pass on the phone. Breakfast was available.

photo img_115

I didn't have much time as it was almost 8.30a.m. I got bread, baked beans, an egg and muesli with honey and butter.

photo img_116

Drinks choice was Orange juice, mixed veggie or water. Tea and coffee was also available. I had a mix veggie drink as I didn't have much time. Bar was closed, alcoholic drinks are available after mid-day.

photo img_117-31685


Time was almost 8.40a.m and I decided to head to boarding gate. Took the escalator down and walked about 3-4 minutes to reach gate. Queue had formed for boarding.

photo img_118

Passengers were asked to scan their boarding pass on paper or phone.

photo img_119-67771

Boarding was front door, Crew were waiting to greet and check boarding details.

photo img_120


I was seated on the starboard side. was asked to go straight and turn right. Flight was full. Economy seat was 2-3-2 arrangement.

photo img_121

Reached my allocated seat, Co-passenger was already seated. I placed my handbag in overhead space and sat in the window seat.

photo img_122

Announcements made by Customer service manager and captain.

photo img_123

Bags loading on flight.

photo img_124

Boarding continued for few more minutes.

photo img_125-67413

I began exploring the seating area, I hadn't flown Qantas for few years, I thought this flight being domestic, they have removed the screens.

photo img_126

Seat spacing was enough for me. Seat on this aircraft was made of cloth and was comfortable to sit.

photo img_127

SEat Pocket MAterial [SPM]

I checked the seat pocket,which contained the Safety card, Qantas magazine, sickness bag and someone had left their baggage receipt from previous flight.

photo img_128

Qantas Airbus A330-200

photo img_129

Front full view.

photo img_130

Middle pages

photo img_132

Back of the safety card.

photo img_131

Qantas magazine

photo img_133

I also found the iPad which was the entertainment screen.

photo img_134

While explored the seat, boarding was completed and bags were loaded on the flight.

photo img_135

Pushback and Taxi

Pushback commenced shortly after the doors were closed and Captain came on the speaker to inform flight details.

photo img_136

It would be short taxi as runway 16R was used for landing and departure.

photo img_137

Watched Singapore Airlines first departure of the day while aircraft was holding for arrivals and departure. Watch video to experience the flight.

photo img_138

Sydney skyline in sight as a Jetstar Airways is on approach to land on runway 16L.

photo img_139


After Singapore Airlines, it was turn for Qantas QF427 to depart.

photo img_140

After a quick takeoff, Aircraft headed south over the Tasman sea and then turned inwards over city of Wollongong.

photo img_141

OnBoard Facilities

Captain had switched off the seat belt sign. Announcement was made regarding the onboard facilities, iPad was available for entertainment. Complimentary WiFi was available, which was hit with me as I immediately connected and chatted till arrival in Melbourne. Connection was good, I was able to send photos and record videos. I connected the iPad to the port and powered the device.

photo img_142

While chatting, I checked the outside view. Aircraft was flying over ACT.

photo img_143

Overflew Canberra airport, which is visible on left edge in middle of photo below.

photo img_144

Cabin Service

Cabin service began somewhere over ACT, Crew distributed cookies with drinks - tea, coffee or cold drinks. I chose tea with milk.

photo img_145


Few more minutes of flying and aircraft entered Victoria.

photo img_146


Captain announced flight would be arriving in Melbourne on time, Cabin crew was informed to prepare cabin.

photo img_147

Landed smoothly in Melbourne and after a long taxi due to holding for other aircraft reached gate. Aircraft had arrived on time.

photo img_148


I was in no rush as I had plenty of transit time. I disembarked after others had deboarded.

photo img_149

Entered the terminal through air-bridge.

photo img_150

View of aircraft after arrival.

photo img_151

Flight Information

I checked the flight information on flightradar24 after arriving.

photo screenshot-2022-12-10-at-12-07-58-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Flight information: Actual flight time: 1.07 minutes, rest of the time was spent on ground.

photo screenshot-2022-12-10-at-12-09-06-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Flight map

photo screenshot-2022-12-10-at-12-08-40-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Aircraft movement, QF427 was the 1st flight of the day for this aircraft.

photo screenshot-2022-12-10-at-12-09-38-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Qantas VH-EBJ would be returning to Sydney as QF440

photo screenshot-2022-12-10-at-12-12-23-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Baggage Collection

Bright sunny day in Melbourne.

photo img_152

After getting fresh, I headed towards the exit to collect bag.

photo img_153

Bag would arrive in carousel 4, I didn't have to wait long as my bag was on belt when I reached the bag claim.

photo img_154

Checked the departure information.

photo img_155

I had 3 hours for check-in to open for next flight. I took the escalator to departure area, found a spot close to check-in and did work while waiting for the check-in to open.

photo img_156

Hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.

Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew7.5

Qantas Club - 3 - Domestic


Sydney - SYD


Melbourne - MEL



Qantas exceeded my expectations as I had low expectations from previous trips. Sydney airport was not very busy. As bag was self checked, system is very efficient from my point of view. Security was quick, specially I like the new scanning as it reduces the delays due to unprepared passengers.
I didn't spend much time in the lounge but I found the experience satisfactory.
Boarding was quick being a domestic flight. Flight took off and landed on time. I enjoyed the wifi onboard the aircraft, was useful for me. Crew were pleasant to interact.

Overall a happy Qantas customer.

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    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Hi Koresh, thanks for sharing this FR! Looks to be an interesting routing with good diversity of QF products. It’s nice that QF operates a lot of wide-bodies on the domestic routes between major cities. The cabin looks comfortable, despite looking “incomplete” with that ripped out IFE. It’s a trade off since the removal IFE probably gives more legroom with no entertainment boxes under the seats. Catering is always good on QF (compared to all the domestic competition) and appropriate for a 1h hop. Thanks again!
    • Comment 618897 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      I was surprised to see no IFE, wasn't sure if it was removed on domestic flights during pandemic. On searching seat pocket I found the ipad and worked out how to use it. Announcement was made regarding the IFE after takeoff. Thanks for your comment.

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