Review of Fiji Airways flight Tokyo Nadi in Business

Airline Fiji Airways
Flight FJ350
Class Business
Seat 3K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 09:05
Take-off 19 Sep 23, 21:25
Arrival at 20 Sep 23, 09:30
FJ 9 reviews
Published on 25th April 2024

Fiji Airways FJ350 Tokyo (Narita) to Nadi

Flight Details:

Airlines: Fiji Airways
Flight: FJ350 NRT - NAN
Reg: DQ-FJV "Island Of Yasawa-i-rara"
Aircraft: Airbus A330-243
Class: Business
Seat: 3K
Departure Tokyo (Narita): 9:25pm [Actual time: 10.06pm]
Arrival Nadi: 9:30am [Actual time: 9.43am]
Flight time: 8hours 30minutes
Distance: 7111 km or 4418 miles

Video: Fiji Airways FJ350 Tokyo to Nadi


This trip report is from Sept 2023. I had arrived in Tokyo from Nagasaki, read trip report: ANA (All Nippon Airways) ANA664 Nagasaki to Tokyo (Haneda)



I had booked ticket to return through Nadi, Fiji.

photo image00125

I had a 9 hour and 30 mins break between flights.

photo image00132

My original booking was in Economy class. I had selected seat while booking the flight.

photo image00128

I had received email from Fiji Airways with offer to upgrade to Business class. I bid and was successful. I logged in through the Fiji Airways to check-in for this flight.

photo image00134

Security questions during online check-in

photo image00124

Baggage related information

photo image00133photo image00123

I was allocated seat 2B, I changed seat to 3k during check-in

photo image00127

Baggage allowance of 30Kg in Business

photo image00129

Check-in process completed.

photo image00135

Digital boarding pass

photo image00130

Arriving at Airport

I had arrived at Haneda in the afternoon. I bought Airport Limousine bus ticket to Narita airport from the ticket machine. Cost JPY3200.

photo image00116

I reached the bus stop and waited for the bus.

photo image00117

Bus interior

photo image00118

Video: Haneda to Narita Limousine Bus Ride 4K

Bus journey took about an hour. Stopping at Terminal 3 and then 2.

photo image00113

Terminal 2 entrance

photo image00114

I was early to airport.

photo image00115

Checked flight schedule.

photo image00120

Fiji departing at 21.25pm

photo image00121

Video: Explore Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 2


Japan has plane-spotter friendly facilities, I decided to check out the North Observation deck. I was able to view the arriving aircraft's landing on runway 16L.

Video: Tokyo Narita Airport - T2 ✈ Spotting

I moved to South Observation deck as it was closer to the check-in counter. Soon it was check-in time, I took escalator down to departure area.

photo image00122


 I reached counter and entered the business check-in. I handed passport for verification.

photo image00001

I was asked my final destination, which was Sydney. Had check-in bag weighed and was below the allowance of 30kg. Asked about the handbag, showed my bag, which as also approved.

photo image00002

During check-in, I was informed that the credit card authorisation had some issue as I had upgraded to business. I would be issued boarding pass and baggage checked till Nadi.I should contact the airline on arriving in Fiji.

photo image00003

As I experienced, customer service is exception in Japan.  As I was walking  out, customer service staff left counter and put tag on my handbag for security check.

photo image00112

Security and Immigration

After check-in I went towards security check. Passengers completing their check-in for the flight. I completed security and immigration without and issues, Removed laptop and phones from bag for scanning. Immigration was quick as I was leaving Japan.

photo image00004

Departure area

After completing immigration, I entered the departure area.

Sakura Lounge

JAL Sakura lounge was immediately after immigration. I showed boarding pass and was allowed in the lounge.

photo image00005

I was out all day and wanted to shower before boarding.

photo image00139

I scanned the QR code to book shower

photo image00138

 I was number 9 in the shower queue.

photo image00006

Video: JAL Sakura Lounge, Terminal 2

While waiting also explored the lounge. Airside view from lounge. JAL Boeing 767-300

photo image00007

Shower location in lounge.

photo image00008

I checked the location of the shower room. Shower room hours

photo image00009

I waited close by for my turn.

photo image00010

Bar and snacks counter

photo image00011

Tried Japanese alcohol while waiting

photo image00012

My turn came after some waiting. I received a card and information of the shower.

