Review of Regional Express flight Mildura Melbourne in Economy

Airline Regional Express
Flight ZL3657
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Saab 340
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 02 Apr 24, 10:15
Arrival at 02 Apr 24, 11:35
ZL 4 reviews
Published on 25th May 2024

Rex Airlines ZL3657 Mildura to Melbourne

Flight details:
Airline: Rex Airlines
Flight: ZL3657 MQL - MEL
Aircraft: SAAB340B
Seat: 4A
Depart Mildura Airport Gate 2: 10:15AM
Arrive Melbourne Terminal 4 Remote bay: 11:35AM
Total time: 1 hour 20 mins

Video: Rex Airlines ZL3657 Mildura to Melbourne


This trip report is from April 2024. I had flown to Mildura on Bonza, read trip report - Bonza AB1037 Melbourne to Midura

I would be flying to Melbourne on Regional Express [REX].


Flight Booking

I was originally booked to fly early morning.

photo image00059

and had selected seat while booking. I cancelled the booking and changed to later flight.

photo image00060


Prior to departure, I checked for flight online. On the airline website, I provided booking reference, first and last name to access the online check-in feature.

photo image00063

Flight information below

photo image00062

Followed the links

photo image00064

Completed the online check-in within minutes.

photo image00065

Provided email address to receive a copy of boarding pass. I changed seat to 4A for this flight.

photo image00068

Arriving at Airport

I was tired from the previous days walk and travel, slept early and woke up on time to organise my things.  Before leaving chatted with motel owner. 
I had arranged taxi with the same driver for next day. I had informed him regarding my ETD. He sent a replacement driver on time.
I got in the taxi and reached airport in 20 mins. Paid the driver and entered the terminal.

Midura arrivals and departures has separate entrance.

photo 20240402_090038


Check-in counters are immediately after entering. I didn't have check-in bag, I went to counter to get a boarding pass. I provided drivers license and was issued boarding pass.

photo image00005

There is a small seating area near the check-in to rest.

photo image00001

As I was early, not many passengers were at check-in.

photo image00002

Checked flight schedule, 2 flights departing to Melbourne with a gap of 10mins.

photo image00003

Waiting area behind the glass

photo image00004

Security check

Security check is next to the waiting area, removed laptop and phone for x-ray. Check was done within a minute.

Departure Area

After completing security, I had breakfast and coffee at the airport cafe in the departure area. Cafe had many customers and was busy.

photo image00058

Flight was delayed by 10 minutes. As I finished breakfast, Boarding had started.

photo image00006

Rex Airline VH-ZLO SAAB340B would be operating ZL3657 to Melbourne

photo image00007


Boarding for this flight was from gate 2. I joined the queue to board. Showed the boarding pass and was allowed to continue towards aircraft.

photo image00008


A short walk and was close to the aircraft, Pilot was on ground to greet passengers. On board, I had selected seat 4A, single seat on port side. Seat is cramped, handbag stored under seat.

photo image00009

Taxi and Departure

As all passengers had boarded door was closed, propellers were started.

photo image00010

Mildura airport view as aircraft turned towards runway.

photo image00011

1 Cabin crew served this flight, She performed safety demonstration and announcements.

photo image00012


Aircraft taxied to the end of the runway and turned 360 degrees to line up with runway 27.

photo image00013

Qantaslink Dash in view, which would follow Rex to Melbourne.

photo image00014

Rotating from Mildura

photo image00015

Mildura is a agriculture town of Victoria famous for oranges, table grapes and avocados.

photo image00016

SEat Pocket Content

Seat pocket contained Safety card, TrulyAus - inflight magazine and air sickness bag

photo image00017

Cabin service

Crew asked passengers if they would like to have sweet or savoury snack along with tea or coffee. Water was provided.

photo image00018

Crew served passenger from front of cabin

photo image00019

I chose savoury mix with tea.

photo image00020

Cabin view

Seat number, light and air vent.

photo image00021

Saab340B cabin view

photo image00022

Entertainment and Wifi

There is no onboard entertainment on the aircraft, passengers using personal device or watching out of window. WiFi is not available for this aircraft.

Approaching Melbourne

Time passed looking out of the window, being a short flight. Pilot announced descend would be commencing shortly.

photo image00023

View of Melbourne suburbs, Approach was from the North East.

photo image00024

Aircraft landed on runway 27

photo image00025

Taxing past the international terminal

photo image00026

Heading towards Terminal 4

photo image00027

Parked in remote bay

photo image00028


Aircraft was parked and Crew opened door for disembarkation.

photo image00029

Bus approaching aircraft

photo image00030

Passengers disembarked and boarded the bus

photo image00031

Melbourne Airport Bus Ride

After disembarking, boarded bus for the terminal.

photo image00032

ViDEO: Melbourne Airport Bus Ride

REX Airline VH-ZLO SAAB340B parked

photo image00033


Planespotting from bus

photo image00034

Royal Brunei Boeing 787 for Bandar Seri Begwan

photo image00035

Thai Airways A350-900

photo image00036

China Airlines A350-900

photo image00037

REX Airlines Boeing 737-800

photo image00038

Terminal 4

After alighting from bus, walk through the corridor and reached arrival area. As I wasn't carrying check-in bag, I didn't have to wait to exit the terminal.

photo image00039

Flight was late by few minutes. My hotel check-in was from 2pm, I sat in arrivals area to finish work.

photo image00040

ExiTing Terminal

I exited the terminal after my work was done.

photo image00041

Skybus stop outside the Terminal 4

photo image00042

Video: Walking to Holiday Inn Hotel, Melbourne Airport

I followed the hotel sign

photo image00043

Qantas special livery - VH-ZND was parked for 2 days

photo image00044

Holiday Inn in view

photo image00045

Walking towards the hotel

photo image00046

I had booked hotel near airport as I didn't want to travel to city and then come back next day.

photo image00047

Aircraft, Flight and Route information

REX Airline VH-ZLO SAAB340B operated ZL3657

photo image00066

Video: Rex Airlines ZL3657 Mildura to Melbourne route

Aircraft rotation on day of travel.

photo image00067

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Regional Express

Cabin crew7.5

Mildura - MQL


Melbourne - MEL



Rex flight was slightly delayed, which did not affect me. Onboard service was satisfactory, Crew was friendly and cheerful. Mildura being a regional airport was not busy, security was quick. Airport cafe prices are high as is the standard in Australia. Aircraft had no onboard entertainment nor WiFi due to short flights.

Melbourne Airport was easy to navigate, I didn't have bag which was why I didn't have to wait after arriving.

REX Airline flight was satisfactory.



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