Review of Wizz Air flight London Brno in Economy

Airline Wizz Air
Flight W6 2802
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 13 May 14, 08:05
Arrival at 13 May 14, 11:15
W6   #11 out of 16 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 95 reviews
By 3930
Published on 9th June 2014
Hello everyone. With a few weeks delay I´m back here to report returning leg from Luton to Brno on our trip to London in May.
The previous leg is covered here
Alarm went off at 4AM and soon we were on our way to Central London to catch our EasyBus to London Luton airport

EasyBus was as usual - tight as hell but at least a quick way for getting at the airport

photo DSCN4483

Arriving at Luton at a pretty cold morning it almost felt like it was winter

photo DSCN4481photo DSCN4482photo DSCN4484

My girlfriend hided in the terminal. I saw Monarch A320 parked next to a parking lot so I bravely decided to go closer and get some pictures. Their livery looks very nice in real life

photo DSCN4486

Thomson B757 was parked next to Monarch

photo DSCN4487

After few seconds I realized it´s hell of a cold out there and decided to go to terminal asap.
This was the only seating we found around the landside and it was not too much better compared to outside - a lot of cold wind was coming here from the doors.

photo DSCN4489

Fortunately it was less than 2 hours for our departure so we just took a short walk around and then went to security. We had our boarding passes printed already since online check-in. For check-in at the airport Wizz charges 10EUR.

photo DSCN4491photo DSCN4493

Security took about 15 minutes and I got it complicated because I forgot to take out a plastic bag with liquids from my baggage. So I gave it to the agent, he scanned it and let me go.
On our arrival few days before I liked the airport but this time I didn´t enjoy it at all. It really felt so low-cost. There were so many people on such a small place, no good views outside. Really not an airport to my tastes.


photo DSCN4494photo DSCN4495

I hate these corridors and boarding gates at low-cost airports

photo DSCN4496photo DSCN4497photo DSCN4498

There was already a long queue when we arrived at our gate. As Wizz still doesn´t operate allocated seating, buying a priority boarding for 4EUR is essential

photo DSCN4499photo DSCN4500

Our bird for our flight to Brno. After spotting registration on the front gear it´s bad news for me. It´s HA-LWD and that´s the exact same aircraft I flew from Eindhoven to Brno back in January this year. It´s a first time this thing happened to me.
I started to feel pain in my knees when I remembered of seat comfort I experienced few months earlier.

photo DSCN4502

But stop thinking negative, we´re still about to fly so let´s board!

photo DSCN4505photo DSCN4509photo DSCN4511


photo DSCN4512

The cabin itself looks nice and bright

photo DSCN4513

3 European major low-cost carriers

photo DSCN4518

Sharklets-equiped Wizz A320

photo DSCN4524

Wizz seems to have a strong position here

photo DSCN4526

taxiing past Thomson 757 meeting her for a second time that morning

photo DSCN4528

Monarch A320 following us for take off

photo DSCN4531

As well as on my previous flight on HA-LWD some noises and cracks were heard during rotation which can disturb some of the less experienced pax

photo DSCN4534

Climbing over cloudy England

photo DSCN4536photo DSCN4539

We got ourselves two of these juices. Those are my favourite.
I also wanted to get myself model of Wizz A320 for 10EUR and with no cash remaining I wanted to pay with MasterCard, but card terminal denied it twice so bad luck for me. Or bad luck for Wizz?

photo DSCN4546

Cruising over cloud-covered Europe
The flight itself was very uneventful and soon we were over Czech republic and started our descend towards Brno.

photo DSCN4550

Pink shiny engine

photo DSCN4551

The city down here is Velka Bites, place where my girlfriend lives about 40km west of Brno. Maybe it´s going be my city as well in the near future.

I wanted to get some views of Brno and in the previous weeks this flight landed mostly from the east so I decided to take a seat on the right and this was a good choice that day

photo DSCN4559

Brno racing circuit visible between the clouds

photo DSCN4563

And the city itself on our arrival

photo DSCN4567photo DSCN4570

Our destination - BRQ

photo DSCN4572photo DSCN4575photo DSCN4577

We touched down gently on RWY 28 and braked heavily to exit runway as soon as possible

photo DSCN4580

Because this CSA A319 was doing practice courses with touch and go on that day
I always like to see Czech airlines aircraft at Brno as they aren´t a frequent visitors

photo DSCN4584

Disembarking. I saw captain leaving a cockpit and I thought I might try to ask if I can be allowed a cockpit visit for the first time. I asked young stewardess, she asked the FO and I got a positive answer - nice one

photo DSCN4586photo DSCN4587

I spent only few seconds in the cockpit looked around and then hurried to the apron where my girlfriend awaited me. Next time I have to take my time

photo DSCN4588photo DSCN4589

CSA A319 taxiing for another round of circles

photo DSCN4591

Last look at our bird

photo DSCN4592

Then we went to a passport control which took only few moments, went out terminal and waited for public transport bus to city center. 20 minutes ride into city center costs huge 1EUR, just to let you know if you´re going to visit Brno one day :-)

Thanks for reading!
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Wizz Air

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

London - LTN


Brno - BRQ



Had a usual flight with Wizzair. Not a comfortable one, but it was quick and trouble-free. After landing I was allowed into cockpit which is very positive bonus. Wizz didn´t accept my credit card onboard and I wasn´t the only one so maybe their equipment wasn´t working at its best that morning.

Luton airport is going to be a one to avoid for me. I didn´t like it. It´s too crowded for such a small place and seating possibilities are very limited. As an arrival airport it was all fine, but I hope to get no more departures from Luton in the future



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  • Comment 110541 by
    CDG Addict 1630 Comments
    Thanks for this good FR.
    Quite a good flight with W6!
  • Comment 110906 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Interesting FR with beautiful pics as usual. Didn't know there was so much traffic at Luton--nice to see 757s there, as they becoming more and more rare in Europe. I really like the WizzAir livery and the cabin looks good. No surprise for the seat pitch as you've experienced the crunch with them before. Had you looked into how much it would cost to buy an Exit row seat? Or is it just whoever gets to one first since it's open seating?
    • Comment 296341 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 52 Comments
      Thank you Kev.
      Honestly, I didn´t think about buying the emergency exit. But now I checked it and they offer it for 10EUR for this leg so next time it is probably worth considering. These seats are essential mainly for flights into destinations such as DWC or TLV

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