Review of Korean Air flight Sydney Seoul in Economy

Airline Korean Air
Flight KE402
Class Economy
Seat 32K
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 11:05
Take-off 08 Dec 23, 09:00
Arrival at 08 Dec 23, 18:05
KE   #13 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 139 reviews
Published on 7th June 2024

Korean Air KE402 Sydney to Seoul

Flight details:
Airline: Korean Air
Flight: KE402 SYD - ICN
Reg: HL7644 "Last 747 passenger plane"
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8B5
Seat: 32K
Depart Sydney Terminal 1 Gate 9: 09:00AM [Actual time: 09:34AM]
Arrive Seoul Incheon Terminal 2 : 06:05PM [Actual time: 05.30PM]
Total time: 9 hour 56 mins

Video: Korean Air KE402 Sydney to Seoul


This trip report is from Dec 2023.  This report covers the journey from Sydney to Seoul - Incheon.

I started by checking online about South Korea visa. As Australian passport holders get visa on arrival, I didn't need to apply for a K-ETA visa.

I booked the ticket for the 4.5 days South Korea trip. 

I think this maybe the last time I flew on the Queen of the skies. I don't see any report on Korean Air Boeing 747-8I after COVID or this aircraft.

What makes this special for me is that it is the last built Boeing 747 passenger plane.

Flight Booking

I booked the ticket 2 months before the trip.

photo image00130

Korean Air had started serving Sydney with Boeing 747-8I during Southern Summer from Dec 2023 to Jan2024 .

I had booked Economy class for this flight. Below information is from the Korean Air website.

photo screenshot-2024-06-07-at-21-43-00-flying-economy-class-on-the-boeing-747-8

Aircraft information

photo screenshot-2024-06-07-at-21-44-00-boeing-747-8i-seat-map

Ticket booked.

photo image00145


On the previous night, I checked the incoming flight. Korean Air HL7644 would be operating KE401 to Sydney.

photo image00137

Aircraft rotation

photo image00140

Aircraft and Flight Information

Aircraft in flight.

photo image00141

KE402 history

photo image00139

Departure aircraft was not displayed but knew I would be flying the "Last Boeing 747 Passenger Plane ".

photo image00138

Aircraft information: Korean Air HL7644 from

photo screenshot-2024-06-07-221354

Online check-in

I checked online for this flight through the Korean Air website and got digital boarding pass.

photo image00131

Agreed to the terms and conditions

photo image00132

I had selected the seat at the time of booking, rechecked to confirm that it had not changed.

photo image00133

Boarding pass sent to email address

photo image00134

Check-in process completed

photo image00135

I provided details of passport and COVID vaccination.

photo image00136

Arriving at Airport

I booked Uber to airport and arrived early.

photo image40001

I was travelling light and didn't require trolley.

photo image40002

Checked the Check-in list. Korean Air Check-in counters D.

photo image40003-26267


After entering, I went a shop in the departure area as I needed something.

photo image00007

Check-in display information

photo image00005

Passenger queued for Korean Air check-in.

photo image00006

As I had checked-online, I walked in the bag drop line. There was no queue and was served in few minutes.

photo image00008

I put bag for weighing and handed passport.

photo image00009

Ground staff scanned the passport, asked if had power-bank in check-in bag and then issued the boarding pass.

photo image00010

Completed the check-in process in few minutes.

photo image00011

Immigration and Security

Entered the immigration, queue was short. Scanned passport and was cleared to enter security.

In security, didn't have to remove laptop or other electronic items and was in the departure area in few minutes.

photo image00012

Departure Area

Entered the departure area with plenty of time for boarding.

photo image00013

Checked the departure information, aircraft details were available. Aircraft was confirmed.

photo image00146

I had nothing to buy from duty free.

photo image00014

Walking towards gate

photo image00015

Airport was busy.

photo image00017

I went near the gate area and saw the Boeing 747-8, unfortunately parked in a position where a clear photo was not possible.

photo image00018

Closeup of tail and registration number.

photo image00019

Facing East, view of Terminal 3 - Qantas Domestic Terminal.

photo image00020

Gate area

photo image00021

GST refund counter near gate.

photo image00022

I returned to the duty free area for walk.

photo image00023

✈ Spotting

Walking towards the windows.

photo image00033

British Airways Boeing 777 arrived from Singapore.

