Review of QantasLink flight Perth Darwin in Economy

Airline QantasLink
Flight QF1604
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 16 Dec 22, 11:45
Arrival at 16 Dec 22, 16:45
QF   #61 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 31 reviews
Published on 1st February 2023

Qantaslink QF1604 Perth To Darwin

Flight Details:
Airlines: QantasLink
Flight: QF1604 PER - DRW
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Class: Economy
Departure Perth Terminal 4: 11.45am
Arrival Darwin International: 4.50pm
Flight time: 3 hours 10 mins
Distance: 2646 km or 1429 miles

VIDEO: QantasLink QF1604 Perth to Darwin


This trip report is from Dec 2022.  This trip report is the continuation of "Great Aussie Fly" series. I had flown to Perth few days ago, read trip report: Qantas QF9 Melbourne To Perth.

I had rented a car and drove to Albany, Esperance, Norseman and Kalgoorlie - Boulder and returned back to Perth. Driving videos will be available after few months as I haven't edited the files.

If you enjoy long drive, check Youtube channel: @Roadcamz 

See map below.

photo screenshot-2023-02-02-at-01-18-36-google-maps



After returning, I stayed close to airport. Two days before departure, received notification to check-in.

photo screenshot-2022-12-07-at-13-52-56-booking-details

I was able to check-in online but was unable to generate boarding pass. I found later that the flight was flown by Qantas subsidiary -Qantaslink - Network Aviation.

photo screenshot-2022-12-16-011045

Pre-departure information

photo screenshot-2022-12-16-011141

Carry-on details

photo screenshot-2022-12-16-011218

Qantaslink Airbus A320-200 seating

photo screenshot-2023-01-30-223628

Arriving at Airport

As I had return car back, left early to fill fuel. Drove to airport early and returned the car key. As I had pre-paid the rental car, I left key in the box and walked towards the terminal. As I was flying with Qantas group, drove to Terminal 3/4. Virgin Australia, Alliance and all international flights depart from Terminal 1 and 2 which is located on the other side of the runway.  It also has rental return car parking. I was informed to drop car at Terminal 3 car park at the time of pickup.

photo 20221216_095113


I entered  through Terminal 3 and tried to check-in through the self-check kiosk. My details were not showing. Check-in counters were unmanned.

I asked the security and was informed to head towards Terminal 4 , where domestic check-in counters are located. Both Terminal 3 and 4 are interconnected.

As I was early, I waited for the check-in counter to open.

photo 20221216_101140

While seated in front of the arrivals area, view of the flight schedule.

photo 20221216_101156

As there were interstate flight, sniffer dogs used in arrivals to detect unreported food. Noticed few people pulled aside for checking.

photo 20221216_102552


Check-in was open for the flight. I went to the self-check kiosk but the system was unable to recognise my details. I checked with ground staff, who checked my id and then printed the boarding pass, receipt and baggage tag.

photo 20221216_102631

Dropped my check-in bag, which was weighed.

photo 20221216_103853

I checked the boarding information - Gate 17C in Terminal 3 would be used for Darwin flight.

photo 20221216_103900


Security queue was long and took about 20 mins to clear.

Departure AREA

After completing security, walked up the stairs to the departure area. Walking towards the gate.

photo 20221216_111546


By the time, I reached boarding gate. Boarding for the flight had commenced.

photo 20221216_111941

Boarding gate 17C is towards the left.

photo 20221216_111800

Boarding pass was self-scanned and then allowed to walk through the corridor towards the aircraft.

photo 20221216_112142

View of the QantasLink Fokker 100 and Terminal 1 and 2 in the background.

photo 20221216_112149

Qantaslink Airbus A320-200 VH-UVQ operating QF1604 Perth to Darwin

photo 20221216_112244

Closeup view of the aircraft

photo 20221216_112351

On Board

On reaching the aircraft door, cabin crew checked the boarding pass and directed passengers. This aircraft had all economy seating. Single aisle 3-3 leather seats.

photo 20221216_112451

Settled in seat, noticed aircraft was 50 percent full. I did not have a neighbour nor the opposite side.

