Review of Turkish Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK 61
Class Business
Seat 5D
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 10:05
Take-off 14 Aug 14, 23:15
Arrival at 15 Aug 14, 04:20
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Published on 31st August 2014
We initially had slightly more than 4hrs between our flights and I expected the TK check-in counters to open only 3hrs before the flight departure time of 2315hrs. However, at about 1920hrs when we went up to the departure hall, we noticed that the TK check-in counters were already being prepared and there was already queue for check-in. At 1930hrs, which was 3h45m prior to departure, the check-in counters were opened for check-in. Really early! As I had performed online check-in 24hrs prior, we were able to bypass the normal economy queue and proceed to the bag-drop counter. 6 counters were opened for check-in. The check-in agent was able to tag our bags all the way to Izmir, even though our connecting domestic was bought on a separate TK ticket. According to the agent, the flight was overbooked in economy today, and also for quite a number of days before/after.

TK check-in counters at KLIA.

photo 15060720336_f739914709_b

Flying Turkish Airlines today!

photo 14897028819_dcff1a21ca_b

Passed departure immigration when I had arrived barely 30min ago and we proceeded to the Plaza Premium Lounge at the satellite terminal to await our flight. This lounge was also used by TK's Business Class passengers.

Boarding passes for the flights while we snacked in the lounge.

photo 14897080860_fbcfa73eb9_b

Some of the lounge food and snack offerings.

photo 15080708561_2f339f0b7d_b

photo 14897026999_bd149b52ec_b

photo 14897027489_072c50f484_b

Ending with a nice cup of cappuccino.

photo 14897027799_f13c47b87a_b

14 August 2014
Turkish Airlines
TK 61
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
Business Class

About 40min before departure, we proceeded to the gate for the flight. The holding gate was rather full and an additional security screening was done.

photo 15083364362_a862996f91_b

Flight was operated by an A340-300 aircraft TC-JII. Initially when I booked the flight, it was scheduled to be operated by an A330-300, but was swapped to the older A340 a couple of months later. Not that I minded as the A340 offers slightly more seat pitch in economy and it is now considered a rarity to fly on an A340.

photo 15080685561_bd5fa4b73d_b

Our boarding passes was scanned at the gate and instead of the familiar 'beep' sounds, our passes returned a 'buzz' rejected sound and we were shown to the desk beside. To our out-most surprise, the boarding agent took our boarding passes, tore them and immediately printed new ones and said 5D/E Business Class, enjoy!. Wow, we were both upgraded to Business Class! Totally unexpected as it was my first time flying TK and I had no status other than my lowly Krisflyer status. Plus, I don't think my tickets were at too high a fare-class. And it was my first ever upgrade in my life from Economy to Business Class! Thanks, Turkish Airlines! Probably we were the first few to check-in? Who knows… Apparently there were quite a few other upgraders as well.

Business Class boarding pass. Similar to Economy ones though.

photo 15080705471_dd4f50ba74_b

After recovering from the 'shock', we boarded the aircraft through the front door and was welcomed by the male purser and directed to the correct aisle. The A340 was fitted with the older-generation sloping lie-flat seats (think similar to TG's older J seats). We were seated at the last row of the middle section. Lost my original window seat but who cares when you have gained a Business Class seat! Plus the entire flight would be in total darkness.

Business Class seats. A, ergonomic lumber cushion and a Sky Illusion sleeping kit (more on this later) was already on each seat. I stored the bulky sleeping kit in the overhead bins for later use.

photo 15060716746_83c31fdecc_b

Amenity kits, headphones and a pair of slippers were also pre-set at each seat. The Business cabin filled up and ended almost full.

photo 15080795811_5a67eded59_b

The Purser, 2 female crew and an onboard chef were in charge of Business Class service this evening. Upon boarding, an assortment of welcome drinks comprising of water and various juices was offered. I chose the fresh raspberry juice, which came with a welcome swizzle stick. Nice first impression of the famed TK catering service! Hot towels, magazines and newspapers were also offered.

photo 15083363622_0db500d056_b

Inflight magazines, which were packed in a clear file. The magazines contained a business mag, TK's inflight mag Skylife and a Business-class dedicated Skylife Business.

photo 14897250457_70d51ab03b_b

Noise-cancelling headphones.

photo 15080703701_1020aafe08_b

Passengers were boarded rather efficiently and we pushed back even before the scheduled departure time. Safety video was played.

photo 14897141228_7b5b11daa0_b

Took off from Rwy14R into the darkness. I filmed the takeoff from the front camera view function on the IFE. I was a really long takeoff roll and the slow climb of the A340 could really be felt.

