Review of Delta Air Lines flight Los Angeles Seattle in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL674
Class Premium Eco
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 02:47
Take-off 19 Sep 23, 07:15
Arrival at 19 Sep 23, 10:02
DL   #36 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 824 reviews
Published on 5th February 2024


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A visual of my itinerary from LAX to HND via SEA which would cover a distance of 5,757mi/9,265km

photo tempimagerrbnjl

This trip report will cover the Los Angeles (LAX) to Seattle (SEA) segment. 

photo tempimage2h1llc


Welcome to another trip report!
After a very long and anticipated wait (literally years in the making) I'll finally be flying to one of my favorite countries in the world! I was originally suppose to take this trip to Japan back in the summer of 2020 but due to obvious circumstances I had to reschedule the trip literally 4 times. Until I finally locked on a great award redemption flying from LAX to HND via SEA on Delta using SkyMiles so I booked this trip last year hoped that I wouldn't have to cancel it like I have the previous three times. Last time I was in Japan was back in Nov. of 2018 and I had an absolute blast enjoying the food, culture and beautiful scenery that I couldn't wait to enjoy again!
Let's get straight into the trip report shall we 😉.
Welcome from LAX terminal 3. I was so excited to take this trip that I arrived very very early (about 3am which was quite ridiculous but I couldn't help myself 😅). 

photo tempimagetzfueaphoto tempimagejbsvok


Of course at this time in the morning there was practically no one at the check in area. 

photo tempimagepo7elt

Although there weren't any agents in sight I still proceeded to use the self check-in kiosk to print my boarding passes and tag my checked bag.

photo tempimagecx7xkfphoto tempimaged0kd1g

Thanks to my medallion status I was upgraded to Comfort+ from Main Cabin the day before which was a nice surprise. So far the Y+ cabin looked quite empty so fingers crossed I'll have the empty middle seat on this flight.

photo tempimagehxvrgj-74073

Got my boarding pass and bags tagged and now just waited until the agents opened up the desks.

photo tempimageqncsiophoto tempimageihsbwg

After waiting for some time. The agents finally arrived and the process was simple and only took a few minutes to drop off my bags. Now off to security control. 

photo tempimage8xd99z

Security control went smoothly and I was airside in just 10 minutes.

photo tempimageb7pcpo

Looks like my flight will be departing out of the nicer 'B' gates.

photo tempimagep9kjgqphoto tempimage3arabvphoto tempimageqfufdp

gate area

After a relatively long walk I finally made it to my gate. As expected no one is here other then me 😅.

photo tempimagesmlxtg

This part of the terminal looked very nice however these gates offer zero views of planes which was disappointing. I really wanted to see my A321neo but I guess I'll have to wait until I arrive in Seattle to get a better exterior view of her. 

photo tempimageiuur78photo tempimagedsz1pf


Eventually boarded started on time and I boarded with Comfort+ group. 

photo tempimagea0trrk

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: DL 674 
Aircraft: Airbus A321-271NX
Registration: N507DZ
Delivered: October 13, 2022
 Age: 1 year

A quick Look at my one year old A321neo!

photo tempimageyb7ala

Upon entering the aircraft we received a warm welcome by the FA and proceeded to my seat. My seat for the next 2.5h, 15A (comfort+). Chose this seat specifically for it's perfect window alignment (thanks to aerolopa).

photo tempimagejb20rl

Always nice to see a PTV.

photo tempimagem5ap11

Legroom is fantastic! These seats offer 34" of pitch, I'm 5'9" or 176cm for reference.

photo tempimagedqhup0

Absolutely loving my view from here!

photo tempimagew0be7n

Next to us is a DL A321ceo scheduled to depart 5 minutes before of us across the country to ATL. 

photo tempimagehwq11g

Shortly after the FA's came by through the cabin offering complimentary headphones. 

photo tempimagexuikbzphoto tempimage3qhk2e

Luckily I scored an empty middle seat on this flight whereas I stored my book bag under that seat to have more space. I hope this doesn't come off as selfish but my rule of thumb is that whoever gets to the row first gets first dibs.  

photo tempimagebqrxpj

Have a safe flight to ATL!

photo tempimage6rwtaw

Not to long after the safety video began playing. 

photo tempimage7vfac0


You can check out the full takeoff video below:

We pushed back right on time. Today's flight load up to Seattle this morning looked to be around 85%. Interestingly the comfort+ section made up of mostly comuters, FA's and pilots assuming flying to their base for work. 

photo tempimagenip5ut

Aeromexico Boeing 737 MAX 8 pushing back for it's 3hr flight to Mexico City. 