photo 20221216_112614

Window view and noticed the Qantas Airbus A330-200 is VH-EBJ "Margaret River" which I had travelled on from Sydney to Melbourne few days ago, Read report here: Qantas QF427 Sydney to Melbourne

photo 20221216_112726

Boarding in progress.

photo 20221216_112858

Boarding almost complete.

photo 20221216_112751

Crew made announcement to welcome passengers.

photo 20221216_112756

Pushback and TAxi

Captain announced pushback would commence shortly, doors were closed.  Safety demonstration was conducted manually.

photo 20221216_113453

Pushback commenced on time, Pilot had informed that due to tailwind, arrival time would be 4.40pm.Slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 20221216_113459

Doors closed.

photo 20221216_113635

Pushback to commence.

photo 20221216_113645

View of Safety card and individual airvents on the Airbus A320-200.

photo 20221216_113835

After pushback, aircraft had a long taxi to runway 21.

photo 20221216_115517

Aircraft following was Airbus A330 to Melbourne.

photo 20221216_115927

Aircraft did not hold for long upon reaching the runway, engines roared and gained speed. Up in the sky within few seconds.

photo 20221216_115947

View of Terminal 3 and Perth skyline in the background.

photo 20221216_115950photo 20221216_115951

View of Terminal 4

photo 20221216_115953photo 20221216_115954

Regional airline terminal

photo 20221216_120003

View of Swan river after departure

photo 20221216_120017

Perth is known for mines, view after departure heading West.

photo 20221216_120234

More mines

photo 20221216_120249

Seat Pocket Material

Checked the seat pocket and got inflight magazine, air sickness bag and safety card

photo 20221216_120348


photo 20221216_120438

Qantaslink Airbus A320-200 safety card

photo 20221216_120458photo 20221216_120452

Qantas inflight magazine

photo 20221216_120543

Printed boarding pass

photo 20221216_120722

Baggage receipt

photo 20221222_111313

Cabin view

Got up to stretch and use the toilet, which was clean.

photo 20221216_122939

Cabin view of Airbus A320-200

photo 20221216_122941

Bright day and hot, had to keep the window shades down.

photo 20221216_123756

Cabin Service

Cabin service commenced after an hour, choice of meal was chicken or beef .

photo 20221216_124357

I chose the chicken salad and received water bottle.

photo 20221216_124442

Crew checked if I would like drink. I chose beer.

photo 20221216_124556

Wooden cutlery

photo 20221216_124917

Chicken was dry but the rest of the salad was ok.

Crew checked if passengers would like more drinks. Some had second serve of beer.

Reminded me of the good old times and the Australia that is disappearing from the East coast.

photo 20221216_125237

Qantas logo with safety card

photo 20221216_130801

Qantas route map.

photo 20221216_131442

World map

photo 20221216_131542

In about 2 hrs of flying crossed over to Northern Territory and the landscape changed below.

photo 20221216_134423

Crew distributed cookies

photo 20221216_140551photo 20221216_140639

Another 35 minutes to arrival.

photo 20221216_143829

Landing in Darwin

Announcement was made, descend would commence soon. Crew cleared the cabin of rubbish and conducted safety check.

photo 20221216_151051

Landing gears came out.

photo 20221216_151053

Landed smoothly

photo 20221216_151118

View of Terminal as a Virgin Australia aircraft holds

photo 20221216_151122

Braking to slow down.

photo 20221216_151133

Exiting the runway

photo 20221216_151150

Heading towards the gate.

photo 20221216_151240

Airbus A320 waiting for Virgin to depart

photo 20221216_151305

Almost reached the gate.

photo 20221216_151430

View of QantasLink Embraer ERJ-190AR VH-UZI

photo 20221216_151455

Upon reaching the gate, disembarkation was orderly. with those seated in front exit first.

photo 20221216_151505

Thanked crew and disembarked the aircraft.

photo 20221216_165059

QantasLink VH-UVQ

photo 20221216_165200

Walking towards the exit.

photo 20221216_165311

I had arrived early and the bags were not loaded. I noticed the car rental counter was next to the baggage claim. I went to the counter and got the car key and they bags had started to arrive. Got mine withing few minutes.

