Review of Air France flight Bordeaux Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7437
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 22 Apr 23, 17:10
Arrival at 22 Apr 23, 18:35
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 6114 reviews
Published on 13th February 2024


Hello everyone !

I'm delighted to see you all back in Bordeaux after this weekend's work trip to Paris.

Ticket purchased in the beginning of January for departure in April on the Air France website sold for 354 € return, which is still quite expensive for a one-hour flight in Economy !





Arrival from the centre of Bordeaux at around 1 PM.

photo img_6540

Head for the drop-off zone.

photo img_6541

The control tower was designed by Philippe Starck.

photo img_6543

This is Hall B :

photo img_6550photo img_6556photo vlcsnap-2024-01-23-12h10m23s528

There are very few people inside the terminal, in fact almost only Air France flights leave from here, the others only leave from terminal A, such as Ryanair , Volotea and Iberia etc …

photo vlcsnap-2024-01-23-12h10m32s479

Check-in at the AF automatic kiosk.
I don't have any luggage, so all I have to do is print my boarding pass and then go through the security.

photo img_6559-23122photo img_6562-93391photo img_6566-30106

A few AF customers wait to check in their luggage.

photo img_6570

Here is the terminal A, exceptionally the terminal B is closed for maintenance (April 2023).

photo img_6584photo img_6592

After the security checks, we were informed that there would be a two-hour delay following the late departure of the plane from Paris this morning, which caused a snowball effect throughout the day on the various flights that were due to depart in Paris.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h33m00s509

SMS and notification received on the Air France app to inform us of the delay.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h33m13s278

For the moment, only Ryanair and EasyJet are in the gates.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h33m28s031photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h34m12s978photo img_6605

This panel will be ridiculous :(

photo img_6608

After a delay of just under 2 hours, our plane finally touched down in Bordeaux!

photo vlcsnap-2024-01-16-21h10m54s626

Today it is a veteran of the Air France fleet that will be operating the Bordeaux - Paris route. F-GMZA is the oldest aircraft in the entire Air France fleet, having been in service for 30 years with the airline, operated previously by Air Inter.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h42m24s784photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h42m36s202

As boarding had not yet started, I decided to go down to the lower level to take our plane with a slightly clearer view.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h34m20s984-88045photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h33m52s294


Boarding begin and priorities will be respected.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h34m35s453-35959photo vlcsnap-2024-01-16-21h11m41s503-99553

Beautiful view of the airport control tower.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h34m48s968photo vlcsnap-2024-01-16-21h12m00s396photo vlcsnap-2024-01-16-21h12m21s399-44007

Instant door :)

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h35m08s680-93008


A few details about our aircraft:

Type : A321 - 111
Registration : F-GMZA (Fox - Golf Mike Zulu Alpha)
Date of joining the company : 10/06/1994
Age : 30 years old

After some personal research and according to , and Flightradar our A321 is in storage, its last flight was on 1 November 2023 to Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Several other A321-111s are present in the Air France fleet, all of them almost 30 years old, previously operated by Air Inter then integrated into the Air France fleet : F-GMZC (29 years old) , F-GMZD (28 years old) , F-GMZE (28 years old).


A warm welcome from the crew at the door.

photo vlcsnap-2024-01-17-08h17m00s426

Cabin configured as 3 - 3 (Metropole)

photo a321-metro-95508


Not many people on this flight at the end of the afternoon, whole rows are empty including mine which will do me a world of good I'll be able to stretch out my legs : )

photo vlcsnap-2024-01-17-08h47m28s320photo img_6732

Recaro seats, pitch limited mainly to the feet and knees.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h36m45s291

Headband with AF logo, but non-adjustable.

photo img_6746

Two USB sockets are available, located at the bottom of the seat, and will work properly after take-off.

photo img_6752

Safety - Card

photo img_6756

Wi - Fi is available on board :)

photo img_6761photo img_6778

The overhead light looks like it's from another era.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h35m56s624

Right next to us is an Iberia CRJ900, which will be taking off for Madrid just after us, and in the back an Aer Lingus A320 waiting patiently for its passengers.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h36m11s655

The bridge is removed.

photo img_6766


During the pushback, safety demonstrations begin.

photo vlcsnap-2024-01-17-09h00m42s303photo vlcsnap-2024-01-17-09h00m53s455

Engines start-up and the flaps are expanding.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h36m29s659

At the back, two Belugas and several Norwegian 787s are undergoing maintenance at Sabena Technic.

photo vlcsnap-2024-01-17-09h03m52s604photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h37m33s174


Here we go, next stop : Paris Charles de Gaulle.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h37m41s332photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h37m59s004photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h38m07s908

SERVICESome turbulence after takeoff, passing over the Garonne, which flows into the Atlantic.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h38m32s463photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h38m55s873


Service begins as soon as our cruise starts, and we'll be served a hot drink and a small biscuit.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h39m30s879

My selection is a glass of water and Coca-Cola.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h38m44s603photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h39m04s717


Here's the cloud layer we encountered on take-off, which caused us some turbulence.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h39m43s568photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h42m50s982

A great view of our CFM56 from my seat !

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h39m52s111


The descent began less than 25 minutes after our initial ascent.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h40m23s711photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h40m10s661

Long turn over Meaux to line up with runway 26.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h40m45s407


The slats and flaps are deployed.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h41m01s020photo vlcsnap-2024-01-17-09h37m06s035photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h41m19s704

Hard landing after a long delay over the initial scheduled time.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h41m39s154

Quick exit to the taxiway.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h41m51s504

We cross 26 right.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h42m05s569photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h43m07s420

We pass along the company headquarters.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h43m15s278photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h43m32s699photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h43m47s097

A small A319 is on departure.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h43m57s996

Next to us is a small A220, which will replace Air France's existing fleet of A318' and A319'.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h44m23s102

The jet bridge will be quickly installed to allow priority disembarkation of connecting passengers.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h44m33s025photo 1photo 2

Goodbye F-GMZA, thank you for this flight, which I think will be your last :)

photo 3photo 4

" Les-Baux-de-Provence "

photo 5

Heading to the exit of terminal 2F.

photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h45m14s382photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h45m23s278photo vlcsnap-2023-11-08-11h45m32s951

Allow 10-15 minutes for baggage reclaim.

photo img_7151

The luggage carousels are empty.

photo img_7156photo img_7168photo img_7177

A final farewell to our valiant F-GMZA, I hope one day to fly it again :)

photo img_7198


Here is our flight according to Flightradar :

photo bod-retour-321-111
See more


Air France

Cabin crew7.0

Bordeaux - BOD


Paris - CDG



In conclusion, as for the outbound flight, this was a 'classic' AF domestic flight, with a decent service and no more, and a smiling crew. The only negative point was the delay, but that's not Air France's fault.

See you soon for another Flight Report !

Maël 😉

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    RIP F-GMZA, I assume it's being retired since it's now been parked for so long. It's nice AF added WiFi and USB to the Metropole fleet, but the seats are getting really old. I remember them being pretty hard and not very comfortable when they were new-ish over a decade ago, so I can imagine it hasn't gotten much better. I don't know how many of the Metropole fleet AF intend to keep operating, assuming more of these older ones will be retired, but for those they keep it's really time to start swapping out the seats. It's funny that Transavia are receiving brand new NEOs, but still none in the AF mainline fleet.

    Thanks for sharing!

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