Review of Malaysia Airlines flight New Delhi Kuala Lumpur in Business

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 191
Class Business
Seat 2K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 19 Dec 13, 22:13
Arrival at 20 Dec 13, 05:23
MH 209 reviews
By 19979
Published on 2nd February 2014
MH191 Delhi Indira Gandhi DEL - Kuala Lumpur International KUL
STD-STA: 2125-0515 (+1)
Actual: 2213-0523 (+1)
Airbus A330-300 9M-MTG
Gate 1 Seat 2K

Transferring from the domestic terminal did not take too long though there was a slight traffic hold up in one of the junction which according to my driver was due to some VIP needing to use the road. I also noticed the shuttle buses from the airport being held up here which might explain the delay in the shuttle.

photo 12187085563_7aa2f5401f_b
International terminal at Delhi

Check in at the Malaysia Airlines counter was with a pleasant agent and the encounter was very nice after a series of incidents and delays. So I thought my luck had changed for the better! The agent thought I was some journalist or something with my DSLR camera and yeah while a job at Nat Geo might be cool, I am just doing photography as a hobby.

photo 12186843415_bc28951cc0_b
Malaysia Airlines check-in

What I liked about Delhi airport is that First and Business class passengers get dedicated immigration and security lanes which was relatively empty while long queues abound in the normal lanes. Thus security was a breeze compared to what I experienced in Mumbai days ago.

photo 12187462876_8ac19a98fd_b
Skoda car and Hublot watch advertisement

The international terminal was designed more or less similar to the new domestic terminal used by Air India and Jet Airways and forces passengers to route through a duty free like in London Heathrow and Sydney's airport. Beyond that space there was a large waiting atrium with shops and a food court on the second floor. The airline lounges were also located on the second floor and Malaysia uses the airport lounge that was managed by ITC Hotels.

photo 12187090763_8dc9d751e1_b
Entrance to the ITC Green lounge

Having been impressed by ITC hotels, I was hoping some good catering in the lounge but sadly it was just more of the normal lounge quality food. There was some hot samosas and puffs along with a variety of other hot dishes that I managed to nibble on for a light dinner.

photo 12186847395_553dfcc855_b
Buffet counter in the lounge

The lounge was moderately busy but there was enough seats for guests and a more private workspace in the centre. To use the wifi in the lounge, guests need to ask for the password and user name but it was a very inconvenient way to access the wifi as it took some time. I would not say the wifi is very good either for streaming videos but should be good enough for social networking, checking emails and surfing sites.

photo 12187272964_4048d01747_b
Workspace area in the lounge

Since the lounge was not very enjoyable, I decided to leave earlier as I realized I forgot to request for a refund for my Jet Airways flight. I searched in vain for a Jet Airways service counter on the airside of the terminal but did not manage to find one and thus head back to the gate where my Malaysia Airlines flight was due to depart from. When I arrived, the crew was just preparing to board the plane and it was probably another 10-15 minutes before they started boarding for the disabled, family with kids and the elderly.

photo 12187091963_533e3ba1de_b
Malaysia Airlines crew boarding the flight

What irks me was that even with the segregated Business and Economy line up, the airport agent would not even allow boarding for premium passengers 10 minutes after the initial boarding of needy passengers. Not even with me requesting for an earlier boarding and showing her my boarding pass. I believe it was a rule by the Indian airport staff. Again something that I just cannot fathom since the airport ground staff at Singapore Changi Airport was just so pleasant to deal with. This might sound like first world problems but when I was already frustrated with the delays and incidents earlier on and having to stand at the queue for 15+ minutes, I just was not in the mood to take such bureaucratic nonsense.

Once I boarded the flight, I got around to take photos of the Business class cabin which was still empty fortunately but as my photos show, the cabin crew was just not attentive or in the mood at all. Note the headrest cover in one of the seats which drop down in my photo. This was even before anyone boarded. As I entered the plane there was no greeting or whatsoever since the crew was just mingling at the back. No offers to help with the luggage either. Come on MH, even SQ stewardess does offer help to me in Economy class! It's not that I am a weak guy or anything but to me it is the thought that counts.

photo 12186850485_455a721922_b
MH Business class on the A330

Malaysia Airlines uses a seat made by Recaro as indicated in the seat controls and it was actually alright and felt snug. It is definitely narrower than SQ's regional business class seat. The colours were dull but the plane still looks new that is until you spot the dirt in the crevices. Somehow while the plane was new and seems new, maintenance was not very good by the crew.

