Review of Wizz Air flight Brno London in Economy

Airline Wizz Air
Flight W6 2801
Class Economy
Seat 22E
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 10 May 14, 11:45
Arrival at 10 May 14, 12:55
W6   #16 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 106 reviews
By 6391
Published on 14th May 2014
Hello dear readers and welcome to my another low-cost flight report!

This time it is about to cover me and my girlfriend´s flight to London, the city we have in our hearts since our visit there in late 2012.
Brno, our local airport was set as our departure place this time. We booked this trip with Wizzair in February. Original plan was to stay from Friday to Monday in the British capital, but two weeks after booking Wizz changed flying days and times from Brno and we were moved to fly on Saturday with return on Tuesday. We had no problem and confirmed this change.

Last time I flew from Brno was in October 2012 with Ryanair to Stansted so I looked forward to both - flying Wizz and flying from my hometown again.

With 11:45 departure from BRQ we enjoyed a calm morning and were in no rush. My father offered us a ride to airport which we gladly accepted.
Arriving at the airport

photo DSCN4021photo DSCN4022

Arrival hall. This building was the only terminal building at BRQ in the past. Several years ago new departure hall was built.

photo DSCN4023

Instead of walking into terminal bulding we passed by and went to a small observation terrace to see some small local movements
5 flights were scheduled for Brno on that day. Except of our flight to Luton and UTair flight to Moscow there were two charters to Hurghada.

photo DSCN4024

This is one of them - Travel Service A320

photo DSCN4037

And the second one now landing from HRG - Travel Service A320. It´s Czech airlines plane now leased to Travel Service. Also wearing Prague airport livery.

photo DSCN4035

View of the departure terminal

photo DSCN4038

Both charters to Hurghada lined up next to each other

photo DSCN4041

Time to get inside and get something to eat

photo DSCN4042

Check-in area. The queue at the check-in is for our flight to LTN. We were flying only with hand baggages so nothing to check-in for us. We already had our boarding passes printed at home.

photo DSCN4043

Today´s flights listed on FID. Only evening Ryanair to Stansted is missing.

photo DSCN4044

We took a seat at the food corner and got ourselves sandwich and coke. Neither of us were deeply impressed with the sandwich, but at least we weren´t hungry before departure

photo DSCN4046photo DSCN4045

Still on the landside

photo DSCN4047photo DSCN4048

Security was almost empty but still not trouble-free for me. Metal detector didn´t like me and I had to take off my shoes and I was more closely checked. After few moments I was given all green and got airside.

This queue is for the second Hurghada flight. For our flight people started to queue few minutes later. Fortunately I always buy a priority boarding when flying Wizz. The return fare with Priority included was around 100EUR. It could be cheaper but still it was bearable for me.

photo DSCN4049

Upper floor and the only airside shops at Brno

photo DSCN4050photo DSCN4051

We took a seat and I checked flightradar24 to check how our ride is doing on its inbound flight.
Sneak view of A320 to Hurghada

photo DSCN4052

Our five years old HA-LPS was just overflying Prague

photo DSCN4054

Hurghada taxiing for departure

photo DSCN4055

And our bird is arriving now from LTN

photo DSCN4057

After being in a queue for about 10 minutes we were let to go outside, where we waited to be given all-green for boarding.

photo DSCN4063

Now boarding through the rear doors

photo DSCN4064photo DSCN4069

After steping onboard we were welcomed by Polish crew. I noticed that the seats were different to those on HA-LWD I flew in January. Thankfully.

photo DSCN4074

Although the seat pitch was still pretty tight, it offered slightly better legroom than on my previous Wizz experience.
At least it was bearable for me throughout the flight

photo DSCN4075photo DSCN4078

I let my girlfriend to take a window seat so I took 22E

photo DSCN4079

UTair from VKO

photo DSCN4083

Taxiing for runway 28 so with sitting on the right side we were set for some nice views of Brno

photo DSCN4088

After something like usual take off roll we lifted into beautiful sunny skies

photo DSCN4096photo DSCN4099

Climbing over Brno with city center views

photo DSCN4102

Wizz on its departures for LTN always turns slightly right and then flies right over our house. This time it was no exception, but the turn felt much smaller than it looks from outside

