Review of QantasLink flight Canberra Sydney in Economy

Airline QantasLink
Flight QF1510
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 03 Apr 24, 16:55
Arrival at 03 Apr 24, 17:50
QF   #62 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 31 reviews
Published on 1st June 2024

QantasLink QF1510 Canberra to Sydney

Flight details:
Airline: QantasLink
Flight: QF1510 CBR - SYD
Reg: VH-YQS "Great Otway National Park"
Aircraft: Boeing 717-200
Seat: 16A
Depart Canberra Terminal Gate 11: 04:55PM [Actual time: 04:55PM]
Arrive Sydney Terminal 3 Gate 8: 05:50PM [Actual time: 05.30pm]
Total time: 0 hour 35 mins

Video: QantasLink QF1510 Canberra to Sydney


This trip report is from April 2024.  Previous trip report read - QantasLink QF1276 Melbourne to Canberra

After alighting from Melbourne flight, I had a transit of 4hrs in Canberra. I had check-in completed online and got boarding pass for both flights. 

I had a good breakfast in Melbourne and wasn't hungry. I decided not to exit airport instead wait in departure area for the next flight.

Flight Booking and check-in

I had selected this flight for the Boeing 717-200, which are leaving the fleet with introduction of Airbus 220-300.

photo image00105

I selected seat 16A during booking process.

photo image00113

I checked through the Qantas website and received digital boarding pass.

photo image00099

Exploring the terminal

I had plenty of time for next flight and used it to explore the terminal.
Canberra terminal has high ceiling glass which bring plenty of natural light. Art work after clearing security for domestic passengers.

photo image00001

Gate numbers are large fonts making them easy to read from distance.

photo image00002

Video: Explore Canberra Airport

Airside view

photo image00003

Qantaslink to Melbourne was boarding at gate 11

photo image00004

Art work near gate 11 with the Melbourne bound QantasLink in the background.

photo image00005

QantasLink QF1279 boarding in progress.

photo image00006

Qantas Lounge next to shop between Gate 10 and 11.

photo image00007

Video: Qantaslink VH-X4A

Watched the aircraft pushback

photo image00008

I checked flight information for QF1510, information was not available.

photo image00100

Flight history

photo image00101

Canberra airport arrivals information

photo image00106

Rex Airline taxies past the gate

photo image00009

I had work to finish, there are working areas next to shop. Plugged my phone and laptop to charge. Free Wi-Fi is available for those without personal data.

photo image00010

Flight schedule

photo image00011

I continued exploring the terminal after work.

photo image00012

I checked flight information and saw below information. QantasLink VH-YQS would be operating QF1509.

photo image00102

Aircraft rotation

photo image00103

Flight history

photo image00104

View of shops and waiting area near gate

photo image00013

Flight schedule with direction

photo image00014

Aircraft had departed from Sydney.

photo image00107

✈ Spotting

Jetstar Airways to Gold Coast

photo image00015

Video: ✈ Spotting - Canberra Airport

Qantas QF1523 from Melbourne disembarking

photo image00017

Checked the arrival of QF1509 which was approach.

photo image00108

QantasLink VH-YQS Boeing 717-200 arrives as QF1509 from Sydney

photo image00016

Walking towards boarding gate

photo image00018

Flight schedule

photo image00019

Passengers waiting near gate

photo image00020

Continued spotting near gate, watched government aircraft taxi and depart.

photo image00021

QantasLink VH-YQS taxies infront of gate

photo image00022

Parked in bay

photo image00023

Ground crew at work

photo image00024

Information display of departing and arriving flight.

photo image00025

View of boarding gate

photo image00026

Link Airways codeshare partner of Virgin Australia departing to Newcastle

photo image00027

As there was plenty of time to board continued the walk.

photo image00028

Catering loading on Melbourne flight.

photo image00029

Jetstar to Gold Coast ready to taxi

photo image00030

Trainer landing on runway 12-30

photo image00031

Boeing 717-200

photo image00032


Ground staff announced boarding for Business class and Qantas member.

photo image00033-96473

Boarding commenced on time.

photo image00109

I boarded when general boarding was called.

photo image00034

Boarding pass scanned and was allowed to continue. Boarding through glass aerobridge.

photo image00035

With no queue was in aircraft in no time. Crew greeted and directed me to seat.

photo image00036


View of economy class seat on boarding.

photo image00037

Seat 16A view

photo image00038

Safety card in seat pocket

photo image00039

Boarding continued

photo image00040

Pleasant weather from window

photo image00041

Engine and wing partially seen through window

photo image00042

Seat Pocket Material

As it's a short flight, I checked the seat content before departure.

photo image00046

Seat pocket contained safety card and airsickness bag

photo image00043

QantasLink Boeing 717-200 safety card

photo image00059

Full view

photo image00044


photo image00045

Boeing 717-200 window

photo image00047

Cabin was clean, seat belt fastened waiting for pushback.

photo image00048

Boarding last passengers.

photo image00050

Pushback and Departure

Crew made announcement and safety demonstration after closing the door.

photo image00049

Pushback commenced on time, passengers in exit row were provided evacuation instructions.

