Review of KLM flight Denpasar Singapore in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL 836
Class Economy
Seat 57A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 20 Apr 14, 20:35
Arrival at 20 Apr 14, 22:55
KL   #41 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 819 reviews
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Published on 27th April 2014
We only did a bit of sightseeing as most of us had been to Bali before.

Tanah Lot

photo 14034269373_904266315c_b

photo 13991149286_e88dc079a2_b

@ Kuta Beach

photo 13991148186_0586acfabb_b

photo 14014722864_5f004e3965_b

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New shopping along Kuta.

photo 14011070702_923bcc32b8_b

After a relaxing 3 nights, it was time to leave Bali behind for home. The villa had allowed us late check out at 6pm, just in time to comfortably reach the airport at 630 pm to check-in. For some reasons, online check-in could not be done.

Flights departing from the International Terminal this evening. There were 7 flights departing to Singapore between 7pm to midnight!

photo 14014722634_495913dabc_b

The new international terminal is a huge improvement over the old terminal, which is now converted into the domestic terminal. Spacious and airy, it felt like a scaled down version of KLIA or HKIA. Check-in area can only be accessed if you have flight bookings and proof of it.

photo 14011068982_45dddc56b3_b

photo 14011068162_0907fe7d24_b

KLM check-in desks. There were 8 desks open for check in and due to the very full flight, the check-in queue was rather long. Luckily it moved fast.

photo 14014267395_9626018046_b

Cool LED signage at the KLM check-in area.

photo 14011075301_3cd3cc16ce_b

Boarding pass issued. We had pre-selected our seats prior.

photo 14014721514_843352deba_b

Then it was paying of 200,000 Rupiahs of airport tax, clearing security and immigration, and into the duty free shops area. To access the gates, you would be forced to walk through all the overpriced shops.

photo 14014266595_8e7f7baabb_b

The gates area.

photo 14011074701_d8546f0fa8_b

SQ B772 9V-SRL would be departing from Gate 2 half an hour before us.

photo 14011059512_aabe12734f_b

While our B777-300ER would be departing from Gate 1. PH-BVK, KLM's newest B77W named Yellowstone National Park delivered last Oct, would be operating our flight this evening.

photo 14014257815_a029bc8250_b

20 April 2014
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KL 836
Denpasar Bali (DPS) - Singapore (SIN)
PH-BVK Yellowstone National Park
Economy Class

The boarding gate was choc-a-block due to the full flight. However, KLM ground staff made the best out of the situation and segregated waiting pax by row numbers to enable more efficient boarding.

photo 14034264783_03b647873b_b

Boarding was called slightly less than 30min before departure, with boarding sequences enforced. Being seated near the rear of the plane, we boarded after the status pax and pax needing assistance. Was welcomed at the door by 2 crew and directed to the correct aisle. As we were seated at rows 56 and 57, we passed through the humongous economy cabin that KLM fitted on their 77Ws. Crew were stationed at the doors, greeting pax.

photo 13991145216_b325eb27a8_b

photo 14011073961_6c9711391e_b

Cabin was very clean. Settled into our seats. Seat pitch was good although with the 3-4-3 configuration, the width of the seats might be a tad tight for some.

photo 14011073711_cc8e3252de_b

Inflight magazine and safety card.

photo 14014265205_09714cc350_b

Out of the window, with the domestic flights parked at the old international (now domestic) terminal.

photo 14014712764_03e1b74bc2_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 14034263163_9357aaec97_b

Made a quick visit to the lavatory while on the ground. It was very clean bu only with the basic amenities.

photo 14014719774_bbca5e6f73_b

Boarding was completed on time and doors were closed and armed. Flight time was announced as 2h15m.

photo 14011065282_5f398fc47d_b

photo 13991143286_73feb979dc_b

Some flight info on the IFE screens during taxi.

photo 14011072671_7a4d28460a_b

photo 14014263405_6cf26bb40b_b

A short taxi to Rwy9, and we were homeward bound to Singapore!

Climbing out of DPS.

photo 14011066811_229c3c0229_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, service started with distribution of immigration forms and headsets.

photo 14011067001_dccfe0056f_b


photo 14014716634_07ce0f8ae7_b

Checking out the IFE system.

photo 13991142556_be1310b047_b

Latest movies for the month.

photo 14014262935_c14e347250_b

photo 14011064202_e68997b89b_b

It also have an interesting feature showing the menu on the flight. This evening on the DPS-SIN sector, the following would be served.

photo 14011064222_6641d2b3d5_b

Beverages available on the flight.

photo 14014262885_d5491dca91_b

photo 13991142106_12e596d701_b

photo 14011063672_1ae6e18940_b

photo 13991141906_0df9a32c6a_b

photo 14034260873_4bfd7fb8fb_b

photo 14011071021_8ca72f154b_b

photo 14014716864_29dc0403f2_b

photo 13991141806_5f3d37de77_b

Hot drinks

photo 14011070961_9d1ceb0754_b

There were also other detailed information on the service you can expect on your flight, but I did not read it.

