Review of FlySafair flight Cape Town Durban in Economy

Airline FlySafair
Flight FA162
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 20 Aug 22, 11:10
Arrival at 20 Aug 22, 13:15
FA   #13 out of 16 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 10 reviews
By SILVER 1198
Published on 6th March 2023

Hello Everyone,

Forgot about this trip whilst in Cape Town on a 737 Classic.  I wanted to fly to Durban whilst in SA and got the chance of flying on a rare 737 Classic with Flysafair.

Fares were pretty reasonable at just over £100 return.

Details may be minimal as this flight was taken in August 2022 however thought you may enjoy.

Online check in completed without any issues and boarding pass added to my Apple Wallet easily.  Paid for window seat 5F to enjoy some views of that 737-400 engine.

Here’s our ride for the day, ZS-WMP a 24 year old 737-400 delivered to Alaska in May 1998 then to Flysafair in 2016.

photo 23dcd77f-d5e4-412e-ad48-5ab0991ad0d5

Boarding commenced on time, no SkyPriority this time sadly.

Retro cabin views, love it.

photo b8dff29d-aca2-4afb-b0da-0f37c1ca3aa1

On time push with no delays or issues.

photo d76114bd-f0cd-49cd-8c6f-563dc05e5826

Lining up on RW19. 

photo ee1ef92e-2bfe-450b-be7e-9b1c6646aae3

Miss the sound if those engines, I think my last -400 may have been KLM prior to retirement.

Powering out of CPT. 

photo 2f0060d8-de5f-4581-9036-af4b536a6ea3photo 172a35c1-72ba-4bd8-8019-feca7f6118e8photo 9d254dcb-42d5-4fc8-ba11-6b8466c375c4

Into the cloud for some shadow chasing.

photo e3fef9b7-43c4-4afa-9875-30760aaf64ddphoto d1f8771b-4bea-4e42-9deb-b9b1fb259bfbphoto 080e2dea-2623-467b-be34-eb9d94198fd3

Views enroute.

photo 36622750-5055-4d22-82fd-9a6d4845739bphoto 37440bbd-3556-456f-a9d7-8cd77237ab2cphoto ca261add-34ad-49e0-b3d4-8f45392eaef6

Interesting cloud layers…

photo 859835e6-4156-4274-98be-e1bf6475b442photo feed340a-d454-4e95-abe1-33290508bc98

Buy on board which I remember to be really cheap.

photo d9d95014-3ea3-4540-af3e-772fb903b475

Pretty smooth flight too.  Descending for Durban.

photo 71924c7d-1cfe-4ecd-bd87-aba0fbe751f4photo b5f1326f-b7e3-4df2-821c-77641a7a3013photo 0bd363e5-6041-4a3d-a1f0-29d3a616a6b9

Final approach.

photo f92da11e-f937-4f28-8e3a-c9b0e96a8607photo 5edbf8e5-111a-4d60-ba0c-f80f487f3d34photo 6f46574b-c452-445d-a32c-67f08f50dc49
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu4.0

Cape Town - CPT


Durban - DUR



Nice flight on my first low cost in South Africa. Always a pleasure to get an older airplane which is rare in the UK.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est CemAir avec 7.9/10.

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  • Comment 623152 by
    Jett Tyler GOLD 302 Comments
    Nice review! Boeing 737-Classic are becoming harder to find these days. Nice to see them still kicking about South Africa.
  • Comment 623661 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    How exotic! Seems like a pretty good deal for 100GBP RT considering the length of the flight. I assume the prices have gone up on domestic SA itineraries since the demise of Comair taking out a major competitor from the market.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 624487 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 961 Comments
    What a nice, retro experience! This turns even the dullest LCC Y flight into a fascinating experience.

    Retro cabin views, love it.

    Everything looks made to last!

    Views enroute.

    Those winglet-less wings! They're not easy to find these days.

    Final approach.

    How beautiful! Actually, I have no idea what South Africa looks like, apart from some photos I've seen of Capr Town. These views are lovely!

    Thank you very much for sharing!

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