Shortly after takeoff, cabin lights were brought back on. IFE was started while I was still enjoying the huge legroom that the seat offered. This was gonna be a comfortable long-haul flight!

photo 15083715195_306e29c700_b

The amenity kit came in a red-coloured reusable tablet holder.

photo 15083361872_ca95443df4_b

Amenities laid out: Eyeshades, socks, toothbrush set, comb, shoehorn, Crabtree & Evelyn hand-cream and lipbalm. Not the best amenity kit out there but one of the better ones.

photo 14897122018_923ff495f0_b

Wines and drinks menus were also distributed. A bar was also set up at the front of the cabin, where crew would use go to prepare drinks.

photo 15083718195_3c5cd59444_b

Wine list. I did not try the wines or champagnes so could not comment on them.

photo 15080701001_501fc02566_b

Beverages offered.

photo 15083717115_f0068592f8_b

Menu selection for the supper service. Really hard to make up our minds on the choices when the onboard chef came to take our orders for starters and mains.

photo 14897156697_242baeebe4_b

And the breakfast selection menu card, which we would fill up and collected by the chef before bedtime. Pens were also distributed for us to fill up the cards.

photo 15083361022_573dc764a1_b

After takeoff, orders were taken for post-takeoff drinks. I had a very refreshing homemade lemonade while my partner went for a red wine. Can't remember which red wine it was but it tasted rather sweet. Linens were also laid out on the tray tables in preparation for supper service.

photo 15080700971_76615cee55_b

The onboard chef first came around distributing the canapes. For the canapes, appetisers, soups and main courses, the crew delivered the trays and courses individually from the galleys. No trolleys were used for these courses, with the trolleys only making 'grand entrances' later on during the meal service. Even though it made for a more personal service, it seemed rather haphazard as the crew needed to keep walking up and down the aisles to collect and deliver the courses in a rushed manner, especially for a full flight like this. Service wise, the TK crew delivered standard European airline service, generally casual and efficient but not exceptionally polished and proactive like the Asian carriers. No address by names nor formal pleasantries. But at least they did attend and respond to requests and get the job done. No complaints from me since it was really a busy full flight and I was an 'upgrader'.

Onboard chef serving canapes to passengers.

photo 15080684751_a276e90780_b

Canapes consisted on a fried king prawn, grilled meatball and an asparagus wrap. It was all pretty delicious and beautifully presented!

photo 14897073320_c009174273_b

After canapes were cleared, meal trays were brought out and delivered individually from the galleys. As it was a Supper service, meals were served on trays instead of crew individually setting up tables. The tray consisted of some starters as well as the appetiser. Also visible was the new TK inflight dining concept, Candlelight Dinner. On each tray was an electronic flickering candlelight to simulate a candlelight dinner ambience.

photo 15080699161_e406fe3914_b

Candle and really cute salt and pepper shakers.

photo 15083354862_fc667fe263_b

Tabbouleh, Red peppers stuffed with cheese and Shepherd's salad. Really interesting mini-starters and you can choose to have all.

photo 15083356542_162819985e_b

I chose the Potpourri of Turkish Mezzem which was a combination of eggplant, chicken breast and cheese. Already, the deluge of starters was pretty filling. And according to the chef, if it were to be a lunch/dinner service, he would have rolled out an appetizer cart offering 12(!!) choices of starters! Craziness!!

photo 14897133758_4f5733ce3e_b

My partner had the King prawns starter choice, which was generous and tasty as well.

photo 14897002499_49ee0b0c5f_b

After starter plates were cleared, Creamy Zucchini cheese soup with olive-spread crouton were again delivered by hand. The soup was excellent! TK must be one of the very few airlines serving soup in Business Class. Bread was also offered but we declined as we were still rather full from the food in the lounge and the assortment of starters.

photo 14897166287_14d5cab033_b

After the soup course, mains were again delivered individually. By this time, I really pitied the crew who were walking up and down the aisles non-stop to clear and deliver the different courses. With the high quality of starters and soups, the main courses caused a bit of a let down.

