Review of Turkish Airlines flight Nevşehir Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK2007
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 01 Nov 13, 12:00
Arrival at 01 Nov 13, 13:20
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By SILVER 3388
Published on 18th February 2014
This is the return trip from Cappadocia into Istambul, part of a trip around Europe in late 2013

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So after an awesome pair of nights in Göreme, doing the balloon ride and then renting ATVs for the day, exploring the region on our own, we were on to our final step: Istambul.

I read that whilst Kayseri got most of the flights, Nevsehir had a closer airport thus we wouldn't have to get up very early for the flight. Prices were the same so that is why we arranged for such return flight. Moreover, there was another airport for the list, yay.

The hostel manager had already arranged with the van for our pick up, everything was settled, it was so painless and considerate I was really impressed. So we had an awesome breakfast and in no time we were picked and on our way to Nevsehir's airport. We picked other tourists and then crossed Nevsehir, the airport was actually far from Nevsehir (or so it felt).

By the time we arrived to the airport our plane was already waiting for us..

The terminal building. Turkey seems not to invest a lot in making their regional airports pretty, but at least they are clean and functional.
photo IMG_5253

Our airbus from the terminal, don't know why there was a crowd
photo IMG_5254

Check in was swift and painless, no trouble about weight issues (we were actually over the advertised limit), boarding passes handled and into the boarding gate. We were called to the plane in no time, thankfully everything was fast, the airport didn't have much to do or see. Practically a small check in/public zone, and a very tiny gate.

Awesome surroundings!
photo IMG_5256

The terminal from the airside, check the crowd, the ATC tower at the far right
photo IMG_5257

Isn't it lovely to board the plane this way on a sunny day?
photo IMG_5260photo IMG_5261photo IMG_5265

The cabin was fitted with black leather seats, it seemed somewhat crowded… we where greeted by a fine looking FA, these girls were so beautiful!

PSUs evidenced that the plane had its good years on, but it looked immaculate.
photo IMG_5266

Pitch appropriate for a domestic flight, doubtful about something longer than 2h
photo IMG_5270

The view from my window
photo IMG_5267

Taxi into RWY 29 and backtrack…immediate takeoff
The terminal building
photo IMG_5268

Surroundings, the view was awesome
photo IMG_5269

Passing by what I guess is Hirfanl? Dam
photo IMG_5271

Then, Lake Tuz was visible…I was so happy with the views

By then, meals were given it was really good, the dessert not so much but I loved everything else.
photo IMG_5276

Ankara was visible too (we where warned by the guys at the front office)
photo IMG_5277

Then weather wasn't that good…only mountains protruded from the clouds
photo IMG_5278

Between the clouds, it was obvious we were now over the Marmara sea, reckon these are the Prince's Islands (?)
photo IMG_5279

Uluda? (?)
photo IMG_5280

Gloomy weather
photo IMG_5281

Eventually more decent views were permitted

Landing on RWY06
photo IMG_5288photo IMG_5289photo IMG_5290

I regret so much not taking a flight between IST and SVO so I could ride on the IL96, had I known they're to be retired this year
photo IMG_5291

International platform dominated by TK, Star Alliance pals and a QR lurker
photo IMG_5292

Hello you, nice to meet you
photo IMG_5293

Whilst TK is dominant, Onur Air has also healthy presence

Osmaniye at the Gate
photo IMG_5298

Bags took very long to be delivered, and then we were off into the Metro Station. Gee it was far! there were golf carts taking people to the station, the girls in our group were picked, then we all meet and went to the metro. Everything ok…till we had to make the connection to the tram in Aksaray, suddenly I didn't feel in Istambul, but in Bogotá or in Barranquilla. The tram was chaotic, but people were so condescending and helpful, finally we made it to our hostel.
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Nevşehir - NAV


Istanbul - ISL



Another great flight on TK, with awesome views of this great country and excellent service.

TK: Service and catering awesome. IFE lacking, but the magazine was really good, in any case, the view was making up for the lack of IFE. Seats were comfortable and the cabin in better shape than the 73G on the previous flight, still I wouldn't venture in a long flight in those planes.

ASR: Cute little airport, just for boarding the plane and thats it. Don't expect anything else and plan no more than 1 hour to spend there.

IST: The domestic terminal seems less taken care of than the international one, baggage delivery was slow. The distance to the metro station is overwhelming, thankfully the golf carts are available. But venturing into the City on public transport isn't the best of experiences, it borders a sucky one.

I recommend everyone to go to this awesome country, with great history, great cities and places but most of all an awesome and lovely people. I returned to Colombia infatuated with Turkey.

Thanks for reading, saludos!



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  • Comment 100755 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    I enjoyed reading this nice report.

    It seems that you have felt under the Turkish spell like I did. It's a fascinating country and some of the people you meet are the friendliest you will encounter anywhere. Just don't let your guard down.

    Once you have flown on TK, you get spoiled, specially in Y. I can count with the fingers of one hand the airlines that provide an amenity kit, slippers and decent food in the back. The sandwich and cake that you received on this flight were the same snacks that were available in the galley on my IST-LAX flight between the 1st and 2nd meal services. You don't go hungry on TK.

    • Comment 289006 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 591 Comments
      Yeap, total victim of the Turkish spell, fortunately everything went ok, sometimes I felt really scared with some dodgy places and people, but in the end everything was OK, I even ventured into places I wouldn't have had if I was here in Colombia. That's why I ended up loving the place so much, it overcame my expectations in every way.

      TK splits your flier life in two. After TK your standards change forever.
  • Comment 100778 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Always a solid TK domestic product

    Certainly a huge difference with your next leg
  • Comment 133221 by
    mc 16 Comments
    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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