photo image00014

Shower done.

photo image00013

After shower, I went for dinner.

photo image00015

Food available on level 3

photo image00016

Food ordered at counter

photo image00017


photo image00018

Dinner and miso soup

photo image00019

Had some wine along with dinner.

photo image00020

I had dinner and it was 8.43pm. Departure time was 9.25pm.

photo image00021

Exiting the lounge.

photo image00022

Departure ARea

Entered the departure area after exiting the lounge.

photo image00023

Checked the flight schedule for gate information

photo image00024

Walked through the duty free area and then escalator down

photo image00025

Long corridor towards gate.

photo image00026

Reached close to gate after 5 min walk.

photo image00027


Boarding had commenced at 8.50pm

photo image00028

Ground crew checked passport and boarding pass. As boarding had commenced, had documents checked and was allowed to continue towards aircraft.

photo image00029

Fiji Airways Airbus A330-243  DQ-FJV "Island Of Yasawa-i-rara" ready for boarding.

photo image00030

Separate boarding bridges for passengers.

photo image00031

I entered the aerobridge.

photo image00032

Crew was at door to welcome and greeted me with "Bula". I replied same. Directed me to seat.

photo image00033-38936

Reached the seat 3K,  which had amenity kit, blanket placed along with pillow.

photo image00034


Boarding continued for economy passengers boarding through second door.

photo image00035

Business boarding was almost completed.

photo image00036

Passengers infront enjoying their business experience.

photo image00037

Crew provided me with towel and asked if I would like a drink. I chose Champagne.

photo image00038

I received the menu.

photo image00040

I filled my choice for dinner and breakfast.

photo image00039

In Japanese

photo image00041

Seat Pocket Content

I checked the seat pocket which contained duty free magazine, air sickness bag and safety card

photo image00042

Fiji tourism video was played on  the IFE system.

photo image00043

IFE remote controller

photo image00044

Clean cabin, passenger had taken on the shoe before takeoff.

photo image00045

PushBack and Taxi

Pushback commenced behind schedule. Aircraft was pushbacked and given customary farewell. Safety demonstration was conduced manually by crew.

photo image00046


A long taxi followed.  Pilot provided flight information during taxi. Aircraft departed from runway 16R.

photo image00047

Day night time zone.

photo image00050

Flight information

photo image00049

Seat Amenities

Water was provided in each seat.

photo image00051


photo image00052

Amenity kit pouch

photo image00053


photo image00054

Soft pillow

photo image00055

I charged the phone from the port in the seat which also had universal power plug.

photo image00056

I removed shoes and changed to slippers after takeoff.

photo image00057

Crew distributed Fiji immigration form to everyone.

photo image00058

Form has usual personal questions

photo image00060

Customs declaration

photo image00059

Dinner Service

I filled the form and crew commenced drinks service 30 minutes after takeoff.

photo image00061

I asked for a red wine and received crackers along with drink.

photo image00062

After drinks, I was served appetizer which had prawns and salad.

photo image00063

Flight map

photo image00064

Dinner started.

photo image00065

Top view

photo image00066

Main dish, I had selected chicken with pasta and red wine

photo image00067

I completed dinner, time below.

photo image00068

I was well fed and drunk. Visited toilet before sleeping.

photo image00069

Clean toilet, I was ready to sleep.

photo image00070

Cabin was lights were turned off after dinner. Crew preparing bed for passengers.

photo image00071

my bed was made as well.

photo image00074

Cabin was dark

photo image00072

Flight information had 6.45 before arrival.

photo image00073

Light switch in overhead panel

photo image00076

I was ready to sleep 1 hour 50 minutes after departure. Switched off the IFE and lights.

photo image00077

Blanket/quilt was soft and comfortable. I had travelled all day and fell asleep immediately.

photo image00078


I had a good sleep and woke with 2 hours to arrival.

photo image00079

Other passengers sleeping as well.

photo image00080

I switched IFE to check flight details.

