Review of United flight Zurich Washington in Business

Airline United
Flight UA53
Class Business
Seat 6L
Flight time 08:45
Take-off 07 Jun 23, 12:00
Arrival at 07 Jun 23, 14:45
UA   #69 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 402 reviews
By SILVER 1125
Published on 11th September 2023

summer trip to europe

This is my return leg of my summer European trip.  I was fortunate enough to find a direct ZRH-IAD on Polaris for 60k UA miles.  Soon after I booked this flight, United commenced its latest devaluation, which mean we're looking at 85k+ for the same flight.  I was actually in Basel on my last day in Switzerland, but it was easy enough to take a direct train from Basel to the Zurich airport.

photo summer-2023-europe

zurich airport

It was actually quite the walk from the airport train station to find where the United check-in counters are, which is located somewhat in a back corner.

photo 20230607_091055

After checking in, it was a fairly smooth journey through security, passport control, and then on my way to finding the Swiss Senator Lounge.

swiss senator lounge - terminal e

Once I found the lounge, it was easy enough to take the elevator up.  I was checked in quickly and directed to use the Senator portion of the lounge on the left.

photo 20230607_095146-80547

Turning right after the entrance leads you down a long corridor into the Senator Lounge.  Here, there are plenty of magazines/newspapers for you to pick up, as well as some tarmac-view seating.

photo 20230607_095320

Along the way, there are also these phone booths:

photo 20230607_095347

At the end of the lounge you can find recliner seating for resting.

photo 20230607_095431

The center of the lounge is the food and beverage area, with a variety of seating.  The way the lounge is set up makes it so that everywhere has plenty of natural lighting.

There are also individual work booths you can use for some productivity.

photo 20230607_095522

When I arrived, it was breakfast service.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  It was a reasonable spread with a few made-to-order items.

Here's the drink selection, highlighted by some fantastic coffee machines.

I had a breakfast bowl made to go along with a cappuccino. 

photo 20230607_100200

28/10 whisky club

Towards the end of my stay I made my way to the left of the entrance area for the famous whiskey bar here.

photo 20230607_095254

There are a few bar counter seats as well as more usual lounging seats throughout this area.

photo 20230607_095247

Here's a look at the bar: very impressive selection for a elite/business class bar.

photo 20230607_104549

The bartender was ever-so-friendly and more than encouraging of me to have a drink despite the fact that it was 20 minutes to boarding and not even 11am.  Who am I to refuse?  We began with a Highland Park 10 Yrs:

photo 20230607_104741

Very quickly we switched to a Japanese whiskey–Hatozaki:

photo 20230607_105015

And finally, we wrapped up this impromptu tasting with a Yamazakura:

photo 20230607_105321

planespotting from the senator lounge terrace

The main reason why all avgeeks adore this lounge is the incredible plane spotting terrace available.  After eating, I spent about 45 minutes here before going back inside.

photo 20230607_101043

The Swiss lounge even provides you with binoculars!

photo 20230607_101054

Not only binoculars, there is a nifty map of the runways upon opening the case.

photo 20230607_101110

Etihad 787-9

photo 20230607_101006

Air Canada 787-9

photo 20230607_102203

Swiss 777-300ER

photo 20230607_102302

The Air Canada 789 pushed back shortly after the Swiss 77W did.

photo 20230607_102448

British Airways ERJ-190

photo 20230607_102624

I could have spent all day here, but we have to board at some point.


Here's my ride back home: N671UA, 23-years-old Boeing 767-300ER.

photo 20230607_110031

The inbound flight was late, but boarding actually began at 11:03, 2 minutes ahead of schedule.  At the gate, the captain came on to make an announcement that the flight was full.  He also seemed to have gone around to say hi to what appeared to be all the global service or perhaps million milers.

photo 20230607_110441-81528

United's 767 has a massive J cabin of 46 seats arranged in a 1-1-1 layout.

photo 20230607_110909-69175

I was in 6L, which was the last available "true" window seat at the time of booking.  As you can see, it is unfortunately missing a window.

photo 20230607_110928

Waiting at the seat is the usual Away amenity kit along with United's top-line bedding.  For all of its faults, I will say that United does take the industry lead in terms of business class bedding.  The rest of the seat is fairly self-explanatory (and I've also reviewed it many times before).

The footwell has seen better days:

photo 20230607_111050

Because the 767 has center overhead bins, there is a ton of luggage space available.

photo 20230607_111210-79006

Meal orders were taken before pushing back, and GS and 1Ks were acknowledged by status.  I had the champagne/sparkling wine (didn't taste like proper champagne) as my PBD.

photo 20230607_111340

Here's a look at the routing for today:

I didn't use it, but WiFi was $17 for the full flight, $16 for 2 hours, or $12 for one hour.  I thought this was fairly reasonable for the full price option. 

photo 20230607_112045

We pushed back at Noon CET (5 minutes behind schedule).

photo 20230607_112148

Compared to my FRA-IAD flight at the beginning the year, slippers were handed out well in advance.

photo 20230607_120632

We took off from Runway 16 at 12:11pm CET

photo 20230607_121300

It took a long time, but at least we can consistently expect to see printed full menus for both food and beverages now in Polaris.