photo image00024

China Southern Boeing 787-9, photos were back-lit and lot of reflection.

photo image00025

Didn't continue and returned to departure area. Korean Air crew walking to aircraft.

photo image00026

Check pier closer to gate

photo image00027

China Southern Boeing 787-9

photo image00028

Qantas Airbus A330-300

photo image00029

Boarding area

Time passed and I returned to boarding area.

photo image00030

Passengers waiting for boarding to start.

photo image00031


Boarding call made with those with infants with children, Business Class and other SkyTeam members. Followed by Economy class passengers by Zones.

photo image00032

Joined the queue to board.

photo image00034

Passport photo page checked and boarding pass scanned.

photo image00035

Queue on aerobridge

photo image00036


Crew at the door to greet and direct passengers.

photo image00037

Seated in the front section, boarded at the end. Flight was full.

photo image00038

My seat was 32K immediately after entering the Economy section.

photo image00039

Seat had water bottle, amenity kit, blanket and headphones with pillow placed for each passenger.

photo image00040

Crew distributing amenity pack

photo image00041

Window view

photo image00042

After passengers had boarded, safety demonstration was shown on the personal screen.

photo image00043

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced few minutes behind schedule.

photo image00044

View of Finair Airbus A330 along with other aircraft parked in remote bay.

photo image00045

Took few minutes for the pushback to complete, followed by long taxi to runway 34L-16R.

photo image00046

Over M5 motorway

photo image00047

"The Beach" next to the old control tower - Afternoon ✈ spotting area.

photo image00048

Reached start of runway 34L

photo image00049

Quad - engine roared

photo image00050

View of Terminal 3 with Qantas aircraft's.

photo image00051

City view over the wings

photo image00052

Heading North

photo image00053

Flight Information

Opened the touchscreen IFE and checked the flight information.

photo image00054

IFE interface

photo image00055

Remote controller and USB port

photo image00056

Amenity kit, water bottle and blanket with headphones.

photo image00057

Seat Pocket content

Seat pocket contained the inflight magazine - morning calm, Skyshop, pre-order form, air sickness back and safety card.

photo image00058


photo image00059

Amenity kit pouch.

photo image00060

Slippers, toothpaste and bush.

photo image00061

As I had used the phone to take photos and videos, charged using the USB port. Took off the shoes and used the slippers being a long flight.

photo image00062

Cabin Service

Cabin service began 1 hour after departure. Crew started from front, which meant got serviced first.

photo image00063

Option was Western or Korean.

photo image00065

I chose Korean Bibimbap with red wine. Made the dish by mixing the rice and ingredients with paste and sesame oil.

photo image00066

Seat view after meal. As co-passengers got up. I walked back to use the toilet.

photo image00067

Cabin View

Korean Air Boeing 747-8I Economy cabin

photo image00068

Toilet was clean

photo image00069

Walking back to seat

photo image00070

I checked flight route.

photo image00071

7 hours more to go.

photo image00072

Flying somewhere of Far North Queensland

photo image00073

Flight information

photo image00074

Cabin was darkened and I slept for sometime to wake again, time 5 hours to arrive in Seoul.

photo image00075

Due to turbulence over the Equator, seat belt sign to switched and announcement made to fasten seat belt.

photo image00076

An hour later, drinks and snack provided.

photo image00077

With sun on the other side, window view over Philippines sea.

photo image00078

Aircraft location

photo image00079

Crew distributed Arrival card, which I filled. A very simple document compared to other countries.

photo image00080

Passengers could request Noodle between meals. Korea's famous export.

photo image00081

Time passed and flight heading towards Japan

photo image00082

Cabin Service

Cabin lights turned on for refreshment service, 1.5 hours before arrival.

photo image00083

Drink was provided and I chose coke.

photo image00084

Refreshment was rice or noodles, I chose rice.