photo 12187275924_cf042ebdbf_b
Window seat in the Business class cabin

photo 12187470216_2e74d9042f_b
Seat controls

Even with me seated the staff were still nowhere to be seen. It wasn't until when the cabin was more or less filled that the cabin crew started to offer newspapers and magazines, then they gave out hot towels, and then welcome beverages. I had an orange juice and returned to reading my newspaper while my seat mate got seated and passed on the welcome drink. This looks to be a very full flight in all classes since I noticed a lot of families and leisure travellers out for the Christmas holidays and my seat mate seems to be a government official of some sort travelling for work. He was very quiet and spoke not a single word to me. Not that I wanted a conversation anyway after having a chatty neighbour in my previous flight.

photo 12186852825_eb53510b2d_b
Welcome drink

Such a late evening flight in Delhi means there was not much wait in the tarmac before we took off. Due to the delayed boarding and full flight, we took off kind of late. The good part of Malaysia Airlines is perhaps the ability to use the inflight entertainment even when we were on the ground and I started watching the movie 'Pacific Rim'.

photo 12187096013_bdf8b14589_b
Ambient lighting for supper service

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, the cabin crew came around to take drink orders and I had a Teh Tarik which was served with peanuts. Considering the short flight, I wondered why they didn't just skip this and went on with the proper meal service.

photo 12187279114_52b27cb714_b
Teh tarik and peanuts

Malaysia Airlines did not scrimp on this flight though since they still serve their famous satay, which I did enjoy. The peanut sauce for the satay includes beans and creates a different flavour so if I have to choose I rather go for the sauce provided by Singapore Airlines. For the satay meat itself, both seemed to be quite similar.

photo 12187472966_eb314a2157_b
Satay for appetizers

The menu for the flight read as follow:

SUPPER | New Delhi - Kuala Lumpur


Malaysian Satay
Our Award-Winning Signature Dish
Charcoal hand grilled chicken and lamb skewers with peanut sauce and traditional accompaniments

Passion Ka Wada
Crisp fried white lentil fritters drenched in passion fruit flavoured yoghurt


With unsalted butter or extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar on request

Accompanied with plain yoghurt and mints

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
Traditional mix of basmathi rice, diced chicken and spices cooked in a sealed pan accompanied with egg masala


Methi Palak Coriander Gosht
Lamb cooked in gravy of fenugreek, spinach and coriander leaves paste with herbs and served with chickpea mint basmathi rice and stir fried carrots, beans and peas foogath


Grilled Fish with Pesto Sauce
Accompanied with fried potatoes and buttered grilled vegetables


Gajar Ka Tukda with Rabdi
Cardamom flavoured sweetened carrot dessert served on a bed of rich reduced milk sauce

Fresh Fruits


Paratha and papadum are available on request

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Brazilian Santos
White Coffee O
Nescafé Gold Blend
Nescafé Decaffeinated

Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Pink Guava Juice (Available on flights from Kuala Lumpur)


Still - Spritzer Natural Mineral Water

Teh Tarik
Ceylon Meda Watte
Ceylon Finest Black Tea
Earl Grey
Camomile Herbal Infusion
Jasmine Green Tea
Japanese Green Tea
Tea Blend
Oolong Tea
South African Rooibos Tea

First the cabin crew came around and laid out the table cover but it was sometime before they started serving the fruit platter, yogurt and a deep fried white lentil doused with passion fruit yoghurt. It was a good light starter though the lentil seems more appropriate for dessert since it was very sweet.

photo 12187097563_80412e8480_b
Crisp fried white lentil fritters drenched in passion fruit flavoured yoghurt

The main course I picked was the Hyderabadi chicken biryani, which came well presented though it was lacking in the chicken as I should have read the menu more closely. They should have named this dish Nasi Briyani with Eggs.

photo 12186856065_eb22c69305_b
Hyderabadi chicken biryani

But it was not a big issue having had a light dinner at the lounge and I was quite satisfied with the eggs and the sauce anyway such that I even passed on the dessert since it came really late and I wanted some shut-eye before landing.

When the crew passed around dessert by hand (they even skipped the tray), I got one for a photo. My seat mate was already in full bedtime mode by this time but the full flight meant many guests were still on the meal and the cabin light was not even dimmed. Anyway dessert was a carrot cake with milk reduction and I did not fancy it anyway so no way to know how it tasted like. The highlight of the meal was perhaps the Malaysian satay but again it is not my favourite.

photo 12187098663_d85df9b64b_b
Cardamom flavoured sweetened carrot dessert served on a bed of rich reduced milk sauce

One thing to note was that the flight did not have the German Riesling indicated in the menu and I was instead given an Australian Semillon Sauvignon blanc. Not very professional of Malaysia Airlines anyway since this might be the first time an airline does not stock what they wrote on the menu. During the meal service, I also ordered a hot milo which was thankfully okay.