I had the Salmon Au Pistou, which came a bit on the dry side. Portion was also not too big but we were already stuffed by then so no worries.

photo 15060707316_852e80cc26_b

My partner had the lamb chops, which though flavourful, was also on the dry side. However, both main courses scored in the presentation aspect.

photo 14897056980_1b700c7477_b

Top-ups of wines/water was not too proactive by the crew unless requested. However, with the constant walking up and down clearing and delivering of courses to the full cabin, I don't think the crew even had time to offer wines/water top-ups, not helped by the fact that the bar is at the front of the cabin and the main galley is at the rear.

After we were done with our main courses, our meal trays were collected away. This was when trolleys finally made its appearance. One of the TK's dining concept was the range of desserts offered, well-suited for the sweet tooth. An elaborately prepared dessert, cheese and fruit trolley was rolled out into the cabin to offer a huge range of dessert choices. Dessert choices were then plated right in front of you and you could have a choice of everything if you desired! Really overwhelming!

photo 15083342562_9cd0cf2c5e_b

Being so full after the non-stop dining, I just opted for the Chocolate ice-cream and crepe.

photo 14897068650_a27dc2eeb2_b

But I still could not resist having the really sinful and beautifully presented tiramisu as well! However I skipped the cut fruits and cheeses.

photo 15083710915_d709f41a19_b

Lastly, another elaborately set-up coffee/tea trolley with petit desserts was rolled out, offering a wide range of hot beverages. The appropriate drinkwares were also accompanying the beverages, such as green tea pot if ordering green tea, traditional Turkish tea cups for Turkish tea etc. Petit desserts were offered as accompaniments for coffee/tea.

photo 14897056490_6009db9c2f_b

I just settled for a chamomile tea for a restful night ahead.

photo 15060705446_2ae3820bec_b

Finally, more than 2hrs after takeoff, the very elaborate supper service was wrapped up and cabin lights were dimmed. Each passenger was also given a bottle of water for the night.

photo 14897004879_5065c53a76_b

Visited the lavatory, where there are not many amenities other than lemon-scented soap, moisturiser and wet wipes.

photo 14897014109_0d3c4707fd_b

Time for bed. Retrieved the Sky Illusion sleeping kit from the overhead bins.

photo 14897140067_9b0f1b2385_b

According to the TK website,

“Sky Illusion” sleeping collection is the latest innovation developed by Turkish Airlines to enable its passengers to enjoy the best Turkish hospitality within the concept of privileged travel.

Sky Illusion sleeping set has been designed in the successful cooperation with Turkish Airlines and Zorlu Textiles Group to offer comfort just as in the home environment to the passengers of Turkish Airlines, and to ensure that the passengers will enjoy a perfect sleeping experience.

“Sky Illusion Sleeping Collection”, produced specially for the Business Class flights of Turkish Airlines under the brand of Taç Wonderfly, comes into prominence with its feature of being an inviter of a perfect and pleasant sleeping, for all extended range flights.

The sleeping set, which has been designed as a supplementary element with the intent of making the unique travel experience offered to the passengers by Turkish Airlines perfect in every sense, offers a special sleeping on the clouds.

Each detail has been meticulously thought out in the collection designed by being inspired from Turkish hospitality, and special fabrics reminding softness of the clouds have been used.

The sleeping set, prepared considering all details with the purpose of offering thorough comfort to the passengers by using qualified fabrics, provides added value to the flight comfort.

The collection is presented in the packages arranged as Bohça –bundle-, is used as a hospitality indicator in the Turkish society for centuries as well as being an unalterable element of Turkish culture. ‘Bohça’ consists of ‘Sleeping Pad’, designed in sizes fully adaptable to the seat; ‘Quilt’, covering the body with its soft satin fabric; ‘Sleeping Pillow’, making the head and neck comfortable with its size of standard sleeping pillow during the extended range flights; ‘Waist Pillow’, backing the waist completely while sitting on the seat and taking shape based on the waist ergonomics thanks to its visco filling while leaning; and ‘Slipper’, ensuring comfort of feet with its 100% cotton and special quilted fabric. The contents of the set, which are produced by combining the Aloe Vera extracts known for its relaxing effects and the soft fabrics, not only offer a comfortable sleeping but also become prominent thanks to its ergonomic features. Here are some of its features: the sheets available in the collection have been produced with holders in order not to slip from the leather seats, and the quilts have been designed in a manner to maintain body temperature.