photo image00051

During autumn, Canberra has good light due to Northerly sun and with low clouds due to high elevation, appears amazing.

photo image00052

After pushback a short taxi to runway 35 end

photo image00053

View from Runway 35 end. Aircraft departed at 4.58pm from Canberra.

photo image00054

Direct Factory Outlet [DFO] shopping in view on takeoff towards North.

photo image00055

Canberra landmarks - Mount Ainslie lookout and Telstra tower on Black mountain in view after taking off, Road below is M23 Majura Parkway. 

photo image00056

Flying over NSW within minutes as airport is on the ACT-NSW border.

photo image00057

Air vents and light

photo image00060

Seat was comfortable and plenty of leg room for me.

photo image00058

Cabin service

Cabin announcement was made regarding refreshment service

photo image00061

Received refreshment and drink with serviette.

photo image00062

Rice crackers with Guacamole dip

photo image00063

Southern suburbs of Sydney below

photo image00064

Descend commences

Pilot announced descend would commence, crew cleared the rubbish and conducted safety check.

photo image00065

Turning West over Georges river.

photo image00066

Somewhere over the South Western Suburbs, Mostly likely Bankstown airport as factories in view

photo image00067

Turning East over North Western Suburbs

photo image00068

Wing view

photo image00069

Approaching Sydney

Sydney landmarks in view - ANZAC bridge, CBD, Opera house and Harbour bridge on the wing tip.

photo image00070

View of Princes highway and Airport Gateway road - above the containers

photo image00071

Landing on runway 16R

photo image00072

Qantas - Terminal 3 in view

photo image00073

Arrived in Sydney at 5.35pm.

photo image00112

Exiting runway.

photo image00074

Passing the remote bays

photo image00075

Taxi view of Boeing 717-200

photo image00076

Roos linedup

photo image00077

Parked in bay, doors opening instructions from cockpit.

photo image00079

Crew allowing business passengers to deboard first.

photo image00078


Passengers getting ready to disembark

photo image00080

Ground crew at work

photo image00081

Economy Cabin view during disembarkation

photo image00082

Entering Terminal

Crew wished passengers during disembarkation

photo image00083

Aircraft prepared for next flight

photo image00084

Exiting Terminal

Terminal 3 gate view

photo image00085

I walked towards the exit following the signs

photo image00086

Signs are clear

photo image00087

Passing through the man-trap to exit

photo image00088

Escalator to lower level, walking past baggage claim following train sign.

photo image00090

Walkway to Domestic station

photo image00091

Train to City

I would be catching train to Central.

photo image00092

Walking towards the barriers and tapped Opal card to enter the concourse.

photo image00093

Train to central and city circle from Platform 1

photo image00094

Train had arrived

photo image00095

Video: Sydney domestic airport to Central station train ride

Onboard to Central.

photo image00096

Video: QantasLink QF1510 Canberra to Sydney route

END of Trip Report

This is the last report of this series.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Cabin crew7.0

Canberra - CBR


Sydney - SYD



Qantas departed on time and arrived earlier than scheduled. Cabin was clean, No Wifi or entertainment was available. Being a short flight, wasn't an issue for me. Refreshment was served for a 38 minute flight. As the aircraft was not full, service was quick.

Canberra airport was good experience. Wi-Fi was available, working desk was useful for me. Toilet was clean and well maintained.

After disembarking in Sydney, I walked to exit as I wasn't having a check-in bag. Train was on platform when I reached. Had no issues.

Another satisfactory trip series ends. :)

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  • Comment 652572 by
    Jett Tyler GOLD 377 Comments
    Did this route on the Boeing 717 when I visited in November, thanks for sharing this! Its going to be a real end to an era as the last Australian "Mad Dogs" leave the fleet later this year... be nice to see one sent to a museum or aviation university, but I can't see that occurring now.
    • Comment 652853 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      I enjoyed reading your Australian trip reports, informative.

      Yes, its the last year to fly a Boeing 717 in Australia. I was lucky to be able to fly one.

      Thanks for your comment.
  • Comment 652583 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    So cool to have been able to fly the A220 (the replacement) on the outbound and the 717 (the replacee) on the return! The cabins still look really nice despite the aircraft's age, though it's a shame they never committed to having streaming IFE on all 717s despite having announced it several times, though that's all moot now with the retirement coming. Pretty decent snack for such a short flight. Certainly better than anything that we'd have in the US for a sub-1h flight.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 652851 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      This is the last year to fly a Boeing 717 in Australia. I was lucky with the A220 to get special livery.

      I don't have interest in entertainment/sports. So I don't miss the IFE when travelling. I prefer to read something useful or just relax.

      As the flight time is short, IFE nor Wi-Fi didn't matter.

      I prefer a comfortable seat, proper food, departure and arrival on time, no missed connections.

      Thanks for your comment.
  • Comment 652711 by
    gg_06atv 10 Comments
    Lucky how you were able to get on a 717 before Qantas retires them completely! Looked like a really comfortable flight as well! By the way, what phone/camera do you use to take your FR photos??

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