Review of Bonza flight Melbourne Mildura in Economy

Airline Bonza
Flight AB1037
Class Economy
Seat 28F
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 01 Apr 24, 17:25
Arrival at 01 Apr 24, 18:30
AB 0 reviews
Published on 24th May 2024

Bonza AB1037 Melbourne to Midura

Flight details:
Airline: Bonza
Flight: AB1037 MEL - MQL
Reg: VH-UJK "Sheila"
Aircraft: Boeing 737-8 MAX
Seat: 4A
Depart Melbourne Terminal 4 Gate 19: 05:25PM [Actual: 06.26PM]
Arrive Mildura Airport: 06:30PM [Actual: 07.29PM]
Total time: 0 hour 48 mins

Video: Bonza AB1037 Melbourne to Midura


This trip report is from April 2024. This trip continues from Melbourne arrival, Read previous trip - Rex Airlines ZL9 Sydney - Melbourne.

I wanted to fly this airline as it was the newest and also for the Boeing 737- Max 8. I knew Bonza had started a year ago and seen the 1st aircraft in Sunshine Coast when it was awaiting air operator certificate, See report - Virgin Australia VA492 Sunshine Coast to Sydney.

This trip report may be  one and only last flight report for this airline.

Bonza stopped flights and entered voluntary administration on 30th April 2024.


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As Bonza did not operate from Sydney. I had to travel to either Melbourne or Gold Coast to fly with this airline.

I checked different route and found Melbourne Tullamarine as the best airport to experience this airline. I didn't want to travel far and Midura was Bonza's shortest route in Victoria.

My original plan was to return back to Melbourne from Midura on return trip. As there was no other departures after this flight. I dropped the idea and booked hotel for 1 night. 

Midura Airport arrival schedule

photo image00074

Midura airport departure schedule

photo image00073

Flight Booking

Bonza ticket could be booked only through app on mobile phone. The website was not available, one of the reason why airline was popular with travellers.

photo image00088-50394

Interface was easy but not user friendly.  I prefer using website while booking as its easier to read the information on bigger screen.

photo image00087-96459

I entered personal details and paid with credit card. Booking took 4-5 mins.

photo image00080-57658

Online Check-IN

I completed online check-in through phone on the morning of flight.

photo image00081-35378

I had no check-in bags, 8kgs was permitted for handbag. I had selected seat during booking process.

photo image00082-49915

Dangerous good acknowledgement

photo image00083-54765photo image00084-68224

I scrolled through the list and then acknowledged.

photo image00085-32593

Boarding pass was issued and QR code generated.

photo image00086-52043

I checked the aircraft information, which was not available.

photo image00071

Bonza had leased 4 Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft's and used to operate 2 times a week to Midura.

photo image00072photo image00072

Skybus from City

Skybus operates to Avalon and Tullamarine airport from Southern Cross station.

photo image00064

Video: Melbourne SkyBus to Tullamarine Airport

Bus ride takes 40 minutes depending on traffic. Most of the route is on Tullamarine freeway. Bus was full on the day of travel.

photo image00065

Arriving at Airport

I had a return ticket and took bus back to airport. Bus was full as I wasn't carrying check-in bag, it was easier to travel. Bus stops at Terminal 2 and 3.

photo image00008

Bus also departs from front of terminal 4 and then stops at terminal 3 and 2 bound for city.

photo image00066

After alighting from the bus at Terminal 3, walked back towards Terminal 4[T4] as Bonza operated from T4.

photo image00009

I had arrived early to airport and then checked the flight schedule.

photo image00067

Jetstar check-in counter at T4

photo image00068

Video: Melbourne Tullamarine Terminal 4

Bonza, Link and Rex at the end of terminal

photo image00069

Self check kiosk for Rex, Bonza and Link flights.

photo image00070


I had checked online earlier, when to the self-kiosk to print the boarding pass, just in case.

photo image00010

Staff was present to assist passengers with check-in process and drop bag.

photo image00011

Bonza kiosk

photo image00012

Scanned the QR code on the phone and got the boarding pass.

photo image00013

Security Check

Terminal 4 has security check on upper level, took escalator to departure level. Signs in Australia are clear, easy to navigate.

photo image00014

Reached the upper level and cleared security without issue. Queue was short and I was in departure area.

photo image00015

Departure Area

After clearing security, I checked time and looked for food.

photo image00017

I had booked hotel away from the town and had dinner before boarding.

photo image00016

Aircraft Information

I checked the flight schedule, which showed AB1037 would be operated by VH-UJK

photo image00075

Aircraft would be arriving from Port Macquarie, NSW.

photo image00076

To gate

After dinner, I walked towards the boarding gate, which was on lower level.

photo image00018

Escalator to lower levels at the end of the corridor

photo image00019

Aircraft was boarding from gate 19

photo image00020

Passengers had gathered around the gate. Arriving aircraft was delayed due to heavy rain. Ground crew had suspended work due to thunderstorm, high wind and heavy rain. Announcement was made flight would be delayed due to weather.

