Review of Qantas flight Alice Springs Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF791
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 21 Dec 22, 11:50
Arrival at 21 Dec 22, 16:10
QF   #33 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 176 reviews
Published on 16th March 2023

QANTAS QF791 Alice Springs TO SyDney

Flight Details:
Airlines: Qantas
Flight: QF791 ASP - SYD
Aircraft: Boeing 737-838
Class: Economy
Departure Alice Springs Airport: 11.50am
Arrival Sydney Airport Terminal 3: 4.10pm
Flight time: 2 hours 26 mins
Distance: 2021 kilometers or 1255.79 miles

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This trip report is from Dec 2022. This trip report concludes the "Great Aussie Fly" series.
I drove to Uluru next day from Alice Springs.

photo image00084

I started drive at 10.30 am from Alice Springs

photo image0034-3

Long drive

photo image0034-7

Emus in Erldunda

photo image0034-4

Best humps in the outback

photo image0034-2

Uluru [Ayers Rock]

photo image0034-5

Sunrise viewing area

photo image0034-1

I returned back to hotel at 1.30a.m and slept till late morning. Next day, I stayed indoors till late afternoon, it was very hot almost 35 degrees during day time. Stepped out the wash car and local sightseeing.

Alice Springs Local Sightseeing

Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park

photo image0034-6

Alice Springs sunset

photo image0034-8

After car wash, had dinner.  Filled fuel for next day.


Logged in Qantas website to check-in.

photo image00075

I had bid for business class upgrade, wasn't successful.

photo image00076

Aircraft on this route - Boeing 737-800

photo image00085

Completed the check-in in few seconds.

photo image00073

Pre-departure information

photo image00077

Baggage information

photo image00078-74748

Read the FAQ

photo image00080

I tracked the arriving flight before heading to airport

photo screenshot-2022-12-21-at-09-32-51-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Qantas VH-VXF would be operating the Alice Springs service.

photo screenshot-2022-12-21-at-09-40-05-live-flight-tracker-real-time-flight-tracker-map-flightradar24

Arriving at Airport

Loaded bag in car and set out towards airport. Alice Springs airport is situated 15 kms from town.  I started early around 8.00am even though the hotel checkout time was 10.00am.

photo image00001

I knew the route to airport, GPS set for photo.

photo image00002

No traffic and road is straight.

photo image00003

Took about 20 mins to reach car park. Photo of mileage.

photo image00004

I had full insurance with 0 excess. As always, conducted inspection of vehicle and locked the car.

photo image00005

Stepping out of the car, it was very hot.

photo image00087-26854


photo image00006

Walking towards terminal. It was hot and temp was rising.

photo image00007

Inside Terminal

I dropped the car key and waited for check-in to open.

photo image00008


Check-in opened around 9.30 am. A small queue formed to drop bag.

photo image00009-71506

I joined the queue and dropped bag. Received boarding pass.

photo image00071

Baggage receipt

photo image00072

Flight Schedule

photo image00010


View of the rental car counters. After check-in, passed security.

photo image00011

Completed security and was in the departure area

photo image00012

Departure area divided in two. Left side was Virgin Australia waiting area.

photo image00013

Centre was a cafe and bar.

photo image00014

Right side was Qantas / Alliance Airlines waiting area

photo image00015

Plenty of time for boarding.

photo image00016

QF791 departing gate 8

photo image00017

WAIT for Boarding

Like most other passengers, I went to cafe for coffee.

photo image00018

Hot day in Alice Springs

photo image00081-11259

Coffee sipping

photo image00020-60310

Airside view - Aircraft had arrived.

photo image00019


It was almost boarding time. Walked towards the gate area. Boarding had commenced soon after I reached the waiting area.

photo image00021

Qantas Club Lounge next to waiting area.

photo image00022-34746


I joined the queue and on my turn scanned the boarding pass .

photo image00023-85702

Outside in the terminal, walking towards aircraft.

photo image00024


Seated in the middle, I boarded from the rear stairs.

photo image00025

Settled in the seat.

photo image00026

Waiting for boarding to complete.

photo image00027

PusHbACK, TAXi and Departure

Boarding completed, Captain and crew welcomed passengers. In few minutes, engine spooled and aircraft turned towards taxiway.

