Review of Wizz Air flight Eindhoven Brno in Economy

Airline Wizz Air
Flight W6 2826
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 15 Jan 14, 13:50
Arrival at 15 Jan 14, 15:30
W6   #17 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 107 reviews
By 4440
Published on 29th January 2014
Hello dear readers,

and welcome to something what I´m happy to say is first report on the site covering flight to Brno, my hometown in Czech republic.
Everything started a day before with PRG-RTM flight which is covered here:

After spending 24 hours in Rotterdam and Eindhoven on my own it was time to head back. I left my hotel in Eindhoven city center at about 09:45 and took a short walk around the city to head for bus that goes to the airport later.

Wizzair´s EIN-BRQ flight is my favourite one. With a really small traffic at Brno (usually only two flights per day) this flight, flying on Wednesdays and Sundays, is my favourite one. I was always curious about the flight load on the flight between these two cities. This flight is also always landing at Brno from west close to my house and I was looking forward to get some nice pictures of area where I live and also the city itself.
I was unlucky 14 months ago when flying Ryanair from STN as we were landing from the east.. So this time, I hoped it was about to go the right way!

This time it was also going to be my first WizzAir experience. Having flown Ryanair in past I was looking forward to have a comparision.
The fare was around 30EUR with classic size hand luggage and priority boarding included, nice one

So, here it all started at bus station next to Eindhoven train station. Was impressed how busy it was around here with all buses leaving at one moment and followed by anothers arriving at their positions a moment later.

photo DSC_0226photo DSC_0227

I took 10:38 bus, it was direct and price was 2,50EUR if I remember well. I was fine with it and the journey was quick and pleasant, that´s how it always should be.
Here is my bus number 400 after arriving EIN.

photo DSC_0229

After turning around there was some part of apron visible and this Ryanair 737 waiting for its flight to Krakow in 90 minutes.

photo DSC_0231

I found the weather to be pretty cold and went straight into terminal. I was a bit surprised to meet probably a spotter with a cool camera going an opposite direction. We something like saluted to each other and we both went our ways. He was pretty brave to stay out in that cold

photo DSC_0232

Just to remind you where we currently are

photo DSC_0233

Eindhoven landside. I liked the airport, although it is small there are few shops, nice terrace, it´s clean and quite modern

photo DSC_0234

At one shop I got myself this baguette and Fanta. This kind of Fanta is not available in my country and that pretty frustrates me - I loved it

photo DSC_0236

View at the empty apron

photo DSC_0237

Airport was really calm. The most of flights were scheduled to arrive or depart close to mine. So there was nothing to wait for and nothing to do so I headed airside.

Security was a bit longer due to the fact that several flights were scheduled for departure at almost same time. It took a bit less than 10 minutes and I was airside. Negative thing was that something made scanner to ring when I went through and that´s always annoying to have special attention even when you are cleared in the end

I sat down at gate 3 close to this Ryanair 737 that just arrived and was readied for flight to Gran Canaria
Certainly a better weather on Canary Islands as it started to rain here at EIN

photo DSC_0242

No information for my flight at the moment

photo DSC_0245

But we have our own sources, right?
My bird was just about to end its flight from Katowice

photo DSC_0247

This is how it looks airside at EIN. No jetbridges off course, here you have to walk to the aircraft

photo DSC_0248

At this gate, passengers to Agadir and Sofia were presented

photo DSC_0249

Then my flight was announced. Even though I had priority boarding, I went to my gate to ensure I am one of the first onboard. I had to get a good seat on the left to enjoy views of Brno

photo DSC_0251

And here is my bird arriving from Poland, it´s HA-LWD, 3,5 years old

photo DSC_0252

Passengers deplaning after arriving from Katowice

photo DSC_0253

By this time the airport got completely busy, nice difference to just an hour ago

photo DSC_0255

Rain got a bit more intense and walking towards the aircraft was rather an unpleasant experience. But still I had to get some shots

photo DSC_0261photo DSC_0265

I quite like Wizzair´s livery

photo DSC_0268photo DSC_0269

At the door I was welcomed by two young lady FAs. I walked to the back of the aircraft and seated somewhere around 24A, don´t remember exactly..

