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Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH 1689
Class Economy
Seat 22D
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 25 Feb 14, 09:30
Arrival at 25 Feb 14, 10:30
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Published on 12th March 2014
Dear readers,

it´s my pleasure to welcome you once again to my flight report. This time, it´s going to be a 4 part series with 4 flights including a lot of my first ever. You probably know me for shorter european hops mostly on low-cost carriers. This time the fare and flying class is not very high as well, but measures of this trip were much bigger to what I was used to in past.

Everything started already 9 months ago after a lot of considering where are we gonna go with my girlfriend. Decision came around May 2013 when we decided we will fly to San Francisco! Making a lot of my dreams come true, for example visiting United States, flying a wide-body aircraft etc.. We looked for some possibilities and ended up booking our trip with Lufthansa. Fare was at really solid 550EUR for flying PRG-MUC-SFO-FRA-PRG. We originally booked SFO-FRA leg on United B747 as I always wanted to fly jumbo. In summer LH changed this leg for their own B747, which in the end was maybe a good thing to happen.

On my flights I never forget on you guys and I got some material to share with you this time as usual so these are the reports that are being done :

PRG - MUC - you are here

Time ran quite quickly and soon it was time start our first true trip.

Made the check-in the day before departure, selecting our seats and filling all the necessary forms for flying to US. We were about to depart in the morning so we opted to book a hotel at PRG to avoid early morning move from Brno to Prague.
Originally, our aircraft for PRG-MUC leg was planned to be Bombardier CRJ-700, but a month ago it was changed to Embraer E195. No problem with that as I haven´t ever flown on any of these two planes.

We left Brno on Monday afternoon and journey to Prague took about 2,5 hours by train. Then we quickly changed for airport bus and about 8PM we were checking-in at our Courtyard airport hotel. Night in this hotel costed us 60EUR per room which was absolutely fine, hotel was nice, clean, comfortable and also with breakfast included.

photo DSC_0001_01

View from the hotel. Hotel´s distance from airport was great

photo DSC_0005_01

View from outside

photo DSC_0008_01

Amazingly calm airport, as always at Prague (except of summer when holiday travellers occupy it)

photo DSC_0010_01

We went to baggage drop-off desk where everything went smoothly and a female agent asked us to fill in a form to register for Miles and More FFP. I don´t have any higher expectations about it, but why not ..

photo DSC_0011_01

Then we went to security and it was quick and problem free, which encouraged me. I was quite nervous for everything to go well on trip of my life. Those forms for flying to US, baggage rules and so on .. but everything seemed running smoothly at the moment

No movements outside

photo DSC_0012_01

Two CSA birds

photo DSC_0013_01

This CRJ-900 was bound for DUS

photo DSC_0014_01

And here D-AEBQ, E-195 that was about to take us to Munich. Really looked forward this flight, never flown on an aircraft with seat configuration of 2-2

photo DSC_0015_01

Eurowings leaving for Dusseldorf

photo DSC_0017_01

Our aircraft parking at the gate

photo DSC_0019_01

Finally first leg of this trip is here, couldn´t believe it

photo DSC_0021_01

Boarding started on time and with not really many people around it seemed we´re not going to have high load

photo DSC_0022_01

Boarding the Embraer

photo DSC_0024_01

At the door we were greeted by a male and femaly stewards. I overheared someone calling me Paparazzi :-)

Seats looked relatively nice but were not really comfortable as I found out later

photo DSC_0026_01

This flight was about 65-70% full, there were few empty rows mainly in the back part of cabin

photo DSC_0027_01

Looking to the left I spotted Lufthansa Boeing arriving from Frankfurt. Hello Xanten! pleased to meet you

photo DSC_0029_01

Few empty rows around us

photo DSC_0033_01

Legroom in my 22D seat was ok but the seat itself was pretty hard. Just bearable for 45 minutes flight.
My lady sat in the window seat, but I later moved into 23F to enjoy some windows views as well.

photo DSC_0034_01

Some, mainly Dutch traffic on the right

photo DSC_0036_01

Everyone seated and ready for pushback. There were three FAs if I´m not mistaken, 2 ladies and 1 man. Lady around her 50 didn´t really look like being in a positive mood, but she got better in the second half of the flight.

photo DSC_0038_01

Taxiing past RWY 06/24

photo DSC_0039_01

Take off roll felt powerfull and quick. Shortly after rotating we were offered with these nice views :-)

photo DSC_0040_01

This was much better somewhere close to Czech / German border
No IFE on this aircraft, only magazine in seat pocket, but I wasn´t interested in it this time, as I wanted to read through it on the second leg.

photo DSC_0049_01

This city is Straubing if I´m not mistaken

photo DSC_0050_01

German countryside already during descend

photo DSC_0051_01

I have to apologize as I don´t have any shot of catering and honestly said I don´t even remember what kind of snack was offered. That proves that my thoughts were on different flight that day. Neither my lady remembers so it probably really wasn´t something worth mentioning.

photo DSC_0053_01

While approaching MUC the traffic around became really dense. At any moment it was passible to sea at least two aircraft at similar flight level to ours.

photo DSC_0055_01

Munich airport in the distance. Later we made a left turn and after few moments long 180° right turn to line up with 26R

photo DSC_0056_01

Our final turn was done low over ground. On the right there were other aircraft going for this turn. Mainly company Embraers behing us

photo DSC_0059_01

Few minutes later we landed at MUC RWY 26R. Heavy braking and then quickly off the runway as many of our followers were on their finals

photo DSC_0066_01

Taxiing over roads

photo DSC_0068_01

and past this A330

photo DSC_0069_01

and some other aircrafts parked at terminal

photo DSC_0070_01

As I expected, we taxied to remote position from where we were bused to terminal. As we had some 5 hours time for transit we were in no rush and were among the last to leave the aircraft

photo DSC_0073_01photo DSC_0074_01photo DSC_0076_01

This Air Canada B777 visible from bus was one of the first proves, that this week I was about to see some really interesting traffic for me!

photo DSC_0077_01

After leaving bus we headed to the second floor of terminal from where our onward flight to SFO was scheduled to depart. We passed passport control and about 5 minutes since leaving bus we were in non-schengen area.

This is actually where the first part is about to end. This flight was basically a routine hop between two European cities, but still I enjoyed it. Next time it´s gonna be much bigger flight, my first ever long haul flight!

See you next time everybody!

Take care,
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew6.0

Prague - PRG


Munich - MUC



My first experience with Lufthansa was fine. Cabin was good except of a bit harder seats. Crew did their job and through the flight we were offered with nice views. Low payload also helped this positive experience.

Prague airport was absolutely fine as usual for Schengen flight. Lack of traffic meant no queues during security so it was nice experience.

At Munich everything went much quicker than I expected. Before this flight I read it is pleasant airport for transiting and that really showed to be true.

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