Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Toronto in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX826
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 14:55
Take-off 20 Feb 14, 18:15
Arrival at 20 Feb 14, 20:10
CX   #3 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 505 reviews
By 11504
Published on 10th March 2014
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Hello everyone,

This is the 6th and final leg of my RTW report.

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After 3 amazing days in Hong Kong, it was finally time to come home. One last picture of the night life before checking out the next day.
photo P2190495

Since our flight left at 6pm, we had a late 2pm checkout as part of my SPG Gold status. Took the Airport Express shuttle to Kowloon station to do the In-Town check-in. This is an amazing concept as we did not have to lug our suitcases all the way to the airport. Wonder if there are any North American cities that have this concept as well.
photo P2200496

The agent checked our bags and we were off to catch the train.
photo P2200497

Took some more pics of the other airlines with check-in stations.

After 24 minutes, we were in sight of the airport.
photo P2200505photo P2200506

Pics of the landside area of the terminal. Honestly, this airport will never cease to amaze me.

Premium economy check-in counters
photo P2200511

First class check-in … one day hopefully :)
photo P2200512

Next few pics are of the Business class counters.
photo P2200513photo P2200514photo P2200515

Immigration and security were smooth and we were airside in 15 minutes. After immigration, we were at gate 4. So, we had 3 hours to kill … what do we do? Duh, lounge hopping ofcourse! First stop, The Wing.
photo P2200516

Got some seats near the bar area on the far side of the lounge within close proximity of the Noodle bar.
photo P2200517

Hmm, what shall I have for lunch?

Champagne please!
photo P2200519

Ended up choosing the wonton noodles which was a no brainer for me. No, I'm not greedy lol .. the second bowl was for the Mrs. Also picked up some fried rice and dim sum.
photo P2200521

After eating, I started snapping away.
photo P2200522

View from the lounge above the main concourse.
photo P2200523

CX840/AA6086 to JFK now boarding.
photo P2200524photo P2200526

Mmmmmm, sugar.
photo P2200532

Didnt get our gate number at check-in but its now there. 2 hours to go at this point. :)
photo P2200531

Don't adjust your screen … its an illusion … no j/k, I missed flipping this pic. Somehow I like it this way.
photo P2200527photo P2200533

We decided to leave at this point and go to the next lounge. Pics on the way out.
photo P2200534photo P2200535

Some tails as we were walking the concourse.
photo P2200536

Second stop .. The Cabin.
photo P2200537

View from the window of the lounge.
photo P2200538

Oh noes, some dastardly villian broke a boarding gate.
photo P2200539

Pics of the lounge.
photo P2200540

So, I missed flipping another pic.

South African A340 and Hong Kong Airlines.
photo P2200546

I believe thats the JFK flight being pushed back.
photo P2200547

AC B777 taking off
photo P2200548

Cathay A330
photo P2200549

Swiss A340 coming into the gate.
photo P2200553

Jet Airways A330
photo P2200554

Alrighty, enough time spent at the Cabin (which in my opinion was a little more cozier than the Wing and had better views). We made the long walk to the next lounge.

Hello BA A380
photo P2200555

China Airlines A330
photo P2200556

Third stop … The Pier.
photo P2200557

The lounge was empty and this felt nice.
photo P2200558photo P2200559photo P2200560

Food/Beverage area with a half size noodle bar.
photo P2200561

Gorgeous Eva Air B744.
photo P2200562

The First Class area of the lounge. It was seperated by these bamboo trees.
photo P2200563

Spent all of 10 minutes walking around and left for the next lounge.

Emirates B773
photo P2200564

BA A380 in the background again.
photo P2200565

Singapore A380
photo P2200566

Fourth stop … The Bridge.
photo P2200567

photo P2200568

Some kind of funky artwork.
photo P2200569photo P2200570

Pics as we were walking through the lounge.
photo P2200571

Mmmmm, fresh bread.
photo P2200572photo P2200573

The Long Bar. I wonder why they call it that …. :)
photo P2200574

Again, 10 minutes spent here walking and taking pics. One more stop, kids, I promise no more after that. :)
photo P2200575

Fifth and final stop … Plaza Premium Lounge. Thank you Amex Plat and Priority Pass.
photo P2200576

The pics from the lounge are all over the place.
photo P2200577photo P2200578

Yummy fishball noodle soup.
photo P2200590

Was very bland for me but chilli sauce came to the rescue. Also, the 2nd one was for the Mrs again. ;)

Time to head to the gate. Pic of the Emirates front door on the way down.
photo P2200596

Got to gate 43 and our beautiful 77G was waiting for us.
photo P2200597

Funny moment here - was snapping this pic but the Mrs walked ahead of me to the Business Class line. The agent asked for the passports which she didnt have and then I heard a very loud hiss in my direction. The Mrs was not very pleased. ;)
photo P2200598

Down the tube we go.
photo P2200599

Here's my seat number.
photo P2200600

The seat itself.
photo P2200602

Started off with OJ for my first PDB.
photo P2200603

Shot down the aisle.
photo P2200604

Shot of the cabin.
photo P2200605

2 windows all for myself.
photo P2200606

Fancy seat controls.
photo P2200607

Dragonair A330 next to us.
photo P2200608

View of the foot rest area. This was definitely bigger compared to the A330 between MLE and HKG.
photo P2200609