photo DSC_0270

After sitting down I was horrified by lack of legroom. Even with my 177cm sitting was really painful.. I almost doubted I would be able to survive in such a seat for 1h15 mins.

photo DSC_0274

In the end the situation is not as bad with a row for me. But it doesn´t solve legroom problem too much

photo DSC_0291

Cabin after boarding almost completed. Load factor was about 70%.

photo DSC_0280

Seat detail. Cabin felt little bit low-cost, but definitely much better compared to Ryanair

photo DSC_0281

A present from previously seated passenger?

photo DSC_0283

View from my seat

photo DSC_0284

This Ryanair B738 headed to Agadir if I´m not mistaken

photo DSC_0286photo DSC_0288photo DSC_0290

This one is to Gran Canaria with some military big boys in the back

photo DSC_0294

During our take off roll when we rotated there were unpleasant sounds (almost like cracks) hearable at the cabin and also some (probably first-time) passengers sounded a bit shocked
But off course everything was fine and we were climbing our way through the clouds

photo DSC_0296photo DSC_0297

To reach much nicer weather

photo DSC_0299photo DSC_0303

Crew, consisted of 4 women FAs, started their service soon. The whole crew was from Poland and they did their job to generalize.
The one closer to us was really nice and I liked her performance

photo DSC_0306photo DSC_0308

I bought myself this Twix and juice to burn my exactly 4 euros remaining

photo DSC_0314

The weather seemed to improve a bit but it didn´t took longer than to Czech republic to get back to completely cloudy conditions

photo DSC_0316

View at Wizzair´s destinations

photo DSC_0318photo DSC_0320

During descent it´s pretty cloudy again
photo DSC_0325photo DSC_0334

One of these right turns took much longer than it should and I immediately realized that this is actually disaster in the making…. we´re about to land from east - no views of Brno again - GOSH!

photo DSC_0338

And here we are already lined with Brno´s RWY 28 and flying over countryside

photo DSC_0345

Approaching over village Prace, which in english means Work.. Would you like to live at work guys? :-)

photo DSC_0351photo DSC_0354

So here we are, landing at BRQ, my hometown airport

photo DSC_0359


photo DSC_0362photo DSC_0366

Old, not-nice looking hangars

photo DSC_0367

TNT´s BAE 146 that I see everyday departing Brno when I leave my work. So this is where he is hiding all day after its arrival at 07:00

photo DSC_0369photo DSC_0370

BRQ´s modest terminal

photo DSC_0371

And here is small terrace from where my girlfirend followed our landing, by her words

photo DSC_0372

Second star of the day at BRQ is just landing …

photo DSC_0375

… before it leaves back for London Stansted

photo DSC_0379

I was one of last to leave the aircraft, thank you for ride Wizzair!

photo DSC_0380

Flying only with hand luggage meant I just walked through terminal and was immediately welcomed by my girlfriend at the arrival hall. We waited a while for a bus to take us to city center and head home.
It´s awesome to arrive here and get home so quickly. At least I didn´t have to take those longer journeys from PRG / VIE to Brno.

And that´s it, the end of my Holland two-day trip.

That´s all from me now for few weeks. Then, if everything goes well, I´d like to finally report something transcontinental!

Cheers everyone and thank you for reading,
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Wizz Air

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Eindhoven - EIN


Brno - BRQ



Wizzair was a bit better than I expected. Except of horrible legroom I had a nice flight and I think I got more to what I payed for, I´m satisfied with it

Eindhoven airport surprised me. It was nice with some nice low-cost traffic and few shops. I think you couldn´t ask for more at the airport of this size.

About Brno there is not much to be said, I think we got to be grateful for having Ryanair flight to Stansted and Wizzair flights to Eindhoven and Luton... I´m afraid situation is not going to improve in the near future.



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