Review of Vueling Airlines flight Barcelona Athens in Premium Eco

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY8100
Class Premium Eco
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 14 Jan 23, 10:45
Arrival at 14 Jan 23, 14:40
VY   #15 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 193 reviews
Published on 17th November 2023


  • Barcelona (BCN) - Athens (ATH) You are here
  • Athens (ATH) - Paris (CDG) Coming soon
  • Paris (ORY) - Porto (OPO) Coming soon
  • Porto (OPO) - Lisbon (LIS) Coming soon
  • Lisbon (LIS) - Barcelona (BCN) Coming soon

A visual of my European trip I took in January 2023.

photo tempimage3wkxeh

This trip report's flight route between Barcelona and Athens will take 2hrs 25 mins at distance of 1186mi/1909km

photo tempimageefctdb


Welcome to another trip report! This is the start of an exciting solo trip I took around Europe originating in Barcelona back in January of this year. After spending a few wonderful days in my favorite city in Spain, it was time to move to the next exciting adventure in this series which would be Athens, Greece. I was lucky enough to find a flight that suited me perfectly for travel between BCN and ATH with Vueling. When looking up fares, Vueling was very cooperative by offering basic fares starting from 43 USD versus 98 USD to fly Aegean. I ended up bundling my fare and got an extra legroom seat which Vueling calls 'Space Plus' that allowed  a carryon luggage for a total of 68 USD one way which was not a bad price at all. I was quite nervous as I'm not necessarily fond of flying LCC but really didn't know what to expect until I actually experienced it. 

photo tempimagey0towk

La Sagrada familia which is expected to be completed in 2026.

photo tempimagettelopphoto tempimageoigvv9photo tempimagevigjti

Metro to airport

The day has come and I woke up super early for my 10am flight and made my way down to the public metro station.  

photo tempimagemlmoti

In total I had to take two transfers (3 trains) from where I was in northern part of Barcelona to the airport. It seemed like a lot however the metro system here is pretty easy to follow, especially since the train lines are numbered & color coded.  

photo tempimageawe7wpphoto tempimagekwrlrr

In total it took about 50 minutes to arrive at the Terminal 1 station.

photo tempimage75rio4photo tempimageoliwii

checkin hall

After taking a few escalators up, I made it to the checkin hall here at T1. 

photo tempimage6zrs7v

All the departures this morning.

photo tempimagepr9xlp

My flight is VY 8100 with a scheduled departure time of 10:45.

photo tempimagenwnzhq

Since I checked in online already there was no need to stop at the checkin desks so I made my way straight to security control. 

photo tempimagebjthzv-85681

Security control went very fast and I was airside in less then 10 minutes.

photo tempimagekwjusrphoto tempimagefrli3s

Our flight will be departing out of 'B' gates. However, at least here in Europe exact gate information is not disclosed until 45 minutes before departure which I honestly not a fan of.

photo tempimage4761es

Since I had a bit of time before my gate is announced, I decided to stroll around and possibly do some plane spotting.

photo tempimageppv2hn

plane spotting

Arriving into the gate is this DL B767-300ER coming from New York (JFK). I had just taken this flight a few days prior which you can check out here

photo tempimageuvbkcpphoto tempimagechonkwphoto tempimagec3rfqi

Behind DL is a United B767-400ER that had arrived from Newark (EWR).

photo tempimageaxlffy

It was close to time of boarding so I decided to go and find my gate.

photo tempimagecfvjbu

gate area

Today's flight to Athens will be utilizing gate B55.

photo tempimagea6qg40photo tempimage0fwujo

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: VY 8100
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Registration: EC-MAH
Delivered: March 28, 2014
Age: 9.7 years

Here's my aircraft that will operate the flight from here to Athens. There was a last minute aircraft swap, we were suppose to fly on an A320N which I was bummed about.

photo tempimageflgydg


Not long after we began boarding. Since I purchased a Space Plus seat I was in group 1 boarding.

photo tempimagexaaxzu

It's also important to note that when purchasing a Space Plus seat your also allowed a carryon luggage aside from a personal item which I took full advantage from.

photo tempimagejyakm7photo tempimage2d8imsphoto tempimagedofz2b

While waiting at the jet bridge I noticed this cool retro Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-200.

