Review of Air Busan flight Jeju City Seoul in Economy

Airline Air Busan
Flight BX 8010
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 12 Oct 11, 16:20
Arrival at 12 Oct 11, 17:25
BX 5 reviews
By 3826
Published on 13th October 2011
After a quick turn I am at check-in for my Air Busan flight from Jeju to Gimpo. Impossible to check-in online but I did manage to block of a seat during booking. My chosen seat was still available when I went to the counter.

Check-in is next to Asiana and it is Asiana ground staff that looks after Air Busan.
photo P1030797

Air Busan's logo is a seagull, not the most noble bird there is…
photo P1030798

To go there…
photo P1030799

… I have to wait here !
photo P1030800

Next to us seagulls are screaming… ah no, they are young travelers flying Asiana, they are not Air Busan's seagulls…
photo P1030801

The agent checks me in rapidly, no bags, I can go through security.

On the other side I think I ended up in a high school during recess, I am starting to think that school is over… Are kids on field trips ? what is going on ?!

I will go and get a small snack and see what a burger looks like in Jeju.
photo P1030803

When the time comes, I get in line by gate 10 for our flight's boarding. 15 minutes before there was an Asiana flight to Gimpo.
photo P1030804

The line trickles down fast, the agent scans all the boarding tickets.
photo P1030805

photo P1030807

photo P1030808

The bus is waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs and will take us to our Boeing 737-500.
photo P1030810

After a short bus drive we are dropped of near our 737-500 HL250 inherited from the mothership Asiana !
photo P1030811

photo P1030812

photo P1030813

photo P1030817

The Jeju terminal looks a little like CDG 2E no ?!
photo P1030814

Under our 737-500 butt a Korean Air 737
photo P1030815

The seagull !
photo P1030816

Up the stairs now.
photo P1030818

photo P1030819

photo P1030820

We are welcomed on board by the purser, very young, just like the airline !
photo P1030821

The cabin is decorated with the company color scheme.
photo P1030823

The flight is full !
photo P1030824

I predict that we won't get much to eat by the look of the galley…
photo P1030825

The cabin, the legroom is at its minimum, not great but that's a feature of lowcost airlines…
photo P1030826

photo P1030835

Our neighbour an Asiana 767
photo P1030827

The cabin has a 100% load factor, we're ready for departure.
photo P1030828

We meet up with the Korean Air 747-400 that also did a GMP-CJU-GMP.
photo P1030829

And we have a lift-off !
photo P1030830

Korean Air is also well implemented at Jeju
photo P1030831

photo P1030832

We fly over the airports surroundings before leaving the island and fly straight to the mainland !
photo P1030833

The 3 female cabin attendants start the service and again, only water, coffee and juice is available.
photo P1030837

I'll have a glass of water then…
photo P1030836

In the seat pocket, the airline's magazine which is more like a guide book for Air Busan's network and the saety card and of course the sickness bag.
photo P1030838

I go through the magazine and read the cartoon telling the story of the seagull family the Smarty's who travel on Air Busan… Cheezy…
photo P1030839

The cabin attendants continue the service, the flight only lasts 50 minutes.
photo P1030840

photo P1030841

The weather is not so great on the route, very cloudy !
photo P1030842

In the magazine Mr. Smarty tells us that it is faster to take the metro and the plane between Busan and Seoul rather that the metro and train !
photo P1030844

Stunning sceneries under our wings.
photo P1030845

After the service the cabin attendants will go and hide between these curtains and will reappear a few minutes before we start our descent.
photo P1030847

No IFE so we enjoy Nature's creations !
photo P1030850

photo P1030851

photo P1030852

photo P1030853

photo P1030854

And what Man has created !
photo P1030855

photo P1030856

photo P1030857

photo P1030858

We are nearly there, the Korean Air's hangars
photo P1030859

The runway
photo P1030860

photo P1030861

photo P1030862

That 747 is following us !!!
photo P1030863

photo P1030864

I was missing a picture of an Eastar Jet 737 !
photo P1030866

The control tower of Gimpo
photo P1030870

We deplane through the front door, everybody is up !
photo P1030867

The ground agents are working around our plane and start to empty the hold.
photo P1030868

photo P1030869

The first suitcases
photo P1030871

And then the first few cartons of tangerines, there were as many in the cabin as in the hold !
photo P1030872

And the walking sticks owned by a group of senior ladies !
photo P1030875

The cabin is emptying itself from its passengers…
photo P1030876

photo P1030877

Top of the stairs, going to the bus.
photo P1030878

Our trusty 737, thank you HL7250 to have brought us back to Seoul !
photo P1030879

The bus will drop us off at the arrivals terminal.
photo P1030880

We go towards baggage claim.
photo P1030881

photo P1030883

Didn't I tell you there were kids EVRYWHERE ?!
photo P1030884

As soon as I am out of the terminal I jump in my bus to my hotel !
photo P1030885
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Air Busan

Cabin crew7.0

Jeju City - CJU


Seoul - GMP



A part for the ontime performance I am not going to give much to Air Busan for comfort as the legroom is reduce to its bare minimum.

It is a shame for the crew as they had decided to go hide behind a curtain after the service... They lose a lot of points.

For the catering, a part from 3 different drinks, nothing. On the Air Busan website they mention that during the winter, from November, they also offer green tea.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Korean Air avec 8.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 6 minutes.

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