photo tempimageh0irytphoto tempimagetgziuk

Delta Connection (SkyWest) Embraer E175 arriving from Phoenix. Flight time: 1h 5m

photo tempimageno2k5cphoto tempimageibvgxc


We'll be taking off on runway 24L.

photo tempimage2cawz0photo tempimageelbdc5

Until next time LA!

photo tempimage6bdzbvphoto tempimagea3fi4ophoto tempimagexplijm


The tray table is of standard size and extendable. 

photo tempimage3kom5dphoto tempimagenn3yc4

Seatbacks contained a safety card…

photo tempimageekdjpo

Wifi guide…

photo tempimagezmmynwphoto tempimagebjpnvc

And lastly an air sickness bag.

photo tempimagemm03ou

Santa Cruz Island

photo tempimagexiojne

Santa Barbara Airport (SBA)

photo tempimagerinnrdphoto tempimageia9alzphoto tempimageq3dbpg

inflight service

The inflight service began 30 minutes into flight with the handout of premium snacks from a basket in the Comfort+ section. 

photo screenshot-2024-02-04-at-25510am

I went for a potato chips and pistachios.

photo tempimagervhcclphoto tempimagekbfpymphoto tempimagezfptqc

Quickly followed by the main drink service.

photo tempimageccqeri-35276

I asked the FA for a red wine and orange juice. Got to somehow take advantage of the free alcohol ;). 

photo tempimagey5as0t

I'm no wine expert but I find DL's wines to be very dry. I'm more of a sweet wine type of guy. 

photo tempimagevorjeuphoto tempimagewvqplj

Making a makeshift mimosa/sangria whatever you want to call it 😅.

photo tempimageklsbu8

Regardless it was sweet and delicious!

photo tempimageincubnphoto tempimageofkp3c

Flying somewhere over northern California.

photo tempimagejw4e5mphoto tempimagevixkue

second drink service

To my delight the FA's came through the cabin once more about an hour before arrival offering coffee & orange juice from a tray. I gladly went for a coffee.

photo tempimagevnfsvjphoto tempimagemkf0ho

inflight Entertainment

I personally believe Delta has the best IFE system in North America (with JetBlue following right behind) with countless movies, shows and live TV to choose from.

photo tempimagelacgkqphoto tempimage2kvfnz

My absolute favorite part though was the fantastic interactive map which I kept on throughout the flight.

photo tempimagem0jul1photo tempimagej6sris

Flying directly over Portland, Oregon

photo tempimagejecaht

Flying over Longview, WA and the Columbia River that separates Oregon and Washington state.

photo tempimagexwc5dv

initial descent

Shortly after we began our initial descent into Seattle. 

photo tempimagedvwffb

Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW)

photo tempimageyh64iqphoto tempimagetwmhcr

Doing some cloud surfing.

photo tempimageyji1ymphoto tempimagefchyxo

Flying right over King County International Airport/Boeing field (BFI)

photo tempimagevkngih

You can check out the full landing video below:


We'll be landing from the north on runway 16R.

photo tempimageg52j8tphoto tempimage6nmxpm

Welcome to Seattle!

photo tempimageuld5jkphoto tempimagetsrctk

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 preparing for it's ultra long haul flight for Singapore. Flight time: 15h 25m

photo tempimagelxiuhc

Frontier A321neo departing for Denver. Flight time: 2h 9m

photo tempimageu8il00

At the moment I didn't realize that this would be my Airbus A330-900neo that'll be taking me across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo in just a few moments 😁. 

photo tempimagegrubyc

See you in a little bit. 

photo tempimagez6ktmh

arrival at the gate

We arrived at the gate 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Now time to run from where I currently am in 'A' gates to 'S' gates for my Tokyo flight as I have a tight one hour connection here. 

photo tempimagerfyejwphoto tempimagej9kctlphoto tempimagekripu8

One last look at my A321neo, thanks for a fun and safe flight!

photo tempimagekp9dl2photo tempimagemvls83

This concludes the trip report, stay tuned for my next one!

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.5

Los Angeles - LAX


Seattle - SEA



Overall this was a great and comfortable domestic flight on Delta. The crew onboard were friendly, attentive and professional throughout the flight. Seat comfort (both padding on seats and PTV's) was fantastic for economy class standards. The last minute upgrade was a nice surprise as it gave me more legroom and recline which made the flight that much more enjoyable. Not to mention the added bonus of complimentary premium snacks and alcohol you get when flying comfort+ on domestic flights. And lastly, I very much appreciated the two drink services on a short flight as this one which you don't ever see on other airlines such as AA or UA.

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