Review of Air France flight Papeete Los Angeles in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF 673
Class Business
Seat 6G
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 01 Oct 11, 09:50
Arrival at 01 Oct 11, 20:30
AF   #23 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5239 reviews
By 6223
Published on 3rd October 2011
Finally !!! the time for vacation is finally upon me and I am featuring the first flight of my round the world trip that will last a full month. It will take me on the following route : Papeete-Los Angeles-Paris-Seoul-Busan-Seoul-Hanoi-Bangkok-Chiang Mai//Suhkothai-Bangkok-Taipei-Los Angeles-Papeete ! Pheeww ! That's a lot of future flight report !!

So here is the first one, the Papeete Los Angeles flight.

I live 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the airport and I left my house in the afternoon preceding my departure day. I will sleep at my mother's place, 7 minutes from the airport.
A stunning sunset on the island of Tahiti Nui… Magnificent !
photo P1030180

photo P1030181

During the night I receive a text message from the Air France ROC that tells me that the flight is delayed 3 hours. It is nice to know in advance that you have more time to get ready. I won't have to get up too early to get to the airport.

The next morning I get dropped off at the airport to do my check-in.

I take the e-services line as I checked-in online the previous evening. The Air Tahiti International ground agents check-in all airlines serving Tahiti. This morning there are two flights the AF one and a TN flight to Auckland.
photo P1030182

photo P1030183

The agent is really nice and will check my bag all the way to Paris confirming the destination by showing me the tag before putting it on my suitcase and sending it away. He will give me my invitation to the lounge and my boarding card.

I exit the terminal to take this picture.
photo P1030184

photo P1030185

Picture of the Fare Hei where the tahitian mamas sell shell or flower leis that people by to offer their arriving or departing family and friends.
photo P1030186

photo P1030187

I go through immigration and the security check, it is fast, good point !

The boarding lounge has a new duty free shop which is nicer, bigger.
photo P1030188

I will get a carton of cigarettes for my mom and will get a snack at the airport's bar Revanui with some friends who are also travelling on the same flight. A croissant and a pineapple juice for me.
photo P1030189

photo P1030190

Then I'll pay a visit to the lounge on the upper level. The lounge is emptying itself as the TN flight to Auckland is boarding.
photo P1030191

I take a few pictures of the traffic at Tahiti Faa'a International Airport.
photo P1030192

photo P1030193

photo P1030194

A few minutes later, the ATN boarding is finished, they close the doors and push back.
photo P1030195

photo P1030196

photo P1030197

photo P1030198

On the other side of the runway, near the runway there is a private 737 registered N737ER.

photo P1030199

The Air Tahiti's ATR are awaiting their passenger for their flight to Tikehau, Rangiroa, Aratika, Rurutu, Bora Bora, Huahine… In the background, Moorea.
photo P1030200

photo P1030201

The ATN A340 did its turn at the end of the runway and is now roaring down and I can now see it as it starts to lift off.
photo P1030202

Good Bye F-OJTN Bora-Bora
photo P1030203

Shortly after, I see between Tahiti and Moorea a big white bird, it is our Air France plane !
photo P1030204

It is now turning bag, levels off and will land in Papeete… Welcome to Tahiti !
photo P1030205

photo P1030206

photo P1030207

photo P1030208

After it did it's turn at the other end of the runway, it comes back to the parking area.
photo P1030209

photo P1030210

photo P1030211

Everyone is ready to greet the plane. The marshaller will help guide the plane in.
photo P1030212

A few more meters and the GE90 of the giant jet are still screaming for a few more seconds before resting after this trans-pacific journey.
photo P1030213

photo P1030214

Everyone is working around the plane, the mechanics are here, the security staff, the cleaners, everyone is ready as soon as all the passengers have left the plane.
photo P1030215

The stairs are going towards the plane's doors.
photo P1030216

photo P1030217

They are in place, last few checks before they open the doors, all is good !
photo P1030218

photo P1030219

The door opens, the passengers start to get off.
photo P1030220

photo P1030221

Passengers are getting off and everyone will be out within 15 minutes.
photo P1030222

The crew is now getting off the plane leaving the aircraft within the hands of the ground team.
photo P1030223

I get back downstairs to take a few pictures and meet up with my friends again.
photo P1030224

photo P1030225

photo P1030226

At 8h50, boarding starts and I go to gate 61 dedicated to the Business Class.

