Review of QantasLink flight Melbourne Canberra in Economy

Airline QantasLink
Flight QF1276
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 02 Apr 24, 11:40
Arrival at 02 Apr 24, 12:45
QF   #62 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 31 reviews
Published on 30th May 2024

QantasLink QF1276 Melbourne to Canberra

Flight details:
Airline: QantasLink
Flight: QF1276 MEL - CBR
Reg: VH-X4A "Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa"
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300
Seat: 25A
Depart Melbourne Airport Terminal 1 Gate 22: 11:40AM [Actual: 12.30 PM]
Arrive Canberra Terminal: 12:45PM [Actual: 1.17PM]
Total time: 0 hour 45 mins

Video: QantasLink QF1276 Melbourne to Canberra


This trip report is from April 2024. I had flown from Mildura on REX Airline, read report here - Rex Airlines ZL3657 Mildura to Melbourne

I stayed in Melbourne for a night and then took this flight to Canberra.


Flight Booking

I booked this ticket through Qantas website. Itinerary below.

photo image00080

I checked the Airbus A220-300 seating from Qantas website.

photo cabn

I had selected seat while booking flight. Changed to different seat at time of check-in.

photo image00100

I paid the fare and received booking reference.

photo image00088-18426


Prior to departure, I checked for the flight online.

photo image00087

Pre-flight acknowledgement

photo image00085

Booking displayed

photo image00086-35807

I changed seat to 25A

photo image00082-74578

Safety acknowledgement

photo image00083-76082

Battery restriction

photo image00084-99438

I got the digital boarding pass on completing the check-in process.

photo image00081


I had breakfast at the hotel. After getting ready, checked flight details.

QantasLink VH-X4A was operating Canberra - Melbourne.

photo image00091

Aircraft rotation

photo image00090

Arriving at Airport

I checked out of hotel and walked to airport.

photo image30097

 I reached Terminal 1 in 10 mins.

photo image30098

Took escalator to departure level.

photo image00001

Checked flight schedule, departure from Gate 22

photo image00002

Self Check-in Kiosk

I didn't have a check-in bag. Checked the kiosk to print boarding pass.

photo image00004

Some machines were down, I was able to print boarding pass from one of the operating machines.

photo image00005-16800

After printing the boarding pass, I walked towards security check.

photo image00006

Security check

Security wasn't busy and was able to pass without any issue.

photo image00003

Departure Area

Entered the departure area and went to food court. View from food court.

photo image00007

QantasLink Boeing 717-200

photo image00008

De Havilland Canada DHC-8-315Q and Boeing 737-800

photo image00009

Checked the aircraft location, aircraft was 40 mins away.

photo image00093

With not much action airside, decided to walk towards departure gate.

photo image00010

Long corridor to gates 21-30.

photo image00011

Spotting along the way, QantasLink VH-X4B Airbus 220-300

photo image00012

Took me almost 10 mins to reach close to gate.

photo image00013

Video: Qantas Special Livery

Qantas 2 special liveries in 1 shot.

photo image00014

Departure Gate

Gate 22 had few passengers waiting.

photo image00015

Incoming flight information

photo image00016

Airside View

QantasLink VH-X4B Airbus 220-300 was boarding for Brisbane.. Tug connected for pushback.

photo image00017

Runway 16 for arrivals and runway 27 for departures. Malaysian on finals to land on runway 16.

photo image00018

Video: ✈ Spotting - Melbourne Airport

Checked the flight schedule, Qantaslink to land at 11.10am, delay of 10 minutes.

photo image00019

View of VH-ZND through glass.

photo image00020

Domestic departures lining on runway 27.

photo image00021

Checked the aircraft location, aircraft was 3 minutes for landing.

photo image00092

Positioned self close to window, saw aircraft land on runway 16 .