I got call from hotel regarding the arrival time, I wasn't sure as there was no information due to weather. I assumed and informed having some knowledge of Melbourne weather, would arrive by 7.30pm, I got instructions how to access the property. I was informed that transport can be difficult to find in Mildura. I searched for taxi and found a number, called and booked from airport to hotel.

photo image00089

Flight estimate departure time was not available.

photo image00090

Aircraft arrived late at 5.09pm and passengers began deboarding at 5.30pm

photo image00021


I had to reschedule the taxi booking as flight got delayed. Boarding for the flight began at 6.00pm

photo image00022

Aircraft in view behind the glass

photo image00023

Seeing the queue, I knew flight was full.

photo image00024

Boarding pass was scanned and then allowed towards aircraft. Aircraft was named "Sheila". Ground crew directed passengers to board from front or rear stairs according to seat number.

photo image00025


I was seated in row 28, boarded from the rear. Crew welcomed passengers at the door. Flight being full, aisle was congested due to passengers loading bag in overhead bin.

photo image00026

I reached allocated seat and got settled.

photo image00027

Clean aircraft and purple seats.

photo image00028

Phone based menu through app or QR code, USB charger below the literature sign.

photo image00029

SEat Pocket COntent

Seat pocket contained safety card

photo image00030

Bonza Boeing 737-8 Max safety card

photo image00031

Full view

photo image00032

Aircraft was not cleaned, found a boarding pass from previous passenger.

photo image00033

Individual air vents and lights. Head rest was adjustable. Seat on this aircraft was comfortable.

photo image00034

Window view with rain still falling, boarding was completed.

photo image00035

Pushback and taxi

Flight was full and boarding was completed in 15 mins. Ground crew disembarked, door was shut and cabin crew made announcements regarding delay.

photo image00036

Pilot provided flight information. Pushback commenced and crew conducted safety demonstration manually.

photo image00037

Moodlighting was turned on during pushback

photo image00038

Taxi was not too long as aircraft was parked close to runway in operation. View of International section as aircraft taxi in front.

photo image00039

Virgin Australia departing

photo image00040

Qantas departing

photo image00041

Runway 34 was used for departure. Took off towards the North and then turned West.

photo image00042

Air was turbulent and seat belt was kept on.

photo image00043

Crew announced that they would commence service after seat belt sign was turned off. After few minutes, another announcement was made that service would not commence due to turbulence.

photo image00044

Aircraft experienced frequent turbulence, seat belt sign was on throughout the flight.

photo image00045

Seat pocket view

photo image00046

Power socket between seat. Leg spacing was enough for me.

photo image00047

Approaching Mildura

As the flight time was short, pilot announced descend would commence shortly. As the seat belt sign was on throughout, passengers nor crew did not left their seat.

photo image00048

It was raining in Midura.

photo image00049

Darling river below on approach

photo image00050

There was heavy rain at the airport and aircraft was high on approach.

photo image00051

Pilot conducted a go around as aircraft missed landing point.

photo image00052

Sun setting with rain clouds creating beautiful view like in movies.

photo image00053

This lead to another 20 minutes spent in air, second approach was attempted.

photo image00054

Landing was successful.

photo image00055

Reduced window view due to rain

photo image00056


Being a regional airport, aircraft has to turnaround on the runway to taxi towards the terminal.  5 minutes more required to reach parking bay. Passengers getting ready to disembark after aircraft stopped in bay.

photo image00057

I waited for others to disembark before exiting from the front door. Crew organising seat after passengers had disembarked.

photo image00058

It was raining, had to walk in rain to the arrival terminal. I had covered myself with beanie and hoodie to protect from getting head wet.

photo image00059

View of aircraft from distance.

photo image00060

ARRival in Mildura

Passing through man trap to enter arrival area.

photo image00061

As I had no check-in bag, I walked towards the exit.

photo image00062-99639

Exiting Airport

I waited in the taxi shelter for taxi. I called the company but was informed that booking was cancelled due to unavailability of drivers to drive to airport. I had to call a different service to book a taxi. Other passengers without transport were waiting as well for taxi as there was no waiting taxi . Most passengers had personal transport to their destination.

I was able to book a taxi and waited 20 minutes for taxi to arrive, I heard from others its better to book through 13cabs app. Those going to town centre was car pooling to reach faster.

I got the taxi and reached hotel by 8.10pm. Owner had gone to sleep, I organised my stuff for next day and went to sleep.

photo image00063

Aircraft Flight and Route Information

Bonza aircraft - VH-UJK "Sheila" operated AB1037 to Mildura

photo image00078

Video: Bonza AB1037 Melbourne to Midura Route

Aircraft rotation on day of travel.

photo image00079

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Cabin crew6.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Melbourne - MEL


Mildura - MQL



I flew on Bonza for the experience of a new airline. Due to weather, flight got delayed and that affected the experience which had nothing to do with airline. Airline was quick to start boarding service as the weather improved.

Due to delay, flight was not cleaned in Melbourne. Crew seems to be friendly, didn't see much interaction with passengers as seat belt sign was on throughout the flight.

There is no personal entertainment screen in the seat,entertainment was through streaming. Wifi was available but I didn't check.

Melbourne airport was efficient as it wasn't that busy. I had dinner at the airport and then boarded the flight, I didn't buy anything onboard due to cancelled service.

Mildura being a regional town, transport is not easily accessible. As I didn't have a check-in bag, I could walk out within minutes of arriving.

Bonza was a good airline, it had chosen routes where demand was high. Unfortunately, they didn't last long enough due to lack of frequency nor aircraft.

I was happy I did this trip as they stopped flying at the end April. I had a good experience with Bonza.



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