Following the distribution of headphones. crew came down the aisle and gave out hot scented towels, albeit disposable ones. Well, guess no other European airlines does this in economy anymore?

photo 13991141086_faab13c8f0_b

I decided to settle for the recently popular cartoon movie Frozen for the flight.

photo 14034260213_94d420ca95_b

photo 13991140576_b0ae8d317e_b

Soon, the smell of food waved through the cabin, signalling the start of the meal service. Special meals were delivered by hand from the galleys, followed by the rest of the cabin using meal carts. As there were quite a number of special meal orders, the meal service for the rest of the cabin took a while to begin.

There would be no choice for the meal. Each meal tray also came with a warm roll with butter and a bottle of water. Interestingly I was also served the exact same meal on my previous KLM flight from DPS to SIN as well last year in April!

photo 14011070281_3be162bef2_b

I also ordered a white wine to go with the meal and it was handed over to me by a very friendly crew member serving my aisle, who also told us to enjoy our meals.

photo 13991140346_9c6de21558_b

Starter: Carrot and raisin salad.

photo 14011061942_80922b3462_b

Main: Lemon chicken with coriander rice and stir-fried vegetables. We all agree that this tasted delicious!

photo 14014715824_7eaeb6a272_b

Dessert: Apricot cake. A sweet ending to the meal.

photo 14011069531_2f228f6c87_b

Drinking water from the Alps.

photo 14014260045_591e55e451_b

Enjoying my Sauvignon Blanc with the movie.

photo 14011061402_ff61132dc9_b

It was a satisfying meal! However I wished the portion could be bigger.

photo 14011060992_642205d8a2_b

But no, that is not the end of the meal service! During tray collection, the crew also offered hot coffee/tea as well as after-dinner liquors!!

photo 14011068291_a5e5419c07_b

I enjoyed an Amarula cream.

photo 14034258253_d454587c86_b

As well as a hot coffee with milk. Heavenly combination!

photo 14011060832_1fd49c89ab_b

After all the meal trays and cups were cleared, we were nearing Singapore and starting descend soon. However, an announcement was made that duty-free service would be offered and the carts rolled out to the front of the aircraft, moving towards the rear. I browsed through the inflight magazine and decided to purchase a KLM collectible, Miffy in KLM uniform!

photo 13991143636_e910b121b8_b

We were more than halfway through the descent when the duty free cart reached my row. Luckily Miffy was still available and I bought one of it. One of my friends bought another and the crew told her that she had bought the last one onboard! Sorry, SIN-AMS pax.

photo 14014259055_cf3c876f86_b

Duty free sales were so good that some pax were not able to purchase as we were already coming in to land over Batam. Crew had to apologize that we were landing soon when the captain announced for the crew to be seated for landing, and quickly rolled back the duty-free carts while checking that everyone were belted in and ready for arrival, all these less than 5 minutes to landing! In fact, I could see the Singapore CBD skyline by then!

Coming in over Batam. Duty-free service was forced to be halted then as were landing very shortly!

photo 14014712244_4a30c3193d_b

Singapore night skyline during final approach. The crew had just prepared the cabin for landing, dimmed the lights and got seated.

photo 14034256043_5d78843ba5_b

Urban landscape.

photo 14011066171_ed39cfeabc_b

Had a very smooth landing on Rwy02L, with no thrust reversers used. Landed 9min early!

Disembarking the aircraft, with crew thanking and saying farewell to the pax.

photo 14014713724_1517b789da_b

photo 14011067781_a8467b31a1_b

Last view of the plane.

photo 14014713484_a0f17c9da1_b

Immigration was painless and our bags were out with minimal waiting. Judging by the number of people at the baggage claim, I guess at least half of the passengers onboard were continuing onto Amsterdam.

photo 14034257113_392b41bc18_b

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Cabin crew9.0

Denpasar - DPS


Singapore - SIN



To sum up the KLM experience on the DPS-SIN sector, as what my other friends who have not flown KLM prior, Impressive!. KLM has really wowed on this short sector, providing quality service at competitive prices. However, judging by the rush the crew were in to complete the service, KLM could adjust certain procedures for this short sector, such as pre-setting headphones or distributing hot towels before takeoff. These could enable the service to be more efficient, especially with a full load like on this flight. But the KLM crew had performed very well, and even if they were stressed out, it did not show on their faces. Well done, KLM!

Your comments are very much welcomed!

Information on the route Denpasar (DPS) Singapore (SIN)


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    Fantastic report, KLM is really doing well and this sector and can be compared with SQ in terms of service.

    First picture I saw of the new terminal at DPS, it's a major improvement but seems already quite crowded.

    Meal seems nice, but portion as you said are tiny.

    Cabin prepared only 5mn before ATA to maximise service + duty free is impressive, especialy when SQ is locking on everything 30mn before ATA.

    Thanks for sharing,I enjoyed reading it.

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