The wine menu for the flight are as follow:

Champagne Deutz Brut Classic NV, France

Pierre André Montagny Premier Cru Blanc 2011/2012, Burgundy, France

Dr. Loosen Blauschiefer Riesling Trocken 2012, Mosel, Germany

Château Liversan AOC Haut-Médoc 2010, Bordeaux, France

M. Chapoutier Crozes-Hermitage Les Meysonniers, AOC C.H. 2010/2011, Rhône, France

After the meal service, I stopped the inflight entertainment since I did not really find the movie to be that engaging or perhaps I was just tired since it has been a long day after all. I reclined the seat to an angled lie-flat position. Generally I found the seat to be the least comfortable compared to Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines regional business class seats which are similarly angled flat. The cushion was a bit hard and is perhaps fine for a day flight.

photo 12187282074_47bc175b54_b
Inflight moving map after the meal

I managed a couple of hours of sleep since the flight was already over the Indian Ocean when I laid back to get some shut eye. I woke up around the time they were prepping the cabin and headed to the lavatory to refresh myself. There might have been some hot towel given out but I do not remember. Perhaps I was just too tired then.

photo 12187475966_6738743d95_b
Descent into Kuala Lumpur

All I could say now was that it was a very lacklustre flight when compared to Singapore Airlines or even to Thai Airways, both of whom are probably the biggest competitor. Honestly speaking I would only consider Malaysia Airlines when they are cheaper but at the same price, it would be SQ and TG any day.

photo 12187476566_996f5b7453_b
Terima kasih from MH

Upon arrival in KLIA, I had to get the onward boarding pass, but the transfer counters were unable to print them out and instead hand-wrote them on a boarding pass stub and I was told to exchange them at the gate for official ones.

photo 12187102543_e9d7e8ed64_b
Handwritten boarding pass

At the Golden lounge, due to recent renovation works, the bathroom was not operational and there goes my hope of a shower to freshen myself up. Somehow my end of bad luck just did not seem to go away.

photo 12187283454_f3fc94bf67_b
Golden lounge at KLIA satellite terminal

photo 12187102323_fb4391924c_b
Inside the Golden Lounge

I did however have a very fantastic breakfast of nasi lemak with sambal squid at the lounge since the noodle bar has yet to open. Nasi lemak is probably what Malaysia excels in since it was the best I have had in an airline facility. And the Golden lounge at the satellite terminal serves ice cream by Kapiti, so while the facilites and lounge design leaves much to be desired, at least the food is good!

photo 12187101583_9be941a75a_b
Smaller dining area with buffet counter

photo 12186244855_79b64752cf_b
Having nasi lemak for breakfast
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Independent ITC Green Lounge


New Delhi - DEL


Kuala Lumpur - KUL





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  • Comment 98531 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this great comprehensive report! Despite MH's Skytrax 5-star airline status, there have been quite a few reports recently of mediocre service and disappointing flights. Shame that the crew was not up to par and that the cabin was dirty, not to mention the confusing lack of priority boarding for premium passengers--these are things that just should not happen on a so-called 5-star carrier. The catering does indeed look very good, but the hard product is just kind of would expect full-flat full-access on a 5* ...though, in reality, many 5* airlines don't have a consistent product.
  • Comment 98532 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this detailed report. I find it inexcusable that an airline with a 5* rating can not even provide the most basic type of courtesy in having a crew to welcome passengers at the entrance, even more so in a premium cabin. Their lounge with plumbing problems and lack of shower facilities is a big disappointment.

    I've heard that MH is pulling out of LAX soon. Hard to believe that with their superior reputation and right to carry passengers to NRT they were not able to make this route work.
    • Comment 287977 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      MH seems to be going the route of TG, concentrating their services for flights to Europe. Visa difficulties for Malaysians could be one of the stumbling blocks in inadequate passenger numbers to fill up larger planes for services to the United States.
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    marathon BRONZE 9876 Comments
    Thank you for this report, as detailed and well illustrated as usual !
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    Thank you for sharing this complete report.

    Really disappointed by the MH offers and I found that the lounge in KUL is really looking bad with absolutely no privacy
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    Thanks for sharing this FR

    It's a bit disappointing flight with an under average crew

    The catering looks decent

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