photo image00028

Hand rest control for channel and volume. Flight was full, lucky to have middle seat empty.

photo image00029-36153

Crew conducting safety check.

photo image00030-17609

Safety video was played on drop down screen as the aircraft taxied.

photo image00074

Long taxi

photo image00031

Incoming aircraft

photo image00088-32199

Holding for incoming aircraft from Melbourne.

photo image00032

Turning 360 degrees to line up with runway

photo image00033

Rotating with view of stored aircraft.

photo image00034

View of Alice Springs airport, heading East towards New South Wales[NSW].

photo image00035

SEAT Pocket MAterial [SPM]

Seat pocket contained Safety card, Inflight magazine and air sickness bag

photo image00036

Qantas Boeing 737-800 safety card

photo image00037

Full view

photo image00038

Inflight magazine

photo image00039

Cabin announcement was made, aircraft was WiFi enabled. Complementary WiFi was available.

photo image00040

Connected to WiFi, chatting and using Flightradar24 to check location.

photo image00089-28457

Outside view over Simpson desert.

photo image00041

Cabin Service

Cabin crew commenced service 45 mins after departure.

photo image00042-96255

Outside view, waiting to be served.

photo image00043-48586

Meal was Chicken Panini, asked for coke for drink and water.

photo image00044

Open box

photo image00045

Crew checked if anyone wanted a second serve. I took a second serve as I was feeling hungry.

photo image00046

Second serve before disappearing.

photo image00047

Boxes ready for disposal.

photo image00048

Flying over North West NSW.

photo image00049-20978

Flight route

photo image00091-81977

Greenery increasing over South Central NSW.

photo image00050-90915

Bankstown Airport - View of South West Sydney, Soon it was time for landing. Captain announced descend commencing soon. Rubbish collected and safety check conducted by crew.

photo image00051

Landing in Sydney

Aircraft flew over Granville and Parramatta to reduce altitude. Turned East to line with runway 16R. Seated on left side, view of Sydney CBD.

photo image00052

View of the under-construction motorway airport connector on approach.

photo image00053

Landing on runway 16R

photo image00054

REX Airlines holding for incoming Jetstar Airways Boeing 787

photo image00055

Taxi to gate.

photo image00056

Qantas Airbus A380 taken to hanger.

photo image00057

Flight information

photo image00083

Aircraft rotation

photo image00082


Shortly after arriving at gate, disembarkation commenced.

photo image00058

Waiting for others to disembark.

photo image00059

Walking towards exit door.

photo image00060

Aerobridge to disembark the aircraft

photo image00061

Entered the Terminal 3

photo image00062

Direction towards baggage claim

photo image00063

Qantas Departure check-in was quiet.

photo image00065

Escalator downstairs towards baggage claim area.

photo image00064

Bags arriving on baggage belt 5.

As I was walking towards the belt, walked past Sydney Sixers players which had lost badly in Big Bash League few days earlier. I haven't followed cricket for years, I was trying thinking which team is it as I didn't recognise the players.

photo image00066

Waiting for bag to arrive.

photo image00067-71612

Waiting for bag

photo image00068-24149

Exiting TeRminal

Stepping outside the terminal. Checked the temperature. Weather was pleasant.

photo image00086-31855

I missed the Long term car park bus and waited for the next one to arrive. While waiting, I noticed the staff taking photos with the players. I checked on chat to find which team was it. Got updated cricket results.

photo image00069

Bus arrived full. Got on board and disembarked at bus stop and headed towards the car.

photo image00070

I wanted to reach home early, Being peak hour, decided to take  the motorway. Still faced traffic and traffic crawled and stopped due to congestion.It took almost an hour to reach.

The "Great Aussie Fly" series ends here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.  Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew8.0

Alice Springs - ASP


Sydney - SYD



The Qantas "Great Aussie Fly" experience was excellent. I had flown on different aircraft and travel classes. Had no issues with service, bags or delays.

In this flight, aircraft departed and arrived on time. Ground and cabin crew were professional, I didn't require any special service.
Entertainment was available through drop down screen. No headphones were provided. Due to the WiFi being available, personal entertainment was sufficient. Having started early, I was happy with the meal service as I was hungry as I planned to eat after reaching Sydney.

Overall I had a pleasant experience flying domestically with Qantas.

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