Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Da Nang Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN 107
Class Economy
Seat 18G
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 04 May 14, 09:45
Arrival at 04 May 14, 11:00
VN   #26 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 214 reviews
By 4117
Published on 13th May 2014
Day 3, we explored Da Nang.

Panaroma views of My Khe beach and Da Nang from the hotel rooftop pool.

photo 10264720_10152459621614017_127051393582374312_n

photo 10246837_10152459621569017_6565616801660476407_n

This is definitely one of the best beaches I have ever been to!

photo 10299967_10152461331939017_4987480111249514862_n

photo 10247230_10152461332004017_1324899738815797372_n

In Han Market.

photo 10334288_10152461332329017_5243479624224085884_n

Along the Han River promenade.

photo 10334406_10152461332279017_2268082802889521566_n

photo 10294271_10152461332484017_935519416469122605_n

photo 1908321_10152461332629017_5609562570981446132_n

Brand new office building and mall under construction. Futuristic design amongst the older low-rise buildings.

photo 1506922_10152461332634017_4846559006644894325_n


photo 10338836_10152461332614017_7716703696051269933_n

Da Nang by night.

photo 1557718_10152461333414017_8616241285197446574_n

Dragon bridge lighted up!

photo 10171116_10152461333504017_7793879470387192334_n

A short getaway and time to fly home. As essential all flights to SIN would require a transfer at either HAN or SGN, we would have to depart rather early out of Danang. Our flight out to SGN was scheduled at a more reasonable 0945am, not at the ungodly hours as transiting via HAN requires early departure at 6am!

Danang's new terminal as we were approaching the airport. A rather generic design similar to many other newer airport terminals in the region.

photo 14160194215_a8f10a1006_b

photo 14157401902_542b74d5b8_b

The rather airy and spacious check-in hall. It was rather crowded due to the many travellers returning home after a long weekend break.

photo 14180265103_3871fca6c0_b

VN common check-in desks.

photo 14157401952_69f6e1e643_b

Unfortunately due to the full flight on this sector to SGN, we were not upgraded by Optiontown to J class. No problem, as it was a very short flight anyway. Our bags were also only checked to SGN, and we would need to re-check them to SIN at SGN.

photo 13973519779_84449cbbd4_b

Through security and into the departure hall, which is eras ahead of the departure hall of Hanoi airport! There were lots of shops, eateries and facilities. Probably even a nicer terminal than Ho Chi Minh as well!

photo 14180264463_50dfcab586_b

photo 13973542250_68130a5ca0_b

Departures for the day.

photo 14180263113_4ba6fe8020_b

VN A321 departing for Hanoi soon, with a company ATR72 just arriving from Vinh.

photo 13973532347_1176023983_b

2 Vietjet Air A320s, including a sharklet A320, at the gates.

photo 14180263773_56a7e6c8c5_b

photo 14180263763_dee7f03f59_b

However, our flight to Ho Chi Minh would be departing from a bus gate. Funny that the low-cost carrier got two aerobridges but the premium carrier got assigned the remote stand.

photo 13973530907_882fe3002f_b

04 May 2014
Vietnam Airlines
VN 107
Da Nang (DAD) - Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
Economy Class

We were ferried by bus to the remote stand. This morning, a rather new aircraft would by flying us to SGN.

photo 14180262323_779eee30ec_b

Boarding from the front door.

photo 14137010616_a423142688_b

photo 13973516379_b50cf6421b_b

The exterior of this aircraft is so spotlessly clean!

photo 13973515919_ae66391771_b

VN's newer A321s are fitted with the new generation recliner seats in Business Class, along with personal IFE. Unfortunately, I would not have the chance to try out the new seats. I believe Silkair also uses the same seats in Business Class for their new B738s.

photo 14157397242_8dec3941f8_b

However, we were back in Economy for this leg. Economy seats on the newer aircrafts seemed similar as on the older planes, with no personal IFE as well. The flight seemed to be totally full!

photo 13973539130_70aa660533_b

Seat pitch was not bad though.

photo 13973539600_e29fe77612_b

IFE controls, though it was not used on this short flight.

photo 14137007936_75112d7f1d_b

View out the window.

photo 14160189395_97b5b26a73_b

Soon after all passengers had boarded, crew came down to distribute refreshing tissues.

photo 14160188995_5e09c5ca44_b

Doors closed and safety video was shown. Flying time was announced to be 1hr.

Started the short taxi to the runway.

Where we held at the entrance to Rwy17L, waiting for another aircraft to land from the opposite direction on Rwy35R. Apparently takeoffs and landing were performed using different runway headings.

photo 14160286614_c48abca794_b

Takeoff from Rwy17L.

photo 14156840271_5344311483_b

Climbing out of Da Nang, with some great scenery.

photo 14160280544_424a396f2c_b

photo 14180253503_c41ded0b05_b

Video of the climb to cruise altitude. We climbed to a cruising altitude of 32000ft.

Inflight entertainment consisted of the flightmap. At least it was working properly on this flight.

photo 14156834621_2d9152d8ba_b

Cabin service started and was very efficient.

photo 13973537960_761b1a5fa0_b

This was because all we got was a bottle of drinking water and nothing else.

photo 14157395802_d2b00bba81_b

With no other cabin service, I just spent the time admiring the landscape we flew over.

photo 14157389272_a365fc050f_b

photo 13973546528_2a27815150_b

photo 14137006546_f94b9d4651_b

Bored, and started taking photos of the cabin. We were halfway there by now. Cabin crew had all disappeared into the galley since there were no more service to deliver in economy.

photo 14160185915_27d33f2dcd_b

photo 13973546358_11b3def232_b

Seat recline was quite decent.

photo 14156838511_9cf06cf150_b

Soon, the pilot came on to announce our descent and gave some information of our arrival as well.

Starting our decent into Ho Chi Minh City.

photo 13973525977_eef1a2a47a_b

Very densely populated outskirts of HCMC.

photo 14180253243_c279a6709c_b

Over some fields.

photo 14137001376_74a8fe8424_b

Flying pass central Ho Chi Minh during the descent.

photo 14160278954_f3b3bd3219_b

Turning for finals.

photo 13973526057_d20ea65ae4_b

Flaps and gears down, we are landing soon!

photo 14137005526_6c9795a08c_b

Landing over the urban landscape onto Rwy07R and taxi to our gate at the International terminal.

Parked beside a CX B773ER at the International Terminal. This plane would be used on an international flight to Yangon for its next rotation.

photo 14137004826_c0171122b4_b

My seat for the past hour.

photo 14160184695_6421aab8be_b


photo 14137004286_ec5c4f9efa_b

photo 14160184375_51b5e57cd2_b

We had to disembark via stairs to awaiting buses to ferry us to the domestic terminal.

photo 13973509909_1ca11c5cce_b

SQ B772 beside us as well.

photo 13973542348_b1315aed96_b

Short bus ride to the domestic terminal and we were disembarked directly at the baggage belts. Had only a short wait for our bags, after which we proceeded to the International terminal, which was about a 10min walk away to check in for the final sector.

photo 13973532730_c42da2bf3a_b

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Da Nang - DAD


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



This short flight in economy is basically efficient and no-frills. Flight was punctual and service minimal. Guess this is the norm on VN domestic flights of an hour or less.

Information on the route Da Nang (DAD) Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)


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