Sky Illusion is the latest innovation developed by Turkish Airlines in order to ensure customer satisfaction, the primary mission of Turkish Airlines. The sleeping set, that the passengers will deem as indispensable pleasure in all extended range flights in a short span of time, will be presented first in the Boston flight that will be newly launched on May 12th

This new sleeping kit was newly launched starting from May this year.

Laying out the sleeping kit on the angled lie-flat bed. The main advantage of the kit was having the mattress cover to even out the kinks in the seat, and the really huge and fluffy pillow! Managed to get a few hours of on/off sleep on the bed.

photo 14897003789_eb436cea68_b

Woke up when we were somewhere over Afghanistan, with about 3hrs of flight to go.

photo 14897062000_8d7dd023c7_b

Some Turkish snacks (dried apricots, sultanas and figs) and whole fruits were laid out at the bar area. I grabbed a few of the dried fruits.

photo 15083351992_256263c122_b

Time to play around with TK's Planet IFE system.

photo 14897146408_fe14e1d7de_b

Apart from a few newer releases, the rest of the selection was not too enticing. Contents definitely could not match up to the likes of EK, SQ, CX, QF etc.

photo 14897008529_0418e35985_b

I settled for the comedy Identity Thief.

photo 14897007899_cfa78ba0b5_b

Slightly less than 2hrs before arrival, lights were switched on for the breakfast service to commence. Hot towels and freshly squeezed orange juice were offered.

photo 14897008259_609da05005_b

Breakfast trays were distributed according to what you have ordered earlier. Again, no carts were used and trays were brought out individually from the galley. I had chosen the muesli for starter.

photo 15083702425_fe525503d9_b

Fresh fruit platter was already on the tray, and warm croissants were also offered, along with strawberry jam and honey, and a warm cup of coffee.

photo 14897124118_1cd02c4603_b

After the fruit platter was cleared, my ordered Scrambled eggs with toast was delivered. This tasted alright, not the best inflight breakfast I had.

photo 14897008829_8803b1ea43_b

After breakfast was cleared and another hot towel offered, lights were dimmed again for us to rest till landing. Finished my movie and scrolled around the IFE again. There was an info page on TK's fleet, here showing the facts of the A340-300.

photo 14897005969_1ea7bcbafb_b

Soon we were descending into Istanbul in the darkness. Cabin was cleared and we were approaching Istanbul.

photo 14897141567_f7ec778fc0_b

Landing on Istanbul Ataturk Rwy05. Braking was harsh as we landed on the shorter 2.5km (short for a widebody) runway. We actually arrived more than an hour ahead of schedule at 0420am when the scheduled arrival time is 0535am! Flight time was only slightly more than 10hrs. However we had a rather long taxi to the remote stand where we parked.

My seat for the last 10hrs of flight.

photo 15060703226_597739c257_b

Seats across the aisle.

photo 15083350412_c793d06ac0_b

Disembarked using Door 2 just behind us and Business Class pax had a dedicated bus to ferry us to the terminal.

photo 14897127608_3afa1c1bf1_b

photo 15083348722_0d21eca5fa_b

Our aircraft is names 'Mersin'.

photo 14897064290_f7bff0cdea_b

Short bus ride to the terminal building, and immigration was really fast due to our very early arrival, avoiding the rest of the morning peak flights. Our bags would be transferred to the Izmir bound flight, so no bags collection needed.

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Turkish Airlines Business Class has really shown its effort to achieve the Best European Airline and Best Catering status through its inflight offerings. Catering wise, there is no doubt that TK Business is in a class of its own, probably only matched by a couple of ME carriers. However service wise, the crew, though mostly casual and efficient, lacked pro-activeness, warmth and positive body language when interacting with passengers, and definitely needed some polishing to attain World-Class carrier standards. With TK rapidly expanding these few years, this would be a challenge they would need to meet.

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