photo tempimagenqw9jsphoto tempimagefxhago


When boarding the aircraft I had the luck of having two people already at my row (an older couple) so I couldn't get a great picture of the seat. Nonetheless at my seat 4A in Space Plus.

photo tempimagea4zmth-32566

These seats offer 31" pitch, instead of the knee breaking 28" pitch for the rest of the cabin behind me. I'm 5'9" or 176cm for reference.

photo tempimageyut32m

My view which comes with a great view of those CFM International CFM56 engines.

photo tempimagejdpi17

Spotted an Emirates B777-200ER arriving from Mexico City (MEX) on a stopover where it'll continue it's journey to Dubai (DXB).

photo tempimage6879xm

Boarding was complete and this flight was 100% full.

photo tempimageuwkdt3


We pushed back on time and shortly after the engines began to startup. 

photo tempimageb6iti6photo tempimagezfiv6i

We taxied to line up on runway 25L for takeoff.

photo tempimageyzwdcn


photo tempimageqahux5photo tempimagerwyze1photo tempimagezvo7pl

See you soon Barcelona!

photo tempimagejclxap

We made a 180° left hand turn flying almost parallel to the airport. 

photo tempimageg6o7erphoto tempimageanzl6qphoto tempimagentvkas

About 20 minutes into flight the FA's were preparing for the BOB service, later followed the duty free cart. 

photo tempimageespy8j

We reached cruising altitude at 34,000ft.

photo tempimagel9spih

sardinia, italy

Approaching the island of Sardinia, Italy.

photo tempimagevllab8photo tempimagetzkfwh

seatback contents

Let's explore the seatback contents, we first have the air sickness bag.

photo tempimageqlj250

Followed by the A320 safety card.

photo tempimage85qoipphoto tempimagexfbtrk

Followed by the duty free catalog. 

photo tempimageyw7c4r

And lastly the BOB menu which seemed to have decently priced items. However I wasn't in the mood for something to eat so did not purchase anything. 

photo tempimageondnwfphoto tempimageprbmzophoto tempimagesslbm9

flying over italy

Flying over the region of Calabria, Italy 🇮🇹

photo tempimage2gk0n2

Port city of Crotone.

photo tempimage3d0mrn

First sight of Greece 🇬🇷.

photo tempimageojuute

Initial descent

Beginning our initial decent into Athens.

photo tempimagerekr2c

Charilaos-Trikoupis Bridge

photo tempimagerrsngkphoto tempimageptfnsaphoto tempimagecogtwx


Linning up to land on runway 03L.

photo tempimage98b1wyphoto tempimagemseofzphoto tempimageuvqqhx

Welcome to Athens!

photo tempimagetruscsphoto tempimagevf8e1x


We arrived at the gate 10 minutes ahead of schedule. 

photo tempimagepqpayhphoto tempimagemgroex

Last look at our A320. Thanks for the safe ride!

photo tempimagehb1kef

This concludes the Barcelona to Athens portion of this journey. Thanks for reading!

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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew4.5
Buy-on-board menu2.0

Barcelona - BCN


Athens - ATH



Overall this was a pretty average flight with nothing much to say about. Aside from the amazing legroom from my Space Plus seat everything was what you'd expect from a LCC. The FA's on this flight were a bit robotic and didn't seem to want to be there unfortunately. However I've come to understand that LCC's are just meant for you to get from Point A to B and it's not about the experience which they can care less about.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Too bad about the last minute swap from a 32N, but it prob wouldn't have been a much different experience. Space Plus seats are a good option for more legroom on these longer intra-European flight, considering that the standard pitch is a knee-crushing 28 inches. I can't imagine sitting in a seat with 28" pitch for 3h...ugh. Though the legroom in Space Plus looks good, I kind of doubt that pitch is actually 34"...maybe in the bulkhead row or exit rows, but considering VY cram 186 seats into an A320ceo, they probably can't fit much more than 32" in Space Plus (if that)...and from your photo that looks to be the case. It's sad that 32" used to be standard, but notw it's above average noticeably good legroom.

    Although room in very tight in standard seats, Vueling pretty consistently have Wi-Fi and USB ports, which is quite good for an LCC. The BOB options seem pretty good too.

    Thanks for sharing!

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