photo 20221216_165529-70091

Exit Terminal

Exited the terminal and walk towards the rental car parking which is to the left. I had received a swipe card to exit the car park. Loaded the bags and drove to hotel.

photo 20221216_171818

By the time I reached the hotel, i was past 5.30 pm as the time zone changes to Central time. Street view from balcony.

photo 20221216_201753

Flight Information

Checked the flight information after reaching hotel.

photo screenshot-2022-12-17-at-01-30-14-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Flight details

photo screenshot-2022-12-17-at-01-30-40-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Aircraft rotation

photo screenshot-2022-12-17-at-01-31-13-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.

Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew7.5

Perth - PER


Darwin - DRW



Qantaslink flight was satisfactory. Flight departed on time and arrived early. Crew on board were friendly. Meal served was adequate. Drinks were available and offered by crew. Entertainment system and WiFi was not available, I didn't need it as I spent most of the time resting.

Overall a satisfactory flight.



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  • Comment 620350 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 1003 Comments
    Hello Koresh!

    What an amazing flight!

    Single aisle 3-3 leather seats.

    Those seats look very cozy!

    While seated in front of the arrivals area, view of the flight schedule.

    Boolgeeda!! I have an aunt in Boolgeeda. She likes wearing dresses, but she doesn't like wearing skirts. She likes playing chess, but she doesn't like playing cards. She likes sheep, but she doesn't like cows. She likes doors, but she doesn't like windows. Can you tell me why??

    choice of meal was chicken or beef .

    Choice of... meal?? In domestic economy??? What kind of sorcery is this???

    Crew checked if passengers would like more drinks. Some had second serve of beer.

    I fainted

    World map

    They used to cover the route to SCL with a 747. It was my last chance to fly on an 747... until it was retired. They use a 787 now.

    Outstanding domestic service! Never imagined such a thing was possible in Y! However, why you weren't able to get your boarding pass is beyond me. Shouldn't they provide you with a link or something to the effect?

    Thanks for sharing this interesting route, Koresh!
    • Comment 620385 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Regarding the boarding pass, I assume that this flight operated by subsidiary. They may want to check the ID before issuing the boarding pass.
      Thanks for your comment. ?
  • Comment 620351 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Cool to see a report on the QantasLink all-Y A320s as there aren't that many out there. It's interesting that QF run this 1-cabin equipment on the PER-DRW route. I would think there'd be enough premium demand to justify a 2-cabin a/c between the capitals of WA and NT--perhaps not. I see that they have 2-cabin 738s running on some days and the 1-cabin A320s on some.

    Despite the tight Y180 configuration, the legroom doesn't seem to be too bad and the cabin looks nice and clean. It's also nice to have a fresh meal for free on a domestic flight! Flying domestic within Australia is a much more pleasant experience than domestic flying in the US, that's for sure!

    Thanks for sharing
    • Comment 620384 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      QantasLink all economy Airbus are ex-Jetstar aircrafts, competing with Virgin Australia. The Boeing 737 services operate with 2 class cabins probably early morning ones catering to Business travellers. This being a mid-day flight probably caters to FIFO market.

      Domestic flights are pleasant to fly. This was my first trip from the West Coast, I had a good experience.

      Thanks for your comment.
    • Comment 620393 by
      Pilpintu TEAM 1003 Comments
      Well, here comes the explanation to my question about "my aunt from Boolgeeda." ?

      It's actually a riddle I use with my students to practice the structure of affirmative and negative sentences in the third person singular in English, with that problematic S in the affirmative: She likes..., She doesn't like, She wears..., She doesn't wear..., etc. The actual name of this game is "My aunt from Woollamalloo," though, but I remembered the riddle when I saw the name Boolgeeda.

      So, my aunt from Boolgeeda likes dreSSes, cheSS, shEEp and dOOrs, but not skirts, cards, cows or windows. Why?

      The key is in the name of her town! bOOlgEEda !!!!

      Get it?

      Well, someone is not getting a golden star today. Mwahahahahh. ???

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