The plane is there, waiting for its flight to Los Angeles.
photo P1030228

The amazing GE90 are ginormous !!!
photo P1030229

photo P1030230

2 female cabin attendants are greeting the passengers with the help of the chief purser, big smiles all around. The tell me to cross the galley and turn right, my seat is in the second cabin, 6G.

As soon as I got to my seat a cabin attendant will come and wish me a warm welcome in business class and will offer to take any jacket to the wardrobe, I don't have anything so he takes the hanger away.

The picture of the legroom.
photo P1030231

The welcoming message on the cabin's screens.
photo P1030232

The steward, very pleasant and smiling !
photo P1030233

photo P1030234

We will take off towards the East and we are in the air in no time and we now have 7 hours and 40 minutes in the air to Los Angeles.
photo P1030235

Air France inflight entertainment.
photo P1030237

Our route and the island of Tahiti we just left.
photo P1030238

photo P1030239

After we took off, the female cabin attendants changed in their tahitian dresses and come back to welcome us individually and give us information about the flight, the seat, the video programs…
photo P1030240

I thank her and I start to watch a movie, The Hangover 2.

And two scenes in the movie with airplanes, a Delta 747 and A330
photo P1030241

photo P1030242

The service starts with the pre-lunch drinks, I will have some champagne today !
photo P1030243

My drink with the Paprika wafers and a Grisons canapé.
photo P1030244

photo P1030245

After the crew cleared the drinks they come back to serve lunch.
photo P1030246

The starter's place is a chicken roulade with foie gras, fig and pistachios, a small summer vegetable salad and smoked salmon.
photo P1030247

photo P1030248

For the main course, I will take the fillet of lamb served with a potato gratin and courgettes. To go with it I will have a Bearnaise mustard created by the Alain Passard, the chef from l'Arpège in Paris.
photo P1030249

photo P1030250

The crew will come back with bread, wine and water before they come back for the cheese service.
photo P1030252

Small detail of the AF logo on the bread plate.
photo P1030254

After my tray was cleared, the steward and the air hostess will come back with the dessert cart. I will chose the trop of pastries with a papaya tartlet, an opera cake and a mango macaroon. I will also take a mango sorbet and a herbal tea from Fauchon, Marchand de Rêves.
photo P1030256

photo P1030257

photo P1030258

Lunch and service were excellent ! The cabin crew will come back to pick up the tea cups, table linen and other meal utensils before offering to buy duty-free articles.

I finish my movie and I fall asleep and wake up 2h30 before we arrive in Los Angeles ! I am rather happy as I had a great nap and I am now going to the bar for a small drink.
photo P1030259

A soon as I arrive the steward offers to serve me a drink. I decline and help myself to a Diet Coke. He will offer cookies and to make me an espresso or any other hot drinks.

I go back to my seat to watch another movie, I will settle on Super 8 this time and I wait for the snack to be served before we arrive.
photo P1030260

1h30 minutes before we arrive in Los Angeles the lights are back on and the snack is served. Fresh fruits, canapés and tartlets, fromage frais, tea or coffee.
photo P1030261

We are getting closer to Los Angeles
photo P1030262

Soon the californian coasts.
photo P1030263

Only 1 hour and 8 minutes before we land.
photo P1030264

Now to finish the flight, how about an episode from the Simpson ?
photo P1030265

We arrive in Los Angeles and the first part of my trip is over !
photo P1030267

photo P1030266

Landing is smooth. We are parked at the remote gates and busses will take us back to Terminal 2.
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Yes we were delayed but I still give a good mark as AF did the things well, sending a text message, an email and the excuses from the crew and ground staff. A voucher was given to every passenger at check-in.

On board, the crew was exceptional, always smiling and pleasant.

The seat was comfortable, the proof is I slept nearly the whole flight and even better on the LAX-CDG.

Both meals were good and the lamb was excellent, perfectly cooked !

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The average flight time is 7 hours and 53 minutes.

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