Review of Korean Air flight Busan Seoul in Economy

Airline Korean Air
Flight KE1818
Class Economy
Seat 33A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 12 Dec 23, 13:15
Arrival at 12 Dec 23, 14:20
KE   #13 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 139 reviews
Published on 8th June 2024

Korean Air KE1818 Busan to Seoul[Gimpo]

Flight details:
Airline: Korean Air
Flight: KE1818 PUS - GMP
Reg: HL8313
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300
Seat: 33A
Depart Busan Gimhae International Airport Domestic Terminal Gate 32: 01:15PM [Actual time: 01:30PM]
Arrive Seoul Gimpo Terminal D: 02:20PM [Actual time: 02.09PM]
Total time: 1 hour 05 mins

Video: Korean Air KE1818 Busan to Seoul[Gimpo]


This trip report is from Dec 2023. I travelled to South Korea, Read report: Korean Air KE402 Sydney to Seoul

After two days of stay in Seoul, rode the KTX HSR train to Busan. This report covers the journey from Busan to Seoul - Gimpo.

Flight Booking

Korean Air has multiple flights between Busan and Gimpo and few to Incheon, as my hotel was near Seoul Station. Gimpo being in the city was the preferred airport.

While booking ticket, there were many options but most were on either Airbus A320/21 or Boeing 737-800. Chose this flight as it was timed well with the hotel check-in and able to get a Airbus A220-300. Price was also off-peak which made this a no-brainer choice.

photo image00129-25680

I had booked Economy class for this flight. Below information is from the Korean Air website.

photo screenshot-2024-06-08-201929-34077

Aircraft information

photo screenshot-2024-06-08-201958-91521

Online check-in

On the previous night, I checked online for this flight through the Korean Air website

photo image00132

Received email with boarding pass

photo image00138

Mobile version

photo image00139-70381

Check-in process completed

photo image00130

Boarding procedure

photo image00131

Arriving at Airport

I checked out of the hotel and then walked towards Busan station

photo image00002

Walked straight and then Busan metro entrance on the left side, Right side is the Busan KTX station.

photo image00003

Entered the Busan Metro Station Line 1

photo image00004

Walking through underground shopping area

photo image00005

Checked with station staff for guidance.

Train to Busan Gimhae International Airport

Line 1 to change at 219 Seomyeon to line 2 for 227 Sasang. At Sasang, change to LRT for 104 Gimhae International airport.

photo image00001

Catching train at Station no. 113 Busan Station

photo image00006

Metro train direction of travel.

photo image00007

Interchange at 219 Seomyeon Line 2

photo image00008

Information and direction

photo image00010

Escalator to platform

photo image00011

Change at 227 Sasang to LRT

photo image00012

Following directions

photo image00013

Exiting Sasang metro line

photo image00014

Walking towards the LRT station

photo image00015

Escalator to LRT station

photo image00016

LRT concourse

photo image00018

Entering the LRT station

photo image00019

Following directions

photo image00020

LRT platform

photo image00021

Waiting for train

photo image00022

LRT train arrives

photo image00023

2 Car train, boarding

photo image00024

Car view

photo image00025

Drivers view

photo image00026

Entering station

photo image00027

Airport in view

photo image00028

Busan Gimhae International Airport Domestic Terminal

photo image00029

Exiting the train

photo image00030

Tapping T-money card to exit station. 

photo image00031

I had no bag and had plenty of time to reach airport. Journey took about 45 mins. Other options to take bus or taxi.

Fare was cheap on train, I used the money stored in the T-money card.

photo screenshot-2024-06-08-214253

After exiting walked for 5 mins following the signs.

photo image00032

Domestic and International terminal are separate buildings.

photo image00033

Crossing the road

photo image00034

Domestic Terminal

Domestic Terminal Entrance

photo image00035


photo image00036

Departure on upper level

photo image00037

Self Check-in

I had checked online for the flight. I didn't get a physical boarding pass.

photo image00038

Flight schedule displayed over the security entrance.

photo image00039

Shops- Got a coffee from the food store.

photo image00040

Donut shop

photo image00041

After a few minutes, headed towards security check.

photo image00042

Security check

Passengers have to scan the boarding pass to enter the security area. Digital or physical boarding pass scanned to enter.