Captain came on the mic telling us some details about weather at London. He said we´re now flying over Karlovy vary and leaving czech airspace. Since that point everything got covered by clouds below us so there was nothing to see out of window

photo DSCN4118

There was a buy on board service throughout the flight, but I wasn´t interested in it. Cabin crew consisted of 2 women a 2 men, all of them were fine and nice. I was even surprised by their nice attitude.

photo DSCN4125

Weather got better when we left continental Europe

photo DSCN4135photo DSCN4140

Descending over England

photo DSCN4149

Clouds everywhere around but surprisingly the whole descend and approach were both calm

photo DSCN4166

One last turn towards LTN

photo DSCN4171photo DSCN4174photo DSCN4175

We approached from the east to land Luton´s runway 26

photo DSCN4178

Touchdown was a little bit harder but nothing too exciting. We quickly vacated the runway and taxied around terminal area. Luton airport is quite unusually organised. I certainly welcomed nice views of planes taxiing when we got out of terminal.

Easyjet was presented with the most of aircrafts on that afternoon

photo DSCN4184photo DSCN4188photo DSCN4190

Getting off was done through the stairs, without any surprise

photo DSCN4191

Quite nice weather welcomed us in the UK

photo DSCN4193photo DSCN4194photo DSCN4195

After getting to terminal we went to immigration which was a breeze and in about a minute we were walking towards exit. We had some 20 minutes to catch our Easybus connection to London. Well, next time we should try some different option as using an Easybus is not very comfortable. I like the drivers and they are usally driving pretty fast, but that´s all. There is so little of space inside that you feel like Wizzair is a business class compared to those buses.
Luton seemed it has a lot of different bus operators to offer so we´ll see next time for which we would decide.

For now this is all. If you managed to read up to the end thank you very much and I hope you liked reading.

If you have anything - just write down. I´ll be happy to answer any comments.

Have a nice day everyone!
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Wizz Air

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Brno - BRQ


London - LTN



Classic European low-cost flight. Wizzair did well - although seating comfort was questionable, interior was ok and crew was very good. I also find Wizz in-flight magazine quite nice to read so there is nothing I can really complain about.

Brno airport again remainded me how small the airport is. If you arrive more than 1,5hours to departure you would be bored to death. On the other hand the airport is clean and when airside it is also full of light and roomy.

Luton seemed to be fine on arrival, well organised and clean. Departing Luton few days later changed my opinions so I would rather be neutral this time.



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  • Comment 108449 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this new report! I really like the Wizzair livery and the cabin looks nice, but the pitch definitely looks tight. Nice aerial pics. I hope your girlfriend didn't mind you reacher over all the time to take pics, probably should've taken the window seat.
  • Comment 108621 by
    marathon GOLD 10171 Comments
    BRQ appears as the quintessential quiet but modern low traffic airport. The observation platform is a plus, even if there is little to observe. The lighting conditions were great - nice view of Brno.
    How long was the travel time by bus to where in London ? Thanks for this FR !
    • Comment 294241 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 51 Comments
      Observation terrace at BRQ is quite fine for spotting, but not very good for picturing due to fences obstructing views.

      Easybus from Luton goes to Baker Street and the journey takes about 50 minutes. Prices are changing by ho many seats are left and also by how much the departure times are lucrative. It´s around 6-8£ one way usually.
      From Stansted to Baker Street it took around 15 minutes longer if I remember well
  • Comment 108678 by
    Sealink 67 Comments
    Thank you for the report - I have not sampled WizzAir yet - I have to say their hand baggage policy confuses me!
    Brno Airport looks stunning - a shame there isn't much to do!
  • Comment 108685 by
    Avionero 77 Comments
    Thanks for this very interesting report with great pictures.
    I'm surprised by the BRQ departures terminal clever design. When was it inaugurated?
    The seat pitch looked tight but the seats seem more comfortable than those Recaro without backrest cushion...
    You must be so in love, to let your girlfriend take the window seat... lol
    Cheers from Argentina at Sunday breakfast time
    • Comment 294281 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 51 Comments
      I think it was 2006 when the new terminal opened.

      Yeah seats were reasonably comfortable, but the pitch was really tight. Still it was much better than on the returning leg though..

      Lol about the window seat comment :-))

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