QantasLink VH-X4A "Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa" would operate QF1276 Melbourne to Canberra .

photo image00022

Taxi to gate.

photo image00023

Aircraft arrives at gate.

photo image00024

Aerobridge attached, disembarkation began shortly. Tug connected for pushback.

photo image00025


Boarding was delayed due to late arrival of aircraft. Boarding called and passengers queued for check.

photo image00026

I joined the queue.

photo image00027

Boarding pass scanned, continued towards aircraft.

photo image00028

Headphones were placed before check for those wishing to use entertainment. I picked one for photo.

photo image00029


Crew at door to check boarding pass and direct passengers.

photo image00030

QantasLink Airbus 220-300 cabin view

photo image00031-67134

I sat in wrong seat as I forgot about the change. A guy came and informed that his seat, that where I realised my mistake.

photo image00032

I moved and sat in the correct seat. Window view.

photo image00033

Airside action.

photo image00034

Seat view

Economy seat in 2-3 configuration.

photo image00035

Cloth material and comfortable to seat due to adequate padding. I did not have anyone seating next to me, neither behind.

photo image00036

Windows and shade. This was my 2nd trip on a Airbus 220-300, I will post the new series after completing trip series.

photo image00037

Cabin view after boarding was completed. Flight was delayed.

photo image00038

Headrest and air vents on top panel.

photo image00039

Meal tray

photo image00040

Seat Pocket Content

I checked the seat pocket and found Qantas inflight magazine, safety card and air sickness bag.

photo image00041

QantasLink Airbus A220-300 safety card

photo image00042

Mobile holder and USB-A charging port.

photo image00043

Plugged cable to check charging speed. Charged fast.

photo image00044

QantasLink Boeing 717 and Dash's line

photo image00045

PushBack and Taxi

Crew made announcements and performed safety demonstration after door was closed.

Pushback commenced at 12.12pm

photo image00046

Pushback completed at 12.17pm, engine spooled

photo image00047

As runway 27 was used for departure, taxi time was short.

photo image00048

Qantas VH-XZJ "Mendoowoorrji" waiting for its turn.

photo image00049

Aircraft was 2nd in queue for departure and turn came soon.

photo image00050

Ready for departure, Takeoff at 12.37pm.

photo image00051

Departure was towards the West, then turned North East for Canberra.

photo image00052

Cruising altitude was attained quickly

photo image00053

Cabin View

Quiet cabin with everyone resting.

photo image00054

Cabin view

photo image00055

I checked the seat recline button. Seat reclined as seen in above picture.

photo image00056

Cabin Service

Cabin announcement was made refreshments would be served shortly.

photo image00057

Received blueberry, Date and Granola slice and asked for coke to drink.

photo image00058

Top view

photo image00059

Finishing coke.

photo image00060

Approaching Canberra

Pilot announced descend would commence, crew cleared the rubbish.

photo image00061

Mountains around Canberra, ACT.

photo image00062

Lining with runway

photo image00063

On finals to land on runway 17-35

photo image00064

Landed smoothly.

photo image00065

Brakes on

photo image00066

Australian Air Force Boeing WedgeTail

photo image00067

 A long taxi followed.

photo image00068

WedgeTail parked

photo image00069

Reaching gate

photo image00070

Parked at gate

photo image00071


No one in rush, waiting for door to open to disembark.

photo image00072

Walking towards the exit door. Crew wished passengers as they disembarked.

photo image00073

Nose view

photo image00074

Special colours

photo image00075

Entering Terminal

Glass aerobridge to enter the terminal, unlike at other Australian airports.

photo image00076

Aircraft getting serviced

photo image00077

As I was transitting through Canberra, I decided not to exit and stay in the departure area. Checked the flight schedule. Time was 1.15pm, aircraft was delayed by 45 mins. I wasn't affected as I had a plenty of time for next flight.

photo image00078

QantasLink VH-X4A "Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa" was preparing to return back to Melbourne as QF1279

photo image00079

Departure from Canberra

photo image00097

Video: QantasLink QF1276 Melbourne to Canberra route

END of Trip Report

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Cabin crew7.0

Melbourne - MEL


Canberra - CBR



Qantaslink service onboard was satisfactory. Aircraft was new and clean. Departure was delayed but it didn't affect me as it reduced my transit time, which was good for me.

Overall satisfactory flight.

Information on the route Melbourne (MEL) Canberra (CBR)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Virgin Australia avec 7.8/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 0 minutes.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Awesome to see the first review on the QF A220 here! It's a beautiful aircraft. That special livery is gorgeous! The cabin is very nice too, but I was disappointed---though not surprised---when it turned out that there would not be any PTVs despite it being reported by several outlets last year that there would be. It makes sense in the end that there wouldn't be PTVs since it's a regional aircraft.

    Can't beat that spacious 2-3 configuration in Y...super comfortable, better than most mainline aircraft I imagine.

    Thanks for sharing!

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