Those who don't eat beef or pork should select special meal at time of booking when flying the North East Asian airlines. I forgot about this when booking so I didn't eat the main meal.

photo image00085

Refreshment provided over Japan, time to destination - 1.30 hours.

photo image00086

View of Fukuoka.

photo image00087

Crew cleared the rubbish.

photo image00088

Entering the sea of Japan

photo image00089

Flight information, 1 hour to land.

photo image00090

Terminal information, aircraft would arrive in terminal 2.

photo image00091

Checked the Wi-fi information, It was a paid service on some aircraft's. Boeing 747-8I did not have Wi-fi onboard.

photo image00092

Approaching Seoul - Incheon

Evening sets in as aircraft flies over South Korea.

photo image00093

Captain announced descend would commence.

photo image00095

Descend in progress

photo image00094

Landing in a minute

photo image00096

Window view

photo image00097

Landed smoothly

photo image00098

Aircraft landed on runway 15R-33L. Crew announced arrival with welcome message.

photo image00099

Taxi to terminal

photo image00100

Flight information, aircraft had arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo image00101

Long taxi followed.

photo image00102

View of Terminal 2 - used by Korean Air, Terminal 1 used by Asiana Airlines.

photo image00104

Korean Air Boeing 747-8I at home.

photo image00105

View of Korean Air lineup

photo image00106

Time was 5.41 when aircraft reached gate.

photo image00107

Thank you message displayed on arrival.

photo image00108

Window view

photo image00109


Passengers waiting for business passengers to disembark.

photo image00110

Passing the prestige class to exit aircraft.

photo image00111

Last view of the Boeing 747 as it will be rare to find in the passenger version.

photo image00112

Walk to Immigration

Entered the terminal which had a welcome message with South Korean and Australian flag along with direction for arrivals

photo image00113

Long walk to immigration

photo image00114

Arrows for those transiting to other flights.

photo image00115


Just before immigration there is health check and then some staff asked which is your passport. Passengers separated according to nationality. Having a Australian passport, I was allowed to continue to immigration without stopping.

As it was visa on arrival, I handed passport and arrival card to the immigration officer. No questions was asked, passport was stamped with 90 day visa.

Baggage Claim And Custom

After clearing immigration, I entered the baggage claim at 6.01pm.

photo image00116

Check the belt number and time showed 18.01 at bottom of display.

photo image00117

Passengers from Sydney flight gathered around Belt 4.

photo image00118

It took 45 minutes for the bag to arrive, after collecting bag passed through custom - Green channel. Checked the arrivals board and time was 18.46.

photo image00119

SIM and Transport to City

I had watched Youtube video and seen that LG had sim and Tmoney card in combination. This was ideal for me as I didn't have to buy a separate T-money card.  I paid in cash as I had changed money in Sydney. Got a 5 day sim plan for KRW 27,000.

photo image00120

I then took escalator to lower floor for the Airport Express (AREX) train

photo image00121

There are two options to reach Seoul Station, AREX and other is all stop train. I prefer reach destination quickly after long flight. I bought the AREX ticket.

photo image00122

Not much difference but I didn't want go through every stop.

photo image00123

Fare was KRW 11,000. Seat is reserved on this train. Seat number and car printed on ticket.

photo image00124

Video: Airport Express Train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station

Boarded train

photo image00125

Space to keep bag

photo image00126

Train is wi-fi equipped, I used personal data from the local sim.

photo image00127

Reached Seoul station on time.

photo image00128

Took 3 escalators to reach the concourse.

photo image00129


It was a cold day, I was lucky to have booked a hotel that was accessible underground through the station. I walked for 15 minutes to reach the hotel.

photo image20003

Video: Four Points by Sheraton Josun, Seoul Station

I stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Josun near Seoul Station. Room was good, bed was comfortable. Got allocated room on 27th Floor.

photo image00201

Four Points by Sheraton Josun

photo image20002

Flight AND route Information

Flight route

photo image00144

Video: Korean Air KE402 Sydney to Seoul route

Flight arrived earlier than scheduled at 5.30pm.

photo image00142

Aircraft rotation

photo image00143

END of Trip Report

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Korean Air

Cabin crew7.5

Sydney - SYD


Seoul - ICN



Korean Air onboard was satisfactory, Flight departed and arrived on time. Seat was comfortable for this long flight. The IFE was touchscreen based on earlier generation. No Wi-fi on this aircraft. Even though the flight was full, toilet was clean.

Sydney airport was efficient and quick at check-in, immigration and security. Seoul Incheon had long walk after arrival. Immigration was quick. Baggage took 45 mins to arrive. Custom was not an issue as I walked through Green channel.

I took AREX to Seoul station, which was quick and comfortable, it had Wi-fi available for those without personal data.

Overall a satisfactory flight.



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