Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul İzmir in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK 2312
Class Economy
Seat 28A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 15 Aug 14, 08:00
Arrival at 15 Aug 14, 09:20
TK   #20 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 646 reviews
By 3999
Published on 2nd September 2014
Having landed very early in Istanbul, we avoided the peak early morning arrival wave of flights which landed after us. Already, the arrival hall was rather busy with greeters at this hour.

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Took a short walk over to the connecting domestic terminal to catch our next flight to Izmir. Expecting a very deserted terminal prior to 6am in the morning, what greeted us was a very bustling and crowded terminal instead! Check-in counters were packed and security lines were long! Domestic flights starts really early in Istanbul!

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In order to escape the hustle and bustle, we cleared security and proceeded to the Primeclass Lounge, compliments of our Priority Pass cards. This is just a small and quiet lounge, offering not much facilities except food, beverages and some sofa seats. Well, being a domestic terminal, guess most people would not stay too long in the lounge.

photo 14919020370_b50b20fb7d_b

Some of the breakfast offerings in the lounge. The selection was enough to fill our stomachs while waiting for our 8am departure.

photo 14919096307_b012420b44_b

photo 14919100878_6bb08eef98_b

There was also access to an open-air terrace where some plane-spotting could be done. However, being a domestic terminal, most of the planes were just TK, TK and more TK.

photo 15105653365_15a355b384_b

photo 15102649621_b13bd4234b_b

Left the lounge at about 0715am when the FIDS was showing Go to Gate for our flight. At this time, the terminal had quietened down very significantly.

photo 15082658556_db95664b08_b

How many TK aircraft did u see? I counted 19 just in this shot alone.

photo 15082657606_8cae8e92d9_b

Our flight was scheduled to be on an A340 again, though I was secretly hoping that we would be swapped onto a newer A330 or 77W so that I could have a chance to experience TK's newest economy product. On the other hand, I was also expecting that there was a probability we could get the exact same aircraft that we flew on into Istanbul just 3hrs ago. As there were no gates for widebodies at the domestic terminal, our flight naturally boarded from a bus gate on the 1st level. Judging from the crowd at the gate, the flight seemed to be rather full.

photo 15102648591_576e058cee_b

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Soon boarding started and we got on the bus for the ride to the plane. No upgrade this time round haha. Enjoyed a tour of the very busy IST tarmac while on the ride to our aircraft.

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15 August 2014
Turkish Airlines
TK 2312
Istanbul Ataturk (IST) - Izmir (ADB)
Economy Class

As luck would have it, our bus pulled up to the exact same aircraft that we disembarked from barely 3hrs ago! Here we were, flying on Mersin again, but at the back of the bus this time round.

photo 15102646371_8381320d85_b

Door 2 and 4 were used for boarding and thus being seated at the aft section, we decided to board from the rear instead. Photo galore time as nobody seemed to mind the camera snapping session, not only by me but other passengers as well.

Up close and personal to the hair-dryers.

photo 15105649475_49768bbbea_b

Boarding from the rear.

photo 14919094318_c985358811_b

The engine seemed really puny for the huge aircraft!

photo 15105647735_9b01a6d41b_b

Hiyah fellow Singaporean! SQ birdie just arrived and taxiing to the remote bay as I was boarding.

photo 14919088577_13b6f6692e_b

Was welcomed aboard by 2 rather cheerful female crew at the door and proceeded to out seats at 28A/B. We had boarded via the first bus and so the cabin still remained rather empty while awaiting more buses.

photo 15105646845_b34f45c2de_b

Middle row across.

photo 15102643711_f86d6c15b3_b

Seat pitch was perfectly sufficient for this very short flight and also for a long-haul as well. However there is a IFE box at the A seats taking up half the legroom space. Pillows were available in the overhead bins and flight map was switched on.

photo 15105283692_e027c14b29_b

Contents in the seat pocket.

photo 15082652006_d2273f37e6_b

At the gate while waiting for more buses and pax to arrive.

photo 15102642131_723ec170a5_b

The cabin gradually filled up when more buses arrived from the terminal. However, the last bus only arrived slightly after our STD of 0800hrs, probably due to some late international connecting passengers. Doors were closed after the last passenger boarded and we commenced our pushback with the safety video played. By this time, we were already about 15min late.

Flight time was announced to be a short 40min. Started taxi to the runway, only to stop and hold.

Captain came on and announced that due to the heavy morning traffic, we were currently number 12(!!!) for takeoff and to expect a wait of about 25min. I seriously wonder how can Ataturk handle the continuously increasing flights that were being planned. Ahead of us, a long queue of planes were queuing for departure.

photo 15105644175_5c75605f24_b

Forward camera was switched on, with another TK plane taxiing right in front of us.

photo 14919090218_9f53f4431e_b

Gradually nearing the runway after a long wait.

photo 14919084747_7fbae94048_b

And finally we took off from Rwy35L for the short hop bound for Izmir.