Security was quick, removed the laptop and electronic devices for separate scan. All done within a minute.

photo image00043

Aircraft and Flight information

I checked flight information and aircraft was listed.

photo image00133

Korean Air HL8313 Airbus A220-300 would be operating KE1815 to Busan

photo image00140-22992

Aircraft information: Korean Air HL8313 from

photo screenshot-2024-06-08-202045

Departure Area

Entered the Departure area after clearning security

photo image00044

Flight schedule -  Flights either to Jeju or Seoul - Gimpo. In spite of KTX HSR with shortest travel time of about 2.15hrs to Seoul.

photo image00045

KE1818 would depart from Gate 32

photo image00046

No passengers yet in the waiting area.

photo image00047

I explored the departure area of the domestic terminal from one corner to another.

photo image00048

Passenger waiting for their boarding at gate 31

photo image00049

Walking towards gate 37

photo image00050-19051

Waiting area

photo image00051

Gate 37 waiting for boarding call on Korean Air Airbus A321.

photo image00052

I returned to the waiting area and aircraft had landed. Korean Air HL8313 arrived as KE1815 GMP to PUS

photo image00141-71443


Boarding call was made and conducted by Zones.

photo image00056

Boarding pass was scanned and was allowed to proceed towards aircraft.

photo image00057

View of aircraft

photo image00058

Korean Air HL8313 Airbus A220-300. My 1st flight on this aircraft type. I flew on Qantas Airbus 220-300 in 2024, read report here - QantasLink QF1276 Melbourne to Canberra

photo image00059


Cabin crew used a scanner to check boarding pass.

photo image00060

Onboard - Aircraft was all economy configuration, seating in 2-3 arrangement.

photo image00061

Boarding continued as it was full flight.

photo image00062

Seat Pocket Content

Seat pocket contained Morning calm - inflight magazine, Streaming IFE information card, air sickness bag.

photo image00063

Korean Air Airbus A220-300 Safety card

photo image00065

Full view

photo image00064

middle pages

photo image00066

last page

photo image00068

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced on time, as announcement that photos and video was prohibited. I didn't take airside or departure video. Aircraft departed from runway 36L- 18R.

photo image00069


It was sunny and I had window shades down after departure.

photo image00070-59733

Each seat had USB charger

photo image00071-21452

Cabin service

Crew began drinks service after attaining cruising altitude.

photo image00073

Option was coke or orange juice/apple juice. I chose coke.

photo image00072


Cabin was neat and clean

photo image00074

Seat was made of cloth and padding was adequate and comfortable to seat.

photo image00075

Approaching Seoul - Gimpo Airport

Window view. Flight attained cruise altitude for few minutes.

photo image00076

 Captain announced descend would commence in few minutes.

photo image00077

Airport close to Seoul

photo image00078

Descend continued with skyscraper visible

photo image00079


Aircraft landed on runway 32R-14L.

photo image00080

Gimpo has two runway in parallel. Aircraft landed ahead of schedule in 45 minutes.

photo image00081

Crossing runway, followed by long taxi.

photo image00082

View of Airside

photo image00083

AirSeoul and EasterAir

photo image00084

Asiana Airlines

photo image00085

Korean Air

photo image00086

Arrived at gate

photo image00087

Aligning with parking marks

photo image00088

Parked at gate.

photo image00089


After aircraft parked, passenger waiting for aerobridge to connect.

photo image00090

Window view while waiting

photo image00091

Disembarkation commenced, seat view

photo image00092

All economy seating on this aircraft.

photo image00093

Crew was waiting on the aerobridge to wish passengers of the flight.

photo image00094

Airside view from the aerobridge

photo image00095

Entering the Termnal D

Arrivals and baggage claim is on lower level

photo image00096

Escalator to lower level

photo image00097

Walking towards baggage claim

photo image00098

Walked 5- 10 mins

photo image00099

Time was 1.42pm, when I entered the baggage claim.

photo image00100

Toilets in the arrivals area

photo image00101

Belt information, I was carrying only a handbag. Didn't have to wait for the bag.

photo image00102-68210

Baggage claim area

photo image00103

Korean Air KE1818 bags would arrive on belt 1.

photo image00104

Exiting the arrivals area

As I had no checked bag, walked towards the exit.

photo image00105

I would be talking the Subway to Seoul Station

photo image00106

Following Subway direction

photo image00107

Long walk to subway which located between the Domestic and International Terminal

photo image00108

Followed the Seoul Station direction

photo image00109

Escalator to ticket barriers

photo image00110

Tapped the T-money card and reached platform.

photo image00111

Train Information

photo image00112

Boarding train

photo image00113


photo image00114-81074

This AREX train stops at all stations, journey took about 25 minutes

photo screenshot-2024-06-08-231451

Window view from train

photo image00115

After reaching Seoul Station, took another Subway train to Myeong-dong. To read further, check the Tourism bonus section.

Aircraft and FLight Information

Flight route

photo image00137

Video: Korean Air KE1818 Busan to Seoul[Gimpo] route

Aircraft rotation

photo image00134

Flight information

photo image00136

END of Trip Report

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Korean Air

Cabin crew7.0

Busan - PUS


Seoul - GMP



Korean Air service was satisfactory, flight took off on time and arrived early. I was in no rush as the hotel check-in time was 3pm. As I wasn't carrying bag, I was able to exit quickly after landing.

Flight time was 45 mins in spite was served drink. I didn't check the Wi-fi as I had personal data and didn't need to check internet. I did not check the streamed IFE onboard.

Busan airport is easy to access, transport was cheap as I took train. I had checked online, did not use the self check kiosk. Security check was quick, boarding was orderly.

I had a pleasant flight.

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