Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Ho Chi Minh City Singapore in Business

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN 655
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 04 May 14, 14:30
Arrival at 04 May 14, 17:30
VN   #32 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 214 reviews
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Published on 17th May 2014
And on to the final sector of the trip. We had a slightly more than 3hr layover in SGN awaiting our connecting flight. For this sector, we were upgraded by Optiontown again, which was surprising as Business Class ended up totally full! Not bad, 3 out of 4 sectors upgraded. And the refund for the un-upgraded sector was refunded within a week.

Checked in at the VN desks.

photo 14191768615_a57cfb351a_b

Boarding pass for the sector.

photo 14211895413_e8e47614ec_b

Cleared immigration and security after a slight wait and caught an interesting aircraft. EVA Air Sanrio Family B773ER!

photo 14168608986_03d647ae06_b

The A321 which flew us in from Da Nang is now pushing back for Yangon.

photo 14005093719_6ab1149d9b_b

Courtesy of our Priority Pass and ANZ credit card, we spent most of our time in the Apricot Lounge. The lounge is rather small, but offers most of the basic amenities. Beats hanging at the duty-free area. There is a small but sufficient selection of food and drinks.

Instant noodles and pho.

photo 14168617126_9ec602eb19_b

Cooked dishes.

photo 14005093509_95ef180f27_b

Sandwiches, snacks and fruits.

photo 14191712354_6f8eb5aa3c_b

Lunch time!

photo 14211894403_6e362cfb9d_b

The banh mi and rice noodles were rather tasty!

photo 14005154707_13e510f45e_b

Some tea to end.

photo 14189211772_fcc70c9e41_b

The lounge had an unobstructed view of the tarmac. Here, a Qatar A332 has just arrived from Doha, and would be continuing to Phnom Penh.

photo 14191712124_2e55571248_b

The plane scheduled to fly us back home had just arrived from Fukuoka. Lucky me would be flying again on one of VN's older A321s again, with the old old Business Class seats. Well, at least I am not doing a 5hr flight in these seats unlike the incoming pax from Fukuoka.

photo 14005107208_a06e2f5b46_b

The Lion, also bound for Singapore and continuing to Jakarta.

photo 14168614946_73b0f542c5_b

FIDS. Didn't knew that Emirates also codeshared on Jetstar!

photo 14189210672_76c5af68e2_b

04 May 2014
Vietnam Airlines
VN 655
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

About half hour before departure, we proceeded to the gate for our flight.

photo 14191765595_db1324d8d3_b

Our plane today had a weird looking nose….

photo 14189211062_0c868c449e_b

Only about 15min before STD did boarding started. We boarded through the priority queue and settled into our seats at 2A/C. Business cabin ended up totally full and I guessed economy was full as well.

View from my seat. Tiger beside, also bound for Singapore shortly after us.

photo 14005105958_6cc9e564ca_b

Due to the constant streaming of passengers boarding, the crew could not perform any service till most pax had boarded. A female chief purser and a male purser would be attending to us in Business on this short flight. When the boarding pax slowed to a trickle, cold towels were handed out, which was perfect for the warm weather. Newspapers were also offered, even though they were also available at the door during boarding.

photo 14005090179_c27258e77f_b

Followed by a choice of welcome drinks, where I chose a champagne. Not sure of the brand, but it was of decent quality.

photo 14005114100_d203e92333_b

Doors were closed 5min late and we started our pushback. Flying time was announced as 1h35m. A PR A321 with sharklets had arrived beside us.

photo 14188471471_b6b20fb5f5_b

Safety video played with the crew preparing the cabin for departure.

photo 14189209722_cfb9b2581e_b

We only had a very short taxi to the runway and even held on the runway as the safety video was still playing.

photo 14005109420_912b4f5871_b

Started our takeoff shortly after the safety video ended. Our crew even rushed to collect some drink glasses from the couple seated across just before the engines roared.

Climbing out of Ho Chi Minh City.

photo 14189209692_a621da8003_b

photo 14005112960_edd95a101c_b

Seatbelt signs switched off and service announcement was made.

Inflight entertainment was restricted to only the flight map. At least it was working properly on this flight.

photo 14211887423_2d468c04b9_b

The very friendly and nice chief purser came down the aisle to take orders for our meals. On this sector, no menus were distributed and we were verbally given our meal choices. Today, the choices were Chicken with noodles, Pork with rice and Fish with potatoes. We chose the chicken and pork mains and the chief purser would paste the respective colour stickers corresponding to each meal choice on our seats.

photo 14191763145_f85c53133e_b

After meal orders were taken, she began to lay our tray tables with napkins. Instead of just handing out the table napkins, she insisted to lay the table napkins for us.

photo 14168611616_3cd40dbe1c_b

The male purser then rolled out the meal cart to distribute our meal trays and offered beverages as well.

photo 14191707854_ef8a506aff_b

Meal tray, which consisted of a starter salad with dressing, main course, bread and fruits. For the breads, I chose a sesame roll and garlic bread among the 4 to 5 choices. Also had orange juice and white wine to go with the meal.

photo 14211889603_6778b0f523_b

Just a simple salad to start and a selection of fresh fruits as dessert.

photo 14005087519_7a411f80cc_b

My choice of Chicken with noodles. The taste of spices used for the chicken was a bit overpowering of me, but it was a decent dishl.

photo 14189208332_3d44359ea4_b

My partner's choice was Braised pork with rice. This dish was absolutely delicious!

photo 14191762325_403b2c868f_b

White wine and orange juice.

photo 14168610296_8bd6dc6fa2_b

Ended with a Vietnamese green tea. I loved the green tea! It was very fragrant!

photo 14005110870_5cb4a8f0fc_b

We were more than halfway there after the meal service ended. The chief purser then went down to assist in Economy cabin, where the 3 crew in economy seemed to be overwhelmed with the full load.

photo 14005084669_27b86bbc6e_b

Visited the lavatory, which was decorated with stalks of flowers.

photo 14168610216_b40a97834f_b

My seat at 2A.

photo 14189207322_124c7bbf4c_b

Hot towels were given out after all meal trays were cleared. Call me slow but I just realised that the towels had the VN insignia!

photo 14005086729_aec1f4e7bc_b


photo 14005086289_9d0ecc9f79_b

We started our descent slightly less than half hour away from Singapore.

photo 14005148937_a2c6512742_b

An arrival video of Singapore was played, which came dubbed in Mandarin and Vietnamese, with both languages broadcasted concurrently and overlapping each other throughout the cabin. Weird and kind of annoying….

photo 14189206772_84051dd4da_b

Descending over Malaysia.

photo 14211888463_8d8eb85bf5_b

Overflying Bintan and Batam Islands.

photo 14005101858_fc94a19938_b

photo 14005108780_0d46ae2553_b

Islands off Batam while turning back towards Singapore.

photo 14005100748_a3acbb7a3d_b

The famous Singapore city skyline seen during the Rwys 02 approaches.

photo 14005100428_8af903a222_b

And landing on Rwy02L, 5 minutes behind schedule.

Short taxi to Terminal 3 and parked at gate B7.

photo 14168608886_7b24d25b9c_b

Last view of our seats during disembarkation.

photo 14191705554_139322a6b1_b

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Cabin crew8.5

Southern Airports Services Company (SASCO) Apricot CIP Lounge


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


Singapore - SIN



It was another pleasant flight on Vietnam Airlines Business Class. Service was not too personal due to the full flight but still good and efficient, especially the female chief purser who delivered great service with smiles despite the heavy workload. Thanks to Optiontown, it was great to be able to fly VN Business Class at very affordable fares.

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