Rolling on the runway.

photo 14918958089_5e3fddbb00_b

Climbing out of IST and making a turn back towards Izmir.

photo 14919088888_dc846d4102_b

photo 15082648876_42c7698856_b

Up to our cruising altitude of about 25,000ft.

photo 14918957019_6a1c2e6d7d_b

Seatbelt signs were turned off (finally, as on my previous flight, the seatbelt signs were kept on for the entire long-haul flights even with minimal/no turbulence) and TK started to show its prowess in inflight catering for such a short flight (flight time almost identical to a SIN-KUL flight) on a widebody plane. Carts were pushed out and crew started serving a breakfast snack box from the rear and front of the economy cabins.

photo 15105641135_8d13f3866d_b

photo 15082647526_537248be83_b

We were handed a Gourmet Entertainment Do&Co picnic box each. It really was entertaining watching the crew serving the entire A340 load on such a short flight and yet did not seemed rushed.

photo 14919082757_acf238e2a3_b

photo 15082646606_c063c3c91e_b

Contents of the meal included a starter consisting of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and olives.

photo 14919080557_7940c05539_b

Accompanied by a white cheese sandwich. The sandwich might be an acquired taste for folks who are not fans of cheese, but we are in Turkey and everyone loves cheese here!

photo 14919005170_806cb1fa52_b

Ending with a tub of delicious strawberry yoghurt.

photo 14919004460_6546cb86e5_b

Both hot and cold beverages were offered as well. For the cold beverages available in economy on this short flight, TK offered freshly-squeezed orange juice (yes, freshly squeezed with pulp and all in Economy class!!), sour cherry juice, apple juice, homemade lemonade, Aryan (a Turkish yoghurt drink) and water. Super impressive and I was totally blown away by the offerings on this short sector!! I chose a freshly-squeezed orange juice (SQ would only have this in Business Class on breakfast flights) and a sour cherry juice.

photo 15105638155_e42188a04c_b

Rushing to complete the meal service, which the TK crew managed to do so effortlessly. Planet IFE was not turned on, but flight-map and camera views were available. More than sufficient for this flight.

photo 14919078287_7ce01192eb_b

Very soon, we were already approaching and descending into Izmir. Cabin was rapidly cleared for arrival.

photo 14919003270_b32ea749f7_b

photo 15105637185_b185000867_b

photo 14918952809_5fc736bf69_b

Short video of the descent.

Making a steep turn back towards the runway.

photo 14919077117_c71f9ff4b7_b

Flaps out.

photo 14919081778_080acc57bf_b

Runway in sight!

photo 14919081708_4f4a4a77e8_b

On finals.

photo 15102633321_c63568088a_b

photo 15105634315_809726753b_b

And landing on Izmir Rwy34R at about 0920am, 20min late. Flight time was just a short 43min.

Following the yellow line to the gate at the newly opened Domestic Terminal.

photo 15105634185_6a782c7a65_b

Parked at the gate.

photo 14918949879_866d4463ab_b

Disembarking. After more than 20 hours, finally we had reached our first destination for this trip!

photo 14918999990_bb1f4e3d89_b

We were parked right at the last gate of the Domestic Terminal. Bye, 'Mersin'. Nice to have flown Business and Economy Class with you!

photo 14919079258_dca0ee953b_b

photo 14918998680_bf4cbfe4cf_b

Earlier as mentioned, our luggage was checked through all the way from KUL to Izmir. TK has this facility where for some ports in Turkey with customs facilities, pax are able to check-through their baggage right up to the final destination and only undergoing customs screening at the last destination. This was the case for us and many other connecting passengers as well, but we needed to proceed to the International terminal baggage claim to get our bags and go through customs clearance there (immigration already done in Istanbul earlier). Domestic pax could get their bags at the current domestic terminal. TK ground staff were also available to guide passengers to the correct baggage claim areas.

It was a rather long walk from the last gate of the Domestic Terminal, through the entire building, across a linkway and into the International terminal baggage claim. The newly opened domestic terminal looked beautiful, a far contrast from the gloomy looking International terminal building.

photo 14919078898_afd98d12ef_b

photo 15082638866_aed44aa8ff_b

After getting our bags (it was guess work which belt our bags would arrive on as their were no information regarding our flight at the International terminal, but there were no other intl arriving flights so all pax just claimed from the only moving baggage belt) and clearing customs, we proceeded out to take the Airport HAVAS Bus to the city, where our booked hotel, newly opened Renaissance Izmir Hotel, was just conveniently located opposite the bus-stop and right smack in the middle of town and within walking distance to all sights and dining places in Izmir town center.

photo 14918945299_9861ba770c_b

It was a wonderful hotel, offering great service with clean, comfortable and large rooms at very affordable rates (think Bangkok hotel rates or cheaper). We had a very relaxing stay here! In fact, it is the best hotel of our trip!

photo 15102628911_db64aea624_b

photo 14918946709_c0e1539908_b

photo 14919077208_b244579e7b_b

photo 14918947009_261ac29cd3_b

Izmir was used as a base for our day trips to Pammukale and Ephasus. However, we also spent some time exploring Izmir. Unlike other parts of Turkey, Izmir is more modern and orderly, with a Californian relaxed feel.

Along the promenade.


photo 10600536_10152682191294017_6968743230824048311_n




Konak Square Clock Tower, symbol of Izmir.

A small mosque in Konak Square

Izmir City Center

Visit to the market and bazaar.


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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Istanbul - ISL


İzmir - ADB



I was totally overwhelmed by TK on this very short flight! TK has performed impressively in catering a proper snack on such a short sector, with a full range of beverages on offer (freshly-squeezed orange juice in Economy? Only on Turkish Airlines!), and managed to serve the A340 load effortlessly. Fantastic inflight service! Hence, sometimes I wonder why is it that SQ/MI, being premium carriers, could not offer something more decent on their SIN-KUL sector other than coffee/tea/juice-of-the-day. TK's Economy Class catering on this similar flight length is even way better than what SQ/MI offers in Business Class on the SIN-KUL route!

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