Flight information

photo image00081

2 hours for landing

photo image00082

Flight information

photo image00083

I took the amenity pack to check the content.

photo image00084

Amenity kit contained socks, balms, sleep mask, ear plugs, toothpaste and brush.

photo image00085

Freshened and returned to seat.

photo image00086


Crew served breakfast after I returned back to seat.

photo image00087

1 hour 30 minutes for arrival as I started breakfast.

photo image00088

I asked for tea

photo image00089

Got breakfast - Veg frittata, potato chips and bread bun.

photo image00090

Safety card

After dinner, checked the seat pocket content and headphone

photo image00091

Fiji Airways Airbus A330-200 safety card

photo image00092

middle pages

photo image00093

Last page

photo image00094

Seat controls to set bed

photo image00095

Relaxing after breakfast. I didn't check the entertainment as it was early morning. Aircraft did not have a Wi-fi onboard.

photo image00096


Aircraft was behind schedule. Pilot informed flight would be landing at 9.45am

photo image00097

Outer islands of Fiji

photo image00098

Approaching from South

photo image00099

On finals

photo image00100

Landed on runway 02

photo image00101

Fiji Airways A350-900

photo image00102

After exiting runway and short taxi, arriving at gate.

photo image00103

Parked at gate.

photo image00104


Arrived at gate. Disembarkation commenced after the aerobridge was connected.

photo image00105

Cabin view

photo image00106

Comfortable seat and well padded. Colour combination is pleasant.

photo image00107

Seat view before disembarking

photo image00108

Crew was friendly and thanked them with Vinaka. After landing, Nadi airport still has the touristy feel. This was my second trip to Fiji, I had visited in 2013, read trip report: Air Pacific DQ-FJH FJ914 SYD-NAN

photo image00109

Economy passengers disembarking with view of aircraft.

photo image00110

Immigration and Custom

I was entered immigration area. I was asked about purpose of visit and my duration of stay in Fiji.

Immigration officer wanted to see the itinerary, showed him the details. He stamped passport and I entered the baggage claim.

As the bag was not checked till Sydney,I had to collect bag and exit customs. Bag was passed through X-ray and was allowed to exit without question.

Exiting the Terminal

I exited customs and went to Fiji Airways office. I waited for few minutes for my turn and was advised to ring call center. 

As I couldn't find a landline, I went to Vodafone and asked staff, If I can call to local number. He gave me a phone but it wasn't charged and call couldn't complete. I decided to buy a local sim since I wasn't sure how long I would be calling.

I bought a sim paying in Fiji dollars. After getting sim, I called Fiji Airways and sorted the payment. It took about 10 minutes from ringing to end of call.

I had about 8 hours of transit.

photo image00111

FLight, Route And AircRaft InformaTion

Aircraft had arrived behind schedule.

photo image00136

Aircraft routing

photo image00137

ViDEO: Tokyo (Narita) to Nadi route

This concludes the trip report.

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.

Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew7.5

JAL Sakura Lounge


Tokyo - NRT


Nadi - NAN



Fiji Airways on board service was good, Crew was friendly. Food was served on time and was adequate. Tokyo Narita was efficient and customer service was excellent. Sakura lounge was a good experience, Shower was refreshing, I had dinner after ordering within few minutes.

Nadi airport immigration took more time than my expectations.

Overall I had a good experience.



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  • Comment 649721 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR! Completely forgot that FJ even had these cabins on their A330s still, usually only see the A350 cabins advertised. Must not have had many people bid since the plane was still empty in J, but good for you to get an empty seat next to you. The hard-product on the A330s is outdated for long-haul, but the FJ soft-product has some nice touches in it (turn down service, coursing both meals, etc.). Considering their fares are probably a fraction of what QF charges, FJ is a good option.
  • Comment 650071 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Nice to see a review on Fiji Airways, especially on the A330s as most reviews lately have been on the A350. While this angle lie-flat product is outdated, the cabin still looks beautiful and well-maintained. Plus since Fiji Airways mostly cater to leisure traffic, the 2-2-2 configuration is well adapted for couples and families travelling together. I really like Fiji's colour palette in the cabin, as well as the design of the amenities like the pillow cover.

    As a oneworld flyer, I'd love to try Fiji Airways one day.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 651033 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Fiji Airways operates to a leisure destination, hence the seating is appropriate for the customers needs.

      Fiji's interiors are pleasant due to use to neutral colours.

      Thanks for your comment.

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