The FA came by with another round of drinks. This time went for the bubbly.
photo P2200610

Front facing camera. I like the A380 tail camera best as it gives a better view when landing or taking off.
photo P2200614photo P2200616photo P2200617

El Al B777
photo P2200619photo P2200620

Another AC777
photo P2200622

Not sure what they are building here. Anyone know?
photo P2200625

Cathay Pacific Cargo B747
photo P2200626

Hong Kong Airlines A320 trying to race us.
photo P2200629

Anyone know why a United B737 is all the way out here?
photo P2200630

I was staring at that B737 for a good 15 minutes before we finally lined up on the runway and took off.
photo P2200632

After 15 minutes, the seat belt sign was turned off and the FA's went about their business. I went about mine. :)

Same amenity kit.
photo P2200644aphoto P2200646

Pacific Sunrise and warm almonds.
photo P2200647

Prawns to start with some delicious garlic bread. One can never go wrong with G-Bread unless someone intentionally messes it up.
photo P2200649

We both chose the Fish Curry which was really good.
photo P2200650

photo P2200651

Cheesecake for dessert. Had an extra helping of raspberry sauce.
photo P2200652

By the time dinner was done, there was another 11h 38m to go. So I sat back and watched Runner Runner and The Butler, the former being so-so and the latter being good.
photo P2200653

We did experience some heavy turbulence for 2 hours of the flight. Even when lying in bed mode, it was not fun. It got so bad that the flight crew had to take their seats and you could hear the cargo shaking below. Once we were through the nasty part, I finally fell asleep and was gently woken up for breakfast by the FA around 1.5 hours before landing.

Fruit to start with Hong Kong milk tea which I love.
photo P2200654

Every course was done via cart service which is awesome since you get to see which dish looks good.
photo P2200655

For my main, I went with the dim sum. The chilli sauce really came in handy.
photo P2200656

After breakfast was done, the purser came by and asked if I would to like to fill out a questionnaire to rate their service. So, I did.
photo P2200657

Hopefully, I would win the two return tickets but I'm not holding my breath.
photo P2200658

I took a walk around the cabin and I noticed that the smaller J cabin was empty. Damn, could have had this all to myself and the wife if we knew! Oh well.

View from the wing.

photo P2200660

Seat in bed mode.
photo P2200661

We began our descent into YYZ. The captain came on and said we would be 30 minutes early and also apologized for the turbulence during the flight. Apparently we were caught in a jetstream.
photo P2200664

Even though the captain said we were early, we ended up circling for a bit due to bad weather conditions in YYZ but eventually made it.
photo P2200665photo P2200666photo P2200667

Touch down.
photo P2200668

Air France and KLM at the de-icing faicility.
photo P2200671

Turning into our gate.
photo P2200672

We ended up waiting for a good 25 minutes before our bags could come out. It was a mad house since alot of flights just came in from the US/Caribbean and we saw a lot of people in shorts and T-shirts. Guess they thought 1 degree Celsius was hot! :)
photo P2200673

Finally, we made it out and got into a cab to head home. Thanks for reading my TR's and hope you enjoyed it! :)
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Cabin crew9.0

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Hong Kong - HKG


Toronto - YYZ



- The service overall at the airport was fantastic.
- The only complaint I have about the onboard service is that I had to pull out the table so that the FA's could lay the tablecloth down.
- The IFE could have had a little more choices for movies but was still ok.
- The baggage handling services at Pearson airport is always poor in my books. Consistently late regardless if the airport is quiet or busy.
- Love the new automated immigration services. Just have to scan your passport and immigration form and off you go. A few questions from the agent but still much faster than waiting in line like the old days.



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  • Comment 101978 by
    K2World 2146 Comments
    Thanks for your RTW trip, hope you enjoyed it :)
    CX have a really nice hard product; meals seems to be good and the seat is comfortable.
    I had the chance to fly CX on the YVR-JFK leg in J and I'd love to fly again with them on a much longer flight.
    Btw, UA is flying a 738 between HKG and GUM.
  • Comment 101993 by
    marathon GOLD 10089 Comments
    In Taipei, you can check in at the high speed rail station serving TPE if you are flying on one of the Taiwanese arlines. That saves travelers coming from other cities the pain of lugging their suitcase on the connecting shuttle bus, but in HK, it is in the heart of the city and for all airlines and I love it.
    In daytime, HKG may be the best airport in the world for plane spotting, especially if have flying steerage without any lounge access :)
    United has a secondary hub in NRT (formerly that of Pan Am), with 5th freedom flights to a number of places in the Far East and the Pacific. That 737 must seldom see the Lower 48, if ever.
    I wish I had had these new seats when I flew CX in J a couple years ago. There seems to be a dramatic difference in comfort.
    Thanks for this Lounge Report ! :)
  • Comment 102129 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6585 Comments
    Great report once again! I just Loooooove the in-town check-in in HKG; it's sooo convenient! I wish there was such a thing everywhere! Great planespotting at really is an #AvGeek paradise :-)
    No question about it, it doesn't get much better than CX in J across the Pacific! Thanks again for sharing!
  • Comment 102898 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thank you so much for this WONDERFULL report :D !

    HKG is the heaven for all spotters ^^ (You should see my future report BKK-HKG and HKG-CDG I will make in a few days) !

    CX is awesome from the beginning to the end in this flight, love this Cirrus seat in J ! :)

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