Review of Avianca flight F. Lauderdale Bogota in Economy

Airline Avianca
Flight AV 37
Class Economy
Seat --
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 08 Mar 10, 16:50
Arrival at 08 Mar 10, 19:30
AV   #73 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 110 reviews
By SILVER 3527
Published on 4th April 2014
Hello everyone, been out for a while, but now I'm back with the second part of a retro-trip to Ft. Lauderdale.

FLL greets us with a huge parking building. It's also the car-rental centre.
photo Mia10 081photo Mia10 082

Terminal 4, the only international capable at FLL thus, AV's place there.
photo Mia10 083

Seating space and a pair of shops and restaurants.
photo Mia10 084

Spirit's check in row
photo Mia10 085

The opposite side is occupied by AV and other carriers, and that's practically it with the landside at T4.

Check in done with and lots of time to waste (and not able to be wasted at the terminal)…it's spotting time!

NK hub in action, silverjets to all of the Caribbean.
photo Mia10 086

JetBlue at Terminal 3
photo Mia10 089

Memories from time past…NW and Deltaflot
photo Mia10 090

Also BahamasAir 732 and US classy black livery
photo Mia10 092

I noticed boarding time was nearing, so I moved back to T4 to clear security and to the gate.

The return trip would have a surprise for me. FLL usually saw a type replacement because demand tends to be significant. So.. sometimes the flight would be operated by 757s, but this time there was no A320 nor a 757 waiting at the gate, what I saw was the Colombia es Pasión 767-200. I had never flied on any of AV's 767s so I was very excited, even when it meant not flying with the Airbus' PTV on the way back.

photo Mia10 093

Seats were old school but fairly confortable, pretty decent for the long hauls it was used on (sorry about the blur)
photo Mia10 003

Pitch was decent
photo Mia10 095

The cabin was so 80s-ish AV had a LCD screen installed…but it sucked at its job.
photo Mia10 096

The deserted terminal.
photo Mia10 098

NK's new livery sucks so much compared to its former.
photo Mia10 100

For contrasting purposes: a sleek A321
photo Mia10 101

An US 737 taking off with Ft.Lauderdale's skyline behind
photo Mia10 104

Interstate 95 is so close to RWY 10L's threshold
photo Mia10 105

A NK A319 before us and we're good to go
photo Mia10 106

Another NK jet will depart after us
photo Mia10 107

Take off allowed for a photo tour of FLL

Terminal 3
photo Mia10 108

Terminal 2
photo Mia10 109

Terminal 1
photo Mia10 110

Terminal 4 and US 1
photo Mia10 111

I was amazed by the 762s takeoff power, it was a full plane and it rotated by the middle of the runway

Leaving South Florida behind…
photo Mia10 112photo Mia10 113photo Mia10 114

And now into the Bahamas.
photo Mia10 115

By that time it was time for lunch/dinner… a bit early in my opinion.

I chose beef
photo Mia10 117

I asked for a beer to wash it down. Now here something curious happened, my mum asked for one too. She got a Club Colombia the expensive beer and I got an Aguila, the cheap beer, don't know if this was on purpose or not. I felt somewhat discriminated.

Proposed IFE…one of the lame Twilight movies, fortunately it didn't work so no IFE for the day.
photo Mia10 116

So the actual IFE ended up being the sunset:
photo Mia10 118photo Mia10 001

Then, two hours of book reading, sleeping and boredom. The crew made itself scarce after dinner was cleared. Overall an uneventful right, if not for the nice 762 sub.
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Cabin crew6.0

F. Lauderdale - FLL


Bogota - BOG



An uneventful flight, but it showed how AV's product is affected by the lack of PTVs on the Airbuses, which in my opinion is AV's biggest asset against CM or LA.

The 762 was a comfortable plane, the crew did its job (albeit with the beer impasse) and the food was ok. IFE was a fiasco, and the flight was on time.

FLL is really boring, here's the catch when comparing it to get a more comfortable and convenient airport, especially for international arrivals (sometimes) but also you get a boring airport with nothing to do or eat or buy.

BOG at the time was crying for euthanasia, for international arrivals, especially at AV's PM bank it was appalling.

Thanks for reading, Saludos!

P.S.: I got crisp new FRs from this Easter, so no more retro FRs for the while!



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  • Comment 106588 by
    KL651 TEAM 4525 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I didn't even know AV used to operate 767 aircrafts.

    Flying on a rare aircraft does compensate for a lower level of confort.

    From your different reports, I have the impression that AV crews are never really friendly but just get their job done efficiently.

    • Comment 292904 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 501 Comments

      Well, recently I flew Copa and I've come to the conclusion that I take the way AV crew treats you for granted (1 in every 3 flights I do is with them)...maybe their problem is not friendliness but they don't seem to give the extra mile for you.

      AV operated 767s from the early 90s 'till about 2010, 5 762s and 2 763 (most of the time 4 and 1 respectively) mainly to Europe, JFK, EZE, GRU, SCL, CCS, LAX and MIA

  • Comment 106658 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    Happy to read a blast from the past report about the oldest airline in the Americas. Those were the good old days in Ft. Lauderdale. Before the beach was covered with high rises, gated communities and congested at every hour roads. The city is a mecca for shopping. Getting all kind of luxury items for a fraction of the cost. It is also known as Fort Liquordale, having the most bars with the highest sales of libations in the South.

    I am not sure the term boredom should be used when travelling next to mami ;) . I dedicate to her Denisse de Kalafe song Senora, senora. Please do keep sharing! Very refreshing point of view.

  • Comment 106762 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Great report and nice to see that you flew on a 767. I still remember that AV used to have 747's and it was one of the few Latin American carriers that had this big plane besides RG and AR. I believe that VA also had them in the early 70's.


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