photo 20230607_111035

The wine list isn't bad, but hardly the top of business class offerings out there.

photo 20230607_114844

Service began with a hot towel approximately 20 minutes after takeoff.

photo 20230607_123115

The Polaris seat has a pull out tray table that folds out into a larger tray.

photo 20230607_123258

Tablecloth was laid next.

photo 20230607_123946

Drinks followed the hot towels about 20 minutes later.  It seems like United has consistently brought back the beverage cart.

photo 20230607_124832

I had the Heidseick Monopole to go with the ramekin of nuts.  It's an okay champagne, fairly typical of business class I'd say.

photo 20230607_125013

Unfortunately, meals were still brought all together on one tray.  I had the beef short rib, which was a bit worse than it usually is.  You can see from the picture that it's quite dry this time.

photo 20230607_130040

Most importantly, some time in the spring, United brought back the dessert cart!  Ice cream sundaes from the cart were the best part of the Polaris service.

photo 20230607_134230

I didn't opt for any fruit on my sundae, just lots of fudge, nuts, and whipped cream.

photo 20230607_134403

To wrap it all up, I had a cup of chamomile tea. 

photo 20230607_134427

The whole meal service took a little over an hour.  Afterwards, I checked out the lavatory.  It has the usual amenities and like most Boeing lavatories, is on the smaller side.

Here's a look at the in-flight snack options, which were set on the setting above the bulkhead center seats.  I napped a little, but pretty much just watched movies the whole flight so I could get back on East Coast time.

photo 20230607_182713

Breakfast service began roughly 1.5 hours before landing.  I was brought a tray fairly quick.  The "pizza" option was rather mediocre and the onboard coffee was fairly average.

photo 20230607_194918

As we approached IAD, I flipped over Channel 9, which is United's exclusive feature allowing you to listen to the flight deck.  It's honestly the coolest bit of entertainment available on United flights.  I'm not sure if any other airlines offer this feature.  If you're flying United, I'd recommend checking to see if your captain turned it on for your flight.
We learned quickly that gate readiness at Gate C6 was going to be a close call. 

photo 20230607_202721

We were cleared to land on 1-Right, behind a CRJ-700.  The pilots slowed to below 170 knots.

As you can see from the picture, the smoke from the Canadian wildfires had already blanketed the area (it would be worse the next day).  Honestly, this sky reminded me of the approach into PEK.

We touched down at 2:42pm ET and arrived at Gate C6 at 2:45 (30 minutes early). 

photo 20230607_204110

The people mover began moving at 3pm ET, this is always the worst part of landing at Dulles.

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Cabin crew8.0

SWISS Senator Lounge E - E


Zurich - ZRH


Washington - IAD



Lounge: The Swiss Senator Lounge is a fantastic business-class-level lounge at Zurich. The whiskey bar and the terrace are great additions to an otherwise comfortable lounge with decent food and beverage options.

Cabin & Seat: Polaris seats are already showing plenty of wear and tear, but it's still a reasonably comfortable way to cross the Atlantic.

Service: The crew was a fairly good one, addressing passengers by name, being prompt with service, etc. Adding the carts marginally improved the feel of meal service, but the appetizers and entrée are still presented on one tray.

Meal & Catering: The return of the dessert cart go a long way to making longtime United fliers happier, but United is still working

Bottom Line: I'd like to flying back more often via ZRH rather than my usual FRA/MUC in the future. It's just nicer facilities. Otherwise, UA (for now) still remains my usual business class option across the Atlantic, but probably not much longer with the latest devaluation.



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  • Comment 635987 by
    757Fan 624 Comments
    Great report. Looks like a good flight in Polaris. Love seeing the photos from the Zurich observation deck!
    • Comment 636082 by
      YGeorgeW SILVER AUTHOR 260 Comments
      Thanks for reading 757Fan! The ZRH Senator lounge is definitely one I'd like to return to (and now that Swiss has re-announced their ZRH-IAD flight, maybe more opportunities in the future).
  • Comment 636184 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6348 Comments
    I really love the look of that lounge and it seems pleasantly uncrowded, which is so rare these days--it feels like lounges have gotten even more crowded than pre-pandemic this year!

    Very quickly we switched to a Japanese whiskey–Hatozaki:

    MMmmm looove Japanese Whiskey

    The main reason why all avgeeks adore this lounge is the incredible plane spotting terrace available.

    Looks like heaven to me, especially on a sunny day.

    The Polaris seat is the best Business class seat on a 767, just can't beat that 1-1-1 configuration. It's really a shame to hear the seats are already showing wear and tear, but then again, even though the Polaris rollout FINALLY just completed, I guess the first aircraft to be outfitted have had those cabins for like, what, 8 years now?!? madness haha

    Fantastic report as always!
    • Comment 636185 by
      YGeorgeW SILVER AUTHOR 260 Comments
      Thanks for reading, Kevin!

      I really love the look of that lounge and it seems pleasantly uncrowded

      It is quite a bright and classy space. I do think it probably gets a more crowded later on. This was middle of the week in the morning.

      It's really a shame to hear the seats are already showing wear and tear

      I think the 763s were retrofit reasonably early on in comparison to some of the others (the 772 retrofit took forever).

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